Lester Diaz’ FB Income School 2.0 Review – What Is His Blueprint to Earn $1K-$5K From Facebook in Just 90 Days?

March 25, 2024

FB Income School 2.0 is the flagship online course for learning Facebook monetization. In it, Lester Diaz shows the step-by-step process of building, growing, and monetizing your Facebook page. Lester provides lesson notes for easy referencing or review for each training video. Each course material is regularly updated to follow any changes in Facebook's guidelines. 

Maximizing Facebook's popularity is an excellent way to earn money online. As of January 2023, Statista's record shows Facebook has 3 billion monthly active users or MAU. The social media giant's income from ads was $69.66 billion in 2019 alone. 

There are many ways to earn extra cash from your Facebook page - Facebook ads, in-stream ads, brand collaboration, or branded content. Lester's course covers making videos for reels, in-stream ads, and Facebook ads. But earning from Facebook is not simple. You must be eligible and reach a certain number of viewers to qualify. You need to follow community standards and content monetization rules. Otherwise, Facebook can restrict your page temporarily or permanently.

This FB Income School 2.0 review will give you the pros and cons of Lester Diaz's training program. I'll cover the price, refund policy, and Lester Diaz's reputation. Also, one of the main topics I'll discuss is how FB Income School 2.0 helps you make money on Facebook. We'll find out if you can earn $3K/month on Facebook with this course under 90 days. Finally, we will list FB Income School 2.0 alternatives and present a better business model to earn passive income.

FB Income School 2.0 Review: Pros And Cons


The training program will keep you posted with updated information from Meta. Knowing the new guidelines helps avoid demonetization so you can keep earning income.

FB Income School 2.0 has a private Facebook group where you could ask questions to other members. 

They have an organized dashboard where you’ll find all the training videos. 

Lesson notes come with each video, making it easier to refer back to important details if you want to.


Difficult to find other reviews online aside from the testimonials posted on their website.

Meta also provides online trainings on monetizing your Facebook page for free.

While it says it caters to beginners on Facebook, some newbies might find it too overwhelming or challenging to follow.

Lester claims they already have over 700 FB Income School 2.0 students. However, this number might include those who joined the original Facebook Income School course in 2019.


FB Income School 2.0 costs $197 (discounted price). Its original price is $497.

Refund policy

FB Income School 2.0 refund policy offers full refund within 14 days. But you shouldn't have consumed 50% of the course. 




FB Income School 2.0 has a good reputation so far. You won’t find any negative reviews about the course or scam reports about Lester Diaz.

What Is His Blueprint to Earn $1K-$5K From Facebook in Just 90 Days?

His blueprint to earn $1K to $5K is a 10-point process that includes:

  1. Researching for a niche
  2. Setting up a Facebook page and optimization
  3. Finding your target audience with over 5 million in size
  4. Launching Facebook Ads by spending $3-$5
  5. Scaling top-performing ads 
  6. Using engagement-baiting techniques to attract shares and comments
  7. Uploading 2-5 videos and reels every week 
  8. Applying for monetization once criteria are achieved
  9. Maintaining consistent posting frequency
  10. Growing the page organically

Lester Diaz said this is the blueprint he uses for each Facebook page he launches. He added that he teaches this blueprint is what he teaches to FB Income School 2.0 students.

What Is FB Income School 2.0?

FB Income School 2.0 is a course developed by Lester Diaz where he shows you his 90-day blueprint for building, growing, and monetizing your Facebook page. It is the improved version of the Facebook Income School, a similar training course on Facebook monetization that Lester Diaz started in 2019. In the old version, Lester said he worked with TikTokers, content creators, and YouTubers, helping them profit from millions of followers. He used these experiences, tips, and strategies to create FB Income School 2.0 and help clients grow their audience and support their online business.

If you search for FBincomeschool.com, you'll find a landing page where Lester will ask you to input your email to access the training. In that video, Lester will explain his "3 Secrets" about earning on Facebook and will give a few tips before offering you to sign up for the FB Income School 2.0 program. Lester promises that the course includes the same techniques he used to monetize his Facebook and clients' Facebook pages.

FB Income School 2.0 Facebook page is a members-only page with 761 members as of this writing. Lester created the Facebook group on October 8, 2019. I'll discuss their new features and what you'll get in the succeeding sections. 

What Will You Get From FB Income School 2.0?

You get instant access to resources divided into 5 modules about Facebook monetization from FB Income School 2.0. They have over 50 training videos showing you how to build a Facebook page, grow your followers, and get paid. Each video lesson could run from 15 to 45 minutes, and each course material or subject includes a lesson note for easy review. Below is the complete list of what you will get from FB Income School 2.0.


