Ryan Pineda’s Lunar Automations Review: A Roadmap To Wealth Or An Overpriced Strategy?

April 20, 2024

Ryan Pineda’s Lunar Automations is an e-commerce program helping you build, manage, and scale your Amazon and Walmart automated dropshipping business. It focuses on strategies for finding and listing products, optimizing listings for maximum visibility and sales, and managing orders and customer service effectively. The course aims to equip learners with the skills to build and operate a profitable dropshipping business using Walmart as a primary platform. Lunar Automations claims to help clients reach over $100 million in sales with e-commerce stores, validating its effectiveness.

However, Lunar Automation receives a 1.4 bad rating review from Trustpilot. Most reviews said that the program is a scam and draws negative attention to its $40k fee without a guaranteed return on investment. Reviews from Reddit said that Lunar Automations is 100% deceptive, warning against the program. On Youtube, a review said that the program lacks transparency and detailed company information. Additionally, the model reveals challenges like high competition, market saturation, and low profit margins.

This Lunar Automations review reveals the course promises passive income and high profit through dropshipping automation. Also, it examines the program’s content, reviews, and if you can make money online. We’ll also inform you about Ryan Pineda, his reputation, Lunar Automations' strategy, and whether it’s worth your time and resources. Additionally, this article will introduce you to an alternative business model that can generate passive monthly income.

Lunar Automations Pros and Cons


Lunar Automations guides in creating an LLC, opening bank accounts, and securing sales tax exemptions for Walmart and Amazon stores. 

The Lunar Ecom team has a reputation for providing excellent customer service and having helpful account managers.

The program prioritizes technological advancement like Autopilot for tracking sales, expenses, and profits.


The program requires a significant upfront investment in your automated Walmart stores with no guaranteed profitability.

Lunar Automations require complex knowledge in managing multiple stores on multiple platforms.

The business model in Lunar Automation has high competition and compliance with platform policies in dropshipping is challenging.


Lunar Automations' initial price is $22,000 or $30,000, and getting more privileges costs $40,000.


There are no sources for Lunar Automations' origin date.


Lunar Automations’ review and reputation are often negative.

Is Lunar Automation A Roadmap To Wealth Or An Overpriced Strategy?

Ryan Pineda's Lunar Automation is a roadmap to wealth by offering a done-for-you e-commerce business, focusing on dropshipping via platforms like Amazon and Walmart. The program simplifies the process for those unfamiliar with e-commerce by providing a comprehensive guide to product research, order fulfillment, and customer support. Specialized technologies run and grow your business while VAs take charge of customer support, making customers happy. This results in running and your improving business with more ease, potentially becoming a roadmap to wealth

However, $40k is already a significant amount for you to grow and scale your business with more control and learning opportunities. The program’s only advantage is providing convenience through AI, automation tools, and customer service. And like any other business, automated dropshipping comes with significant risks and is not a get-rich-easy scheme. This significant investment is unnecessary if you look at the inclusions of the program, making it an overpriced strategy.

What Do You Get Inside Lunar Automations?

You can get access to applications and services for running and automating your dropshipping business inside Lunar Automations. The program will help aspiring entrepreneurs in learn, select, execute, and scale their automated stores.


This portion provides training on setting up and managing automated e-commerce stores. It includes navigating e-commerce platforms using apps. It provides an understanding of dropshipping through Lunar Automations services. By utilizing tools like Autopilot, members create genuine experiences with the program. 


This segment will guide you in product research for your store. It involves market research and understanding customer preferences. The lunar website allows you to compare business software with regular dropshipping methods.


The program helps execute its business plan. Lunar Automations includes setting up the store and building supplier relationships. You’ll receive guidance in implementing sales and marketing strategies with your sales team, which is composed of virtual assistants. These virtual assistants also handle customer relations as a part of the customer service team.


The program will provide strategies to scale your business. It will help expand to multiple e-commerce platforms, specialize product offerings, and optimize sales and marketing efforts through social media for growth.

Do Lunar Automations Have Upsells?

Lunar Automations have upsells because it requires a high initial investment with the potential for additional costs. Program fees start at $22,000 or $30,000, depending on the plan, and sources show that it takes up to $40k to get the full privileges for the course. It makes the program one of the most expensive in the e-commerce industry.

