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Rachel Rofe’s Low Hanging System Review: How Failing 98% of the Time Can Fuel Your Print-on-Demand Empire

June 21, 2024

Rachel Rofe's Low Hanging System (LHS) teaches beginners and experts how to dropship print-on-demand (POD) products. She sells coffee mugs, t-shirts, pillowcases, and more on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. You don't have to bulk buy blank products or hold any inventory through Rachel's method. This eliminates the risk of holding on to unsold products.

The Low Hanging System has mixed reviews of positives and negatives. Students praised the Facebook group for being active. Although it can get “complain-y” and negative. One student mentioned they lost money signing up for LHS, but used the knowledge as foundation for their POD business.

The print-on-demand market's value reached $6.18 billion in 2022. Data from Grand View Research shows that from 2023 until 2030, the market will grow by 25.8% annually. Yet, print-on-demand dropshipping can be a problematic business model. Sellers must always add profitable products and compete against a worldwide market. And dropshipping stores are regularly suspended on large platforms like Amazon and eBay. Lesley Hensell, co-founder of Riverbend Consulting, revealed thousands of Amazon sellers get suspended.

In this review, you’ll learn how Rachel Rofe makes money online using Low Hanging System's unique print-on-demand strategy. You’ll also learn the best POD platform, reviews from real students, and a better business idea you can try this 2024.

Low Hanging System Review: Pros and Cons


Printing and shipping are taken care of by Don Wilson's team at GearBubble.

You are given immediate access to the private Facebook group after your purchase. They give you access to the VIP concierge team for 12 months.

They provide 3 live coaching calls every week on the Low Hanging System platform, and 3 one-on-one coaching calls through your first 45 days.

The course comes with a lifetime of access to their community of "Low Hangers."


Although the course focuses on free ways of advertising, the market for this business model is so saturated that you might need to spend on ads to compete.

You will face a lot of competition if you use generic designs. Rachel mentions that you can recycle other people's designs, but this might create the risk of copyright.

Rachel makes false claims, such as she used to work as a cashier in Walmart before finding success with her business model. Evidence is contrary to this claim.

The Low Hanging System e commerce page is outdated and there are complaints about their refund policy.


The Low Hanging System costs $2,485 upfront or 5 monthly installments of $497 if you get the link to her webinar. Rachel also offers a Best Value Discount for those who would pay in full for only $1988. On her Instagram account, Rachel also sells Low Hanging System for $1988. If you want her to give feedback on your store through a 5-20-minute video personally, pay an additional $250.

Refund Policy

Low Hanging System refund offers 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. However, to claim the refund, you must stay at the program for the whole guarantee period. You also need to study their program, take action, and listed at least 90 different mugs on Etsy and Amazon.


Rachel created this program in 2016.


Rachel Rofe has a good reputation online. However, her Low Hanging System program has mixed reviews.

Members Portal

Low Hanging System login is Students can key in their details to access the Low Hanging System platform.


There is a Low Hanging System coupon code available on The post shows that it's from Rachel's partner Don. With the LOAD20 coupon code, you can purchase the product for only $27.20. The product description displays "Archive: Rachel Rofe - The Low Hanging System."


The Low Hanging System community on Facebook has 17,390 members as of this writing.

June 21, 2024

rachel rofe low hanging system is a complete waste of time! customer support is useless and the videos are not helpful!

vern m

1.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

Low Hanging System's Unique Print-on-Demand Strategy: How Failing 98% of the Time Can Fuel Your POD Empire 

Low Hanging System is a POD course leveraging simple designs and huge volume of product listing. The course teaches you how to sell $9-$20+ mugs to make 5 figures per month. The secret sauce is to create hundreds of designs and use their software for order automation. Uploading so many simple designs means you’ll fail 98% of the time. Most of your products won’t sell, and you’re betting that some will. Rachel claims you don’t have to be a designer to do POD. According to her, best-selling designs are plain black text, like this mug below.

