Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator Review: Why Land Flipping?

May 16, 2024

Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator is a learning platform that teaches land-flipping strategies. The platform’s courses and resources specifically promote Jack’s “Land Profit$ System” as its overall land-flipping investment strategy.

To sum up, Bosch’s strategy involves finding unmotivated land sellers (or “non-wanters”) and buying their property with only 10%-45% of its market value. The investor will then sell the property for 60%-90% of its value to make a profit. To target unmotivated sellers, Jack prefers to send neutral mails through direct mailing.

One major challenge of land-flipping is the difficulty of finding landowners who are willing to accept a lowball offer. The most common solution taught by land-flipping coaches, like Jack Bosch, is to send thousands of offers or neutral letters to numerous leads—a numbers game. There’s no doubt that this method can bring some results, but it comes at an enormous cost.

In this Land Profit Generator review, we will cover Jack Bosch’s land-flipping investment strategy in detail to see how feasible it is in the modern real estate industry. You will also learn about his separate programs, Jack Bosch himself, and the trend of land-flipping in 2024. In the end, you will discover a business model that, in our opinion, is the best for earning money online today.

Land Profit Generator Pros and Cons


Reputable coaches.

A free masterclass for 5-8 days.

Programs include access to the CRM.

Courses are designed for beginners and experienced investors.


A very expensive coaching program.

Running a direct mailing campaign is very expensive.

Paid leads are allegedly being reused.

Land flipping is much harder now.


Land Profit Generator’s Land Profit Masterclass is free, the LPG Success Package 3.0 is $2,497 and the Land Profit Quickstart is $5000. The price of the Land Profit Coaching Program is not publicly available but can be around $25K-$45K.

Refund Policy

Land Profit Generator didn’t outline a refund policy for its programs.


Land Profit Generator was launched in 2009.


Land Profit Generator is not rated on popular review sites like Trustpilot.

Why Land Flipping?

The year 2024 is the best time to do land flipping, according to Jack Bosch’s book, “Current Trends in Real Estate Marketing.” He said that the best real estate opportunities today lie in land properties, and this is the result of multiple factors, which are the following:

  • Even after the easing of pandemic restrictions, more and more people are switching to remote work (hybrid or full-remote). This resulted in the partial collapse of the office space real estate industry.
  • Ultra-fast internet connection is now available even in the remotest areas through Elon Musk’s Starlink. Combined with the increasing popularity of remote work, raw land has become more valuable literally everywhere.
  • Solar power is now more affordable, with the prices falling 4 times in the last ten years.
  • The worsening geopolitical situation encouraged more people into “doomsday prepping” and staying off the grid. This means more demand for land outside of cities.
  • Mental health crises and work stress have made outside-of-city life more appealing.
  • The FDA recently declared that lab-grown meat is safe to eat, and it will not be long before it becomes available for household production. There is also a trend of “growing your own food” among various communities.

This overall real estate opportunity switch from housing properties to vacant land is what Jack calls the “New Real Estate Revolution.” Of course, the actual effects of the factors mentioned above are still subject to debate, but you get the idea. And according to Jack Bosch, you can take advantage of this growing opportunity with his land-flipping strategy.

Jack Bosch ebook

Land Profit Generator’s “Land Profit$ System” is a strategy of buying or contracting lands at wholesale price from unmotivated sellers or tax delinquency auctions (not the most ideal), and selling them at retail or near-retail prices for a higher profit margin.

This strategy favors direct-mail marketing over cold-calling or email marketing to address some laws and restrictions, such as the CAN-SPAM Act and the TCPA. Direct mail is also less likely to be ignored and can be more personalized. To get a sales contract, investors are encouraged to send thousands of direct mails targeting unmotivated sellers in selected counties.

In addition, the Land Profit$ System opens the possibility of earning passive income from land-flipping with the use of seller financing. For example, one can buy a property for 20% of its market value (wholesale price) and sell it for 90% of its value (near retail price). If the buyer negotiates for lower, you can offer them to pay a 20%-30% downpayment followed by monthly installments.

