Making Money As A Freelance Writer In 2024: 3 Income-Boosting Strategies

May 17, 2024

Making money as a freelance writer requires:

  1. Picking the right freelance writing niche
  2. Developing your freelance writing voice
  3. Driving online traffic to your freelance writing work using different channels

According to Forbes, over 69% of writers in the United States are freelance writers. Freelance writing is also among the top choices “for side hustlers and would-be freelancers.” In 2024, Upwork also reports that freelance writers make around $30 to $40 per hour or up to $42,000 per year on average. You can reach that income level. Earning that level of income requires expertise and hard work. You need to primary writing skills and be a niche authority. 

Copywriter and YouTuber Colleen Welsch began as a freelance writer in Upwork. In a LinkedIn post, she shares how she initially took up “low-paying clients” just to gain 5-star reviews. After redoing her Upwork profile and portfolio, she ended up getting hired by a top client. The writing project only required 2 weeks to finish and she made over $20,000 from it. “Thanks to this one gig, I was able to pay off my credit cards and spend three months traveling in Europe,” she writes. 

Today, some writers invest in online courses to learn the craft, improve their skills, and increase their income. Some of the top writing courses online include: 

  • Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator
  • Larry Ludwig’s SEO for Writers
  • Nicki Krawczyk’s Comprehensive Copywriting Academy

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can boost your earnings as a freelance writer. We’ll also discuss how you can get started in the industry and why it’s important to diversify your income. Finally, we share why local lead generation is a more profitable online business idea.

3 Strategies To Boost Your Income As A Freelance Writer

1. Picking the right freelance writing niche

Pick the right freelance writing niche. Choose one with a high search volume that is in demand. Also, consider your interests and life experiences. For example, do you have a passion for a specific niche or notable talent in a certain type of writing?

As a freelance writer, you're going to be doing a ton of writing. So choose something you like or are interested in learning more about. That way, you can avoid the risks of being burned out.

According to Freelance Writers Hub, some of the top-paying freelance writing niches are:

✅ Business (cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, real estate)
✅ Health (alternative medicine, fitness, mental wellness, nutrition)
✅ Technology (collaboration tools, IT security, programming, web design)
✅ Science (science user manuals, support materials)
✅ Education (course materials, guides)

By choosing a niche, you can find gaps in the market. In 2024, the real money is in niches that require research and specific skills. Look up potential clients and check out how much they offer their writers. You can grow your earnings as you target high-paying businesses and brands.

If you’re a new freelance writer, focus on developing a stellar writing portfolio. The idea is to create an arsenal of your best work and allow them to sell your services to higher paying clients. You don't have to add a ton of writing samples. Instead, compile a few of your best articles to show your expertise. This can lead you to the most lucrative writing jobs in the industry.

2. Developing your freelance writing voice

Developing your freelance writing voice will open doors of opportunities for you. As a writer, your voice is your brand and personality. It will help you gain attention from the right people and land good writing gigs. Your communication style will set you apart from competitors and connect you with your ideal clients.

On Quora, self-publishing expert Chris A. Baird shares that writers can develop their own voice with practice. “Keep writing, keep experimenting, and keep refining your craft,” he says. “Over time, you'll find that your writing becomes more and more distinctive. You'll develop a style that's uniquely your own.” 

Of course, freelance writers should also adjust their tone based on client requirements. The key is to learn everything you can about the brand’s niche, their target customers, and the type of platforms they use. Consider the following questions:

  • What are the client's pain points?
  • What problems do they have?
  • How can you offer the best solution?

On LinkedIn, storyteller and digital strategist Kate Bigam Kaput says writers “already intuitively know” how to change their tones. As we communicate with people in our lives, we use “different versions” of our speaking voice. The same principle applies to writing.

3. Driving online traffic to your freelance writing work using different channels

Driving online traffic to your freelance writing work using different channels will help grow your reach and earnings. As a freelance writer, you need to be where your potential customers are. 

  • Which social media platforms do they use the most?
  • Which networking groups do they belong to?
  • Where are they looking for answers when they search online? 

