Kasra Moradi Review – What Is ‘Black Hawk’ Strategy By Kasra Moradi?

July 20, 2024

Kasra Moradi is the founder and CEO of Multiply School, a teaching platform for Shopify dropshipping. He offers the Multiplication System and the Black Hawk strategy as cultivation of his dropshipping success. The Multiplication System generated $201.8 million in sales across 1,017 niches. Additionally, the Black Hawk strategy helps create a flexible and remote online business. Kasra has 10 years of dropshipping experience with high-ticket dropshipping expertise. He guarantees his claims by using these strategies to grow his business into $1M.

The reputation of Kasra Moradi is good because all his reviews are positive. These testimonials are from his sales page, reflecting Kasra's mentorship and course content. It highlights those who experienced significant revenue growth using Multiply's strategies and resources. However, there are no independent reviews of Kasra Moradi and his mentorship. Although he has a decade of experience, evaluating his effectiveness will be challenging.

In this Kasra Moradi review, we'll provide you with Kasra and Multiply's pros and cons. We'll also discuss Kasra Moradi's personal and entrepreneurial journey. We provide information on what you can learn from Kasra Moradi's dropshipping program. This article will help you decide whether Multiply's Black Hawk strategy and mentorship are worth it.

Kasra Moradi Pros and Cons


Kasra Moradi has a proven track record in high-ticket dropshipping. He proves this by scaling his business to $10,000 daily.

Kasra Moradi has 10 years of diverse experience in dropshipping and related fields. He faced business challenges and earned different skills to grow it.

Profit margins in high-ticket dropshipping can vary from 30% to 60%. This is a higher profit margin compared to regular dropshipping.


Kasra Moradi has limited and independent reviews despite his 10 years of experience. This lack of independent reviews makes his achievements questionable.

High-ticket dropshipping needs significant investment and risk tolerance. Scaling this business requires a consistent supply of high-quality products and reliable fulfilment.

July 20, 2024

Kasra Moradi’s ‘Black Hawk’ strategy is perfect if you’re serious about high-ticket dropshipping. The course is thorough, successful, and includes personal mentoring. It’s pricey and doesn’t have many reviews, so think it over. If you’re up for a high-risk, high-reward challenge, this could be for you.


3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What Is 'Black Hawk' Strategy By Kasra Moradi?

'Black Hawk' strategy is a 3,590+ dropshipper preferred procedure to build an online business from anywhere in the world. Kasra says it's the best strategy for dropshipping brands to grow in 2024 and 2025. This exceeds the value of most courses that need thousands of dollars. The strategy has five lessons and three bonus features.

Kasra Moradi teaches the top 25 products to sell in 2024 in this course. It allows access to 25 handpicked winning products every month. The untapped products that are trending in 2024 offer lucrative market opportunities. The Black Hawk strategy also includes 8-figure Shopify themes as part of their care package. Designed for dropshippers, with high conversion rates and comprehensive CRO optimization.

Additionally, Kasra also gives access to The Latest E-commerce Playbook. It's a collection of the latest strategies straight from the experts. These are the top 1% of dropshippers and brand owners who manage 7-8 figure brands. These exclusive strategies guarantee success in dropshipping and e-commerce. The Black Hawk strategy also includes the 7-Figure TikTok Shop Framework. This TikTok Shop Crash Course teaches marketing and acquiring leads on TikTok. Lastly, you get access to Step-By-Step coaching replays. These are 20+ hours of replays on various topics you can't find on YouTube.

The Black Hawk strategy also includes free bonus lessons and features. It has a complimentary 1-on-1 call reserved for private clients. Schedule a complimentary call with the top dropshipping student success advisors. They help pinpoint barriers to dropshipping success and offer removal solutions.

Its second bonus is the One Million In 30 Days Presentation. Get the framework that helped Kasra scale his dropshipping brand to $1m in 30 days. Lastly, using the Black Hawk strategy, claim 1 of 8 pre-built Shopify stores. The first 8 sign-ups get 8 Ai pre-built stores as a giveaway. These stores have a winning product and pre-built websites.