Simple Rachel Rofe mugs, like this 11-oz Mom mug, earned her thousands of dollars. Rachel said this design generated $39,634 in revenue, with 2,719 orders. She used the same lines when the quote became famous and created variations. Rachel made mugs using "Dear Dad," "Dear Wife," and "Dear Sister." 

The program covers simple strategies to design, list, and automatically fulfill product orders. They will teach you how to maximize three platforms: Amazon, Etsy, and eBay for your POD products. Rachel adds that you don’t need Amazon ads or paid ads to make it work. But sponsored listings are part of the course to gain higher visibility in page rankings. Plus, you will get the Low Hanging System: Automation Software VIP License when you buy the course.

GearBubble is the software Low Hanging System used for POD. It’s a POD service offering one-demand manufacturing. So, you don’t have to keep an inventory of physical products. GearBubble can also list your products on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy in just a click. It also handles order fulfillment, so you can concentrate on creating product designs. GearBubble was founded by Donald Wilson in November 2014. GearBubble also offers an optimized storefront to help you streamline your POD business. Don Wilson is also the partner of Rachel Rofe.

Rachel’s Simple 4-Step Strategy for Creating Listings

  1. Come up with quotes by browsing Pinterest or using ChatGPT to generate ideas.
  2. Build your design using Picplosion.
  3. Upload your design on GearBubble to have product mockups with your design on it.
  4. Multiply the quotes by changing what they’re about.

For example, you can repurpose a quote for dads into a quote for moms, teachers, siblings, and more. Then, you can put these quotes in different products, not just mugs. You can print them on caps, hoodies, shirts, posters, and more. This was what she meant when she said you can turn an idea into hundreds of listings.

This method lets you get hundreds of listings in over an hour. Rachel did precisely this in her “Insta-Method” quick-start class. She created a time-lapse of making 240 listings in 77 minutes. She then talks about how most of the 240 listings didn’t make any sales. But some did, like these mugs:

After creating these listings, GearBubble automatically fulfills each order. They print your design onto a product and ship it to your customer in days. You’ll get a tracking number you can give your customers, which is also updated for you.

What's Inside Low Hanging System?

7 training modules presented in video format, along with 6 months of coaching and bonus lessons, are inside Low Hanging System. The Low Hanging System course does not have any upsells. Previously, the training was offered on its own, with the coaching as an upsell. Now, everything is packaged into one offer.

Step 1 - Find Great Concepts

The first lesson teaches you how to find a possible bestselling quote or statement for your product. There are many ways to research trending ideas. You can search online. Rachel shows you how you can search on Google images or Pinterest to find catchy statements. Then you can reuse it to create a quote that will target your chosen niche. Rachel also teaches how to use ChatGPT to generate these statements. Once you find this profitable concept, you can proceed to the design stage. 

Step 2 - Make a Great Design

Step 2 teaches you how to make your POD product designs. This module includes a video on how to make simple designs. They will show you how to use free online tools and a software called Picsplosion. Picsplosion is included in their bonus bundle. They'll also discuss copyright images. Make sure you know how to use images to avoid copyright infringement.

Step 3 - Launch Your Products

Rachel will teach you how to launch your business on GearBubble. This step comes after you save your design. They'll show you how to set up your GearBubble store, from store design to product selection. You're not limited to selling mugs. There are many products to choose from, such as caps, tumblers, and shirts. The key is to pick a profitable product and place your unique idea there.

Step 4 - Find Keywords

This module contains a video on how to find keywords to optimize your listings. Rachel use tools such as SpotWins and SpotNiches.

Step 5 - Launch on Amazon

Step 5 shows how to launch your business on Amazon. Rachel will show where to buy your products and what categories are needed for approval. She'll also teach how to set up seller central accounts for international sellers. Rachel will also talk about Amazon SEO tips and her strategies on how to get more reviews. Plus, you'll learn how to make discounted or free codes. There is also a lesson on how to set up sponsored ads. She'll also explain how the Amazon FBA business model works. 