Building a strong online presence helps you become visible to your target clients. So you want to create a Facebook business page, set up a LinkedIn profile, or join communities in your niche. Build a website and post new content on a regular basis. Connect with fellow writers and ask for referrals. Offer to do a guest post or a related post for other bloggers in your niche. You may also make profiles on Upwork and Fiverr to expand your prospective client base. 

CartsGuru reports that a multi-channel marketing strategy can increase ROI by over 300%. So use at least 4 or more channels to showcase your work. The more channels you leverage, the more customers you can reach. Share valuable copy that's better than what's available out there. The goal is to establish yourself as an industry authority. That way, you can expect to make good money with freelance writing.

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is a job where a self-employed writer produces content for clients who hire their services. Typically, freelance writers charge on a per project basis. While there’s plenty of opportunities for writers in the industry, it’s also a competitive market. Exploding Topics says there are 76.4 million freelancers in the United States. Zippia also reports writing is a “popular gig for freelance workers” in the country. According to the site, 82% of US-based freelancers are freelance writers.

What Is a Freelancer? 

A freelancer is an independent contractor with specialized skills. They are not employed full-time by a company or agency. Instead, clients directly pay freelancers on a per-work basis. In most cases, freelancers work from home and have a flexible work schedule. Upwork says 60% of freelancers “who left a full-time job to become freelancers” earn more money than they did in their past jobs.

How Do You Get Started As A Freelance Writer?

To get started as a freelance writer, you need to practice and master your writing skills. Decide what niche you want to write about. Get active on social media. Showcase your writing skills on multiple channels. Tell people what you do and start conversations. You can make a living writing as you become an authority in your chosen niche.

1. Learn and understand current writing trends.

Observe what expert writers do and learn from their writing styles. If possible, ask questions and obtain feedback on your own writing to see how you can improve. Write frequently to get better in your craft. You can get more writing job opportunities as you learn how to write different types of content, such as: 

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • Marketing emails
  • Press releases
  • Sales pages or landing pages
  • Technical writing
  • Video scripts

2. Decide on your freelance writing niche.

Deciding on a niche allows you to have a focused marketing strategy. So ask yourself: What does your ideal client look like? What type of writing do you want to offer? Which topics and niches are you most knowledgeable in? You will know which industry you want to work in and which clients need your services.

3. Create online profiles as a freelance writer.

Creating online profiles as a freelance writer helps build your reputation. Some will do background checks when you offer them your services. They will search social media to get an idea of who you are.

Get active on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Share content on networking forums like Quora and Reddit. Build awareness and advertise your writing services on your channels. Focus on showcasing your set of skills.

On Reddit, LincHayes says having a separate business account is a good idea. “My advice is to NEVER mix your personal accounts with business,” writes the Redditor. “Even if your name is your brand, you should still create separate brand profiles.”

4. Have a solid freelancing portfolio.

Having a solid freelancing portfolio helps you attract higher paying clients. While it’s not usually a requirement, a portfolio displays your skills and expertise. It can provide you with credibility and boost your career. It would be easier to land freelance writing work with a comprehensive portfolio.

You can create a digital portfolio using free and paid resources online. Some examples of top portfolio builders include:

✅ Google Sites
✅ Journo Portfolio

✅ Weebly
✅ Wix
✅ WordPress
✅ Writerfolio
✅ Zoho Sites

5. Pitch to potential freelance writing clients.

Pitching to potential clients is important for both newbies and long-time freelance writers. Don’t just wait for customers on Fiverr and Upwork to come knocking. Invest time in contacting people to offer your services. You’ll have a better shot if you present yourself as a niche specialist.

In a YouTube video, Lauren Melnick emphasizes that the trick is to be an expert - not a generalist. “When a client views you as an expert, it makes it that much easier for you to command higher rates,” she says. “It's gonna make it easier for you to position yourself as the solution to the problem that they are having.”

Where Can You Find Paying Freelance Writing Jobs Online?

