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Just One Dime Done For You Review (2024 Update): Seth Kniep’s Imploding Amazon Automation Model 

March 4, 2024

The done for you program of Just One Dime is an Amazon automation model that helps entrepreneurs build a successful Amazon business from scratch with a conservative 200% ROI. It is led by Seth Kniep, who has one of the more remarkable Amazon FBA success stories out there, proving that grit and determination can result in financial success. 

An Amazon automation model built on previous success

Seth created the done for you program after his Amazon FBA mastery course was hailed by many of its students for being well-written and comprehensive. Seth wanted to expand his reach further and help other business owners create an additional income stream. Unlike Jack Gibson who focused more on real estate and stocks, Seth created his DFY program to focus solely on Amazon FBA. 

This Amazon automation company was, in my opinion, one of the better programs out there because Seth had an almost inconceivable track record. His knowledge and experience in Amazon FBA were sure to provide priceless insights into the business model; even if I have always been transparent about my hesitations of this model. 

However, recent news has placed an unwanted spotlight on Seth and his difficulties in keeping his promises to his students. 

Seth Kniep is sued by his former student & has filed for bankruptcy

On November 4, 2022, Just One Dime, LLC (JOD) was sued by Travis Krichman and TCT Holdings for breach of contract. In the online docket, Travis, represented by the Rain Levy Minns Law Firm, stated that JOD, under the leadership of Seth Kniep, failed to “build, manage, optimize, and scale an Amazon store in accordance with an executed services agreement.”

At the same time, Just One Dime also filed for bankruptcy - causing a storm of angry customers who claimed that they had JUST partnered with the company, received word of the Chapter 7 filing, and could not expect any sort of refund after paying $30,000 to enroll. 

Both events opened the floodgate for several people to come forward on various social media sites such as Reddit, Quora, and even Trust Pilot, to air out their grievances against Seth, JOD, and his other program, Amazon FBA Mastery.

Seth’s lawyers, however, seem to be pursuing any sort of negative online press, asking creators and any Just One Dime review to stop presenting “false and defamatory comments” as this “discredits a company that has worked so hard to help others achieve their goals.” 

In this Just One Dime Done For You review, I’ll tackle everything you need to know about the program, why so many people already noticed red flags YEARS prior to these recent events, and how another business model, local lead generation, offers you more reliable income with realistic returns. 

Ultimately, local lead generation always keeps you in control and has zero risk of having another company run your business for you. 


Seth Kniep is an experienced Amazon FBA seller

Plenty of success stories (in the past)

Teaches you how to build your Amazon FBA business from scratch



No refund policy

Just One Dime recently filed for bankruptcy

Price: Price

$30,000 to enroll + $30,000 for 3 products + 15% of REVENUE sales

Refund Policy:






You can jump ahead to know what is in the Just One Dime done for you program by clicking here. 

Just One Dime’s controversial “too good to be true” model

Just One Dime began in 2016 after Seth Kniep and his son decided that they wanted to “build people” into Amazon selling giants. After spending years being overworked and underpaid at Apple, Seth found success in Amazon FBA and eventually started a coaching company, Just One Dime

As the name suggests, Seth believed that just one dime could be used to build $100,000 if you just knew how to invest and receive exponential profits by becoming an Amazon seller. It wasn’t just talk either: In the beginning, Seth was earning a lot of money online from his Amazon store, was asked by luxury brands such as BMW to improve their online processes, and was even flown by Amazon itself to their headquarters to help improve their sister shipping company - all thanks to his Amazon arbitrage mastery.

Seth Kniep at Amazon

Seth was rolling in cash and goodwill, as his students also achieved success using his Amazon FBA courses, such as the Amazon FBA Mastery

From Amazon mentor to an Amazon business partner

After a year, however, Seth decided to start his own done for you (DFY) program - an Amazon automation model that helped beginner entrepreneurs with extra income build their first Amazon store from scratch. Seth, and the entire Just One Dime team in the United States, would handle everything from marketing to HR so that you receive a paycheck each month without having to do essentially anything. 

