Jonathan Kirchner’s Headhunters Academy Review | $20k – $50k Per Match?

April 5, 2024

Headhunters Academy is an educational platform for beginner executive search recruiters and aspiring agency owners created by Jonathan Kirchner. It offers a free masterclass, an eBook, and a two-phase course with a focus on direct hire placements. The platform offers one-on-one support, an online community, documents for agreements and contracts, and minimal device requirements.

Headhunting is a method of onboarding executive and senior level positions for numerous organizations. A headhunter is also called an executive search recruiter. Firms outsource lucrative and leadership positions because they aim to get the best candidates for the high-stakes roles. According to IBISWorld, this market will continue to grow from 2023 to 2028. However, it’s worth noting that although Headhunters Academy has been founded in 2019, there are zero third-party reviews. Also, in a 2022 YouTube video, Jonathan Kirchner revealed that the platform had about a yearlong hiatus.

This article explores Headhunters Academy in-depth, discussing its free masterclass, eBook, and paid course. It also covers who it’s best fit for, student results, pricing, the RecuiterPRO community, as well as the state of the headhunting industry in general. The founder’s background, education, and his claims are explored as well.

Headhunters Academy Review: Pros & Cons


Novice-friendly course: Headhunters Academy offers course materials well-suited for executive search recruiters starting out.

1-on-1 support: Students can also enjoy one-on-one coaching from Jonathan Kirchner himself.

Founder with established background: The founder was a former executive search recruiter and is now CEO of, a recruiting agency that was awarded by ClickFunnels.


Stressful & demanding: Filling top-level positions and measuring up to client expectations are taxing.

Business model reliant on labor market: The staffing industry is dependent on employment rate, with revenues going down as it plummets.

No price transparency: Headhunters Academy does not share its pricing readily on the website.


Price for Headhunters Academy is not disclosed on the website but Jonathan Kirchner shared in his free masterclass that the price is equal to his students’ one closed deal, which can range from 15,000 to $30,000.

Refund Policy

Refund policy for Headhunters Academy is available for 30 days from the purchase date.


Headhunters Academy was founded in October 2019.


Headhunters Academy has a good reputation based on testimonials from its official website. As of 2024, there are no bad reviews for the program.

What Will You Get From Headhunters Academy?

You will get from Headhunters Academy a free masterclass, eBook, and a paid course. The free-of-charge masterclass has lessons on profits and matchmaking deals. As for the eBook, it has 6 chapters that covers recruiting digitally. Meanwhile, the Headhunters Academy course has 2 phases. Phase I is about solo recruiting deals, with the goal of fast results and high profit. Meanwhile, Phase II covers hiring a team and building a recruiting agency.

Free Masterclass

Headhunter Academy’s free masterclass contains lessons on earnings, as well as how and where to find matchmaking deals.

Accordingly, the profit for headhunters is 20% of the yearly base salary of the job offer. For this reason, it is more lucrative to recruit for higher-level positions.

Additionally, the first step to headhunting is to look for decision-makers who are hiring. These people will have the titles that following titles listed below.

  • VP
  • Owner
  • Director
  • CTO, CEO, or any “C-level” position

He states that these clients can be found via LinkedIn. When searching, the word “OR” between titles, as well as “AND We are Hiring” must be included. Then, select a big city before clicking enter. An example would be “Owner OR Director AND We Are Hiring.”

Once you find them, the next step is to send a personalized message to connect with them. The goal is to schedule a call and get the 3 to 4 qualifications from them.

Jonathan recommends going over to LinkedIn and checking out small to mid-sized companies in the US. He also shared that you need to message them and schedule a call. Once there’s an agreement in place, you can either post to Indeed for $5 to $10 per day or purchase slots on ZipRecruiter for $150.

Matchmaker Secrets eBook

Matchmaker Secrets eBook is a digital publication from Headhunters Academy. It teaches how to implement matchmaking deals while working from home. Its price is $17 and contains 6 chapters.

  • Chapter 1 - Discusses the process of matchmaking and how to leverage it to make a good profit
  • Chapter 2 - Tackles how to get the first client and how to find vacancies
  • Chapter 3 - Talks about signed agreements and what questions to ask during client calls
  • Chapter 4 - Goes over hiring candidates, particularly their qualifications and where to find them
  • Chapter 5 - Covers the interview process and how to close deals
  • Chapter 6 - Discusses how to finish transactions smoothly

Matchmaking Course

Headhunters Academy’s matchmaking course is a paid training program that provides advanced lectures for aspiring executive search recruiters. The founder, Jonathan Kirchner stated that his course features one-on-one support, proven results due to testimonials from students, and is rooted in a solid industry.

Features of the program are listed below.