You can find paying freelance writing jobs online on websites like:

  • Best Writing
  • Contena
  • Copyhackers
  • Fiverr
  • Freelance Writers Den
  • Freelance Writing
  • Flex Jobs
  • Listverse
  • Make A Living Writing
  • Media Bistro
  • Pro Blogger Job Board
  • SolidGigs
  • Smart Blogger
  • Upwork
  • Working In Content

Are There Freelance Writing Sites That Pay Daily?

There are freelance writing sites that pay daily, such as: 

  • Barefoot Writer
  • Clear Voice
  • Contently
  • Long Reads
  • Pop Sugar

How Hard Is It To Break Into Freelance Writing?

It is fairly hard to break into freelance writing, but it's not impossible. Competition can be difficult for beginners. Generally, companies prefer writers with extensive experiences. However, it’s not impossible for newbies to make it in the industry. Some get a freelance writing job after providing solid samples of their work. 

In a Reddit post. a freelance writer shares about finding their first freelance client on LinkedIn. According to the writer, sending direct messages and having a good portfolio helped. “I had put a lot of effort in my portfolio and worked for about 6 months,” the Redditor writes. “It is hard work, for sure.”

Are Freelance Writers in High Demand?

Freelance writers are in high demand in 2024. A research indicates that writing remains among the most in-demand in the freelance market. According to the website, top freelance jobs include creative writing, copywriting, and ghostwriting. This is despite the popularity of using AI technology in content writing.    

“AI can’t replace creativity yet,” points out Matt Barrie, CEO of “While workers and businesses are benefiting from productivity gains offered by generative AI, the data suggests that the technology in its current form isn’t able to replace creative work.”

Is Freelance Writing Oversaturated?

Freelance writing is not oversaturated but it can be a competitive industry. There are millions of available jobs for freelance writers out there. For most businesses, writers are the lifeblood of their content marketing strategies. If you can deliver high-quality output, you have chances of getting steady freelancing work. Also, take note that 82% of freelancers in the US are currently working as writers. The numbers are more likely to continue growing in the years to come.

Is Becoming a Freelance Writer a Good Side Hustle?

Becoming a freelance writer is a good side hustle because it's a job you can do from home or anywhere in the world. In most cases, there are no set working hours. You can do this as a side hustle by accepting writing gigs from several clients. Of course, you’ll have to meet customer expectations and beat deadlines.

Why Is It Important To Diversify Your Income as a Freelance Writer?

It's important to diversify your income as a freelance writer to protect your finances. As a freelancer, you usually get paid for each freelance job you complete. This can cause financial setbacks if you suddenly run out of clients. Freelancers who diversify their income stream put themselves in a safer place financially.

Here are some ideas to help you diversify earnings as a freelance writer:

  • Accept writing gigs from online marketplaces and direct clients
  • Be a freelance journalist for a magazine or newspaper
  • Become an influencer and leverage social media marketing
  • Connect with a content or digital marketing agency and offer rewrites for websites
  • Create an eBook to sell on Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Record your own online video course to offer online
  • Start a blog and add affiliate marketing or banner ads
  • Work with both local and international clients

How Does Local Lead Generation Compare To Freelance Writing?

Local lead generation is not as competitive as freelance writing. It’s also more scalable and can help generate passive income quicker. As a business model, lead generation is a proven concept. Instead of writing content for clients, you build your own area-specific niche websites. You then rank these sites online targeting specific keywords. Your goal is to reach the top spots of search engine results. Once you achieve that, you can rent out your sites to business owners that need leads for their companies.

With freelance writing, you get paid for each word or each article. Your total monthly income will vary, depending on the number of projects you complete. In comparison, you can earn a fixed amount from lead gen. One site can make you as much as $500 to 3,000 per month.


Your sites are your valuable digital properties. They can make you passive income over time. They can start producing leads you sell to a local business owner for profit margins as high as 85%-90%. Once you understand the process, you can develop your system and scale fast. Each site only takes around 10-15 hours to build and about $500 to rank. You can easily multiply your earnings as you build and rent out several local lead generation sites.

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