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KT Hustles Review – Is Lightning Reselling Worth it if KT Hustles Has Less than 2 Years Experience?

June 10, 2024

KT Hustles is a 7-Figure Amazon FBA seller who started in 2021. Before this, he was a 6-figure Ebay seller generating $10,000+ each month. With the ecommerce skills he gained from Ebay, he was able to fast-track a highly profitable Amazon FBA business. Now, he uses his Amazon skills to help others do the same. In his Lightning Reselling program, KT Hustles shares hot-selling products to grow your Amazon FBA business, provides community support from 2,000+ Discord members, provides live Q&A sessions, and more. 

However, KT Hustles has less than two years in the Amazon FBA world. Is this enough time to become an expert who charges $997 for his program? Or is it enough that he’s generated nearly $1,000,000 in sales during his first year of Amazon FBA? According to JungleSource, 37% of new Amazon FBA sellers make no money in their first year of selling. It’s a highly competitive field that requires diligence, research, and a bit of luck. It’s certainly more difficult than something like Local Lead Generation, which has few competitors and doesn’t require much more than the ability to create simple websites. So it’s smart to wonder if KT Hustles is a person whose experience is something you can rely on.

So in this KT Hustles’ review, we’ll go over whether his inexperience with Amazon FBA is truly a problem. Plus, we’ll also discuss:

  • Who is KT Hustles?
  • What are People Saying About KT Hustles Online?
  • Is KT Hustles a Scam or Legit?
  • What is Lightning Reselling?
  • Who is Lightning Reselling For?
  • What Does Lightning Reselling Come With?
  • How Do You Make Money With Lightning Reselling?
  • Do Students of Lightning Reselling Actually Make Money?
  • Risks Involved With Amazon FBA?
  • Is Amazon FBA Still Relevant in 2022?
KT Hustles staring out at city

Pros & Cons of KT Hustles & Lightning Reselling


2,000+ Discord community to support your Amazon FBA goals

Weekly Q&A from KT Hustles himself

Shows tons of products occupying his house in social media. Reminds you that he’s not just pushing a program. Instead, he actively grows his Amazon FBA business along side you


Lack of reviews and discussion makes it hard to gauge the value of KT Hustles and Lightning Reselling

Unclear what you’re learning about. His sales page doesn’t clarify exactly what type of training videos you’ll get. So it’s hard to say what level of experience you need to join the program

KT Hustles barely has 2 years of experience with Amazon FBA. Despite his obvious skill and hard work, some of his success may be due to luck, which could affect the quality of his training

Is KT Hustles Two Years Experience With Amazon FBA Enough to Spend $997 On Lightning Reselling?

KT Hustles is a hardworking individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. But it’s a fact that selling roughly $1 million dollars in product with Amazon FBA (during your first year) is uncommon. Not to take away anything from KT Hustles (it’s clear he’s a diligent entrepreneur). But this brings into question how much luck was involved with his success. This is important because his Amazon FBA strategies and tactics are all based on his experience. If luck played a major role with his success, then you can only put so much stock into his training, experience, and paid program. 

According to JungleScout, “New Amazon sellers are earning an average profit of nearly $30K per year.” KT Hustles, on the other hand, sold $737,000 worth of product in his first 8 months as an Amazon FBA seller:
KT Hustles sales after 8 months

47% of Amazon FBA sellers make between 16% - 50% profit margin. So at worst, KT Hustles could’ve made $117,920 in eight months. And at best, he could’ve made $368,500 in eight months. This puts KT Hustles into the “Super Sellers” category, which is a spot occupied by only 1% of all Amazon FBA Sellers:

Types of Amazon sellers

Via JungleScout

So as an outlier with comparatively “overnight” success, how much faith can you put in his program, Lightning Reselling? If there’s too much luck involved with his success, then you can’t expect his training to give you the same level of achievement he attained. But he clearly has expertise with Amazon FBA. So the question is simple - is he “expert enough” to join his $997 training program?

In this situation, you should look at what his program, Lightning Reselling, comes with. If it was ONLY the training videos, then it would not be worth it. The information could be faulty only because they are partially luck-driven. You’d never achieve KT Hustles’ level of success in that situation.

