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Multiple Income Funnel Review: Is It A Scam?

February 28, 2024

Multiple Income Funnel is a done-for-you affiliate marketing program developed by Mack Mills. For only $49 per month, you gain access to an exclusive community and a done-for-you (DFY) sales funnels and lead generation that allows you to earn a commission from 3 pre-selected affiliate programs. As of the 2024 update, this is less true as you can now have the option of using the done-for-you system to promote other affiliate programs that you prefer.

Multiple Income Funnel reviews are mostly positive, especially after the 2024 update, with a 4.1/5 rating on Trustpilot. Students mainly praise the easy to set up DFY system, which makes it very convenient as long as you have the money for it. Complaints come from students who have found no success with the system.

This Multiple Income Funnel article will tackle everything you need to know about this program, the supporting characters to Mack Mills’ hero, and how other business models, such as local lead generation, can earn you the same amount of money online without having to promote any product. 

Multiple Income Funnel Pros and Cons


Done-for-you system

Private Facebook group with over 14,600 paid members

2024 update allows you to promote your chose


Lots of upsells

All members promote the same done-for-you affiliate programs

Email marketing is not an efficient way to get leads



Refund policy:

30-day money-back guarantee. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. 




Mostly positive reputation.

Is Multiple Income Funnel a Scam?

It depends on your definition of a scam. The program doesn’t take your money without giving you anything in return. Once you enroll, you have immediate access to a DFY system with a nice looking sales funnel where everything is ready to launch. One of the main income streams of Multiple Income Funnel is to sell the program itself. This is a characteristic of multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes. Multiple Income Funnel is not a pyramid scheme as you get done-for-you funnels with pre-selected products.

What’s in the Multiple Income Funnel

To get into Multiple Income Funnel, you need to pay the subscription in order to get the Facebook group invite. You will then be able to access the tutorial on how to set everything up. Similar to the Indestructible Wealth program, Multiple Income Funnel emphasizes the importance of different income streams. The logic is simple: Having several ways of earning money online means that you are protected against market fluctuations. Even if one of your income streams is currently not profitable, you have other streams to depend upon. 

There are four income streams that you apply for in Multiple Income Funnel:

The Referral System (Main Income Stream)

Daniel says that he has a simple formula. This is AS + MSI + TT = Easy Money, where:

  • AS stands for an automated system
  • MSI stands for multiple streams of income, and 
  • TT stands for targeted traffic

Basically, once you enroll, you will receive the same sales video of Daniel with a deadline funnel and your unique affiliate link that you can send to your prospects. You earn $20 for every successful referral each month, for as long as they are active. 


Michael says that you only need to get 2 referrals per week to get around $70,000 annually. That’s 104 people you need to recruit per year, who have to remain active

Easy1UP (Supplemental Income Stream 1)

Once you set up your referral system, you can choose to add any or all of the supplemental income streams. The first one David or Michael recommends is Easy1UP, which offers various topics on digital marketing that you have to pay for first. You can select any of the following packages: 

  • Elevation Package - $30
  • Elevation Elite Package - $110
  • Vertex Package - $275
  • Vertex Elite Package - $550
  • Vertex Pro Connect Package - $1,100
  • Vertex Live Package - $2,500

The claim here is that you learn invaluable lessons on how to better market yourself, including lessons like how to market on WhatsApp, make a better deadline funnel, Tumblr training, how to use Snapchat, email marketing (similar to what Anik Singal offers), Facebook affiliate marketing, and so on. 


You receive a commission for each downline that subscribes to this tool with the second sale earnings always going to your sponsor or upline. Take note though that Multiple Income Funnel will also deduct a percentage for “admin” fees. (Supplemental Income Stream 2)

Here, you only need to pay $100 + $50 for the reseller license to gain access to AVA, your personal artificial intelligence tool. AVA automatically answers any question or phone call with a templated text message. This helps keeps your prospects engaged. 


Each time someone subscribes using your link, you earn $100. 

Traffic Authority (Supplemental Income Stream 3

This employs a pay-per-click (PPC) formula where you generate traffic to your funnel with various traffic-related packages: 

  • Basic Traffic Package - $220 for up to 190 clicks
  • Bronze Traffic Package - $440 for up to 380 clicks
  • Silver Traffic Package - $660 for up to 540 clicks
  • Gold Traffic Package - $1,097 for up to 870 clicks
  • Platinum Traffic Package - $2,197 for 1,800 clicks
  • Titanium Traffic Package - $4,297 for up to 3,600 clicks
  • Diamond Traffic Package - $8,397 for up to 8,250 clicks


You earn commissions based on the limit of your subscriptions. Just as with Easy1UP, the second sale is given to your sponsor/upline. 

Overall, if you choose to pay for all three supplemental income funnels, you could potentially be spending more than $10,000 per month. However, Daniel and Michael say that this is more than paid for, if you are diligent about recruiting. As of the February 2024 update, users can now use the system to promote other affiliate offers with some considerations.

