David Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer Review – Another MLM company?

January 24, 2023

Legendary Marketer is an online education platform founded by David Sharpe in 2017 that offers a wide variety of training courses. They focus on teaching you 4 different areas of online business, including affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching & consulting, and events & mastermind hosting. You can also make money as a Legendary Marketer affiliate by promoting their various digital products and courses. 

This Legendary Marketer review will uncover if the courses in Legendary Marketer actually teach you valuable skills that will help you earn a recurring passive recurring income or not. I will then compare affiliate marketing with local lead generation and see which business model offers you a passive income each month while being able to dictate how you run your business.


Cheap entry price into the Legendary Marketer platform.

You can learn a wide variety of online skills.

Opportunity to make money as an affiliate of Legendary Marketer.

David Sharpe is a 9-figure entrepreneur who teaches high value, money making skills in this platform.

Legendary Marketer works because thousands of students have made money with their training.


There are upsells around every corner on the Legendary Marketer platform.

You only get to sell Legendary Marketer products as an affiliate which caps your income potential.

Affiliate marketing doesn't allow you to budget correctly each month because the income is unpredictable.


Legendary Marketer pricing varies from one course to another. 

Refund Policy

Legendary Marketer's refund policy varies from one digital product to the next. 

The 15-Day Online Business Blueprint, Legendary Marketer monthly subscriptions and additional products and services all have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints all have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

All affiliate fees are non-refundable.


Several training courses are provided in video format, along with PDFs, templates, etc.


Legendary Marketers has a private Business Blueprint Facebook community for support. 


David Sharpe founded Legendary Marketer in 2017 after having to file The Empower Network for bankruptcy with his business partner, David Cross.


Legendary Marketer has a good reputation even though there are several complaints on the BBB webpage.

Is Legendary Marketer an MLM?

Legendary Marketer is not an MLM like The Empower Network was. It is has a one-level affiliate marketing commission structure, which means you'll only earn commissions from the affiliates you refer. Legendary Marketer works because you learn legitimate skills that will help you start a profitable business earning 5 and 6 figures, as many Legendary Marketer members have done.

Who is David Sharpe?

David Sharpe is from St. Petersburg, Florida and is the co-founder of Legendary Marketer. He dropped out of Clearwater High School when he was in the 9th grade and got involved with drugs. By age 16, he became a father and struggled to provide for his family. In 2008, he beat his drug addiction, moved back in with his parents, and began working a construction job. 

It didn't take long for him to realize that he didn't want to work a 9-5 full-time job anymore. As a result, he started looking for a way to make money online. He spent thousands of dollars on internet marketing courses. After coming across affiliate marketing, his life changed for the better. 

It took only 7 years for him to generate over $150 million in sales as a successful affiliate marketer. This was accomplished with his business partner, David Cross, after they co-founded The Empower Network, which was an MLM (multi-level marketing) company.

In 2017, David Sharpe's Empower Network filed for bankruptcy because they lost millions of dollars due to an accounting error. That same year, David co-founded Legendary Marketer and has since made over $250 million in sales online. 

David Sharpe currently posts content on his David Sharpe YouTube channel each week where he interviews other digital entrepreneurs about how they've reached financial freedom. 

On The Dave Sharpe Show podcast, he only released 53 episodes that talked about how to get started with affiliate marketing and how to succeed in the world of digital marketing. David hasn't released an episode since March 16, 2020. 

What is David Sharpe's net worth?

David Sharpe's net worth is estimated at over $200 million if you factor in the $250 million in online sales he's generated with 3 multi-million dollars companies. Other factors include the cars and houses he bought for his parents. 

What does Legendary Marketer offer?

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is the first step when looking to join Legendary Marketer. For 15 days, you will receive an email containing a training video. Each of the training videos will help you set your business up. They provide you with assignments that you must complete and a Business Plan Advisor who will help you put your business plan together and implement it. 

The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge costs $7. Read my Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge review for more info. 

Legendary Marketers Club

David Sharpe calls this section the "Netflix of marketing training" because you get access to a library of training videos with your monthly subscription. Inside, there is sales training and even training on how to grow the number of subscribers you have on YouTube. You will need your Legendary Marketer login to access all the courses and sections of this platform.

The Legendary Marketers Club subscription costs $30 per month or $179 per year.

Attraction Code

This Legendary Marketer product is a mini course where David helps beginners understand the importance of creating authority in the marketplace.

Attraction Code costs $27-$37 depending on when you sign up for it.

Traffic University

Traffic University is a mini training library that teaches you how to get started running ads and creating a sales funnel on platforms such as:

  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Traffic University costs $247.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

The Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint is a course that will show you how to get started in affiliate marketing. You'll learn what the hottest performing niches are, how to get setup with several affiliate programs (MaxBounty, JVzoo, Warrior Plus, ClickBank), how to perform product research efficiently, how to promote a profitable product after you find it, and how to scale your affiliate business by making consistent sales. This course comprises 4 training modules. 

The Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint costs $2,500.