The Introduction Module contains 5 training videos and will give you an overview of the whole course. It has training videos on niche research and selecting a niche. You can return to this module whenever you create a new Facebook page in a different niche. They will also teach you about niche analysis.

Brand Building

The second module focuses on the foundational knowledge of building a Facebook page. It has 5 video lectures on different topics, from page creation to page security. You will learn how to design your page and how to optimize it. Lester will also teach you how to read the numbers, giving insights into your page’s performance. From that data, you’ll know what strategy works and what doesn’t.

Content Mastery

The Content Mastery module will give you much information related to video content. It has at least 13 videos discussing content strategy and video formats. It covers topics on video resources and licensing.

They will also show you case studies of examples and best practices in video content production. In this module, Lester discusses video outsourcing and will guide you to find professionals to help with your page. You’ll get a template you could use on freelance websites to lead you to a videographer or video editor.

If you plan to create the video yourself, this module contains a lecture on video editing, voiceovers, and uploading. It will also teach you about Facebook reels and how to create, upload, and automate the process.Lester added that he keeps on adding new content to this module. 

Ads & Promotions

This fourth module will teach you how to grow your Facebook followers. It contains videos on different Facebook ads and how to share them with other Facebook groups effectively. Knowing this will help you invite people whom you should be targeting. It will also bring down your cost of ad expenses. This module has followers' invites, ads for followers, and targeting and demographics. You'll discover ad budgeting and testing. Lester will also teach you how to influence engagement, scale your ads, and boost your page views.


After you learn how to create a Facebook page and content and how to boost page promotion, it's time to monetize. The Monetization Module contains at least 9 videos that discuss page monetization. It includes topics on requirements you need to qualify for monetization.

You'll learn how to apply for monetization, and what you must do to complete the requirements. Lester will also discuss how to avoid demonetization and ineligibility. Facebook may restrict your page for various reasons. There are also different violations that you must know.

This module will also guide you on how to appeal your case if, for instance, Facebook restricts your page. Plus, Lester will teach you about the differences between the RPM (revenue per mille) and CPM (cost per mille). These are metrics that are vital to making money for each video.


If you watch Lester’s 17-minute video about FB Income School 2.0 on his YouTube channel, he presented 5 different bonuses if you'd sign up. These include: 

  • Increasing RPM - This strategy will help you increase the cost of your revenue per 1,000 views. 
  • Reposting strategy - Lester says this is the same strategy he uses for his Facebook pages. He also teaches this method to his students to earn money from a video repeatedly. Lester adds that even if you don’t have new video content, you can still monetize your old videos through the repost strategy. 
  • Facebook Live - This hack, as Lester Diaz describes, will teach you how to “go live” on Facebook when you have no time to go live. It’s ‌using a pre-recorded video to “go live” and attract engagement. 
  • Case studies (64K Likes) - Lester added this new lesson to show client success stories. It contains the strategies they used from beginning to end. These could help you reduce the learning curve in monetizing their Facebook pages.
  • Facebook group -  FB Income School 2.0 member gets access to the exclusive Facebook group. It’s a space where you can get tips, see results, or ask questions about your Facebook page monetization.

Done For You

You might see this tab on the member's page. This is not a module. It's a tab where you can see the other services that Lester Diaz offers for those who want to get to the next level. He provides a done for you page and Facebook automation.  

What's New In FB Income School 2.0? 

The case studies lesson on client success is new in FB Income School 2.0. They also have more concise modules and an improved members' area, making it easier to follow through the online program. Below is a comparison of the members' area of the new and old versions.

The FB Income School 2.0 program has only 5 modules. But you'll find 8 modules in the old Facebook Income School version. It has at least 47 videos. The shortest video summarizes what you can expect from the course content and runs for 1 minute and 1 second.

The longest video is the video on researching a niche, which runs for 18 minutes and 47 seconds. Online data shows that the old version is $99. But a website called Trades Mint sells it for only $5. Meanwhile, the new course is $197 at a discounted price. 

How Does FB Income School 2.0 Help You Make Money On Facebook? 

FB Income School 2.0 helps you make money on Facebook by teaching you the fundamental step-by-step process of Facebook monetization. Lester’s 90-day blueprint covers topics from content creation to effective use of ads and growing your audience. The course also covers requirements to be eligible for monetization and what not to do to avoid ineligibility.

Lester Diaz will explain how Facebook ads work. You’ll also learn about the Facebook algorithm. Understanding these concepts is vital in setting up strategies to optimize posts and grow the audience. It also leads to increased views and profit. Lester promises this is the same method he used to grow his online business.