Step 6 - Post on Etsy, eBay, and Shopify

Rachel also teaches how to set up your ecommerce store on an e-commerce platform like Etsy, eBay, and Shopify. You'll learn best practices for each platform. This module has a demo videos on listing a product for each platform. It also includes how to establish shop integration.

Step 7 - Process Order

This module will show you how the system in processing orders and getting paid. They'll share strategies that work in shipping and fulfilling orders. 

Step 8 - Scale Up (Optional) 

This additional lesson will teach you how to scale your business. Rachel teaches you how to invest money into your products to make them more successful. She'll cover topics on how to send items to Amazon Prime, and how to move your FBA inventory. You will learn how to capitalize off trends and holidays in order to maximize sales. 

What Are the Bonuses Included in the Low Hanging System Course? 

  • Step-by-step video trainings.
  • Access to Gearbubble VIP aka Low Hanging System Automation Software VIP License.
  • Weekly small group coaching calls.
  • Expert VIP Concierge Team.
  • Group onboarding call.
  • Momentum call after 7 days.
  • Celebration or rescue call after 45 days.
  • Software bundle that includes Picsplosion and Spot Niches.
  • Lifetime access to "low hangers" Facebook community.
  • $50K in sales in 90 days video training (a documentation of Rachel's strategy to earn $50K on Etsy).
  • Easiest Pay Rise Ever Expansion Package. You will learn about profitable products and best suppliers.
  • Free 108 mugs. LHS will send the mugs with your design to Amazon. They will cover the costs for the mugs, the printing and the shipping.

Can You Make Money After Taking the Low Hanging System Course?

Yes, you can make money after taking the Low Hanging System because it simplifies creating and running a print-on-demand business. The training and mentorship will cut down the learning curve. 

According to Rachel, she used to sell her 11oz white mugs for $19.95. Each costing her $16.85, which means her net profit is $3.1 per mug (15% profit margin). She updated her prices because of inflation, so each mug is now sold for $24.95. Total expenses are $16.85, so the net profit per mug is $8.1 (32% profit margin). Her average profit is $2,025 per week or $8,100 a month. She’d earn more in some weeks, like one week during Christmas in 2022. She got 1,886 orders on Amazon, with product sales reaching $35,684.95.

But you must also consider the costs you have to cover. Depending on your plan, Amazon charges different fees. The minimum for the Individual Plan is $0.99 per item sold, while the Professional Plan costs $39.99 per month. Even if you fulfill the orders, Amazon charges shipping rates depending on the product and your chosen service.

Does the Low Hanging System Work? 

Yes, the Low Hanging System works if you can develop unique designs that will be bestsellers in a specific niche. And you have to do this continuously. Competition is tight in the e-commerce industry. Prominent players with access to cheaper suppliers and massive production dominate the market. You could compete if you come up with several winning products regularly because getting repeat customers would be challenging.

Low Hanging System is legit since they deliver on their promise of teaching POD and how to set-up the business. However, POD is a business model that can be reliant on third-party logistics (3PL). According to Reddit user, JawnDee123, your success in POD will depend on your POD provider. Blurry prints are one problem you will encounter and will cause negative reviews. So, it's important to do your due diligence before committing to one.

Low Hanging System's on-demand manufacturer is GearBubble. It is rated 3.5 in Trustpilot with 663 reviews. Most reviews are positive. Although they're mostly customers who bought one or two products from GearBubble. One of the POD business owners, Camilla from Denmark, said there are a lot of technical problems on the site. And instead of helping her resolve her issues, she received offers for a course on how to use GearBubble.

Who Is Low Hanging System For?

  • Beginners without experience in print-on-demand or ecommerce can learn about different online tools and strategies from Low Hanging System. The program provides students with step-by-step training videos, giving access to a POD jumpstart program.
  • Those interested in a low hanging system jumpstart but do not know anything about SE optimization, marketing tools, or affiliate marketing.
  • Designers and creators who want to put up their own ecommerce shops.
  • Those who don’t have time for social networking marketing or have no idea about customer service, but still want to earn passive income.