Digital Products Business Blueprint

This course shows you how to take the knowledge and skills you possess and package them into a digital product you can sell. Your digital product can be in the form of an online course, an eBook, PDF, audio file, and more.

This course has 7 training modules that even show you how to provide support after you've delivered your course and how to leverage Udemy to scale.

The Digital Products Business Blueprint costs $2,500.

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

This course has 5 modules that teach you how to become a coach/consultant. David goes into the art and science of coaching, the types of coaching services you can provide, how to create proposals, how to price your services, and how to generate leads.

The Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint costs $2,500.

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

The Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint course also has 5 modules that teach you how to plan and host a live event or mastermind. The lessons in this course show you how to find venues, set them up for a mastermind event, invite guest speakers, and more. 

The Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint costs $2,500.

Live Events

David and the Legendary Marketer team host live, 3-day mastermind events at the Reunion Resort in Reunion, Florida.

The masterminds start at 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm each day with lunch being served on site. They provide marketing secrets and personalized guidance to all students in attendance. The goal is to bring everyone together and improve their business and personal mindset.

The live mastermind events you can attend are:

  • Done-For-You Brand Builder which costs $10,000
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind costs $8,000
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind costs $12,000
  • Legendary Leadership Group costs $30,000

Business Blueprint Starter Package

Legendary Marketer offers you a package where you get all the Legendary Marketer Blueprints, access to the live mastermind, Traffic University, and other bonuses for the price of one Blueprint course. This is one of the best deals you get on this platform and they offer it to you during the 15 Day Challenge.

The Business Blueprint with Mastermind costs $2,500.

Business Blueprint with Mastermind

Legendary Marketer offers you a package where you get all Business Blueprint courses, access to the live mastermind, Traffic University, and other bonuses. This is offered to members as they go through the 15 Days Business Challenge.

The Business Blueprint with Mastermind costs $4,500.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Review

The Legendary Marketer affiliate program allows you to make money by marketing and selling the digital products and services Legendary Marketer offers. When you sign up as an affiliate, they will provide you with your Legendary Marketer affiliate login information.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Commission

The Legendary Marketer affiliate commissions rates are:




15 Day Business Builder Challenge



Legendary Marketers Club

$30 per month


Other Digital Products

Pricing Varies


Traffic University



Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint



Digital Products Business Blueprint



Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint



Events and Mastermind Business Blueprint



Business Blueprints Starter Package



Business Blueprints with Mastermind



Business Blueprints with Coaching



What are the different Legendary Marketer affiliate levels?

The different Legendary Marketer affiliate levels are based on how many commissions you make. The levels are:

  • Diamond - $1,000,000 in commissions
  • Platinum - $100,000 in commissions
  • Gold - $10,000 in commissions
  • Silver - $1,000 in commissions
  • Bronze - $100 in commissions
  • Affiliate - Any member who has made no sales yet

If you are a Diamond level affiliate, you'll be gifted a Rolex and a 7-figure plaque. As a Platinum level affiliate, you're gifted a diamond ring and 6-figure plaque. As a Gold level affiliate, they gift you with a 5-figure plaque. Silver and Bronze level affiliates are given certificates for their results.

Legendary Marketer Success Stories

Suzyn considered herself a shy person in 2012. It was June 2012 when she met David Sharpe at a marketing event in Atlanta, Georgia. Everyone around her thought she was crazy. After sitting down and talking to David, she felt motivated to take her business to the next level. He told her, "One step at a time, and don't give up". Those specific words impacted her. By 2016, Suzyn began working directly with David and is now financially free.

Stephen is another Legendary Marketer student who found financial freedom. He has a past like David Sharpe's. A past filled with drugs, poverty, and he didn't feel fulfilled in life. When he attended the Legendary Marketer live event, he realized he wasn't the only one going through a tough time. After the event, Stephen started realizing that he could turn everything around for the better. He credits his success to David Sharpe's coaching.

Legendary Marketer Review Reddit

This Legendary Marketer review on Reddit is from a Reddit user who looks to warn everyone about the "pyramid scheme" they believe is Legendary Marketer. They say they've seen many people who talk about affiliate marketing promote David's platform. 

They mention the upsells that you come across as you go through the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge (which shouldn't be a surprise with online marketing programs in 2023) as if it was something out of this world. They also question if anyone who learns how to make money with Legendary Marketer would promote the program they learned it from. 

It isn't too farfetched to believe that would be the case. Especially if what you learned actually makes you money and if the program will pay you to promote what worked for you. 

Legendary Marketer BBB Complaint

This Legendary Marketer BBB (Better Business Bureau) complaint accuses Legendary Marketers of being an "unethical pyramid scheme". They said that you buy a product only to promote the same product. 

Someone from Legendary Marketer responded saying they the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint does not teach members how to market their own products. They teach students how to find and promote other affiliate offers and products

Is Legendary Marketer worth it?

Legendary Marketer is worth it because hundreds of thousands of people have made money online investing in David Sharpe because they've learned actual skills. Though it appears to be a MLM, there are people actually making money.

Is Legendary Marketer a pyramid scheme?