In this setup, the downpayment will pay for the seller's price, and you, as the investor, will continue to receive monthly payments for years to come. This is how you get cash flow from land, which many believe as impossible.

What Does Land Profit Generator Offer?

Land Profit Generator offers a set of free and paid courses, bundled services, and a coaching program for land flipping. The platform also offers a CRM tool for land investment automation, the Investment Dominator software.

Land Profit Masterclass

Land Profit Masterclass is a free online learning program on land-flipping that serves as an introduction to Land Profit Generator’s paid courses. It consists of 5-day webinar sessions and is offered quarterly for each year.

The most recent masterclass (at the time of writing) also had some bonus sessions, totaling in 8 days of webinars. The sessions are administered by Jack and Michelle Bosch themselves, plus a team of coaches.

LPG Success Package 3.0

The LPG Success Package is a bundle of automation tool services and resources for land-flipping. Here’s what you will get:

  • The Land Profit Generator blueprint

  • Contract templates

  • Mail-out letter templates

  • Script templates for sales calls

  • Free 4 months of Investment Dominator CRM

  • Discounted ticket for Land Profit$ live events

  • Strategy session with Jack or his team

The package costs $2,497 or $997 with three monthly installments of $549.

Land Profit Quickstart

Land Profit Quickstart is a paid Land Profit Generator course, which includes 7 video sessions plus one bonus session, the LPG Success Package 3.0, membership to LPG’s private Facebook community, live Q&As, and more.

The video sessions consist of the following:

  • Session 1: Why Land Flipping is the Ultimate Cash Machine, with Jack Bosch
  • Session 2: Profitability Fast Track - How to Pinpoint THE BEST Counties
  • Session 3: Getting deals FAST: Strategies for Proven Deal Success
  • Session 4: Research and Comps - Property Valuation and Follow-up Strategies
  • Session 5: Secret Sales Strategies - Sales Calls, Negotiation, and Relationship Building
  • Session 6: Contracts & Closings - Sealing the Deal
  • Session 7: Marketing Strategies so Buyers are Begging to Buy, and Deals Close Like Clockwork
  • Bonus Session: Scaling Your Business to 6 and 7-Figures, with Jack Bosch

Land Profit Quickstart costs $5000 or four monthly payments of $1500.

Land Profit Coaching Program

The Land Profit Coaching Program is a 12-month one-on-one mentorship offer that also includes all the benefits of the other programs and additional done-with-you services. Here’s what you will get with the Land Profit Coaching Program:

  • Live training Zoom group sessions
  • One-on-one coaching with a dedicated Master Coach
  • “Nuts and bolts” training on land-flipping
  • “Done-with-you” services, which include:

    • 9000 seller leads in your area of choice

    • 2000 cold calls

    • 2000 text messages

    • Value analyses of your deals

    • 1st to 3rd offers and follow-up

    • Marketing your property

    • Selling your property as a joint venture (optional)

  • Access to LPG’s Private Coaching Facebook Community
  • 12-month access to Investment Dominator CRM
  • One family ticket to LPG’s two-and-a-half-day of Land Profit Maximizer Software Workshop
  • Attorney-reviewed advanced contracts, letters, and process documents

The price of the Land Profit Coaching Program is not publicly available, so you will have to schedule a 20-minute to get the full details. Online forums say it’s around $40K, but you can discover it for yourself.

Investment Dominator CRM

Investment Dominator is a real estate CRM owned by Jack Bosch. It has multiple features, including an integrated data service to import leads based on your set criteria (state, county, size of land, etc.), sales page customization, direct mailing and emailing automation, an offer calculator, and more.

The Land Profit Generator’s paid programs all include access to Investment Dominator, but you can also sign up without having to buy the courses. The Investment Dominator’s Pro Plan costs $197 a month.

Who Is Land Profit Generator For?

Land Profit Generator is for newbies or aspiring real estate investors who are considering starting with raw land because of its lower entry cost. It is also for experienced investors who haven’t found a way to close 100+ deals a year, or house-flippers who want to diversify their portfolio by investing in raw land.