  • Enables high profits: The program features a $20k to $22k profit per placement. Accordingly, if the student follows the recommended lessons and process, this is the average fee.
  • Provides quick results: It is expected that once the lectures are applied, it will take about 6 to 8 weeks for students to achieve their first deal.
  • Offers intensive content: The training includes modules on the process of outreach strategy, client acquisition, and fee agreements. It aims to help students form a winning business development plan.
  • Created for complete beginners: The program does not require prior recruiting experience. The majority of the content is structured with the premise the course taker is a beginner.
  • Includes content for agency owners: Aside from the beginner-friendly content, the training also contains advanced lectures centered on scaling. This can be found on Phase II of the course.
  • Discloses the most profitable industries: The paid course lists specific industries that provide the best profits when recruiting. These include construction, financial technology, cybersecurity, information technology.
  • Features paperwork & contract agreements: Included in the program are documents, contract, and paperwork necessary for headhunters, such as fee agreements.
  • Has minimal device requirements: The course also enables students to work anywhere in the US using a phone and computer.

4 Necessary Traits of a Headhunter

Four necessary traits of a headhunter according to Headhunters Academy are confidence and knowledge. Additionally, headhunters must be able to match candidates with the required qualifications. Jonathan also stated that you need to utilize low-cost, passive, and/or new methods for matchmaking.

Accordingly, you don’t need to be an expert or to have prior experience to be a headhunter. However, confidence is crucial n closing deals. His students only copy-paste his messages and he provides additional training. If an aspiring headhunter isn’t sure if the candidates match the description, they can always refer to the 3 to 4 traits that they’ve acquired from their clients.

3 Methods for Matchmaking

Three methods for matchmaking based on Headhunters Academy are low-cost methods through free platforms, passive techniques by using paid ads, and a new strategy utilizing Dux-Soup.

For the affordable approach, he recommends copy-pasting the job description and then posting it on free job boards, such as Indeed. He added that headhunters should search on LinkedIn using keywords of the 3 to 4 qualifications. Once they get matches, they should include the link to the job post. From these two sources, the next step is to begin scheduling interviews.

The second method includes paid ads, which cost under $150/month. Accordingly, this technique enables him to close $30,000 to $50,000 deals passively. He also stated that high-level positions are easy to fill since they are more competitive and have fewer openings. They also have bigger fees and more applicants.

Regarding the third strategy, it uses Chrome extension named Dux-Soup for LinkedIn Automation. Its capabilities include LinkedIn search, with the addition of turning on the tool’s Pro Recorder. It also records the details in the results pages and sends hundreds of offering messages in one minute. Jonathan stated that before he used this technique, he would do the traditional process. Back then, it took him 4 hours just to come up with 50 contacts.

  1. Searching for vacancies on online platforms
  2. Looking up the company and the people in charge
  3. Testing for their correct email addresses one by one
  4. Saving and keeping the right emails on a dedicated spreadsheet

How Can The Headhunters Academy Help You Start Your Own Freelance Recruiting Business?

Headhunters Academy helps you start your own freelance recruiting business through its course materials and student support. The beginner-friendly training materials are comprehensive, regularly updated, contains profitable industries, as well as includes documents regarding agreements and contracts. Students of the program also get personal support from the founder, Jonathan Kirchner.

Who Is Headhunters Academy For?

Headhunters Academy is for beginner executive search recruiters and those looking to start an agency. Phase I of the course is dedicated for individuals who need help closing their first deal. Meanwhile, Phase I of the program is for former freelance headhunters scaling their business to an agency. Note that, the training is only for people who are willing to hop on calls in order to complete deals.

Are the Students of Headhunters Academy Getting Results?

Yes, the students of Headhunters Academy are getting results according to the 19 client testimonials posted on the official website’s Case Studies page. Five students shared that the program gave them fast results, three students stated that it helped them land their first deals, one was able to achieve a 10-15 hour workweek, seven earned big profits from the training, and three recommended the program for its top quality.

  • Quick results: According to five client testimonials, Headhunters Academy provided them with quick results, ranging from 5 days to 10 months.
  • First deals: Three student testimonials indicated they landed their first deals, from $13,500 to $24,750.
  • 10-15 hour workweek: One student said that after 10 months, they had a 10 to 15 hour workweek, with them getting them $100,000 in recruiting fees.
  • Massive profits: Seven Headhunters Academy students shared that the program provided them with big profits, ranging from $3,600 to $48,000. 
  • Top-quality course: There were three students who praised the training itself, stating that the chat support, tools, materials, and opportunity were incredibly helpful.

Is Headhunters Academy Profitable?

Yes, Headhunters Academy is profitable according to student testimonials posted in the Case Studies page of the official site. However, the profitability of the business model itself is unpredictable. According to data from Statista, Zippia, and TechNavio, recruiting is highly reliant on factors that include the labor market and the economy. It is also difficult to scale, needs in-depth knowledge for technical vacancies, more lucrative for doctorate degree holders, and has stiff competition among other headhunters and other recruitment methods.

Is Headhunters Academy Worth It?

No, Headhunters Academy is not worth it if you’re a complete beginner, don’t have at least a bachelor’s degree, and aren’t tech savvy. This is based on research from TechNavio, Zippia, and Statista.

For those who don’t have an established credibility, it is difficult to close deals because of market saturation. There's stiff competition from seasoned executive search recruiters and other more preferred recruitment methods, including free jobs boards and referrals.

