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Maxwell Finn Review? – Is His New TikTok Insider Course Legit? (2024)

April 8, 2024

Maxwell Finn is a digital marketing expert who helped businesses generate over $250M with Facebook and TikTok ads. He ran 2 now defunct courses: Paid Traffic Training and Facebook Ad IQ Academy. He is currently offering his new TikTok Insiders course.

Obviously Maxwell Finn has an impressive resume, but just how legit are his training courses? Why did he shift from Facebook to TikTok? Do students of his course actually get success? Read along to know about the man and his courses.

Who Is Maxwell Finn?

Maxwell Finn was born into a family of entrepreneurs. He took entrepreneurial education at Babson College. He started a mobile platform that connected brands with fans and customers called "Loot!" while in college. His first e-commerce business, “Startup Drugz”, hit a $500k run rate in just 6 months.

Co-founded Quantum Media agency with Jeremy Adams and Kevin Harrington. The ad agency ran Facebook ads and sales funnels for several Fortune 500 companies, such as 3M. This won him the “Two Comma Club” award from ClickFunnels.

He is the president of the customer acquisition agency Unicorn Innovations. Under the Unicorn Academy, he has mentored over 3000 students with his Facebook ad courses that generated over $1M profits.

Max is a regular contributor to major publications like AdWeek and has a podcast called Down The Middle with Max and Los. He is also a regular speaker at worldwide marketing events.

TikTok Insiders Review

In the latter part of 2020, Facebook officially banned Maxwell Finn and his ads because of Facebook advertising policy breeches. Since then, he has completely shifted his focus to TikTok. He has since been mentoring on his TikTok Insiders program.

A bold claim is that this course will start you earning more with TikTok ads in just 24 hours. This fairly new course claims to achieve results by providing you with:

  • Access to an engaged online community.
  • Lifetime access to the TikTok Trends Database.
  • A growing library of how-to video lessons.
  • Monthly live coaching calls.
  • Ability to hire or apply for exclusive job opportunities with the TikTok Talent Database.

What Do You Get With TikTok Insiders?

The price of the program is $99 monthly or $997 yearly. At the moment, there is a $1 7-day trial promo.

You get access to a regularly updated library of how-to training videos. This library includes pre-launch training that teaches you all you need to know about the platform and its market, creative process training that teaches you how to research and create trends, and training on how to scale your business.

The second important feature is you gain access to the TikTok Insiders community. Here you can check on the top-performing ads and see what ads and audiences other marketers are testing. You can receive feedback from other insiders and see what strategies are working and what isn't in the industry.

The most useful parts of courses are usually the live trainings. This course offers live training sessions with one every month in 2022. Live Q&As are available after each session. You will also gain lifetime access to the recordings of previous live sessions.

Do Students of TikTok Insiders Actually Make Money?

As the course is fairly new, it's hard to find non-affiliate reviews, if any at all. Rest assured, Max Finn has an excellent reputation for what he does. Plus, if you sign up now for that $1 7-day trial, you can see for yourself with no risk of being at a loss.

For reference, Max had 2 now-defunct Facebook ad courses. It has proven to be successful in the past. 

Facebook Ad IQ Academy Review

I’ve taken a lot of courses and plenty of Facebook ad courses in my day. I had invested in a $10,000 one-on-one coaching with a Facebook ads wizard & super affiliate Carlos Cruz. (he’s friends with John Crestini) as some of y'all know. But Max Finn did very well with this Facebook ad course. Just off the bat, the things that I liked and stood out to me.

Maxx Finn tests pretty well, not just some marketer that became successful last year. He’s an actual entrepreneur. Facebook advertising agency is not his only business. Very impressive case study: Max generated $160,000 in sales with less than $10,000 ad spend.

This course is not just about e-commerce, Max has experience crushing it with info products and affiliate products. Using Facebook Live videos and turning them into advertisements.

The course was great. Tons of content and some of it were on the cutting edge, like the live video & messenger. With so many Facebook ad courses out there, it was definitely hard for me to make an investment on this one, thinking it's just gonna be the same ‘ol same ‘ol but this one was worth it in the end, I believed.

