Eric Michael and Jon Suarez’ Major League Profits Review – What Can You Learn From This Program?

March 14, 2024

Major League Profits is a company by Eric Michael and Jon Suarez that offers a course and a coaching program for buying and selling sports cards like baseball or football for profit. Their coaching program provides educational videos, coaching calls, and private coaching as its resources. They even have an investment opportunity where the company invests on behalf of their clients. Their Sports Card Fly-Wheel System™ offers high returns using a fresh approach to card flipping, unlike the traditional method.

There are mixed reviews on Major League Profits online. Major League Profits gained 4.3 stars on TrustPilot and received praise for being a good investment. However, some sources and comments showed dissatisfaction with the company, calling it a scam. Since the card flipping business has a 13% compound annual growth rate in profits, according to Market Decipher, it is important to choose mentors wisely.

In this Major League Profits review, we'll discuss the program's pros and cons, general information, and reviews online. We'll also give more details on the program and its Sports Card Fly-Wheel System™. Additionally, you'll see if the card flipping business is profitable and if it's worth your time and investment.

Major League Profits Pros and Cons


One of Major League Profits pros is the Card Fly-Wheel System™ which is a unique approach for card trading.

The program's specialization of card trading creates a niche market focus that results in less market saturation.

There is a potential for high profit margins based on participants' testimonies.


The reports on Eric Michael and Jon Suarez's aggressive marketing and sales tactics are one of Major League Profits cons.

The sports card market can be unstable and profits may depend on market trends and timing.

To be successful in this business, you need to invest significant time and effort


The price of Major League Profit's course and program is $397.

Refund Policy

Major League Profits offers a six-month refund policy for unsatisfied customers.


The origin date for Major League Profits is March 2020.


Major League Profits has a mixed reputation because of contradicting reviews online. 

What Can You Learn From Major League Profits?

You can learn sports card flipping or sports card training with Major League Profits. The Sports Card Fly-Wheel System™ is the key concept of their approach in teaching and coaching the sports card flipping business. It is an exclusive system that aims to provide significant returns on investments in the sports card market. Unlike traditional methods that rely heavily on guesswork, The Sports Card Fly-Wheel System™ relies on data and analysis.

In the Sports Card Fly-Wheel System™, you’ll learn how to conduct card grading and market analysis for different sports cards. Emphasizing card grading enhances card value while conducting market analysis helps you understand market trends for an informed buying and selling decision. Additionally, both strategies improve your risk management skills and boost your potential revenue across various sports leagues, including football, baseball, and the Premier League.

The system also teaches investment and scaling strategies, both present in the lessons and coaching program. It includes guidance on choosing the right cards to invest in, including prospect analysis and diversification. They provide an exclusive investment opportunity where the company invests on behalf of their clients using their analysis. The system taught by Eric Micheal and Jon Suarez covers strategies to scale investments from a side hustle to a full-time income.

Additionally, the system recognizes the value of community engagement for gaining insights and better trading opportunities. The program offers group coaching, a private community, and access to expert card checker service. Adapting to Market Trends and staying updated with the latest trends and advanced trading techniques is key to the Fly-Wheel System™. It ensures that traders remain competitive in the developing market.

What Is Major League Profits?

Major League Profits is a company founded by Eric Michael and Jon Suarez offering a course and program for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to enter the card flipping business. It involves a mentorship program, including educational resources, live group coaching calls, and personalized coaching centralized on the Sports Card Fly-Wheel System™. This system involves teaching about sports card grading, market analysis, and investment strategies to maximize revenue in the sports card market. Additionally, the program also prioritizes community engagement and adapting to market trends. Major League Profits aims to transform sports card flipping from a hobby into a profitable business.

The company started with the founders being college roommates at Rutgers University. Their entrepreneurial journey started with an e-commerce venture where they faced initial setbacks of $40,000. After this financial loss, they realized that they had to remove distractions from their lives to be successful entrepreneurs. 

