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Matt & Liz Raad Review (Scam?) Digital Investors [5 Facts]

December 17, 2021

logo for digital investors program by matt and liz raad

Did you stumble upon Liz and Matt Raad's Digital Investors Program?

On the surface it sounds like the answer to building a million-dollar portfolio of assets by flipping websites.

But can it really be that easy? 

Or is it too good be to be true?

Let's find out.

What is Digital Investors Program?

The program teaches you to buy websites and then increase their revenue through a combo of affiliate marketing and onsite-ads.

Matt and Lisa share their formula for:

  • Developing a strategy for your portfolio
  • Finding the right websites to buy
  • How to negotiate on the price
  • Optimizing your site
  • Renovating your site
  • Monetizing methods
  • Outsourcing

It comes with a 1-on-1 onboarding session for new students.

Plus 4 tickets to their yearly seminar (which is online due to Covid) - otherwise you need to get to Australia.

matt & liz raad digital investors live stream event

There's also a private Facebook group and monthly training calls too.

digital investors facebook group

How Do I Make Money Buying Websites?

There are 3 main ways to do this:

  1. 1
    Revenue from affiliate offers and on-site advertising
  2. 2
    Sell them for a profit
  3. 3
    Use them to promote and sell your own product

For the most part, Liz and Matt focus on the first option.

With affiliate marketing being the main income generator.

They encourage newer students to buy cheaper sites at first.

Taking the site through their renovation recommendations to increase the value.

And then flip the site for a profit to buy a more expensive site.

scholarship info site on flippa

To be clear, this isn't a get-rich-quick-scheme.

It's going to require time and effort to renovate the sites and see revenue growth.

Also, you're gonna need a good chunk of capital to buy your first few sites and to pay for content.

You'd better have a financial cushion where you're okay to be a few thousand in the hole without stressing out.

How Do I Make Money Flipping Websites?

If you don't want to the sites long term or need to free up some cash, you can list sites on Flippa or Empire Flippers to sell.

selling websites on flippa

You'll need to figure out the site's value based on it's current revenue.

Expect buyers to want to negotiate on price too.

But it can be a nice cash injection when all is said and done.

Top 5 Takeaways From the Digital Investors Program


There's a lot of money exchanging hands selling websites

There are some high-priced websites on the market.

A lot of big companies think nothing about dropping 6 or 7 figures to buy something that will add to their assets.

Or being able to buy a competitor and nuke the threat.

examples of affiliate sites for 7 and 6 figures via flippa

With the big sums of moolah here it's crucial to make sure both the site and the metrics are legit before making the deal.

Which leads to...


It's easy to get scammed when buying websites

Sadly, like so many things that can make you money, there's plenty of scammers waiting to take advantage if you're not meticulously careful.

And they're getting highly sophisticated.

Making it super important to do your due diligence and ask all the right questions.

scammers website on flippa

TBH, I only see this getting worse and riskier.

The scammers are getting more sophisticated at manipulating traffic and other metrics.

And the businesses brokering the sale of websites only make money when sales are made.

So there's no real incentive for them to stop all the scammers when it means less profit in their own pocket.

The responsibility is on the buyer to double-check every detail.


The benefits of having SEO skills

There are Digital Investors students talking about how they use their new skills to build an SEO agency or start up a lead generation business.

In fact, one of their top students talked about his 'secret' project to create his own websites targeting local services and sell the leads. 

He's basically using my favorite online business model for creating passive income - local lead generation.

There are other students who open digital marketing agencies or build websites for big pay-days. 

Just like I teach students do who want to make fast cash.


There are multiple ways to monetize a website

Not only can you offer multiple affiliate products related to your site's content, you can also make money through advertising too.

using amazon and adsense to make more money

One of the first things after taking over a website is to assess the revenue channels.

  • Is there a better affiliate offer?
  • Is there a product you can bundle to increase revenue?
  • Do you have enough traffic for ads?

You're not restricted to just one way to make money.

And the more, the better.


You need multiple assets paying you money

If you only have one income channel, you're playing a dangerous game!

Especially if your only income is coming from your employer.

The pandemic really highlighted how fragile many people's job are.

And how these businesses show you zero loyalty when times get tough.

If you don't already have assets paying you regularly, it's time to invest in yourself and your future.

digram of channels of money feeding into a bank account

Not only do you need your own business.

It's better to have 'more shoes on the shelf' that can all put money in your bank account!

This is why something like local lead generation or having multiple affiliate websites is much better than dropshipping or Amazon FBA.

I have dozens of lead gen assets all bringing in a nice chunk of money every month.

With dropshipping or Amazon FBA, you're counting on people buying your products and being able to keep your account in tact if you're advertising.

Who is Digital Investors For?

This program is pitched as a great option for any experience level.

In reality, it helps if you have some experience in digital marketing and SEO.

And many of the current Digital Investors students say the same.

There's a lot to learn if this is all new to you.