Additionally, the highest earning headhunters have a doctorate degree. This is followed by those with a masters and then by bachelors degree holders.

Profitable openings, particularly developers and DevOps, are some of the most challenging industries to conduct interviews in. They require specialized knowledge.

Who is Jonathan Kirchner?

jonathan kirchner

Jonathan Kirchner is the creator of Headhunters Academy. He founded it in October 2019. He is an online coach, CEO, podcast host, and YouTuber.

He offers training programs for aspiring executive search recruiters and those scaling to agencies. In April 2018, he started, a direct hire placement recruiting agency. The company was given the Two Comma Club Award by ClickFunnels in September 2021.

Jonathan is also the host of the Headhunters Academy podcast, which began in 2019 and has 13 episodes. Additionally, on YouTube, his channel has over 3.95k subscribers.

From 2009 to 2013, Jonathan Kirchner studied Humanities, Classical and Ancient Studies in Torrey Honors College. He also went to Biola University from 2009-2012 for his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies.

Jonathan Kirchner Claims: Free Training Will Upsurge Clients & Industry Expertise Isn’t Necessary

jonathan kirchner claims

Jonathan Kirchner claims that his free training will result in clients begging for his students’ help and that its profitability does not require any expertise or knowledge. 

Jonathan Kirchner Claims Debunked: 5 Ongoing Challenges of The Recruitment Space

Jonathan’s claims about his no-cost masterclass are hard to prove because it only covers the basics of headhunting. Additionally, there are many current challenges that the recruitment space is experiencing that hinders its profitability.

#1 Relies heavily on economy & labor market

Executive search services are impacted by fiscal and monetary policies. Labor market development and shifts in interest rates also affect the demand for it. This is according to data from Statista.

During the pandemic, this industry was highly influenced. The employment rate has also been decreasing for the pat 5 years.

The revenue in the industry has reduced to CAGR of 0.7% since 2018. In 2023, the expected decline is 1.6%.

Aside from revenue, profits are also projected to decrease to 9.8% in 2023. This was formerly 10.5% in 2018.

#2 Competes with other headhunters & recruitment methods

Headhunting actively competes with referrals and job boards. Statista shared that in 2023, US companies are prefer these two.

With free-of-charge job boards, 71% of businesses state this is their preferred recruitment method. As for current employee referrals, it is the most selected method by companies.

#3 Enables highest earnings for doctorate holders

The highest paid executive search recruiters are doctorate degree holders. This is according to Zippia, which highlights that headhunters with doctorate degrees have a $61,365 annual income.

This is followed by masters degree holders who earn $55,250 per year. As for bachelor’s degree holders, they account for 86% of headhunters and have a yearly income of $47,527. 

#4 Requires specialization for technical positions

The most profitable industries for headhunters need specialized knowledge. Statista shared that recruiters struggled the most with technical positions, such as DevOps and developers.

About 19% of professionals in the human resource space stated DevOps is one of the most challenging jobs to recruit in 2023. As for developers, 12.36% of recruiters said that they find it difficult to conduct technical interviews with them.

#5 Has challenges in terms of growth & scaling

Scalability is one of the biggest issues with recruitment, according to TechNavio. This is especially true for online executive search recruiters. Factors that make growth difficult for recruitment are website performance, infrastructure changes, capacity constraints.

What Is RecruiterPRO?

RecruiterPRO is a public group by Headhunters Academy, with over 117 members and 4 admins. It is a  online platform for beginner and experienced executive search recruiters to network and help each other. It can be found at

What is Jonathan Kirchner's Job Future?

Jonathan Kirchner’s Job Future is a recruiting agency centered on direct hire placements founded in 2018. It is also the recipient of the Two Comma Club Award, given by Clickfunnels. It specializes in executive search openings, with focus on the sales, software, management, and technology industries. Their clients range from pree-seed funding to Fortune 500 businesses.

Is a Headhunter The Same As a Recruiter?

No, a headhunter is not the same as a recruiter. Headhunters fill executive and high-level positions, while recruiters hire for a variety of vacancies and urgently needed openings. This is according to a 2022 Indeed article.

Moreover, headhunters work with contracts and on a contingency. Some only get paid after candidates are hired. Others receive some payment before filling positions.

Recruiters, on the other hand, receive monthly salaries. At times, they also get bonuses for newly onboarded employees.

Headhunters also work with multiples clients and are typically third party. Meanwhile, recruiters work internally within their company.

Additionally, headhunters specialize in certain niches. On the other hand, recruiters mostly fills jobs for several industries.

How Does Local Lead Generation Compare To Headhunting?

Local lead generation compared to headhunting is burnout-proof, more affordable, and has fewer competition. Lead generation is a lot less stressful compared to headhunting because it's a passive source of income. Most of the effort is on setting up and ranking websites. Additionally, the startups costs is only $300 to $500. And since it targets certain cities and locations, the competition is drastically lowered.

With a local lead gen training, each website created generates up to $3,000 per month. The profit margin for this business model is also 95%. Moreover, it is completely remote, requires little social energy, and easy to scale.

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