What Do Students of Land Profit Generator Say?

Student testimonials on Land Profits Generator often mention the strategy's effectiveness, and how it is safer for everyone, especially with seller contracts and financing. However, you can only find these testimonials on Land Profit Generator’s website. There’s no other review for Land Profit Generator on popular review sites like Trustpilot.

It takes most students 6-8 months to see results with Land Profit Generator, according to the site's FAQ section. Some have taken 60 days, while the most outstanding ones closed their first deal within 30 days. Most of the written site testimonials talk about the students' successful deals, but no information on how soon they got the results.

Here are some examples of such student testimonials.

Land Profit Generator Testimonial
Land Profit Generator testimonial 2

The following are from video testimonials for Land Profit Generator:

Tim Ebie

Tim Ebie closed 33 deals in his first year with the Land Profit Coaching Program, translating to around $250K in profits. In the first half of his second year, he secured 11 deals ($149K), plus 19 more in contracts and escrow ($200K), totaling around $350K.

Travis Dahlke

Travis Dahlke has closed 4 deals, earning around $33K. At the time of the interview, he has 3 properties in escrow from which he expects to profit $54K and a bunch of other contracts in line. Travis praised how responsive the coaches were whenever he needed to ask questions about his deals and the helpfulness of the private community.

Land Profit Generator Reddit Reviews

As per usual, Redditors are not mincing words as they tackle Land Profit Generator’s land-flipping strategy. In fact, there’s a dedicated subreddit for complaints against Jack Bosch’s platform, the r/JackBoschLPGscam.

On one of this subreddit’s two posts, a Redditor outlines their criticisms of LPG’s land-flipping strategy, pointing out that it’s outdated and doesn’t work anymore post-pandemic. They said that buying out land for 10%-45% of its market value is much harder now as sellers aim for close to retail pricing – apparently influenced by house flippers who are offering close to retail prices.

Land Profit Generator reddit review

A post from another Redditor shares an experience with Land Profit Generator’s coaching program. It says that students pay $45K a year and are encouraged to send thousands of neutral letters. Most seller responses say they are receiving an average of 15 letters, and the Redditor blames it on Land Profit Generator’s quarterly masterclasses (no, they can’t blame it all on Jack Bosch as other coaches promote the same method).

Land Profit Generator Reddit Review 2

Land Profit Generator BiggerPockets Reviews

BiggerPockets reviewers are more concerned about the Land Profit Generator’s pricing than the business model itself—this is a platform for real estate investors, after all. For these reviewers, Land Profit Generator’s content is okay, but they would still recommend a less expensive course.

Land Profit Generator Biggerpockets review

The next BiggerPockets reviewer even recommended a specific, cheaper course as an alternative to Land Profit Generator.

Ami Aziz biggerpockets review on Land Profit Generator

The following review shares the differences between land-flipping coaches regarding direct mailing. Again, she points out the pricing considerations for these courses.

Ami Aziz BiggerPockets review of Land Profits Generator

Is Land Profit Generator Worth It?

Yes, the Land Profit Generator is worth it, IF it’s not $45K. Maybe you should start with Land Profit Quickstart first, gain experience, and then decide if you need the more expensive coaching. The prices of the LPG programs are also constantly changing, so you may receive a different offer.

There’s no question about Jack and Michelle Bosch’s reputation as thought leaders in the real estate industry, but just imagine that you can literally buy acres of land with that amount of money (hopefully, they cut it down).

Who Is Jack Bosch?

Jack Bosch

Jack Bosch is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, educator, and co-founder of Land Profit Generator, along with his wife, Michelle Bosch. He authored the best-selling book “Forever Cash” and many other eBooks and articles on real estate and financial literacy.

He is also the co-founder of Orbit Investments, LLC and host of The Jack Bosch Show. Being a real thought leader, Jack Bosch has built a real estate investment portfolio of raw land, tax-delinquent real estate, SFR rentals, and multi-family space, with $100M worth of properties under management.