Course Outline & Summary

This course was great for newbies and heavy Facebook ad users looking to advance their game as it dives deep into the cutting edge FB has to offer including what I think has the most potential, using FB live video for ads & FB’s automated messenger ads. Messenger ads are cool because you can send these very private looking FB messages to everyone that likes your page, and it will ding their smartphones just like as if a friend messaged them.

Constant changes by Facebook of their ad platform led Max to a create a more updated course which we will tackle next.

Paid Traffic Training 2.0 Review

A couple of years after creating Facebook Ad IQ Academy, Maxwell Finn created Paid Traffic Training. This offered more up-to-date training (at that time) and those who would sign up for it also got full access to the Facebook Ad IQ course. You also got access to a Facebook support group with Max himself sometimes giving elaborate answers to your questions.

The course came with a bi-weekly live training and a 19-days “bootcamp” with a live session every day. Each session would last about 60-90 minutes.

The main core-course came in 5 chapters:

Chapter 0: Welcome
Chapter 1: Must have tools
Chapter 2: Before going live
Chapter 3: Testing & cold traffic strategies
Chapter 4: Optimization & middle of the funnel strategies
Chapter 5: Scaling & advanced strategies

Course Outline & Summary

Quite comprehensive. Ideally, you have some Facebook experience so you can grab the gold nuggets, implement it quickly & start seeing results.

The thing with Facebook ads is that if you’re a beginner, you can easily copy one of Max’s funnels, create an ad similar to his, and start spending money and you will get traffic, from submissions & even some sales. It can all appear to be going great. But when you do you finally calculate your actual take home profits, the picture is a lot different from what you originally perceived.

Anyone can get sales on Facebook if you spend enough. The trick is to consistently produce ads that convert with a ROI. Even the guys reporting to spend $100K per month on Facebook ads per month only produce 10-20% profit.

You can get Affiliate Facebook ads to be around 60-100% ROI range if you’re really good at it, but it requires a whole new set of training on its own because promoting affiliate offers on Facebook is the toughest game of them all.

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate On Ads According To Maxwell Finn

  • Continuous Creative Testing: Maxwell emphasized the importance of consistently testing and finding winning creative content. He said identifying ads that resonate with the target audience is a continuous process. 

  • Learning and Improving: He suggests learning and improving from every new ad created by trying out different elements like visuals, copies, calls-to-action, and target audiences

  • Explore TikTok Shops: Max promotes the use of TikTok shops to improve customer shopping experience. He said TikTok shops can substantially increase conversion rates compared to landing pages. 

  • Leverage Affiliate Programs: He suggests collaborating with content creators and affiliates to promote offers and increase traffic instead of just running paid ads. 

  • Maximize Organic TikTok Traffic: Maxwell recommends tagging products in organic TikTok content because it allows instant purchases in the app. He said this technique utilizes organic reach to increase conversions

TikTok Insiders Alternative

The TikTok Rapid Growth Program by Keith Krance teaches you how to grow and monetize your TikTok brand. You learn how to research your market, niche, hashtags and how to monitor your analytics. After joining, you get 3 weeks of live coaching from Keith and everyone is encouraged to follow each other to help boost each other's follower counts. There are 5 training modules and a private Facebook group for support. 

Price: The TikTok Rapid Growth Program costs $497.

More Info: TikTok Rapid Growth Program review

Is TikTok Marketing A Good Business in 2024

TikTok marketing might not be a good business in 2024 because it's hard to measure the ROI of TikTok campaigns, TikTok trends are rapidly changing, and it's hard to gain visibility in this highly competitive space. 

Achieving financial success with TikTok advertising is basically the same process as you would with Facebook with just some technical differences. It all boils down to consistently producing ads that convert with a good return on investment. 

As a digital entrepreneur, I prefer free traffic over paid because it is more sustainable and profitable long-term. I don't need to worry about implementing constant changes or innovating new offers to keep up with my competitors. 

TikTok is a growing platform, but Google has proven its dominance over the years. There's potential for TikTok marketing, but the number 1 business model for me is still local lead generation. 

Google is stable and has barely changes in years. I have sites that ranked in Google over 4 years ago and are still generating sales for me to this day. 

I believe the true ballers of internet entrepreneurs out there riding Rolls Royces are good at ranking sites & getting auto-pilot free traffic. I did that with Local Lead Generation.

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