Who Is Kasra Moradi?

Kasra Moradi is a seasoned entrepreneur and digital marketer. He has a decade of experience in e-commerce dropshipping, specializing in high-ticket items. The companies he established are Multiply School and AdWire. These companies help e-commerce stores scale their businesses. He was born on June 22 and had experiences rooted in his Business Administration degree. Kasra has over +100 E-commerce Brands Scaled from $0 to 7 figures. He's also a social media influencer with +100 Million views from subscribers. He is regarded as a person of resilience and grit.

Kasra Moradi is a young entrepreneur from the Australian suburbs who started e-commerce at 16. Growing up in a modest family, Kasra started his business not out of love but out of necessity. He used his parents' names and bank accounts to start his online sales. However, he soon faced challenges account banning in his e-commerce journey. Additionally, scams became challenging, complicating his business and causing him to lose money. That's when he learned about selling fewer products for higher profits (high-ticket products). Kasra changed his strategy and researched lucrative products. He also immersed himself in digital marketing and refined customer service. His solo endeavor has become a successful business, bringing him $10k daily on good days.

How Kasra Moradi Achieve Success in Dropshipping?

Kasra Moradi achieved success in dropshipping through resilience and strategic adaptation. Starting at 16, he faced many challenges, including banned accounts and scams. He experimented with various businesses before focusing on high-ticket dropshipping. He generated significant profits by prioritizing quality over quantity and researching profitable products. Kasra attributed his success to investments in digital marketing and customer service skills. His approach attracted high-paying customers. He achieved remarkable sales figures, reaching $10,000 in daily revenue.

What Is Kasra Moradi an Expert in?

Kasra Moradi is an expert in business, technology, and leadership. This made him proficient in both high-level strategic planning and day-to-day operational tasks. As a successful dropshipper, his expertise falls under selling high-ticket products. In Multiply, his expertise led him to optimize and monetize e-commerce stores. His role at AdWired integrated all business aspects of company growth.

Kasra Moradi is an expert in e-commerce optimization and innovative strategies. His approach focuses on creating continuity programs and subscription models. Moradi has developed a robust system that transforms e-commerce stores into profitable enterprises. This terms enhances profitability and promotes brand loyalty.

Kasra Moradi is also proficient at paid advertising and traffic management. His team has excelled in managing various advertising platforms for over 10 years. This includes Facebook, Google, and TikTok to drive ad spending and optimize performance. His holistic approach to e-commerce includes custom checkout solutions and conversion rate optimization. Moradi's performance-based business model ensures that he invests in his client's success. These results are driving notable growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

What Is the Review of Kasra Moradi?

The review of Kasra Moradi is all positive. These reviews attract potential clients to enroll in his program. This makes it hard to gauge his program's effectiveness. There are no complaints about Kasra Moradi since he has no independent reviews. Independent reviews are important because all programs have their drawbacks. The lack of independent reviews hinders potential clients from making an informed choice.

The public opinion on Kasra Moradi is positive because there are no reviews for Multiply on review sites. However, Kasra posts these reviews on his social media accounts and websites. On his X account, he posted Ethan's success story and review. Ethan joined the Mentorship program and is excelling at TikTok Shop. His shop made $50K but couldn't take more orders (trademark issue). He switched to affiliate marketing and makes $8K-$10K in monthly profit. Be like Ethan, don’t be complacent.

Isaac, another Multiply student, shared his review of Kasra's program. Isaac is an investor based in Duba. He implemented Multiply's systems for his e-commerce stores. This leads to significant scaling of his in-house operations. He recognized Kasra's system efficiency, which empowered his business. It achieved growth and productivity. The store competed with challenging markets like Dubai.

Are The Students of Kasra Moradi Getting Results?

Students of Kasra Moradi are getting results and are successful. The most common opinions about Kasra Moradi are knowledgeable and helpful. He gets these compliments by being a seasoned dropshipping expert and teaching students about it. 