From Germany and Honduras, Jack and Michelle Bosch immigrated to the US in 1997, where they started their real estate journey in 2002. After so much success in land investing, they decided to share their knowledge of investment techniques by co-founding the Land Profit Generator in 2009.

In over 20 years of real estate investment experience, Jack and Michelle Bosch have closed over 4000 properties and elevated a thousand of their students to millionaire status through their learning programs.

Jack Bosch has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Hohenheim and an MBA in Finance from the University of Mannheim and Western Illinois University. He and his family are currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

What Is Jack Bosch's Claim?

Jack Bosch claims that his method, combined with his Investment Dominator CRM, can help an experienced investor make 100+ deals a year. A newbie may make fewer deals, but still significantly higher than diving into land-flipping without help. And more deals mean a better chance of scaling to 6 or 7 figures of income. All without the headaches of “tenants, toilets, or termites” and without hurting your savings.

Your in the righ place if you see yourself on this list - Land Profit Generator web copy
Land Profit Generator web copy - who is the couse for?
Who is the course for? Land Profit Generator

Note that there’s always a long profit disclaimer at the bottom of every page of Land Profit Generator’s website. It says that “the incomes depicted are representative of some of the most successful participants, and the majority of individuals earn less.” Still, it is worth examining how feasible Jack’s claim is these days.

Debunking Jack's Claim

Making 100+ deals in a year is doable, but it is now extremely difficult and expensive, even with Jack Bosch’s system. He admits that this is a numbers game, and an investor usually has to send hundreds of thousands of letters to achieve a desirable response rate and consistently make deals.

Investment Dominator has integrated two mail houses into its system, the ITIDirectMail and REIPrintMail. If we stick to the 5000 neutral mails per deal (it will probably take more than that), then it will cost you $2,975 for postage alone.

You can see below the calculated cost for a 5000-mail campaign in 1st class presort using ITIDirectMail’s postage price calculator.

ITIDirectMail postage price calculator

There are cheaper postage-class options, but they will take longer to arrive (7-15 days), defeating the goal of making more deals in a shorter time. And that is only the cost of postage. You will spend an additional $1,046.88 ($0.21 each) for 5000 letters for the direct mailer's fee. So, that’s a total of $4,021.88 for each campaign. And you can't seller finance your campaign budget.

Of course, retail buyers usually don’t want to spend this much just to buy land cheaper. But if a land flipper can run mailing campaigns and still make a profit, why can’t they? On the other hand, nothing is stopping a seller from listing their property on Facebook Marketplace/Groups, LandWatch, Zillow, and Craigslist, where they can sell higher.

Remember that the population's internet literacy today isn't the same as 10 to 15 years ago. So, finding landowners "who really want to sell their property but don't know how to" is a lot more difficult now.

Is Land Flipping Worth It in 2024?

Yes, land flipping is still worth it in 2024 if you aim for bigger deals and have sufficient funds to cover a costly campaign. Remember that “no one is creating more land.” It will just continue to be scarcer and more expensive over time, so investing in land will never get old.

It's also important to note that Jack Bosch’s land-flipping strategy is much closer to wholesaling. It's not the same as the fraudulent “land-flipping” tactic of artificially raising the price of a land property by selling it multiple times between organized individuals. Jack Bosch’s land flipping is completely legal.

Create Low-Cost Passive Income with Local Lead Generation

The Land Profit Generator’s model of earning passive income through land sounds appealing, but it may not be the best for aspiring entrepreneurs and new investors with limited funds. Alternatively, they should start with a model that has lower entry costs but guarantees consistent passive earnings if done correctly.

local lead generation

In my opinion, the model that fits the bill is local lead generation. In this model, you’re developing a real estate property, but in the digital space. You start by spending as low as $500 to create a website and performing SEO techniques to “develop” or rank your site for a specific niche and local keywords.

A ranked website will inevitably generate leads, giving it more value, and local businesses need these leads. You can then rent out your website to local businesses for a specific amount, which can be around $500-$3000 monthly. You can also create as many sites as you can. Actual real estate investments can come later once you’ve sufficiently scaled.

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