After investing a big chunk of cash in a website, you really want to be able to make that money back pretty quickly because you're significantly in the red.

digital investors program on different platforms

Not only will you need time to go through the program, you'll also need the time to work on your sites too.

It will require a lot of patience before you begin seeing a profit from the your initial investment.

However, I do like there being a barrier to entry here.

When there's a skill to learn that's not easy, it makes for a more profitable business model because the masses will avoid it.

When a business model has a low barrier to entry, it gets saturated.

As a result, people start to compete on price and it's a race to the bottom.

Most people are looking for quick-fixes and won't put the time or money in to something with a high barrier to entry.

This is a good thing for those who are serious about building wealth.

Who Are Matt & Liz Raad?

Matt & Liz have been in the business investment world for a long time.

They met through a shared passion of zoology and animals.

A decision to start investing in brick and mortar businesses led to the path they're on now.

Matt & Liz Raad of digital investors program

After learning the ropes in the business world, they pivoted to online businesses in hopes of creating more freedom in their lives.

Its almost become cliche for guru's selling courses to give the "I love to teach people" speech but that's the category they fall into too.

Can I Make Real Passive Income with Digital Investors Program?

Yes and no - this is more semi-passive.

It's also going to depend on how much you have to invest and if you pick the right site.

Plus, plenty of time to recoup your investment in a site and start being profitable.

My biggest concern with flipping websites is the risk of buying a dud.

What if you get it wrong and you've spent $30,000 on a site that's useless?

Pros & Cons of Digital Investors

  • The course is very hands-on with lots of guidance
  • There's money to be made if you can get it right
  • It's reoccurring income
  • Transferable skills that pay well
  • On-going mentoring with monthly calls & seminars
  • Needs a lot of capital to get started
  • Big investments that put you in the red to start
  • Having to produce a lot of content
  • The industry is riddled with scam artists
  • Not the best business model for 2022

How Much Does the Digital Investors Program Cost?

It's $3,500 Australian Dollars.

Unless you live in Australia, you'll need to convert it to your currency.

It's roughly $2700 US dollars.

The big thing to keep in mind is you're also going to need to make a sizeable investment to buy your first few websites too.

thepayment options for digital investors program by matt and liz raad

Granted, hopefully you'll begin to see a little bit of income trickle back in.

But you're also going to need to invest in content and redesign the site to see bigger revenue figures.

What's The Best Way to Make Online Income?

By far, my #1 recommendation is Local Lead Generation for making serious coin online.

Even some of the Digital Investors students are getting in on the Local Lead Generation action.

And they're excited about all the potential they've discovered.

Hands down, local lead gen is still the best way to create a real online business with huge upside.

Flipping Websites vs Local Lead Generation

Let's get straight to the point here.

I like the idea of flipping website and affiliate marketing for revenue.

It's semi-passive too.

The problem is the amount of money you need to invest and how long it takes to see a profit compare to local lead generation.

If you drop $10,000 on a site that's making $500 a month, you're in the hole for more than a year before you start to see a profit from your investment.

You can set up a local lead gen asset for less than $50.

And if you use our 'Go Fast, Look Sexy' technique, you could be charging a local business $750-2000 a month right away.

lead generation go fast look sexy facebook comment

Looking back when I was working my soul-sucking 9-5, I didn't have enough money to buy an expensive website.

But I was able to put in the time, build a bunch of lead gen sites and scale my income quickly.

Lead generation is going to be more accessible for most people who don't have deep pockets right now.

What's Local Lead Generation?

At it's core, local lead generation is building simple websites that generate service-based leads.

You send those leads to a local business owner who will pay you in return for sending them more customers.

local lead generation example

Here's why local lead gen is still the best business model I've found:

  • The insane profit margins (90%+)
  • Impossible to saturate
  • It's easy to scale & make more $$$
  • Once an asset is set up, it's passive income
  • Business owners are always hungry to make more money
  • Anyone can learn it
  • The skills can make you money with SEO and other complimentary channels

I've seen many of our students be able to kill their job and live the life of their dreams.

And because it's all online, they can live anywhere and travel when they want to.

What's the Best Way to Get Started With Local Lead Generation?

The sooner you get started with local lead generation, the sooner you will start making the kinda income that changes lives.

No more having to work for the man and feeling trapped in a system where you're living paycheck to paycheck and stressin' about money.

Instead, the opportunities are endless!

scaling agency and income with lead generation skills

Click here to learn more about local lead generation and how you can be the next student killing their job.


Hey, I'm Ippei!

Until 2014, like many of the people I review, I was working in a corporate job from 9 to 5.

Not only was it soul-crushing, but it didn't give me any time to pursue my bigger goals.

That was until I discovered a method to rank sites organically, generating free leads for my clients.

That website you see above, for the tree care company, I created it in 2015, and since then I haven't had to touch or update it:

It has gained me a passive income of $2000 a month.

That's more than $100,000 for one site, in 5 years.

That's the magic of the Lead Generation business, it's by far the best model to generate passive income.

If you want to know more, just hop over here!

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