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Paid Traffic Mastery Review – 5 Reasons Marketers Avoid Paid Traffic

October 24, 2023

Paid Traffic Mastery by Kasim Aslam is a paid traffic course that shows you how to make money online by running ads on Google. You also learn how to run ads on YouTube and Facebook. Molly Pittman previously taught this course and focused on teaching Facebook ads, but Kasim Aslam is now at the helm with a completely rebranded course.

I've used paid traffic to reach 6-figures in my Shopify dropshipping business, so I am a witness that paid traffic does work but, there are too many moving parts. This is an expensive business model, but if you're looking for a place to learn how to learn how to advertise on social media platforms, this is one of the better courses to invest in because you're learning from some of the best PPC experts in the industry.

In this Paid Traffic Mastery review, we'll cover why some marketers avoid social media marketing with paid traffic in the first place, who Kasim Aslam is, what you learn in each module of this course, if paid traffic is worth it in 2024, and more. I'll also compare paid traffic with Google ads to another popular lead generation business model that allows you to earn a passive income without having to pay for traffic at all.


All instructors are successful at running PPC campaigns for clients on different platforms so, they know what they're talking about

Training on Google, YouTube and Facebook ads

Easy to digest the course material 


They removed the LinkedIn training

No private Facebook group; only phone and email customer support

Paid traffic is not a business model that will pay you passively each month


Paid Traffic Mastery costs $495

Refund Policy

100% money-back guarantee within 30 days


72 videos divided into 7 modules; workbook included with notes, tools, templates & worksheets


Kasim took over this course after Molly Pittman did for some years. They remade the course with new instructors and a new outline in 2022.


They named Kasim one of the top 50 digital marketing thought leaders in 2020.

5 Reasons Marketers Avoid Paid Traffic

1. Expensive

Paid traffic is getting more expensive each year. According to one study, Google's display CPM (cost per thousand) has increased 75% each year over the last few years. Meta's CPM has increased 61% each year and there has been a 185% increase each year with TikTok ads CPM. The trend is clearly upward in terms of ad cost. Those stats are the reason some marketers are avoiding paid traffic, especially new advertisers. According to eMarketer, by 2025, digital ad spend in the United States will pass the $300 million mark. This is proof that it's only going to get more expensive each year to run ads. 

2. Your Ads Can Be Copied

With paid traffic, your ads can easily be copied. This is an annoying reality in the paid traffic space. You can't sue another marketer or company for creating an ad that is like yours. This makes it harder to separate yourself from the competition and makes you spend more money to create the best converting ads and make as much money as you can before your ad is copied again. 

3. Takes Time To Find a Winning Ad/Campaign

To find an ad that converts well and provides you with a great ROAS takes time. In the beginning, you must spend time and money split testing several aspects of your ad campaigns. You've got to test ad copy, calls to action, headlines, images, etc. In the time you take to test out what works, you may be out hundreds or thousands of dollars in only a few days with nothing to show for it. 

4. Fraudulent Clicks

A common issue marketers have with paid traffic is that they receive many fraudulent clicks from competitors and spammers. This results in your ad spend increasing and can force you to turn your ads off. The purpose is to discourage you. It is a cruel world, but using a platform like ClickCease, will help you monitor and control to a certain extent which clicks are fraudulent. 

5. Ad Blockers

Another problem for marketers is that many people have ad blockers on their browsers. In 2022, many people are using new Web3 browsers that block all ads (Brave Browser). As a result, fewer people are seeing your ads.

Who is Kasim Aslam?

Kasim is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, which is one of the top ranked Google agencies in the world. He's a successful internet marketer, entrepreneur, author and speaker. The University of Missouri also named him one of the top 50 Digital Marketing Thought leaders in the US in 2020. 

He was born to a Pakistani father, a mother of Irish descent, and is also a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson.

The Solutions 8 YouTube channel has over 17.4K subscribers and Kasim takes the lead teaching things like PPC strategies, tutorials, best practices, real case studies and more.

Paid Traffic Mastery Course Overview

1) Core Concepts of Paid Traffic

In this first module, Kasim talks about the benefits of paid traffic. He then compares paid traffic with organic traffic. He also gets realistic and speaks on the disadvantages of paid traffic. 

2) Your Tech Stack

In module 2, Kasim talks about conversions, analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), and a quick intro on the role Facebook ads can play. 