Who Is FB Income School 2.0 For?

FB Income School 2.0 is for content creators wanting to monetize their pages. Lester Diaz designed the course to help beginners in Facebook monetization and experienced content creators. TikTokers and YouTubers will also find the digital program a helpful resource. Social media users link their accounts from various platforms to Facebook, allowing them to attract followers and increase views. 

Who Is FB Income School 2.0 Not For?

FB Income School 2.0 is not for those without time to produce content. It is also not for those unwilling to follow Facebook community standards and monetization policies. Monetizing on Facebook requires time and effort to post content that offers value to the audience. You cannot rely on reposting other people’s content because that violates Facebook guidelines.

Are the Students of FB Income School 2.0 Getting Results?

Yes, the students of FB Income 2.0 are getting results if you look at the available student testimonials on their website.

Darius Bowie, a comedian from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, says Lester’s videos helped him grow his fans by thousands.

Gaylan Stallings, from Los Angeles, California, appears to be the CEO and founder of InstaRevelation Marketing. Gaylan says the FB Income School had no fluff and presented information straight to the point. 

Omotola Ayodele from Dublin, Ireland, earned $336.04 in 28 days after applying the strategies taught by Lester Diaz. In her review, Omotola added her reach grew to 50 million, and she could monetize her page. Omotola, in a separate video review, said she also learned to use applications to edit her videos. After verifying Omotola, I came across this Facebook page of Omotola Ayodele (Queen Omotee). The page has 16K followers. 

Other students say before joining Facebook Income School, they didn’t know it was possible to monetize their page. One student named Sandra Sanchez-Vega said her second Facebook page grew to almost 5,000 followers after 3 months, enabling her to qualify for monetization.

Is FB Income School Worth It?

Yes, FB Income School is worth it for those who want to earn money from their Facebook page. FB Income School 2.0 provides a learning platform to access information on the basics of setting up your page to the more technical side of video editing, page optimization, and Facebook ad revenue. It covers the requirements for Facebook monetization. It has more or less complete resources to help you from start to finish.

FB Income School 2.0 is also affordable even for beginners. Although, you can get the information for free when you search the internet. Meta has loads of free training and additional resources to help you set up your page for monetization.

Lester's program also has a sound refund policy, and no complaints have been recorded on it so far. But, just note, as of this writing, you can find no other reviews or testimonies besides those posted on their sales page. 

Who Is Lester Diaz?

Lester Diaz is the creator of FB Income School 2.0 (aka FB Income School 2.0). His Instagram account shows he is a Social Media Monetization Coach. He has 12K followers on IG. Lester is also an affiliate marketer and a social media expert who teaches content creators how to earn money from their brands

Lester’s YouTube channel started on October 31, 2013. He currently has 97.4K subscribers and 607 videos.

Lester Diaz has a website page where he posts the services he offers. His page mentions that he has helped brands and content creators to earn from social media. Yet, it has no information on his education or work background. There are also no threads about Lester Diaz on TrustPilot, Quora, and Reddit. But you can see one thread about the old version of the FB Income School, although with no relevant comments.

Lester Diaz Other Services

  • Facebook Ads Services. Lester Diaz offers Facebook ads services to help those who want to increase their page traffic and leads. This service is for creators who want to get more followers. You can use this as a onetime setup or on a monthly continuous service.
  • Monthly Coaching. The Monthly Coaching service is an ongoing 1:1 consultation and coaching from Lester Diaz. 
  • Facebook Automation. This service is for experienced creators, brands, and influencers. Automating the process allows you to go past the inconvenience of video editing and setting up Facebook ads. Facebook automation can help you boost monetization.

Lester Diaz Claims: Earn $3,000/Month On Facebook With This Course in Under 90 Days

Lester Diaz claims that using his 90-day blueprint, you can earn $1,000-$5,000 a month with Facebook. Lester says that with their viral method taught in FB Income School 2.0, you can make thousands from Facebook in 90 days or fewer. If you check his story tab on the FB Income School 2.0 website, you’ll see that he claims to have taught this strategy to thousands of people. His online business model includes content creation on a Facebook page and leveraging Facebook ads, Facebook Live, and reels to grow your audience. The end goal is to qualify for Facebook monetization, earn income, and achieve financial freedom.

Lester Diaz Claims Debunked: Can You Earn $3K/Month On Facebook With This Course Under 90 Days?