How Does Lunar Automations Help You Make Money?

Lunar Automations help you make money through automated e-commerce dropshipping on Amazon and Walmart. The model involves selling products without holding inventory, as suppliers ship directly to customers. Its automated setup uses AI, VAs, and e-commerce software to run operations and generate profit. The automation process claims to deliver passive income and scale active Walmart stores.

Lunar Automations teaches automated dropshipping business model for e-commerce platforms like Walmart marketplace and Amazon. It provides training and support for store setup, product selection, and marketing strategies. Additionally, the program assists users in creating and running automated online stores using the dropshipping model. Mastering the automation process claims to generate passive income with minimal owner contribution from the store owner.

The ease of using Lunar Automations depends on your experience with e-commerce and automation. While claiming to be beginner-friendly, it requires learning various e-commerce platforms, dropshipping, and managing sales and expenses. Newbies face a steep learning curve, but guidance and customer support are available.

Who Is Lunar Automations for?

Lunar Automations is for people who want to try ecommerce dropshipping. It’s ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs eager to enter the e-commerce market without initial experience. It’s also for entrepreneurs who want to avoid daily operation hassles. People who are seeking passive income can also enjoy Lunar Automations. It's both beginners and those with some experience in e-commerce. New users may find there's a steep learning curve despite available support.

Additionally, it caters to e-commerce professionals seeking automation and expansion. The program provides essential tools and support for diverse needs and expertise levels.

Lunar Automations Reviews Online

Lunar Automations Review On Trustpilot

Lunar Automation reviews on Trustpilot are mostly negative. The course only received a 1.4 rating from Trustpilot from verified users. People all over these sites complained and called the program a scam.

In Trustpilot, Jonnine's review shifted from positive to negative. In April 2023, she gave a 5-star rating on the program’s policy and claims. But by August 2023, her opinion had changed, calling the company a scam. She criticized the additional fees and ineffective account management of the program.

Jovian had the same experience where a positive review turned negative. In March 2023, the user praised the owners for being customer-friendly, supportive, informative, transparent, and quick in his responses. However, by August 2023, their opinion about Lunar Automation turned negative. He accused the program of fraud, failure to keep promises, additional charges, non-responsiveness, and unavailability.

Lunar Automations Review On Reddit

Lunar Automations reviews on Reddit are also negative. Like reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit users also called Lunar Automations a scam.

One user said that it is 100% deceptive. Lunar Automations took his money, causing him to feel confused about what to do. He only wants to wash his hands at this point.

Another user replied on the thread strongly advising against using Lunar Automations. The reviewer claims to have lost over $56,000. He also labels the service as a scam operated by "fake gurus." They caution others to be wary of such services.

On the same thread, another user describes their initial steps with Ryan Pineda's Lunar Automations. This included setting up an Amazon seller account and buying a Walmart package. It involved an unexpected third party. They also noted that work wouldn’t start until achieving tax exemption in all states. This requires another third-party service costing $1,000 and may take months. Despite these challenges, the reviewer remains hopeful.

Additionally, a reply to the comment said that he purchased it too. The reviewer expresses dissatisfaction with unexpected additional costs. This is after purchasing the same service. They've set up their store, but the process differs from traditional dropshipping. Instead of directly listing them online, they choose to stock up on products. They also have concerns about communication issues. This led to the question of the claim that all employees are US-based, adding to their discomfort. They want feedback from others to see if the situation improves.

Lunar Automations Review On YouTube

In a YouTube video review, an online marketing channel reviews Lunar Ecom, also known as Lunar Automations. The reviewer highlights the low-profit margins of Amazon FBA. He suggests that despite the high cost, it could be suitable for those with capital who prefer a hands-off approach.

However, the financial investment required for Lunar Ecom’s service is around $40,000. This high cost, combined with the low-profit margins of Amazon FBA (15-20%), presents a high risk. The reviewer advises potential customers to consider their financial situation. He also wants them to understand the chances of ROI on an enormous investment. The business model depends on high sales volumes to achieve profits. Clients need to consider financial commitment and operational risks before proceeding.

