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Passion Product Formula Review: 3 Glaring Issues with Travis Marziani’s Amazon FBA Strategy

June 20, 2024

The Passion Product Formula is an Amazon FBA course by Travis Marziani teaches you how to make money online by selling products on Amazon that you're passionate about instead of selling products created by other brands or products you might not care about. 

Amazon FBA has clear drawbacks because of how much money you need to put into paid traffic ads. Days can pass where you see no results as you split test different ad formats. You also have to compete for the Buy Box with other Amazon Sellers and larger brands who are signing up for Amazon Seller accounts themselves to cut out the middlemen.

In this article, we break down the latest version of the Passion Product Formula. You'll read what comes with your purchase of the course and if anything Travis teaches is worth the hype.

Passion Product Formula Review: Pros and Cons


Travis Marziani is a 7-figure eCommerce Amazon seller.

The course is short and to the point with step-by-step instruction.

You get four 1-on-1 sessions with Travis.

He regularly updates the course. 

Tim Marziani teaches a method that is a fresh take on the Amazon FBA retail arbitrage business model.


You must complete the first 4 modules and certain tasks before getting to talk with Travis.

Amazon FBA is not Travis’ main online business. He doesn't have an extensive record of launching many products.

High investment of $15-$20K to start this business.

It takes time to build a following on social media and promote any product you sell on the Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon PPC can get expensive.


The Passion Product Formula costs $997.

Refund Policy

You can get a refund on Passion Product because they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.


There are 117 training videos broken into 9 modules. You get worksheets, checklists, and templates to help you in your Amazon business.


The Passion Product Formula has a private Facebook group where you can show off your products, get feedback from other sellers, and support each other.


Travis created the Passion Product Formula in 2019 and updated it in 2022. 


Travis has a good reputation online.

June 20, 2024

I enrolled in the course but ended up requesting a refund after a few weeks. The content provided didn’t offer any unique value beyond what you can find for free online. The weekly sessions were taught by one of Travis’s students who started his own business only a few years ago, based on an idea Travis shared in a YouTube video…not Travis. This guy with limited experience is trying to teach us how to generate good business ideas. When a fellow student respectfully questioned one of his points, he became flustered and condescending, and sarcastic. i took this as my cue to leave. Politely thanked him and got my refund. The course is a complete waste of time and money. I think its really just a funnel for Travis to sell an even more expensive course. If you value your resources, steer clear of this


1.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

3 Glaring Issues with the Passion Product Formula

  • You miss out on the opportunities that have nothing to do with your passion. If you're married to your old idea, you won't have the awareness to jump on a profitable product, even if it isn't something you're into.
  • If your chosen passion product is not in a great niche, you could be entering a space with far too much competition. When this happens, you might be out before you even get the chance to sell a single product. 
  • Paid traffic is expensive and the CPM on each ad platform is rising each year.

Now, a passion product may be the right business model if you're very knowledgeable about a particular product, and it just so happens that the competition for that product is consistently low on Amazon. Of course, this will differ case by case. 

What is Included in The Passion Product Formula Course?

Included in the Passion Product Formula course, you get hundreds of step-by-step videos, live weekly Q&As, bonus courses,and more. Below is the Passion Product Formula overview of each module of the course.


This first section is where Travis gives you a course overview to give you an introduction to what you'll learn.

Module 1 - Create Your Idea

The first module trains on you how to come up with product ideas with Travis' Idea Generator.

Module 2 - Validate Your Idea

This module helps you with a 100-point product validation template. You will also learn to leverage social media to help you decide if your product will succeed.

Module 3 - Create Your Brand

Module 3 helps you follow a step-by-step checklist to create a brand that will give you an edge over your competitors and increase sales.

Module 4 - Create Raving Fans

This module focuses on helping you build a following because it will help increase your sales whenever you promote a product or service.