You can earn $3K/month with Facebook with this course in under 90 days if you are already an established content creator or brand owner with a defined niche and a community of followers. This earning is also possible if you are already using other social media channels and, again, have already built a name online. However, if you are still a beginner on social media platforms, earning $3K/month with Facebook with this course under 90 days is very challenging. Also, Facebook monetization is not really the best way to earn passive income and here are the reasons why: 

  • Research and hard work for audience acquisition: It will take much of your time to research a niche site and find those with big audiences. In his 90-day blueprint, Lester says you must upload at least 2 or up to 5 videos and reels weekly for an ongoing campaign. You need time to do all this. 
  • Need for quality and engaging content: After finding a niche, you need to create quality content. Content that offers value to followers brings in engagement. Sure, you can work with video editors or hire other talents to help you, but the initial efforts of planning and selecting topics for content are on you. Plus, hiring other people is an additional expense. 
  • Need to follow Facebook community guidelines: Once you meet the required watch time, you must apply for monetization. Note that following Facebook’s community standard is essential to monetizing your page. Even if you have achieved the required number of followers and views, but your content violates the community standards and monetization policies, you still cannot make money from your page.

For payments, even when you get paid, Facebook can still take action because of violations. As of September 15, 2023, here is the list of actions that Facebook can take where there is a violation. 

For reference, this is the updated terms that will take effect starting October 31, 2023.

Even Lester Diaz teaches his students that there are varying factors in Facebook monetization. One of the factor is consistency of content creation.

What Is Facebook Monetization? 

Facebook monetization is a way to earn money from the content you post on your Facebook page, so long as you adhere to the platform's community standards and monetization eligibility policies. 

You can choose different ways of making income from their page. Publishers and creators can make money from their authentic content on Facebook, whether through a written blog post or video. Facebook ads, in-stream ads, Facebook Live, and branded content are ways to earn money from Facebook. Other ways include::

  • Product selling
  • Paid subscriptions
  • Branded and sponsored content
  • Instant articles
  • Stars
  • In-app purchases
  • Affiliate marketing

But, it is essential to note that Facebook can demonetize an account if it violates their community standards. One way to ensure continuous monetization is by following Facebook's guidelines and policies related to content monetization, user safety, copyright infringement, and intellectual property.

The social media giant also has a Creator Studio, an all-in-one tool for Facebook users to create and manage content and pages. It's also a place to track their performance and get updates on new monetization opportunities, like a Google Analytics feature.

How To Monetize Facebook Account? 

  • Create a clear goal. Monetizing is not just about creating a page and posting anything under the sun. Hootsuite advises to follow the SMART or specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals when using social media for business.  
  • Pick a niche. This is the first step in monetizing Facebook pages. Even Lester Diaz's 90-day blueprint shows that researching a niche is the first thing to do before setting up your Facebook page. You can check a niche website as a start.  
  • Set up your page and create engaging content. Once you have chosen a niche with many audiences, set up your Facebook page. Then, publish or post video or blog articles that offer value to your target market. This step will help ensure that you are growing a community. 
  • Choose your monetization method. Whether using Facebook ads, in-stream ads, or partnering with a brand for a collaboration, you have many options for monetization. If you have products to sell, you can also post them on Facebook Marketplace or make sponsored content through Facebook blogging.  
  • Create Facebook Ads. Spend a few dollars on Facebook ads to grow your audience fast. This will connect you to your prospective followers. Lester Diaz says you can begin with a $3-$5 budget for Facebook Ads.
  • Engage with your audience. Be active on social media. Start by posting responses and engaging with those who leave reactions or comments on your posts. You can also utilize link building between your social media channels for more reach.
  • Upload valuable content regularlyKeep your followers engaged and updated with the latest info about your brand. When people find your content worthwhile, they will share your posts. In that way, you can grow your followers organically.
  • Check your eligibility for Facebook monetizationNow that you have a solid number of followers, you can check your eligibility for Facebook monetization. Requirements vary depending on how you want to earn from Facebook. If you choose to make money from Facebook stars, Meta's Business Center says you need at least 500 followers for 30 days (must be consecutive) to qualify. For in-stream ads, you need at least 10,000 followers on your Facebook Page (not a profile page). You need to generate a minimum of 600,000 total minutes viewed for the last 60 days.
  • Pass Facebook's Partner Monetization Policies (PMP) and follow the community standards.  All Facebook users should always follow the community standards. However, not all content appropriate materials can be monetized. Facebook has separate policies for that - the Partner Monetization Policies (PMP) and the Content Monetization Plan (CMP).

How Do You Qualify For Facebook Monetization?

To qualify for Facebook monetization, you must first pass Facebook's Partner Monetization Policies and maintain compliance with their rules, including Content Monetization Policies. PMP is the policy applicable to Facebook Pages, events, groups, and professional profiles. CMP‌ covers prohibited formats and prohibited behaviors. You should also make it a habit to review Facebook's guidelines to avoid demonetization. 