Are Students Of Lunar Automations Successful?

Students of Lunar Automations are successful because of their claim to have generated over $100 million worth of sales. However, you can seldom see success stories online. Their previous website posted statistics of their clients' store profit margins and success stories. Most stories pointed to the program’s guidance in making money and hard work in the dropshipping model.

Their previous website posted statistics of their clients' store profit margins and success stories. Most stories pointed to the program’s guidance in making money and hard work in the dropshipping model.

Is Lunar Automations Worth It?

Lunar Automations is worth it if you want an automated solution for the dropshipping market on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. You should also be willing to invest with an understanding of the inherent risks. The program provides tools and strategies for setting up and running automated stores. It also claims to have helped clients achieve notable sales figures. Additionally, it offers technological advancements to manage the business.

However, potential buyers should be cautious because of the number of negative reviews. The program also has high upfront costs, no profitability guarantee, and reports of deceptive practices. High competition, low-profit margins, and an investment of up to $40,000 make the dropshipping industry a risky venture. Consider the program's convenience, benefits, financial commitment, and operational risks. It might be more advisable for those who have the capital to risk and prefer a hands-off business approach. But, it's not suitable for everyone, especially those looking for a low-risk investment or immediate returns

Who Is Ryan Pineda?

Ryan Pineda with red background

Ryan Pineda was a professional baseball player from Oakland A’s who transitioned from sports to a successful career in real estate. He started doing business by selling Pokemon cards. Pineda moved into flipping couches and houses, which marked a shift in his career. His real estate ventures flourished by flipping over 140 homes by 2018.

Because of his success in real estate, he wrote "Flip Your Future," a bestseller on Amazon. Alongside his book's success, he created a substantial portfolio of rental properties and owned over 480 units. This success grew into various entrepreneurial projects.

Ryan Pineda’s solid social media presence and multiple business endeavors became educational courses and coaching programs. He lived by principles like relationships, assets, intellect, spirituality, and exercise as his guide to overcoming challenges.

What Are The Other Courses By Ryan Pineda?

Ryan Pineda's other courses focuses on real estate and how to succeed in the real estate business.

Ryan Pineda's Academy

Ryan Pineda’s Academy is a compilation of educational programs focusing on wealth building, real estate investment, and social media influence. The academy caters to a range of learners. The academy is for beginners seeking free introductory courses to more advanced students willing to invest in specialized training.

Rookie Coaching Program

Ryan Pineda's Rookie Coaching Program is for people new to real estate investing. It involves three phases. Learning fundamentals, taking action, and making money by solving problems and applying strategies. The program includes bi-weekly Zoom sessions and access to a private Facebook group for networking. It also has digital resources such as courses and discounts on further learning opportunities. The program is costly, which may be a consideration for those with limited budgets.

Ryan Pineda's Academy

Ryan Pineda’s Academy is a compilation of educational programs focusing on wealth building, real estate investment, and social media influence. The academy caters to a range of learners. The academy is for beginners seeking free introductory courses to more advanced students willing to invest in specialized training.

Real Estate Masterclasses

The Real Estate Masterclass, also known as the "Flip Your Future 5-day Masterclass," teaches individuals how to quit their corporate jobs and fully invest in real estate.

Day 1 teaches why real estate is the right investment vehicle.

Day 2 helps you build a personalized financial plan.

Day 3 guides you in choosing a real estate path. 

Day 4 teaches how to find real estate deals.

Day 5 is mastering strategies for funding real estate deals. 

The free masterclass involves mentorship, community support, and guidelines for real estate investing.

Ryan Pineda: Wealthy Way

Ryan Pineda's "Wealthy Way" teaches acquiring wealth while balancing values and well-being. Its philosophy focuses on building financial success without sacrificing health, family, or personal time.

His book, "The Wealthy Way: Don’t Go Broke Trying to Get Rich," guides financial freedom while maintaining life balance. It warns against prioritizing material wealth over true well-being.

Additionally, Ryan Pineda offers a free "Business Builder Academy" course if you leave positive reviews of his book. The course details how he started seven million-dollar businesses without the high costs and stress of traditional paths to wealth.