They quit their jobs, moved away from family and friends, and focused on how their expertise which is flipping sports cards. By combining their skills, work ethic, and passion for teaching, Major League Profits transformed the lives of over 1500 aspiring entrepreneurs to be successful in the card-flipping industry.

What Can You Get From Major League Profits?

  • Video Library: You'll get access to comprehensive educational videos on the ins and outs of the sports cards flipping business. 
  • Coaching Calls: You'll also join scheduled webinars on new insights about the sports card flipping business. These calls will allow you to ask questions and strategies to execute for your business.
  • Private Coaching: Additionally, you'll have time to have personalized insights and advice from Major League Profits owners. 
  • Investment Opportunity: You'll also get a unique investment opportunity where the company invests your money into the market based on their insights.

Who Is Major League Profits For?

Major League Profits is for people who possess skills and interests in sports and sports cards, business and side hustles, and strategic and patient investors. This includes sports fans, who bring a deep knowledge of professional sports and players, making them well-equipped to understand the potential value of specific cards. It’s also for patient investors who wait for players to achieve burst performances, win championships, or become all-time greats so you can increase the value of your cards.

The program is also for those willing to learn market analysis. They should be skilled in predicting market trends while making informed trading decisions. Major League Profits is for collectors and investors who combine their passion for collecting with a focus on financial returns. You should also be a risk taker who is comfortable with market unpredictability and willing to take calculated risks. Networkers excel in building community connections and will find valuable opportunities in the program. 

Being a disciplined seller is another quality that you should have. You should focus on profit rather than becoming emotionally attached to cards. Research-oriented buyers are well-suited for Major League Profits by utilizing data and tools for informed decisions. 

Major League Profits Review Online

Major League Profits Review on TrustPilot

There are 38 reviews on TrustPilot about Major League Profits and it received a 4.3-star rating out of 5. Most of them are positive, while five reviews are only 1-star and complained about the service.

One user said Major League Profits are great to work with. He would recommend them to anyone interested in sports because team members are reliable, honest, and operate with integrity. He added that they always answer his questions, and the team provides specific game plans to increase revenue.

Another user praises Major League profits, calling it a worth it investment. He started by saying that the program is not a quick-get-rich scheme and has been a member for 8 months now. The camaraderie he felt from his fellow card flippers made him love the community. He added that they have great coaches for the best ways to profit from the sports card industry.

However, there are also a few negative comments on Trustpilot. One user called it a scam and encouraged not to sign up with Major League Profit. He stayed with the program for 8 months and followed all instructions, but now he was out $15k and had no cards to show for. When he tried to cancel his membership and asked for his 6k guarantee if he didn't reach 150%, they ignored him. 

He added that he tried to contact them by all means possible, but all he got was silence. He wanted to sue the company and called its members' thieves.

Are There Any Major League Profits Complaints?

There are a few complaints on TrustPilot about Major League Profit. One user complained that the company is terrible, especially the owner for taking sales calls and selling his program, but won’t listen to feedback from customers. He added that it's also the program is also pricy. 

Major League Profit also received a complaint about their company and owners being horrible. He called the Eric Micheal and Jon Suarez scam artists running a pyramid scheme. He added that they will file charges against the company.

Major League Profits Review on YouTube

Major League Profits' reviews on YouTube mostly talk about the success stories of Eric Michael's students.

Joseph, one of Eric's students, Made A $3,500 Profit Using Sports Cards. He always had an interest in sports and sports cards from childhood, which made him involved in card trading. Joseph discovered and joined a training program in flipping cards that has a process-oriented approach with manageable risks. He committed to the program and its guidance and within six weeks, his investment of $6,000 made a 50% profit.

Joseph shared the importance of discipline and active engagement in trading, overcoming initial fears and skepticism to embrace the new venture. All this is because of the program and its guidance to succeed in card flipping.