In his sales video, Seth says that he and his team “ran the numbers” and people enrolled in his Amazon automation model would conservatively receive a 200% ROI. Two hundred percent ROI, he repeats, as he fails to mention what numbers he was crunching or how this was even possible (or realistic). 

It was a “too good to be true” model that simply required a $30,000 initial investment. But this $30,000 was only for you to gain access to the program - you still needed to buy your products. 

Thousands of dollars for a promise of a dream

In Seth’s DFY Amazon business, you need to invest for a MINIMUM of 3 products at $10,000 each. This is over what you need to spend for the enrollment. Seth’s logic is that “at the worst” if one of your products fails, you still have two other backups. 

However, he fails to mention that having 1 item fail is not the worst thing that can happen - having ALL of your items fail is. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, since he's an Amazon expert. If I spend $10,000 per product for him to promote them, I’ll receive some sort of profit. After all, my success is his success, right?

Well, not exactly. The Just One Dime course also receives a 15% cut of your entire revenue, regardless of whether you’re earning well or not. Again, in his sales video, Seth says that he was initially thinking of putting a 30% cut on the PROFITS, but decided that 15% of the REVENUE was “fairer” to you. 

Keep in mind that the average ROI for an Amazon FBA model is 10% to 25%. So, even if you reach 25%, you would be paying JOD 15%, giving you 10% profit. But, what if you don’t make 25%? What if you’re only reaching 10%? 

Seth would still get his 15% (he says that this cut is a “non-negotiable”). This means that not only are you NOT breaking even earning money online, but you’re paying someone else to promote your product unsuccessfully. 

The push-back from online creators

YouTube channels, such as Coffeezilla, were already suspicious of this business model and warned people of the possible scam. Even if the done for you program by Just One Dime turned out to be completely legitimate, it was still extremely expensive.

At a minimum, you would need to pay $60,000 and this doesn’t include miscellaneous fees, such as what you’d have to pay to make an LLC, website maintenance fees, and other fees that all Amazon FBA businesses have to pay. 

Just One Dime done for you program comes to a head after COVID

Even with all the suspicions, the Just One Dime course seemed to be relatively successful in 2017. There was even a waitlist for the program, as candidates needed to be screened before being accepted. It wasn’t enough that you had the money to enroll, you needed to share the same values as Seth and his team. 

But beginning 2020, his Amazon FBA program slowly started to implode as hundreds of students complained of having NO Amazon account months after they signed up and already paid. When they had asked Seth why they still had no active Amazon store, Seth supposedly claimed that the pandemic had caused delays in shipment to the Amazon fulfillment centers and other Amazon warehouse issues. 

While understandable to some degree, when these students then asked for a refund, they were denied because Just One Dime had already invested in their stores and gave them insider knowledge of Amazon Automation.

Things escalated in 2022, when several students said that they had waited close to 18 months without any progress on their stores. Then, Just One Dime filed for bankruptcy while being sued for breach of contract. 

Seth Kniep accused of not “Kniep”-ing it real

Seth and his son have a podcast called “Kniep’n It Real” which focuses on millionaire secrets to Amazon FBA, including promoting the Amazon FBA Mastery course.

However, recently, people are suggesting that Seth has been anything but real and has allegedly laundered the money he has earned from his Amazon automation model into several LLCs and offshore accounts. 

While the details of his 2022 case are not yet available, it is clear that Seth has failed to deliver his part of his Just One Dime course. Students on other social media sites say that they are now worried that they will not get a refund from their FBA business, considering the company has filed for bankruptcy. 

Who is Seth Kniep?