Jacques, one of Multiply's students, reportedly earned $700k in 60 days. Jacques adopted our long-term profit-focused business philosophy in his dropshipping project. After building and exiting his business, he grows with private-label products. He joined 4 months ago after losing his job. Jacques added that what Multiply is teaching is life-changing. He credits Kasra as the person responsible for helping him succeed.

Ersi, another Multiply student, has also found success with Kasra's methods. Ersi is from Albania and has achieved a remarkable milestone with Multiply. In only a month, he generated an impressive revenue of $226,180. He is achieving great success and expanding his business through brand partnerships. Multiply is also the place where he had put his trust to guide him. This shows his remarkable development and entrepreneurial skills.

Is Kasra Moradi an Effective Dropshipping Mentor?

Kasra Moradi is an effective dropshipping mentor based on reviews and student results. His approach focuses on high-ticket dropshipping. It's selling fewer but higher-priced items, leading to notable profit margins per sale. This strategy is appealing as it reduces the need for high sales volumes. It also attracts customers who prefer quality over quantity. Kasra has been an effective mentor in strategy application.

Kasra’s specific strategies are detailed guidance on selecting top products to sell. Examples of these are luxury items like watches and designer accessories. These are known for their high-profit margins. He also provides comprehensive training through his A-Z World Class TikTok Shop Course. This teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage TikTok for business growth. Additionally, his template is a blueprint for effective sales funnels. These funnels convert leads into loyal customers. Prioritizing subscription models ensures recurring revenue and customer value. This makes his mentoring very effective for sustainable business growth.

However, Kasra Moradi has independent reviews to draw feedback from others. The overall rating of Kasra Moradi also doesn't exist because it has no third-party audits. This makes his course and coaching program's effectiveness questionable. Despite a decade of experience, no reviews are present on third-party review sites or Reddit. This lack of independent reviews invalidates Kasra Moradi's mentorship capabilities.

How Do You Make Money Online With Kasra Moradi?

You make money with Kasra Moradi by using Multiply as a testament of his expertise and resources he shares. These factors help you grow your e-commerce business. His expertise helps build and scale your online businesses. His "Black Hawk" strategy has a detailed launch and scale plan for dropshipping brands. This strategy includes insights into the top 25 products to sell and effective scaling techniques. It also covers methods for generating $250k in revenue. Additionally, his A-Z World Class TikTok Shop Course provides in-depth training on TikTok for business growth. This guarantees you can market and convert leads on this popular platform.

Kasra also provides valuable tools such as website theme swipe files. It's an 8-figure Content Media System and an 8-figure Dropshipping Funnel Template. These resources help you create high-converting websites and develop strategic content marketing. It also streamlines sales funnels for revenue. Exclusive bonuses, including a private 1-on-1 call and the "One Million In One Hour" presentation.

His emphasis on subscription models and performance-based partnerships ensures recurring revenue. It also guarantees a committed approach to your success. Utilizing these strategies and resources builds, optimizes, and scales your online business. 

What Is Multiply by Kasra Moradi?

Multiply by Kasra Moradi is a platform for optimizing and monetizing e-commerce stores. Their system boosts customer lifetime value and monthly recurring revenue. Multiply focuses on implementing continuity programs and subscription models for e-commerce businesses. The company aims to create a reliable and consistent revenue stream. The company encourages repeat purchases and establishes long-term customer relationships to meet this.

The key feature of Multiply is the Continuity Program. It helps businesses set up subscription models that ensure customers make recurring purchases. This approach aims to increase the lifetime value of each customer. Another feature is the performance-based pricing. Services are the basis of the company's revenue model. They receive payment based on the financial gains of their clients, ensuring shared interests in success. Additionally, Multiply offers support on paid advertising management and conversion rate optimization. They also support clients on customer checkout and retention solutions.

Another edge Multiply has is the UGC campaigns. Multiply provides user-generated content campaigns to enhance social proof and improve ad performance. They also have referral bonuses that clients can earn by referring other businesses to Multiply. This adds an extra incentive to promote the company's services.

Multiply by Kasra Moradi Pros and Cons


Multiply by Kasra Moradi offers a proven system for revenue growth. It boosts e-commerce revenue by creating continuity programs and subscription models. This provides a structured approach to enhance customer lifetime value.