Another thing I should note is that previous students have said that another income stream you could pay for was something called OPM wealth. In OPM wealth, you pay for coaches who will teach you how to repair your credit by taking out loans in Bitcoin and then purchasing a subscription which could range from anywhere between $2,000 to $27,000.

Strangely, newer student reviews don't mention OPM wealth anymore, which gives the impression that this wasn't a successful affiliate program of Multiple Income Funnel.

What Results Can You Realistically Expect in Multiple Income Funnel?

Everything may be automated, but you still need to be proactive about finding leads. Considering what we know now about how much you can earn per subscription, let’s break it down to how much you really need per month to earn decent passive income

  • Referral System - You need at least 2 recruits per month 
  • Easy1UP - You need an average of 3 sales per month
  • - You need around 3 sales per month
  • Traffic Authority - You need around 2 sales per month

This means that you need 10 sales or recruits per month to be profitable and earn a few thousand dollars. 

The Fine Print in the Income Potential

Multiple Income Funnel is very clear in its Disclaimers that the average annual gross income for its affiliates is anywhere between $300 to $1,800. This is way different from its sales page where it says that these amounts are what you could potentially earn in a day. This raises more questions about the legitimacy of the program. 

Cory Draper - $640.00 a Day With Multiple Income Funnel Review By A Student

multiple income funnel review

YouTuber and affiliate marketer Cory Draper, has been a subscriber of Multiple Income Funnel for 11 months and was making $200 to $400 hundred a day. He was surprised when he earned $640 in one big day. On his YouTube video on Multiple Income Funnel, you discover that aside from the $49 monthly for Multiple Income Funnel , you also need to pay for leads. You can buy 100+ leads a day for $30 a month from OrderLeadsToday, turn your Gmail into an email marketing machine for $25 using GetGMass, or run paid ads for the best potential outcome. This does not include the costs of marketing, tools, and deductions for tax. Cory does not say explicitly how much he makes in profit or how much he spends on this business. While he admits it’s not a lot, it is still extra money in his pockets.

Simeon Miglic - Multiple Income Funnel Review By A Student

Simeon's Background and Story

Simeon talks about his experience with Multiple Income Funnel (MIF). Initially, he tried MIF, bought traffic, and followed its rules. Despite extensive efforts, he only made $600.  

How Simeon’s Business is Doing Today

Simeon is currently doing very well as an affiliate marketer. He usually earns around $2,000 per day using his own marketing methods and custom landing pages. Simeon focuses on building his own email list and brand. It helps him connect directly with his audience, rather than relying on pre-made systems.

Lessons Simeon Learned About the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Challenge of Overcrowded Systems: Simeon learned that using a system like MIF, where many affiliates use the same resources, is highly competitive and less effective. This "sea of sameness" makes it hard to stand out.

Importance of Uniqueness and Customization: The key lesson is the necessity of being unique in affiliate marketing. Creating custom landing pages and marketing systems helps in distinguishing oneself from the competition.

Focus on Results, Not Products: Simeon advises new affiliates to focus on the results that products can deliver rather than the products themselves. This approach is more appealing to potential customers.

Choosing Quality Traffic Sources: He highlights the importance of selecting high-quality traffic sources. Simeon is against using Traffic Authority, a traffic source associated with MIF. According to him, it's low-quality and overcrowded. 

Building Your Own System: Simeon suggests building a marketing system that uses effective traffic sources like YouTube and Google ads for better results. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Simeon advocates using YouTube and Google ads for traffic. However, he did not mention how much it would cost to run these ads. YouTube is one of the expensive advertising platforms. Average businesses spend from $10 to $50 on YouTube ads daily. Google advertising is also costly. Businesses usually spend around $1,000 to $10,000 monthly to show their ads on Google. 

Who Are the Faces of Multiple Income Funnel?

Click on any Multiple Income Funnel video, and you’ll most likely see a man by the name of Daniel Kump. Daniel is also an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping other people find financial freedom and make money online. He is so passionate, in fact, that his video is what his affiliates use when recruiting more people to their teams.

It’s easy to see if a link is an affiliate website - usually, there is the name of the person (or company) at the end of the URL. Regardless if it’s a woman or man, Daniel’s face invites us all to his dream where you can consistently earn thousands of dollars each week (sometimes, every day) just by helping other people realize their dreams of becoming a wealthy affiliate.

While Daniel promotes the Multiple Income Funnel dream, you have Michael Day who posts YouTube videos with clickbait-y titles such as “Multiple Income Funnel Review: DON’T JOIN BEFORE WATCHING” and “How to Make 6-Figures a Year in 90 days or Less”. 

It turns out that Michael is the #1 affiliate at Multiple Income Funnel and in his YouTube videos, he shows us just how easy it is to earn money in the program (Hint: you also should join his team for maximum profit). 