Another review for Major League Profits came from Josh, one of their students. He joined the sports card program with no prior experience of making money with sports cards. Josh quickly absorbed knowledge from the program and coaches, significantly improving his understanding and skills in sports card trading within three months. He then made around $5,500 initial profit and expected an additional $6,000 to $7,000 in net profit from his ongoing trades, aiming for a total profit of around $11,000 in just three months.

One of his most profitable deals involved a John Morant rookie card from Panini Contenders, which he bought for around $1,800 and expected to sell for about $4,500. Josh also emphasized the importance of learning from mistakes, and consistent engagement with the market while using the guidance and advice of coaches to avoid unprofitable investments.

Are The Clients Of Major League Profits Successful?

Major League Profits' students are successful according to their website. They claim to help 1500 people to earn a good profit from sports card flipping. 

Matt, one of Major League Profits students, praised and appreciated Eric Michael and his coaches for helping him with his success. He started buying low-end cards, spending around $2,000. His initial investment turned into $6,000 with time as his only investment. 

Jimmy, another Major League Profits student, posted his success, thanking Eric Michael. He was lucky to buy 9.5-grade cards for $1,260 and would expect to sell it for $2,400. He added that the Major League Profits system works.

Is Major League Profits A Scam?

Major League Profits is not a scam. It is a legitimate company with a legitimate business model for users who want to learn the ins and outs of the card flipping industry. Additionally, Major League Profits has a community of members and coaches that help each other earn profit using the program. One more piece of evidence supporting their legitimacy is that they are the only mentorship program willing to guarantee ROI in the contract and provide risk mitigation for investments. 

However, people consider Major League Profits a scam based on reviews and various sources because they believe that their price tag is significant and not justified by the value they receive. They feel that the program is too expensive, especially considering the investment required upfront.

Another factor that makes people believe Major League Profits is a scam is their screening process. It's seen as a sales tactic to screen only those who can afford the program rather than select those who are qualified. 

Negative reviews and comments saying the program is a scam often come from individuals who did not achieve the expected results. They blame users, the company, coaches, or other factors for not living up to their promises. Additionally, some users report difficulties in getting feedback or support from MLP. They feel that the owner and the company are eager to take sales calls but are less responsive to customer feedback or concerns, making them feel that it's a scam.

Given these factors and risks, signing up for this program is not worth it. This program is for you if you can afford the initial investment and will risk it. Succeeding in any business does not directly depend on the coaching program, but on personal resilience, market knowledge, strategic planning, and adaptability.

Who Is Eric Michael?

Eric Micheal is the co-founder, co-owner, and CEO of Major League Profits. His entrepreneurial journey began at Rutgers University, where he met his business partner, Jon Suarez. This partnership was the foundation of their future business endeavors. Eric's time at Rutgers not only provided him with an educational foundation, but also shaped his entrepreneurial identity.

Eric Michaels explored various business avenues before diving into sports card flipping. He and Jon tried the e-commerce business and experienced a series of trials, including a financial setback. A steep learning curve marked their start in online business, involving $40,000 worth of mistakes that provided valuable lessons. Eric's time at a finance company further influenced his career direction. He felt a powerful urge to pursue something more fulfilling because he found the prospect of traditional labor disappointing. This desire to escape the rat race of a 9-to-5 job drove his entrepreneurial ambitions and started with his passion for flipping cards into a business..

Major League Profits is the peak of Eric and Jon's efforts and proof of their perseverance and business knowledge. The company quickly made a significant impact by earning $3,000 on its first day and achieving a six-figure return within two months. This success was not just a financial win, but also a platform for Eric and Jon to share their knowledge and experience. They created a high-ticket coaching program focused on sports card flipping, using their six years of experience in the field.

Who Is Jon Suarez?

Jon Suarez is the co-founder and co-owner of Major League Profits. His educational journey at Rutgers University was a significant chapter in his life because there he met Eric Michael, his future business partner. Both are interested in entrepreneurship and they bond with business ideas. This partnership led them to create a unique venture in the sports card market. 