You can determine if your page qualifies for monetization through the Meta Business Suite. The page has a Monetization tab where you can check your status and your Page's eligibility. The page contains what Monetization options you can use. 

Here are the requirements for some of the Facebook Monetization options:

  • Facebook Stars - You can earn stars during your live video. If you choose to make money from Facebook stars, Meta's Business Center says you need at least 500 followers for 30 days (must be consecutive) to qualify. 
  • In-Stream Ads - For in-stream ads, you need at least 10,000 followers on your Facebook Page (not a profile page). You need to generate a minimum of 600,000 total minutes viewed for the last 60 days.
  • Subscriptions - Besides PMP and CMP, Facebook also has Fan Subscription Creator Terms. These three guidelines are necessary to use Subscriptions. Facebook also requires each Page to have at least 10,000 followers, over 250 return viewers, and 50,000 post engagements, or 180,000 watch minutes in the last 60 days.
  • Brand Collabs Manager - You can also partner with brands that look for those Facebook users with active and loyal following. To qualify for Brand Collabs Manager, you must sign up for Meta Brand Collab Manager. Regarding the required number of followers, you need at least 1,000 with either 15K post engagement, 30K one-minute views, or 180K minutes viewed during the last 60-day period.
  • Reels Play - Facebook’s new bonus program on Facebook (and Instagram) pays a bonus for those who get at least 1,000 views on their Reels for 30 days. However, this is an invitation-only program. Facebook will notify you through the app or the Creator Studio. One requirement for qualification is that you must own the content.

How Much Money Can You Make On Facebook? 

$1,000 to $10,000 monthly is the money you can make on Facebook if you are a successful content creator. A 2021 article by Yoav Arnstein, director of Facebook App Monetization, published by Meta, showed an 88% increase in content creators earning $10,000 monthly from 2019 to 2020. Those who earn $1,000 monthly also grew by 94% during the same period. Generally, the income a Facebook user can make from his Facebook Page varies depending on the type of monetization option he has (like an affiliate link, Facebook Live, etc.), ad spending, and hard work. 

Pros and Cons of Facebook Monetization

What are the benefits of Facebook monetization?

High potential for earning  income because of Facebook's popularity.

Various options to monetize.

Facebook has free courses on monetization that are creator-friendly.

Accountability built in the training with earning badges by proving that you completed certain tasks with screenshots

What are the disadvantages of Facebook monetization? 

Facebook monetization and understanding Facebook algorithm can be challenging for some, especially for beginners.

You need to be updated with their policies regularly.

Earnings fluctuate because of various factors.

You don’t have full control over your earnings because you rely on a third party platform.

Facebook Income School 2.0 Alternatives

  • 4080 Scaling Academy by Ethan Bence is an affordable online training course that teaches you how to scale your Facebook Ads on a Facebook page and increase their income generating capacity.
  • Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is an online course developed by Kevin David that provides detailed information on maximizing Facebook ads.
  • 6 Figure Agency is a foundational course on building a Facebook Ad agency as an online business developed by Billy Wilson.

Conclusion: Is Facebook Monetization The Best Business Model To Earn Money Online? 

Yes, Facebook monetization can be the best business model to earn money online for content creators who have already built a solid number of followers. However, unlike in local lead generation, beginners could take a while to earn money from Facebook monetization. To monetize on Facebook, you’d need to apply for eligibility and wait for approval from Facebook.

A requirement to qualify is to reach a certain number of followers first. For video monetization, Facebook reviews the content, which takes 24-48 hours. But Facebook said that sometimes it takes longer. To find out how long it took people to grow their followers, we checked on Quora and found Stephen Peel sharing his experience.

Stephen said it took him a year to get from zero to 2,000 followers. However, when facing monetization issues, some Reddit users said it took them years. A Reddit user named Langher said it almost took 3 years for Facebook to resolve the issue.

This is the downside of monetization. Because you rely on a third-party platform, you have lesser control of the business, affecting the predictability of your revenue. With local lead generation, you don’t need any platform to check your eligibility. Like Facebook monetization, you also select a niche to focus on. Then, you’ll build and rank a website, which the local business owners will earn. 

Local lead generation

But unlike using Facebook’s platform, you don’t need to spend so much time and money to grow your followers. I can rank the site and forget about it using free traffic lead generation. Take this tree care site, which I built for $500 in 2015. It pays me $2,000 a month in passive income. The website is also your property, so you have more control. If you want to learn about this business model, which you could run on autopilot and join over 7,000 other students in our local lead generation training program

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