Low Hanging System is for those interested in making money using the print-on-demand business model. Low Hanging System is not a scam and they teach simple strategies to start an ecommerce business. 

Is Low Hanging System Worth the Investment?

Yes, Low Hanging System is worth the investment if you’re planning to start a print-on-demand business. The GearBubble VIP License can be your game changer. Since it integrates with Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, you can automate your POD business.

GearBubble costs $421 per month, which translates to $5,052 per year. But if you enroll in Low Hanging System, you’ll get 1 year of unlimited access to GearBubble. On top of the video courses and coaching calls included in the program. So, you’ll actually be saving $2,567 if you start a POD business through Low Hanging System.

Low Hanging System Reviews: What Are People Saying About Low Hanging System?

People are saying mostly positive things about the Low Hanging System, if you check out earlier posted reviews. It’s understandable because an effective system in its initial stage will give you an edge. If you look at testimonials from a student before 2020, you’ll get students sharing a success story. But, you would find more recent Low Hanging System feedback as negative reviews. Some signed up and ended up complaining about the course.

I checked the comments on YouTube. Two months ago, there was one who said the Low Hanging System would not tell you how many videos you should watch to get a refund. The commenter added that there are over 350 videos.

Like this student, others say the program is hard to follow, and they can't get refunds. Again, the Low Hanging System refund policy requires proof that you studied and used their system. You must also have listed at least 90 different mugs on Amazon and Etsy.

Some say that the course is too expensive. You'd find commenters saying it's already worth two months' rent. Some say the program has many red flags, such as Rachel's use of stock photos to show her lifestyle. They also commented on the free recorded webinar's testimonies that seem scripted. On the more positive side, Rachel also has followers who say the system worked for them.

Low Hanging System Reviews on Reddit

Low Hanging System Reviews Reddit are mostly threads with irrelevant to zero comments. I found one thread from 5 years ago but had year-old feedback from those who applied Rachel Rofe’s system. One Reddit user says a friend who bought the course believes that Rachel already discussed almost all the information you'll need on her free webinar. 

There was another commenter who didn't try the product but shared that it would be difficult to make money without good designs. Commenters also said the only thing worth paying for is the automated system Rachel uses, which only costs $97 per month. 

Barbara- A Dentist's Success Story with the Low-Hanging System

Background and Story

Barbara is a dentist and an entrepreneur by heart. She heard about Rachel Rofe from her husband, who learned about her from a marketing mentor. She started exploring online business opportunities during the pandemic. Barbara and her husband both liked the income potential in the Low-Hanging System. The couple already owns real estate businesses and online stores. However, they don't find these ventures profitable and ended up with print-on-demand.

How Barbara’s Business is Doing Today

Since she started with the Low Hanging System, Barbara has built a successful business without spending much on advertising costs. This side hustle has helped them stay financially afloat during the pandemic since she can't practice her profession as a dentist. In just a few weeks, she made over $7,000 in extra income. The Low Hanging System kept the bills paid while she stayed at home for her safety. 

Lessons Barbara Learned on the Biggest Challenges She Faced

Income Diversification: Barbara emphasized the importance of diversifying income sources, especially during uncertain times like the pandemic.

Ad-Free Profitability: Barbara realized the advantage of following a business system that doesn't require extensive advertising spend to be profitable.

Operational Efficiency: She leverages virtual assistants and community support to streamline business operations and automate processes. 

Personal Impact: Personal fulfillment is an important aspect of the business because it contributes to personal well-being. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Barbara claims to have made $7,000, but she didn't mention how much of it was profit. According to industry statistics, the print-on-demand profit margin can go as low as 15%. Taking this conservative average, Barbara's net income might only be $1,050. Print-on-demand is also a saturated market, with over 10,000 stores competing. It's not the easiest business for beginners. In fact, 65% of new POD business fail within a year. 