Jon's early interest in helping entrepreneurs succeed and teaching through digital marketing led to establishing Major League Profits. But before Major League Profits, Jon and Eric explored several business avenues, including e-commerce and dropshipping. Their failures in different businesses made them realize what they are passionate about, and that is trading cards. The hobby turned into a high-ticket business is the narrative Jon and Michael want to share with their students.

The founding of Major League Profits in March 2020 was pivotal because it showed Jon's ability to apply his learning and experiences effectively. Under his and Eric's guidance, Major League Profits established a coaching program to help others succeed in the sports card market. Jon's dedication to mentoring and his commitment to the success of their clients is central to the philosophy of Major League Profits.

Eric Michael And Jon Suarez's Claim:

Erich Michael and Jon Suarez claim that Major League Profits is the safest way to a predictable side income for busy white-collar professionals. They guarantee this claim by using the Sports Card Fly-Wheel System™ to secure high profits for their clients. Additionally, being the only sports card flipping program around positions Major League Profits to be effective and reliable.

Eric Michael And Jon Suarez Claim Debunked:

Eric Michael and Jon Suarez's claim is enticing, but the card-flipping business comes with its risks. Their claims are also misleading since every business and investment comes with a potential loss.

  • Market Volatility: Sports cards fluctuate because of player performance, trends, and market demand. This can be challenging and lead to financial losses because you constantly predict the cards' value.
  • Knowledge Requirement: There is a steep learning curve for card flipping, especially the knowledge requirements. To be successful, you have to know the sports card market and understand player popularity, card rarity, and market trends.
  • Financial Loss: Financial loss occurs if market conditions change or you overestimate the value of the card. There is always a risk of selling your cards for no profit.
  • Counterfeit and Condition Sensitivity: A card's value lies in its authenticity and condition. There are risks of acquiring fake and damaged cards leads to loss of value and profit.
  • Time and Effort Intensive: Flipping cards requires time-consuming activities like market research, sourcing, and negotiating sales. It's challenging if you are looking for a passive income choice.
  • Liquidity Issues: Card flipping is not a liquid investment because sports cards can take time to sell when you want to maximize profit. The lack of immediate liquidity can be a drawback if you need quick access to your capital.

Is Flipping Sports Card Profitable?

Yes, flipping sports cards can be profitable, but it comes with dangers like market volatility and unpredictability. While successful flips results in high profits, factors such as changing player performance, market trends, and grading variations impact profitability. 

Market Decipher stated that the sports trading cards market reached an estimated of $12,927.3 million in 2021. The most profitable are among famous sports and sports teams across different platforms. Fans wanting to acquire baseball cards, soccer cards, and basketball cards on their favorite teams and players keep the market alive. Experts forecast that this business model will reach a compound annual growth rate of 13%, resulting in a market value of 49,373.2 million in 2023.

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Is An Alternative To Flipping Sports Cards?

Local lead generation is an alternative to flipping sports cards because of its minimal required capital, less competition, and high ROI. It costs $397 to join Major League Profits aside from your investments on cards. This means that if you want to spend less, you need to purchase common cards and spend a lot if you want to acquire rare cards. 

Costs for local lead generation are moderate to high, covering website setup, SEO tools, and marketing, but most of them are onetime payments and you'll spend less.

Both business model requires effort and knowledge, but local lead generation creates a low entry barrier entry because it requires skills in SEO, content creation, and digital marketing. According to other sources, card flipping has different average returns on investment (ROI) estimated to range from 5% to 20%, or even higher for rare and valuable cards. valuable cards. ROI for local SEO varies between 5% and 500%, depending on factors like industry and competition.

So if you're looking for a great alternative business that is beginner-friendly and can generate monthly passive income, try local lead generation. Most of its initial investment is onetime and monthly fees lessen over time. It requires less effort when you master basic skills and have a high ROI potential.

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