Ryan Pineda's Future Flipper Course Reviews

Ryan Pineda's Future Flipper course reviews are testimonials of students earning substantial profits. The testimonials affirm the course's effectiveness in addressing real estate challenges as an investment. It coaches on flipping, wholesaling, and property rental for new and seasoned investors.

The course offers 80+ videos on real estate strategies, a toolkit of essential documents, contract flipping training, and an ebook.

Ryan Pineda–Rental Property Academy

Ryan Pineda's Rental Property Academy is about building wealth through real estate rentals. 

It features over 80 videos that cover different aspects of real estate rental investment.

  • The Blueprint: Guidance to find, finance, rehab, and rent out investment properties.

  • Rental Types: Identifying different rental properties and their pros & cons.

  • Airbnb: Methods to generate income through Airbnb through market evaluation and management techniques.

  • Advanced Concepts: Transforming rental portfolio into an automated business.

  • Creative Financing: Exploring financing options for building a rental portfolio.

  • Plug-in-Go Templates: Introducing Ryan Pineda’s contracts, agreements, and templates.

  • Determining Markets: Selecting the best market for investment.

  • Tax Benefits: Using rentals for potential tax advantages.

The course expands knowledge and skills in rental property investment. It walks beginners through every step of the rental property investment process.

The course is available for $997. There are no refunds issued because it's digital content.

What Is Ryan Pineda's Claim?

Ryan Pineda claims Lunar Automation strives to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement, offering a roadmap for success in the dynamic and growing automation field. This claim includes automated order processing and customer service that generates passive income using the model. He also claims the potential for high returns and passive income while citing the success stories of people who use the program.

Ryan Pineda's Claim Debunked

Ryan Pineda's claim on Lunar Automations is enticing, but his claims must align with the realities of automated dropshipping. With automation tools, AI, and virtual assistants, it’s possible to make stores full-automated. These automation tools are advanced AI for automation of order processing, customer service, and other operational tasks. But success in this business still requires effort, investment, and in-depth market knowledge. 

While promising, automation tools, AI, and virtual assistants cannot solve dropshipping’s most significant issues. Dropshipping relies on suppliers to fulfill their customer’s orders. This reliance accounts for 84% of retailer problems because of a lack of control over their logistics. This lack of control creates issues with orders and results in customer dissatisfaction and a bad brand reputation.

The dropshipping model also faces market insights, intense competition, market saturation, and low profit margins (typically around 15% to 20%) as its challenges. It is proving that automated dropshipping can still be challenging regardless of Lunar Automations’ features.

Is Dropshipping Easy?

Dropshipping is not easy because of its competitive nature and reliance on effective marketing. Only 10% to 20% succeed in dropshipping and the average profit margin is 15% to 20%. It also needs strategic decision-making on product selection and supplier partnerships. Success in dropshipping demands a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior. Additionally, dropshipping's digital nature prioritizes the need for digital marketing skills.

Dropshipping also requires meticulous management of customer service and supply chain logistics. It offers a lower entry barrier for capital investment, making it attractive to many new entrepreneurs. But, the business model requires continuous effort and adaptation to generate sustainable profits.

Why Local Lead Generation Is A Better Alternative

Local Lead generation is a better alternative to automated dropshipping because of its high-income skills. Unlike automated dropshipping, local lead gen provides higher profitability because you can optimize your websites to generate high-quality leads. It’s designed for businesses that pay a premium. Once set-up, operating costs is low. Additionally, local lead gen is scalable without proportional increases in overhead. You can replicate effective lead gen systems in other niches or locations at low cost.

Compared to automated dropshipping, local lead generation carries less risk. It avoids inventory mismanagement, supplier unreliability, and high upfront costs. Investing in website building and ranking is beneficial for your business. With local lead gen, you can also build direct relationships with other local businesses. It enhances your business' credibility and network. In dropshipping, the customer relationship is often fleeting. It's transactional and lacks control over the customer's experience.


Try the local lead generation business model as an alternative to automated dropshipping. The business model ensures profitability control and stable income. It can grow without corresponding increases in risk or investment. It's a more favorable option for entrepreneurs focused on long-term business profitability.

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