Who Is Rachel Rofe?

Rachel Rofe is an ecommerce entrepreneur and coach from Newtown, Pennsylvania. She has a business management degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. After college, she worked as an executive team leader for Target for a year and a half. In 2006, she founded her company, Rachel Rofe Enterprises.

Under her company, she founded Burn Your To Do List, a digital marketing management services for businesses. There, she managed a team of over 120 employees. In November 2015, she started her print-on-demand online business, CustomHappy. CustomHappy is a print-on-demand company that dropships over 100,000 products per month. On August 3, 2023, Rachel Rofe was among the 30 women entrepreneurs featured in a contributed article by Gesche Haas, the Founder/CEO of Dreamers & Doers. 

If you check, Rachel Rofe has four courses listed (two are drafts), including the following titles:

  • "Outsourcing Basics to Save Time and Hire the Right Pros" (last update was April 2014)
  • "Podcasting: How To Get 1500-4000 Downloads Per Episode" (last update was February 2015)

As a Udemy instructor, Rachel has ‌4.2 ratings and 6,461 students. She claims to have written over 50 books on various topics. However, only less than 10 titles appear under Rachel’s name as an author or co-author. 

Her Rachel Rofé YouTube channel has over 10K subscribers. She regularly posts e-commerce and book writing tutorial videos. She once hosted a podcast called A Better Life with Rachel Rofe, which talked about living a better life in every aspect.

What is Rachel Rofe Net Worth?

Rachel Rofe's net worth is approximately $5 million when you consider the volume of products she has sold. Rachel has sold over 1 million units on Amazon and over 35,000 individual sales on Etsy. She also makes money by teaching the Low Hanging System and has taught over 10,000 students.

What is Rachel Rofe CNN?

Rachel Rofe’s CNN yields zero results on’s page. If you check Rachel’s website, you can find a page where she listed that she was featured on various media platforms, including CNN. 

However, there is also another page, which did not name “CNN” from the list of media websites where Rachel claimed to be featured. 

The problem is, there is no link to the article posted on her website, or a clip to show how she was featured on CNN. Unlike the contributed article published on and Forbes (shared on her LinkedIn page), Rachel did not share any link where readers could access the CNN feature. 

What is Rachel Rofe Fox News?

Rachel Rofe Fox News searches also have zero results similar to that of CNN. Rachel Rofe on Fox News is searched for over 50 times per month but there is no article on Fox News that mentions Rachel anymore.

Apparently, other people also tried to look for proof that Rachel Rofe was really featured on Fox News. They also found nothing about her on the platform. Here’s one comment from Larry Morgan on Quora. Larry added, “there’s just too many red flags” on the course. 

What Do Rachel Rofe Reviews Reveal?

Rachel Rofe reviews reveal mixed comments from students about their success and complaints. Some skeptics comment on the red flags in Rachel's program. Meanwhile, affiliates of the program do the more positive reviews. And there are 150 success story videos of students on Rachel's YouTube channel.

One positive Rachel Rofe review is of Ivan, who succeeded with her program. His case study reveals how, in 7 days, he sold 4,696 units in his e-commerce store, thanks to Rachel's guidance.

However, the course wasn't received well based on reviews from other sources. In Quora, user Cheyne Here from Auckland, New Zealand, posted on September 28, 2021, that most members were struggling to sell their mugs.

When people asked why the stores were shut down, Cheyne said one reason was unethical practice. She thinks Amazon and eBay don’t like Rachel’s method of copying texts from other designs. And using them to sell mugs. Amazon removes listings for suspected intellectual property violations and trademark misuse.

I also found one Low Hanging System student who said he would join a lawsuit if there were one. The post was made on May 22, 2023, by an IT practitioner, Mark Ragel, who has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management Information Systems at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.