Mack Mills is mysteriously absent from everything, but perhaps this is part of his plan. 


Many Multiple Income Funnel reviews are made by affiliates of the program. They have the same clickbait-type titles as Michael and link to the video made by David. In fact, once you place your email in the registration box, it’s from David whom you’ll receive emails from. 

One thing I’d like to point out is that when you receive emails from David, it’s from the “Department of Commissions”. 

Who Is Mack Mills? 

Mack Mills is a serial entrepreneur who strangely has a quiet social media presence. Supposedly, he found success in various affiliate marketing businesses but doesn’t claim anything of the sort in his official LinkedIn profile. 

In fact, it appears that Mack is trying to distance himself from his previous endeavors, which include programs such as Daily Income Method, Digital Income Method, Secret Income Method, Instant Payment Method, and Instant Income Method, among others. All of these programs were slammed by other reviewers for being elaborate pyramid schemes.

Interestingly, most of these programs no longer have an active website, but this didn’t dampen Mack’s drive to start a profitable online business - albeit on the sidelines. For Multiple Income Funnel, for example, he has recruited some of his students to now be the face of the program, while he works behind the scenes.

Officially, Mack Mills is an executive film producer and recently released a music track, “Mac Wit Me Remix” featuring Cam’ron.

Is It Still Worth It to Do Affiliate Marketing In 2024

Affiliate marketing is still a profitable business in 2024 although it is not as easy as it appears. It takes a lot of work to promote affiliate offers just to earn from commission. Affiliate marketing is not a sustainable business and can be very risky as you may need to spend on marketing. Let’s recount the different pros and cons of entering this type of business model: 


It’s easy to start

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to handle the digital marketing side of building and selling a product. You just need to refer other people to buy an already manufactured item. There are so many ways to consider, as well. For example, you can partner with a social media influencer, much like the model espoused in INF method by Mike Gandia, and ride on their follower base to generate traffic

It doesn’t require a high capital 

Generally, there is no cost to join affiliate programs. As long as you have the grit and determination to be proactive in getting affiliates, you can easily earn passive income in a few short months. If you want to get ahead of the competition, however, there are some sites that help you attract traffic more easily for a minimal monthly fee. 

It’s easy to scale

Affiliate marketing offers great potential to scale your earnings, without recruiting other people. For example, you can introduce new products to your current audience or build more campaigns for existing items. There are so many ways to scale your business - you just need to be more imaginative. 


It requires effort

To be clear, all business models require a certain amount of effort. However, with affiliate marketing, you need to always be on your toes to see if your links are working or even if your marketing strategies are panning out. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and you may encounter fake gurus who sell you a DFY system to “instantly” gain followers. 

It doesn’t offer autonomy 

You are entirely dependent on your merchant. Affiliate marketers work on a commission basis, so if your merchant decides to change their strategies or stop the production of their product, you have absolutely no say in the matter. 

It doesn’t offer consistent and reliable income 

Similar to the previous point, you earn through commissions, whether you’re paid by lead, click, or sale. This means that your income will never be consistent - some months may be great, whereas other months may not be so much. Your income is dependent on how much people click your link or whether you’re able to generate traffic

Are There Alternatives to Multiple Income Funnel?

If you’re interested in trying out affiliate marketing for yourself, there are some courses you can consider:

Digital Worth Academy is an online program by Sara Young and Andrew Hansen. The proven system helps you find the correct niche and helps you start a website from scratch and build a successful business. However, this is one of the more expensive courses out there. 

RapidLevelUp is a website hosted by Kenneth Fong. It’s meant to help you get started with affiliate marketing and start your own YouTube channel. Though it’s easy to understand for a beginner, it’s relatively new and has some incomplete modules. 

Affiliate Marketing Boss by Chad Barlett is great for beginners who don't know how to get started. The program offers a DFY service so that you can hit the ground running and earn passive income quicker. However, it relies heavily on paid advertising. 

You can also check out my complete list of the best affiliate marketing courses out in the market today. 

Conclusion: Is Multiple Income Funnel Worth It?

This is a powerful system that sells people a pipe dream. It claims to help you start an online business while also giving you the tools to help others promote their own businesses. That being said, your income potential is directly related to your marketing and selling skills. I am certain that Daniel Kump and Michael Day are successful in using the program, but they are most likely the exceptions rather than the rule. 

Even if Multiple Income Funnel was a legitimate affiliate marketing program, it would require you to be entirely dependent on the merchant’s rules and decisions. A program may be appealing for only a season but may become less competitive over time - and you would not be able to adjust the terms yourself, only pray that the merchant makes adjustments. 

A better business model is local lead generation, which helps attracts better leads by focusing on a specific niche within a defined geographic area. Because you are already talking with an engaged audience, the chances of making a sale are higher. The best part? You can do this all on your own, and you don’t need to rely on other people or earn money by how many friends you have. 

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