However, his program includes two other important factors - community support and direct access to KT Hustles himself. These two factors make a huge difference. Because even if KT Hustles had luck propelling him forward, he’s constantly learning more and adapting his methods today. Plus, his students are field-testing his strategies and improving on them as well. In this sense, even if his basic training videos use methods that don’t let you replicate their success 100%, you can just ask him or his community how to adapt them. The social factors are essentially a fail-safe that makes the program valuable no matter what. So if you’re the type that thrives with social support and guidance, you can still get plenty of value out of this program - despite KT Hustles having minimal Amazon FBA experience.

Who is KT Hustles?

KT Hustles face

In 2020, during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, KT Hustles lost his 9-5 job and needed a new income source. Since he was already stuck at home, he began experimenting with online arbitrage. He started on Ebay selling weightlifting equipment and webcams. He quickly started generating 10k months and was able to earn $50,584.64 in only three months.

However, after becoming a six-figure Ebay seller, he was banned from the site and instantly lost his main source of income. Soon after, a friend suggested he list some of his leftover product on Amazon, which led to KT Hustles starting an Amazon FBA business. He ended up doing even better with Amazon and was selling over $30,000 in product each month.

Today, he’s a 7-figure Amazon FBA seller who’s mentoring over 2,000 people in Amazon selling. He lives in Washington, D. C., United States. And I estimate his net worth to be at least $2 million. 

What are People Saying About KT Hustles Online?

KT Hustles primarily uses Instagram as his social media presence. He has an impressive 25.3k followers there and people seem to love his lifestyle content. There’s not much discussion about Amazon FBA or anything. But he occasionally posts tips there which demonstrate his expertise. What’s nice is most of his followers have actual pictures on their accounts and multiple posts to their name. So they’re all likely legit followers and not bots:
Instagram comments for KT Hustles

He’s also got a Tik Tok and Youtube account. But the engagement and content on those are low and don’t help you understand KT Hustles’ legitimacy. Unfortunately, there’s not much else online about KT Hustles beyond these pages. So we can’t draw much of a conclusion about him based one what people are saying about him online.

Is KT Hustles a Scam or Legit?

No, most likely KT Hustles is not a scam. He has a full Discord community of 2,000+ people and it’d be hard to scam them all. Plus, he has the numbers proving student success for his Lightning Reselling program. Even though nobody’s talking about him and his program, at the very least there’s nobody yelling “I’ve been scammed” by him online. So we can lean towards KT Hustles being a legit businessman.

What is Lightning Reselling?

Lightning Reselling bundle

Lightning Reselling is an Amazon FBA training program. It’s designed to teach you how to become a profitable Amazon Seller. You’ll learn the methods KT Hustles uses in his own 7-Figure Amazon FBA business, get the support of a Discord community with over 2,000+ fellow students, and even be able to ask KT Hustles questions personally.


Lightning Reselling


Amazon FBA training with coaching and community support


$997 (normal price $4,997)

Refund Policy

30 Day money-back guarantee




No discussion anywhere notable (e.g Reddit) about KT Hustles or Lightning Reselling. It’s still a new program and an Amazon FBA business needs time to get up and running. So no bad or good reputation yet.

Who is Lightning Reselling For?

Students of Lightning Reselling

What Does Lightning Reselling Come With?

Lightning Reselling features

How Do You Make Money With Lightning Reselling?

Lightning Reselling uses a basic Amazon FBA business process. It boils down to choosing a product to sell, sourcing it, and selling it on Amazon. On average, it takes about 6-12 months of doing Amazon FBA to see a profit. If you can stick around for that long, then you’ll be happy to know that “76% of third party Amazon sellers are profitable.” Just keep in mind the competitive nature of Amazon FBA - you'll need to adapt and be willing to go the extra mile to keep your business profitable. Below is KT Hustles' personal process for running an Amazon FBA business:

KT Hustles Amazon FBA selling process

Do Students of Lightning Reselling Actually Make Money?

Yes, the students of Lightning Reselling do make money and KT Hustles provides proof. The average monthly income of his students is in the $18,000 - $30,000 in sales. Since 47% of Amazon FBA sellers earn a 16 - 50% profit margin, that'd mean his students are earning roughly $2,880 - $15,000 per month. You can see the numbers below:

Student success proof #1
Student success proof #2
Student success proof #3

KT Hustles Testimonial: Kate Went From $0 To $70K In 2 Months with Amazon FBA 

Kate's Background and Story

Kate is originally from Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe. She moved to the United States on a talent visa. She used to own a car repair shop back in Belarus, but had to close it after she migrated. She transitioned to online entrepreneurship and learned about Amazon FBA through KT. Kate chose this business because of its low barriers to entry and lower capital requirement. The flexibility of work allowed her to manage her time according to her terms. 