Mark said he paid the fee upfront but learned it wasn’t as easy as how Rachel presented it. He said that he would need to sell more than 500 mugs to recover his initial investment. He also would not recommend the Low Hanging System to others. 

Rachel Rofe Claims You Can Build 5,000+ Income Streams That Cost $0 to Set Up and Take Less Than 10 Minutes Each

One of the main claims of Rachel Rofe is that you can build 5,171 mini income streams without spending a cent. She also claims that each income stream can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Rachel said the software is easy to use and that a 5th grader can understand the Low Hanging System. She also claims you can make it work even if you are not a designer. This is because the profitable products are usually plain black text designs.

Debunking Rachel Rofe’s Claims

In real life, Rachel Rofe's claim that you can profit from print-on-demand business with $0 is a challenge. If you start with $0 in any business, it would take a while for you to earn income. You'll probably have to invest in tools or software to make money. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time.

Those who signed up for the Low Hanging System program also rebutted her claim. In his LHS review on Quora, Mark Ragel said Rachel's claim of creating 5,171 mini income streams with zero capital and less than 10 minutes to set up is untrue. 

As someone experienced in IT, Mark said the process is not simple for those without experience. Mark added that while the system could be profitable, "it would take thousands of dollars and years."

Other users complained of the same program complexity, leading them to ask for a refund. But, the refund policy requires students to list 90 mugs on e-commerce platforms. They also need to prove that they studied and applied the system, which became burdensome.

What is Mini Income Streams?

Mini Income Streams is a training course by Rachel Rofe that teaches you how to sell micro-niche products on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Mini Income Streams includes the AI-enhanced software called Mini Streams PRO. It auto-lists your items on all e-commerce platforms.

There are 3 weekly coaching calls for students and VIP team to support those who get the Mini Income Streams program.

The mini income stream system is almost similar to Rachel's Low Hanging System. Low Hanging System also explains the concept of creating mini income streams. Here's a comparison of what you will get from each program, showing how they are so much alike. 

The only difference is that Mini Income Streams comes with Mini Streams PRO which uses AI. It also has a bonus of 6 weekly masterclasses with full recordings. Mini Income Streams costs $2497 or 3 payments of $997.

Is Print-on-Demand Still Profitable in 2024?

Print-on-demand is still profitable in 2024 because the US POD market trend is geared towards a 23.1% CAGR in 2023-2031. 

Straits Research data shows that the e-commerce industry in the US is growing. So POD platforms are making POD products more accessible to customers. You don't have to risk holding onto a large amount of inventory. The companies you partner with to do the printing keep all the stock. You can also make thousands of dollars monthly by selling print-on-demand products full-time.

According to ZipRecruiter, as of September 23, 2023, the average monthly income of a work-from-home US-based POD merchant is $4,639 a month or $27 per hour. These figures show that making money online with POD is still profitable with hard work, the right niche and strategies, and a reliable POD partner.

What Are the Best Niches for Print-on-Demand?

The best niches for print-on-demand include pets, activism and social causes, humor, and hobbies. The value of the pet care market in the US is growing, according to Grand View Research. The American Pet Products Association has noted a continuous increase in pet ownership in the last 30 years. It said some 85 million households are pet owners.

Statistics also prove that social causes are saleable. In an August 2022 survey, Statista said 50% of Gen Z buyers almost or often purchase products, services, or brands supporting a cause. Humor also impacts sales. The 2018 Clutch survey showed 53% of customers prefer funny advertisements. 

Meanwhile, health and fitness is also a profitable niche, along with special occasions, astrology, and travel.

Which Print-on-Demand Site Is the Best?

Printful is the best print-on-demand site because it offers beginners free access to an e-commerce platform that covers a broader geographical scope. 

They have in-house fulfillment facilities in: 

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Toronto, Canada 
  • Birmingham, UK 
  • Tijuana, Mexico

They also have partners in:

  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Amakusa, Japan
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Riga, Latvia

This broader reach could help fulfill orders faster and reduce shipping costs. Lower costs mean maximizing your revenue per item and creating more printable profits.  