Multiply by Kasra Moradi has performance-based pricing. This means that they only make money if their clients do. This aligns their interests with their client's success, driving them to deliver results.

Multiply by Kasra Moradi provides a seven-day demo period. Clients can experience a seven-day demo period before committing to a long-term relationship. Businesses can test Multiply's system and features without commitment.


Multiply by Kasra Moradi is expensive. While the demo period is free, the services and the general value offered amount to over $15,000. This can be challenging for smaller e-commerce businesses or startups with limited budgets.

Multiply by Kasra Moradi's strategies are complex to enforce. Setting up and maintaining a subscription-based continuity program may be complex for businesses. Businesses must invest considerable time and effort to understand and execute the system.

Multiply by Kasra Moradi doesn't guarantee success. Despite the performance-based model, there are factors to consider for succeeding. Market conditions, product appeal, and customer behaviour can affect Multiply's strategies.


Multiply by Kasra Moradi costs over $15,000, but they can only make money if their clients do.

Refund Policy

Multiply by Kasra Moradi, let clients experience a seven-day demo period before committing.


Multiply by Kasra Moradi doesn't reveal their origin date by the Kasra has over 10 years of experience in dropshipping.


Multiply by Kasra Moradi has a good reputation based on his sales page.

Is Kasra Moradi's Multiply Worth It?

Kasra Moradi's Multiply is worth it if you want robust solutions to optimize and monetize your e-commerce store. Multiply enhances customer lifetime value and secures monthly recurring revenue. This is through continuity programs and subscription models. The approach ensures reliable and consistent revenue of $10k a day. This approach encourages repeat purchases and builds long-term customer relationships. Key benefits include a proven revenue growth system and performance-based pricing. The pricing aligns their success with clients in a seven-day demo period to check the effectiveness of their strategies. Additionally, Multiply offers comprehensive support in paid advertising management. It also supports conversion rate optimization and customer checkout. Additionally, they specialize in retention solutions and user-generated content campaigns. These enhance social proof and improve ad performance.

However, Multiply by Kasra Moradi comes with significant costs and complexities. Multiply's services cost more than $15,000. This high cost is challenging for smaller businesses or startups with limited budgets. Implementing and maintaining a subscription-based continuity program also needs much time and effort. Even with the performance-based pricing model, there is no guarantee of success. Market conditions, product appeal, and customer behavior impact the effectiveness of Multiply's strategies. You need to consider these factors to make an informed choice. Dropshipping as a business model is still worth it, but you must be ready for these challenges.

Kasra Moradi Claim:

Kasra claims that with Multiply, he can teach you how to make your first $1,000 online. This is through dropshipping and TikTok shops. He even added two guarantees for this. First, he 100% guarantees you'll love Multiply School, or we'll give you a full refund. Second, you get world-class training inside of Multiply School. Kasra also guarantees you'll get ALL your questions answered by seasoned experts. He added that he has these guarantees because he has done it himself. These timeless principles helped him grow a $1M business. It has worked for thousands of businesses across many industries worldwide.

Kasra Moradi Claim Debunked:

