Brad Campbell’s Millyuns Review – Why Are His Blog Posts So Basic?

August 28, 2023

Millyuns is a blog by Brad Campbell that reviews different online courses and entrepreneurs. His reviews are not the typical in-depth reviews you find searching online. Brad does very basic reviews of courses that teach Amazon FBA, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and much more. According to Brad, the blog generated him $2.7 million in revenue in 2022.

In this article, we're going to reveal who Brad is, how he got involved in the local lead generation program, the reason he quit and what he's currently up to. I'll finally touch on why the local lead generation business model is a better way to make money online and reach financial freedom than blogging.

Millyuns Review: Pros and Cons


Brad has plenty of experience blogging and has generated millions per year.

Brad promotes blogging as a way to make money online and shares legit tips on how to get started.

Brad promotes the local lead generation business model which is also legit.

Blogging allows you to make money without having to create a physical product.


The course reviews in his website are very basic and you don't learn much about a course from Brad.

The language in Brad's blog can be distracting if you're serious about trying to find out about a course, business model or coach.

The Millyuns blog is similar to the Zuubly blog.

Brad doesn't reveal himself to the public on his blog which makes it difficult to trust him from an outsiders perspective.

Building a blog's authority takes a lot of time and content creation.

What are Millyuns Review Reddit?

Millyuns reviews on Reddit tells the story of how people are very skeptical to believe anything that is promoted on the blog because Brad doesn't show himself to the public. The business model of local lead generation is legit, but people have a hard time trusting his blog.

Who is Brad Campbell?

Brad Campbell is an internet marketer who has made money with several online business models like blogging, affiliate marketing, paid ads, and local lead generation. Brad differs vastly from most online marketers. He is not on social media. Brad keeps his life completely private and makes money blogging. The most important thing to him is freedom. Brad's days comprise him waking up, drinking coffee, copywriting for his blog, and enjoying his days how he wants while getting paid millions each year on autopilot for the content he posts on Millyuns.

Brad was not rich while growing up. When he got started blogging, he was $120,000 in debt, which included his student loans. He had no support from anyone, but after 2 years, he made his first $4 commission and he was hooked. Brad never thought he would make the money he is making today, but he still didn't give up. His goal was to make just $5,000 per month so he could quit his 9-5 job. 

Brad calls his blog a basic b*tch because even he recognizes that it is not a blog that is all put together with a logo and structured content. He simply types what he wants, how he wants and the results are that he lives the life he wants. He admits that half of his posts are quotes from millionaires which he copies and pastes. For posts that talk about the net worths of entrepreneurs, he finds the info on Wikipedia.

Here is a screenshot of the post where he talks about how he creates his content for his blog.

He says you can summarize YouTube videos and podcasts to put content out and that the more conversational you create your content, the better. This explains why Brad's posts are basic posts and not elaborate projects. They only comprise hundreds of words of content and a link for how to get started blogging.

How Brad Met Dan Klein

Brad met Dan Klein after Dan reached out to him in 2014 because Brad was excellent at generating organic traffic for his then blog,

Brad has the reputation of being an excellent blogger because his blogs rank high in the SERPs. In his blogs, he would promote other online programs like The Empower Network and make a commission for any sales made through his blog. 

Brad eventually partnered up with Dan and began promoting the local lead generation program through his blog to draw more students to the JK program. You can see that Brad continues to promote the local lead generation and embeds a video of Dan Klein interviewing one of the successful members of our group about how he achieved success with the business model.

Why Brad Doesn't Work With Dan Klein Anymore?

Brad quit working with Dan Klein when an internet extortion artist began trolling the JK program and Brad did not want to have any part of the negative press.

Dan and Brad were running over 1 million dollars in ad spend per month. This extortionist, who was not one of Dan's students, started making "Job Killing is a Scam" videos on YouTube and lying about the program. His videos got many views since back in 2016, people weren't really running Facebook ads for courses.

This person then began generating leads and selling their own program to all the leads he generated. He did the same to other online courses to steal the traffic and make a profit for himself.

One year after that fiasco, I partnered up with Dan and rebuilt the course again with 

Today, the program continues to grow and is stronger than ever with over 7400 students from all over the world that are building their digital real estate portfolios to earn a passive income.

What is Brad Campbell Currently up to?

Brad Campbell is currently into day trading. Yet he is still focused on creating content for the Millyuns blog and promotes blogging as another way to make money online. He still promotes the local lead generation program that we are a part of.

Why Local Lead Generation is Better Than Blogging

Local lead generation is better than blogging because you earn a more passive income and that income is predictable. Blogging is good because you own your digital asset, but you have to create content often, which means if you stop creating content, you won't increase your traffic, which translates to a decrease in revenue.

I clearly see the value in creating a blog and building its authority, but my lead generation sites pay me more passively than this blog.

After you create your service sites in the niche of your choosing and rank them on Google in your city of choice, they will generate visitors and leads. As long as your sites continue to generate leads and those leads turn into customers, and your client will pay you a passive income each month. If you don't have a client lined up, you can send leads in advance to a local business owner who could benefit from your exclusive leads.

You can also dictate how many thousands of dollars you'll rent the leads for to a local business. This is all possible without having to put as much energy as you would with blogging.

To learn how to achieve financial freedom without having to create content every day for a blog, look into the local lead generation business model.

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