Legendary Marketer is not a pyramid scheme because they sell digital products (online courses) that teach you several digital marketing skills. You can also earn a real commission by promoting their digital products. As you go through their courses, you will be upsold others, but upselling is the norm when joining online training programs.

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Legendary Marketer Affiliate

               Wealthy Affiliate
Legendary Marketer


They geared the Wealthy affiliate training towards people who want to make money with affiliate marketing using their own blog.

The Legendary Marketer program helps beginners build their affiliate marketing business from scratch by creating a business plan that contains a value ladder of several digital products. 


Free starter membership; Premium is $19 for the first month, then $49 each month after; Premium Plus is $49 for the first month and $99 each month after.

No charge to be an affiliate. Legendary Marketer training courses vary in price from $7 to $4,500.

Affiliate Payout

Starter members earn $11.75 monthly and $117.50 yearly. Premium members earn $23.50 monthly and $235 yearly. Premium Plus members earn $46.50 monthly and $465 yearly. These commissions are per referral.

30% commission on masterminds, 40% commission on courses, and 60% commission on Legendary Marketer subscription services. Unlimited commissions.

Pay Period

They pay commissions on the first of every month.

Commissions are paid each week on Friday as long as you have earned a minimum of $20.


Private forum style community

Private Facebook community

Are there any Alternatives to Legendary Marketer?

There are several alternatives to Legendary Marketer which include:

Commission Hero 2.0 by Robby Blanchard is an alternative to Legendary Marketer that will teach you how to promote affiliate offers on several affiliate networks. Robby shows you how you can use the power of Facebook and YouTube ads to generate more traffic and sales. Commission Hero 2.0 is a 6-week course that helps you grow your affiliate marketing business by providing you with the tools, training, and coaching you'll need to make money online. There is a private Facebook community for support and there is also training on how to use SnapChat to get more sales.

Price: Commission Hero costs $2,497

More Info: Commission Hero Review

Super Affiliate System 3.0 by John Crestani will show you how you can make money promoting affiliate offers. John Crestani's course is a 6-week training program containing over 50 hours of content. Version 3.0 has the newest affiliate marketing strategies, more training videos, and bonus content. John also provides you with email templates and landing pages you can use in your sales funnels. There is a private Facebook group and each week there are live coaching calls with John.

Price: Super Affiliate System 3.0 costs $997

More Info: Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review

The Affiliate Lab, by Matt Diggity, also teaches you how to make money with affiliate sites. The difference is that after you've built up the authority on your affiliate site and it's generating income, Matt shows you how to flip it for up to 40X the monthly revenue it brings in each month. In this course, you have access to over 160 training videos, as well as templates, checklists, and any bonus training Matt releases.

Price: The Affiliate Lab costs $997

More Info: The Affiliate Lab Review

For a list of more alternatives to Legendary Marketer, check out my updated article on the best affiliate marketing courses.

Is affiliate marketing profitable in 2023?

Affiliate marketing is profitable in 2023 because, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, affiliate marketing is worth an estimated $12 billion and is still growing each year. There is still money to be made with this business model. 

The issue with affiliate marketing is that you need to do a lot to generate traffic because ranking globally for your search terms is highly competitive. You are competing with thousands of affiliate marketers from all around the globe. You can create a YouTube channel, Tik Tok account, or a blog to improve your chances of increasing traffic, but you must post content every day. Running Facebook ads will also be a challenge because Meta's CPM has been increasing 61% each year for the past few years. This means it's only getting more expensive to generate paid traffic. By the time you see a profit, if any at all, you may have already spent hundreds or thousands of dollars of your own money. 

There is too much instability with affiliate marketing and you own no digital assets. 

You are at the mercy of the company whose products you're promoting. They can stop selling their products when they choose and they determine how much your commission will be and there's nothing you can do about it. If they change their affiliate link, you have to change your links wherever you placed them or else you won't generate any sales.

As with the other online business models, it is highly possible that you make some money with affiliate marketing. But when you compare local lead generation vs affiliate marketing, you'll see that affiliate marketing doesn't have as many benefits. 

What Lead Generation has that Affiliate Marketing doesn't...

Local lead generation provides you with the overall control in your business that affiliate marketing doesn't.

You own your digital assets and are in control of the niche you get into, your Google ranking strategy, what local small business you work with, how much they have to pay you and how often they will pay you. If your client is not providing a top-notch service to the leads you're sending them, you can fire that client and send the incoming leads to their competitor.

I own the tree care site you see below and no client has fired me. Because I own it, I've had to fire a client or two over the years. But I always got paid $2,000 each month ever since I built and ranked it on Google in Grand Rapids over 7 years ago.

Local lead generation

All I did was send the leads to another tree care service company in the area looking to take on more work and who was going to take care of the incoming leads this site generates. I have over 50 lead generation sites paying me on autopilot each month.

Over 7000 students have signed on to learn these skills and are taking control of the income they make each month by creating their own digital assets. 

To learn how you can start creating assets you own and control while making a passive, predictable income each month, check out the local lead generation training program

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