I’ve covered Seth Kniep before and in that Seth Kniep review, I said that he was not a scam artist and that my hesitations were not on him but on the Amazon FBA model itself. I still hold firm to that statement and believe that the controversies surrounding Just for Dime done for you are the result of an over-reliance on a faulty business model

Just to refresh your memory though, Seth used to work at Apple during the day and was an Uber and Lyft driver in the evening. He was $24,000 in debt and his wife would regularly call him saying that their debit card was declined again in the grocery store. Every day he worried about where to find money until he stumbled across Amazon FBA

Eventually, he was earning thousands of dollars each month from his Amazon business and quit his Apple job to focus on e-commerce.

He started Just One Dime to reach more people and has trained thousands of students, around 30 of whom are now millionaires thanks to his programs. 

What is in Just One Dime done for you program? 

This is an Amazon automation model that launches, manages, and grows your Amazon brand. It is recommended for entrepreneurs who already have extra cash and want another “passive” income stream

When you enroll, you are immediately connected to a team that has 50 years of combined experience in building a successful Amazon FBA business. You are not required to do anything (other than pay), and you can easily earn $10,000 to $20,000 monthly returns at up to 200% ROI. 


Seth makes it clear that his done for you system does not use Amazon dropshipping like “95% of the Amazon automation models out there”. Instead, Just One Dime helps you build a long-term Amazon FBA strategy that finds the right suppliers, negotiates prices, and sources procedures from the factory to an Amazon fulfillment center

Hassan Farhat Made 100,000 CAD on First Product - Amazon Canada 

Hassan Farhat's Background and Story

Hassan Farhat is an engineering student who couldn't work a regular job because of his busy university schedule. So, he searched for ways to make money online, and found Amazon FBA. Motivated by his discovery, he studied Amazon FBA through YouTube videos. He build his Amazon FBA store over time and became successful in the business. 

Current Status of Hassan Farhat’s Business

Hassan Farhat reported great financial success with his Amazon FBA business at the time of the interview. He earned over 100,000 Canadian dollars from a single product between August and February. In just 30 days, his revenue grew to over 28,000 dollars. Hassan started as a single-product store and later expanded into a multi-product brand. He developed effective strategies that grew his Instagram following and lessened Amazon listing suspension. 

Lessons Learned and Challenges Faced

Managing Overwhelming Information: The volume of information about Amazon FBA was overwhelming, but Farhat managed it by taking a step-by-step approach.

Overcoming Negativity: He faced negativity from people who doubted his business model, including his family, but proved them wrong with his success.

Risk and Investment: Starting with a small investment, Hassan learned the importance of risk-taking and not being overly attached to the cost of the initial investment.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Hassan did not mention how much his net profit is from the $100k earning. If we use typical estimates, Hassan would have likely made around $15,000 to $25,000 after all the costs are deducted. 

How the Amazon automation model of Just One Dime works

Once you pass the assessment process (Remember that Seth will only accept candidates who he feels are aligned with his company’s vision), you will be asked about your long-term goals, including where you want to be 1, 5, and 10 years from now. 


  • You will be given a step-by-step strategy on how to scale your Amazon brand and have a high profit margin.
  • Seth will perform product research and find high-profit items for you, all while building a differentiation plan for each.
  • Seth will find the right suppliers for you while negotiating a fair price. 
  • His team will apply for brand-protection programs on Amazon to limit copycat sellers. 
  • JOD will strategize your new product launch and run PPC ads on various social media
  • Follow-up sequences to further drive traffic will also be implemented. 
  • Seth will create Amazon-compliant motivation for organic 5-star reviews to improve your listing.
  • His team will identify and leverage trends for new products. 
  • Seth will differentiate your Amazon listing from your competition. 
  • He and his team will also respond to reviews, seller feedback, and all other forms of customer communication. 

As you can see, this Amazon automation model helps you start your business from conception to implementation so that you can easily earn money online and build a profitable Amazon store.

Recent students, though, claim that Just One Dime only works until step 1. Students receive a 20-plus-page PDF file of what the company intends to do with their money, but then does nothing afterward. 