How Kate Achieved $70k in 2 Months

Kate achieved $70K in 2 months by mastering how to find profitable products on Amazon. She recalled that although product sourcing had a steep learning curve; she was able to master it in just a month. Her breakthrough came when she finally understood the basic principles of product sourcing. The streamlined product selection process that she developed was the key to making $70K in just 2 months. 

The Biggest Challenge That Kate Faced in Her Amazon FBA Journey

The biggest challenges that Kate faced as a beginner in Amazon FBA was finding the right products to sell on her online store. You need to find low competition but high demand products to get ahead of your competitors. It's a complex and time-consuming process because you need to analyze data and check customer reviews to gauge market potential. 

What's not mentioned in the video: Kate claims to have made $70K in 2 months with Amazon FBA. However, she did not mention how much of it was net profit. The average profit margin of Amazon FBA is from 15% to 20%. Taking the conservative average, Kate's net profit in 2 months is probably around $10,500. It's a good number considering she just started as a no-experience beginner. 

Risks Involved With Amazon FBA?

The #1 issue with Amazon FBA is its competitive nature. Although it’s great that anybody can become an Amazon FBA seller, that means new competitors are there daily. In fact, JungleScout has determined over 3,700 new sellers join the Amazon FBA scene every day. That means people will be fighting to steal your customers at all times. Not only that, but you’ll also be competing against experienced sellers who already dominate their niches (this includes amazon itself). You’ll need to make sure you’re constantly improving your product’s SEO and outranking your competitors.

Is Amazon FBA Still Relevant in 2022?

Amazon FBA is still relevant and will only become more important over time. Digitally impacted sales is a $2.4 trillion dollar industry. And data shows it grows by about 1.3% every single year:

Digital impacted sales stats

That means Amazon FBA is part of an industry that grows by at least 10 billion dollars every year. So Amazon FBA will only become a bigger and more important business in the future. You can learn more about Amazon FBA below:


KT Hustles’ Lightning Reselling program may be good if you’re looking to join a supportive community, want direct access to the creator, and basic training videos to get you started. It’s aimed at Amazon FBA beginners who need guidance so they can start off strong and avoid the most common newbie mistakes.

However, keep in mind that KT Hustles is still new to the game with only 2 years in the Amazon FBA business. Despite his above-average success, there may be luck involved that’s skewing the results of his strategies and tactics. With that being the case, the lessons and training he shares may not work for you as well as they did for him. But if you use the community and the weekly Q&A sessions well, you can still adapt to any unforeseen problems you encounter.

Local Lead Generation is Easier Compared to Amazon FBA

Local lead generation is easier because there's less competition since you're targeting a localized market. Unlike Amazon FBA, you don't have to complete with thousands of sellers from around the globe. You only need to focus on a certain geographic location operating in a specific service niche. 

The goal is to build simple websites for local service providers and rank them on Google. You connect customers to sellers and make a commission from every referral you make. No need to constantly search for new items to sell. Once the lead gen sites are ranked, they'll continuously generate income on autopilot. 

Amazon FBA is a decent business model, but it requires much effort to overcome global competitors, including the big sellers. There might also be unexpected setbacks, like shipping delays, logistic issues, supplier concerns, and product returns. Issues with products happen 16.6% of the time. This means the buyers return approximately 2 of 10 products sold. It's going to eat away your profits. 

I prefer to save myself the headache by focusing on a business called local lead generation. All I do is create simple websites that I “rent” out to local businesses for a fixed monthly fee. These websites generate leads that businesses convert into paying customers. I never worry about random fees, cargo problems, or product returns. I typically earn anywhere from $2,000 for each website I create. And I have over 80 of them. Practically speaking, you’d only need about 3-5 sites to replace your 9-to-5. 

Or you could go crazy like I did and make enough to live a lucrative lifestyle. Learn how the local lead generation biz can change the game for you today. 

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