3) Crafting Your Campaign Assets

In this module, you learn about creating a customer canvas, ad creatives, how to create high converting ad copy, and how to test ads. 

4) Google Ads

Kasim teaches you all about how to get started running ads on Google. You learn about your keyword strategy, keyword match type, how to set up your Google ads campaign, remarketing, management and optimization of your ads.

5) YouTube Ads

In the module, you learn how to get started with YouTube ads, and how to create funnels and websites. They teach you about metrics, conversions, creatives, and audiences. Finally, you learn to optimize and manage your ad campaigns.

6) Facebook Ad Network

Module 6 teaches you the basics of Facebook ads from learning how to remain compliant with Facebook's terms of services, creating your ads and campaigns, KPIs, optimization and more. If you want to learn more about Facebook monetization, you can check out the FB Income School 2.0.

7) Scaling Your Ads

Finally, module 7 shows you all the ways you can scale your ads. You learn about data analysis, expansion, attribution, the risk of attempting to scale and more.

Is Paid Traffic Mastery worth it?

Paid Traffic Mastery is worth it if you'd like to get a solid introduction to mainly running ads on Google. You also get training on how to advertise on YouTube, and even Facebook. There is a lot of insight provided in this course and you're learning from PPC experts who are still having success in their businesses today. 

This digital marketing course is a bargain because you get to learn about advertising on different ad platforms for just under $500. As a digital marketer, you can't go wrong with this top Google Ads course. If you're unsure of which platform you want to advertise on, this course will be a good place to find out which one you like best.

Is paid traffic worth it in 2024?

Paid traffic is worth it in 2024, but you won't earn a passive income. It's the nature of the beast. Paid ads are an expensive hassle because you have to spend lots of money testing and troubleshooting your ads to find an ad that converts efficiently so you can start seeing profits in your online business. And, that's the thing, you might make a profit. There's no guarantee that your ad will convert or that the ad platform won't suspend your ad account. All the control is out of your hand.

I want to put my money towards something that's easier to scale and that I have more control over.

As is the case with other online business models, you can make money with paid advertising, but it will not be as easy as the online gurus make it seem. Also, it doesn't have the benefits that local lead generation with organic traffic has. Look at the comparison between paid and organic traffic to decide on what's the better option for you and let me know in the comments.

Paid Traffic vs. Organic Traffic

          Paid Traffic
Organic Traffic


Expensive; you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars and not see a worthy return on investment

It's free to get started. You aren't spending any money on PPC ads or split testing them, though you still might pay attention to Google analytics.


You don't choose how long a product or service is going to be offered by a company. You also don't decide how much your commission is going to be or when your payout is. When running ads, an ad platform can suspend your account with no notice.

You are in complete control because you can decide how your digital properties will look, how much you will rent them out for and the frequency you'll be paid. If you don't want to work with a certain company, you can fire them and work with the next eager local business.


Here, you attract ready to buy users. Leads can be generated on the same day they go live and your ad was well put together.

It takes longer to generate leads because you have to rank your sites. But, once you do, you're attracting relevant users just as fast as if you were paying for ads except you get to keep all the extra money as profit. These results are much more durable and your profit margin is much higher because of it. 


Scaling might seem like it should be faster, but not necessarily. Ad exhaustion is a real thing so you need to make sure you make different variations of your best converting ad. Even if you were to promote various products, it is time-consuming to find the winning ad for each product and scale without spending thousands of dollars.

Simply build more lead generation sites and rank them. Spend no money on paid ads and keep all the profit each time you get paid your commission. 

Final Thoughts

7400The long-term benefits of generating traffic organically are much better than doing so with paid traffic. My local lead generation business has benefited from free traffic, which is why I've been earning a passive income ever since 2014. 

I built out over 50 sites similar to this tree care site I built over 7 years ago. This site has paid me $2000 every month ever since I ranked it on Google in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Local lead generation

That's what great about generating leads with organic traffic. Once you rank the site, all you do is send the leads to a local business looking for more work each month. As long as your site is ranked at the top of the search results, your site will generate consistent leads each month.

With local lead generation, you are in control of your business. You choose the niche, you choose who to send your leads to, and you choose how much you're going to get paid each month. 

To join the over 7400 students who are building out their digital real estate empire and renting out digital properties each month without paying for traffic, check out the local lead generation training program.

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