Why Amazon automation is tricky

It’s easy to say that this business model doesn’t work because you’re placing too much power on someone else to earn you money. I discuss this further in this Amazon Automation review that states that many done for you services use your online business as their guinea pigs.

Amazon automation companies can be more aggressive with their marketing tactics because IF they get flagged by Amazon, it’s YOU who will take the blame (after all, it’s YOUR business that committed the error). 

However, it’s not a cut-and-dry experience. There are many Amazon automated models that do work. Usually, these are the ones that focus on one aspect of your business rather than claiming to handle everything. It is also good for you to remember that any business, even the best passive income opportunities, requires some level of participation from you. 

Always do your research before investing in any program, even for top Amazon FBA courses. As you can see with Seth Kniep and Just One Dime, even a good start with years of experience and millions of dollars earned can be completely reversed in seconds. 

Just One Dime Alternative

The Amazon automation service by Cody Clay from Market Modern is another automation service that will allow you to have an Amazon store created for you. The only catch with this program is that if your Amazon store is profitable, they keep 30% of the profits. Cody guarantees your profit in this program, which few Amazon automation gurus do, and he only accepts 8 people per month. 

Price: Market Modern's Amazon Automation service costs $25,000 and 30% of the profit.

More Info: Cody Clay Amazon Automation Review

Is Amazon FBA worth it? 

Is Amazon FBA worth it? Yes, Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, and choosing this fulfillment method helps you ship products faster to your customers at a cheaper price. Amazon also prioritizes FBA sellers (66% of the top 10,000 sellers use the FBA program) because it helps them control quality and shipping. 

Nevertheless, fulfillment by Amazon is constantly changing and your business can suddenly find itself banned from the platform for a number of reasons. Keeping up-to-date with the latest changes and managing supplier accounts is a must for any successful entrepreneur, but this can be challenging, especially if you’re only doing Amazon FBA part-time

Let’s not forget that this business model is also highly saturated. Thousands of new sellers enter the market each day and you have to compete with them AND already established businesses.  

CONCLUSION: Is Just One Dime done for you service worth it?

It’s a moot issue now as the company has filed for bankruptcy, but even if it was still operational, I’d be hesitant to recommend it. Not only is the Just One Dime program expensive, but Amazon FBA itself is one of the more saturated business models out there. Sure, you can get an Amazon expert coach to “do it for you”, but that person still has to contend with the inherent challenges of the model.

Even someone as successful as Seth Kniep still has to follow the laws of Amazon. 

There is a better e-commerce option and that is local lead generation. In this business model, you use super-niching to attract interested clients within a specific location. Further, you can easily scale your business by addressing several niches at once - all without worrying about high competition. The best part? YOU are in control of what happens in your business, and after setting them up, you will receive consistent passive income each month. 

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  1. Everyone is talking about Seth , what about Brett George, with his N2 ecom scam I was his warehouse manager and got hurt on the job,and e was hired to run his warehouse and receive in all those containers of product for his clients that he sat on for all of the pandemic and then say he fired me because I was upset because he chose another route and that I was a independent contractor by he paid me $18.50 hour,he scammed a lot of people also paying for a warehouse, moving into a giant house and spending the clients money like water,no one has mentioned him,and I personally saw Seth there quite a few times here in Oklahoma City,can someone get back to me I'm curious to know

    1. Sorry about that situation Ramon. Maybe look into creating your own streams of income with local lead generation.

  2. Stay away from anything JOD. I was apart of their Done For You program and I paid Seth $30K to build me a a turn key private label business. I am already an Amazon seller so I know the ins and outs but was busy with other projects and figured having them doing the heavy lifting would help. Instead him and his team did nothing. I got presented 3 products that were poorly researched and then nothing. They ran off with my money using the covid supply chain issues as cover. They have had my money for 2 years now and would not give a refund. Seth is now filing bankruptcy. Seth and Just One Dime make all there money on coaching and YouTube…they lack any real expertise. Consider you were warned!

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