  • Survivorship Bias and Failure Rates: Kara's claim highlights success stories, and ignoring many failures is a survivorship bias. Reports show that about 90% of e-commerce startups fail within the first 120 days.This suggests that many dropshipping stores fail despite following similar advice.
  • Overgeneralization and Marketing Hype: Claiming that Kasra's methods will always work for all businesses is an overgeneralization. Promises of world-class training and guaranteed answers from experts leverage appeals to emotion. It's a common marketing strategy to encourage hype for potential clients. 
  • Lack of Statistical Support and Sunk Cost Fallacy: The claim lacks detailed statistical evidence to support the success rates of Moradi's methods. Additionally, Multiply doesn't also have any independent reviews for fair evaluation. The refund guarantee may mitigate financial risk but can lead to the sunk cost fallacy. It's where users continue investing time and effort because of initial investments made. They may continue to invest despite seeing limited success using the program.
  • Complex and Risky Landscape: The dropshipping industry has challenges, risks, and complexities. A single course and coaching program cannot address these factors. 10% to 20% of those who made it dedicated their time, effort, and acquiring knowledge to succeed.
  • Low-Profit Margins and Inventory Issues: Dropshipping has low-profit margins, ranging from 10% to 30%. This makes it difficult to achieve significant income without notable sales volume. Additionally, E-Commerce Fuel found that 55% of drop shippers face inventory issues. This is because reliance on third-party suppliers leads to stock-outs and fulfillment delays.
  • Shipping Complexities and Quality Control: Managing shipping from many suppliers causes higher shipping costs and complicated logistics. High shipping costs are a challenge for 38% of dropshippers, as reported by Fit Small Business. Dropshippers also have limited control over order quality. This leads to potential customer dissatisfaction and increased return rates. SaleHoo's research shows that 23% of dropshipping businesses face quality and return problems.
  • High Competition: The low barrier to entry in dropshipping means the market is competitive. Oberlo found that only about 10% of dropshipping businesses succeed long-term. This highlights the challenge of maintaining profitability.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Dropshipping?

The pros and cons of dropshipping are revolving around the business model's advantages and challenges. On the positive side, the model has low startup costs and scalability because of the absence of inventory management. However, the model has intense market competition and low profit margins because of reliance on third-party suppliers. 

Dropshipping Pros

  • Easy Dropshipping Account Setup: Creating an account online is easy and has minimal requirements. You can sell without spending much time or money.
  • Affordable Startup Costs: With dropshipping, there is no longer a need to keep inventory. Save money by avoiding product stocking costs and space rentals.
  • Trusted Dropshipping Suppliers: AliExpress, Oberlo, and SaleHoo are some reputable dropshipping suppliers. Entrepreneurs can find suitable partners with their help.
  • Availability of Diverse Dropshipping Products: Dropshipping delivers diverse products. It includes high-ticket orders and low-ticket essentials and accessories.
  • Business Scalability: The absence of inventory in dropshipping enables it to be scalable. It enables effortless changes to the product lineup at no extra expense. 

Dropshipping Cons

  • Intense Market Competition: Dropshipping offers low startup costs and easy entry but comes with intense competition. Effective application of marketing strategies are important. It helps you stand-out in a saturated market.
  • Low-Profit Margins: Dropshipping cuts down on inventory expenses but decreases profit margins. Sellers depend on suppliers for shipping.
  • Difficulty Creating a Unique Brand: Dropshipping limits the ability to establish a brand. Merchants offer standard items sourced from third parties. Customers find it difficult to link the items to a particular brand.
  • Lack of Control Over the Supply Chain: You lack control over the supply chain, affecting cost-effectiveness.
  • Shipping and Customer Service Problems: Errors made by manufacturers and wholesalers directly impact you. This results in issues with customer service.

Conclusion: Why Choose Local Lead Gen Biz Rather Than Dropshipping?

Choose local lead gen biz rather than dropshipping because it has a lower initial investment. It is also a high demand and speedy business model. In contrast, dropshipping stores have costs on website hosting, marketing, and purchasing inventory. Local lead gen optimizes a website for leads with minimal upfront expenses. The work involved in local lead gen is also less once set up. It becomes a more passive income stream, relying on organic traffic and consistent leads. In contrast, dropshipping requires ongoing active management. This includes customer service, inventory monitoring, and frequent marketing adjustments.

Competition is another critical factor for dropshipping. Dropshipping markets often saturate, leading to lower profit margins and fierce competition. Local lead gen focuses on niche markets with less direct competition. According to industry statistics, local lead generation businesses can achieve higher ROI. Some models generate 5-10 times the initial investment within the first year. This is because of the recurring revenue from local businesses that will pay for quality leads. Dropshipping businesses struggle to maintain profitability because of low profit margins.


Choose the local lead gen biz for a more sustainable and scalable business model. It's a better option with passive income and high returns on investment. It also offers flexibility and predictable income compared to dropshipping in any aspect.

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