Printful also owns the whole production process, including product evaluation, quality assurance, printing, order fulfillment, handling, and shipping. You only pay once an order is completed. They have warehousing services and 24-hour completion. This system ensures higher product quality that will satisfy your target market. 

Printful’s integration with ecommerce platforms is more expansive than other POD market veterans. You can list your item on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Square, Ecwid, Prestashop, Weebly, TikTok, Adobe Commerce, and Big Cartel, among others.

What Are the Risks of Print-on-Demand?

High competition, expensive paid ads, and failure to fulfill customer satisfaction are the risks of print-on-demand. Majority of your products won't sell even if you have more than one mini income stream. You need to list as many products as you can with the end goal of finding the winning POD product. 

However, with tight competition dominated by more established POD players, it’s difficult to build your business long-term in this product model. More established stores with a certain volume of orders are given discounts by POD companies. They have larger budgets, making it harder to compete with their pricing. But beginners would need to exert extra effort to create unique designs and pay for higher rates. 

Low Hanging System Alternatives 2024

  • Ecom Family Academy Review is an online coaching program by Reginald and Tania Jennings. It teaches you how to make money with dropshipping and print-on-demand products. You get access to the entire online course, daily Zoom classes, weekly coaching calls, and their private Facebook group. There is also paid traffic training. Ecom Family Academy costs $1,495. 
  • Launchers Academy Review by Jaiden Vu is a dropshipping course that teaches you his Dropship to Brand model. This is where you first build out a general dropshipping store. After finding out which product is profitable, you then build a brand. This is a 3-7 month training program that offers 24/7 live support, live Q&A weekly sessions, and training on Facebook and Instagram ads. Launchers Academy costs $995. 
  • Supreme Ecom Blueprint Review by AC Hampton is another ecommerce course that shows you how to make money online by dropshipping. AC updated the program in 2023 with the newest strategies. It shows you how to generate more sales for your ecom store using Facebook ads. There is SEO training, and he provides you with a list of almost 1,000 profitable product ideas. Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 costs $597.

Why Local Lead Generation is the Best Passive Income Business Model in 2024

The local lead generation business is the best passive income business model in 2024 because it's low maintenance. A central issue with Print On Demand is that it requires many sales to make a decent income. You sell low-ticket products like mugs and t-shirts. Another issue is the difficulty of generating significant traffic to your product. You're working against other marketers spamming the platform with their listings. It requires constant effort to create new listings, so this business less passive than one would hope.

That’s why spending $0 on a print-on-demand business may take longer to profit from. Imagine the sheer number of your competition. Printify has over 2 million merchants to date. Meanwhile, Printful processes over a million of orders monthly. 

You need to pay for ads and premium membership fees from e-commerce platforms to compete. Customily says a business owner had to consider spending $10-$50 per item. Aside from this, you also pay for monthly or annual plans for the print-on-demand store. If you are a merchant growing your sales, Printify has a $29 (pay every month) or $24/monthly (pay yearly) plan to get up to 10 stores per account. Their Free Plan comes with five stores. Also, you still need to come up with great designs regularly. So, expecting to fail 98% of the time may cost you more time, effort, and resources. It's not a profitable business in the long run.

Local lead generation does not have these issues. You don't pay third-party platforms or POD partners for your store. You don't even have to pay for products. With local lead generation, you rank your site on Google (for free) and then rent it out to local businesses with zero ad costs. Once you rank your digital properties at the top of the SERPs, they will generate leads consistently. And you'll have predictable passive income each month. 


I started with only $500 on this tree care website. But since 2015, it has brought in up to $2,000 in passive income per month (with minimal to zero efforts). Local lead generation is the best passive income in 2024 because competition is much lower since you target unsaturated local markets. Once you get the process and your first digital property up and running, your site can stay at the top of Google's pages for years before updating it. So,  local lead generation biz  is your best business idea to become financially free.

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