Module 5 - Create Your Business

Module 5 touches on how to get business licenses, certifications, and trademarks. You'll also learn how to hire a virtual assistant to help take on more work.

Module 6 - Crowd Fund

Travis teaches you how to create a KickStarter account to help keep startup costs to a minimum. He shares email templates and shows you how to get influencers and blogs to promote your products.

Module 7 - Production

Travis teaches you how to negotiate with suppliers. You learn to understand UPC codes and you get help to plan production and order the right amount of product inventory.

Module 8 - Amazon Launch

This module helps you to launch your Amazon products. Travis believes that the day of your launch is big for your sales. Your success is determined by the strength of your crowd funding and marketing prior to launching on Amazon.

Module 9 - Bonus Shopify

Travis teaches you how to scale your Amazon business to Shopify.

Courses Included with Passion Product Formula Purchase

When you purchase the course, you also get the following free courses from Travis'.

  • Google Ads Course
  • Shopify Course
  • Facebook Ads Course
  • YouTube Course

What is the Passion Product Formula Login?

The Passion Product Formula login page is where students can login to their dashboard and access the course and bonus material.

What Do People Say About the Passion Product Formula?

People say many things about the Passion Product Formula. Travis features many students on his YouTube channel and they discuss their real profit margins, sales, and expenses.

happy student

There aren’t many candid reviews from actual students off of his platform, but below, I reveal some online reviews about the course.

What is Passion Product Formula Reddit?

The Passion Product Formula reviews on Reddit are mixed. This person said the training videos in Passion Product Formula are good and detailed and that all the info you get in this course is what you need to get started selling on Amazon.

This next person said they realized the content they found in the Passion Product was information that could be found on Travis's YouTube channel and that the course's quality was of low quality.

Is the Passion Product Formula Worth It?

The Passion Product Formula is worth it if you find a profitable product and have the money to pay for marketing them. The most important thing is you have some money set aside $10K+ and you have at least 2-3 hours daily that you can spend on this business. You can make money with Passion Product Formula, but it will require your constant attention if you want to become and remain profitable. 

Who is Travis Marziani?

Travis Marziani is a 7+ figure eCommerce seller from Los Angeles, California. He attended the University of Southern California for a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After working 9-5 jobs, he read the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and sought out a way to earn a passive income.

Travis started selling online by creating a dancewear brand with his mother, called BDancewear. Then, he launched his Performance Nut Butter Brand. He would develop the brand on Instagram and Facebook, raise over $15K on Kickstarter, sell it, and help his students launch their own passion products on Amazon. He has taught courses that include 25K eCommerce Profit Plan and Beginners Facebook Ad Course.

Today, Travis shares free tips on YouTube about Amazon FBA, Shopify, Google ads, and more to drive traffic to his Passion Product Formula course, where he teaches all of his strategies. In these videos, he shares a realistic view of selling online without flaunting his wealth. 

He has over 315,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and he has an active podcast called Effective Ecommerce Podcast where in his YouTube videos, he talks about strategies to have success with Amazon FBA. Previous podcasts he hosted over the years are The Passion Product Show on Google podcasts and Build My Online Store podcast with Terry Lin on Apple podcasts.

What is Travis Marziani Net Worth?

Travis Marziani has a net worth of between $1 million and $4 million. You get to this number when you consider how many people have paid for his courses and the money he makes from his YouTube channel.

Is Travis Marziani a Scam?

Travis Marziani is not a scam because his strategy for selling on Amazon is proven to work, he provides value in the content of his course and he provides support to his private community.

Amazon FBA Challenges

  • You need sufficient capital to begin. Anticipate investing at least $15K for a Passion product or private labeling products. It also takes time to see profits. Sellers regularly report 6+ months to get the business off the ground.
  • Negotiating with suppliers is intimidating. It's a specialized skill. If you can’t make a good deal, your business could go under.
  • Do you know the best shipping company? Do you understand paid advertising? Can you generate organic traffic to a product listing through Amazon SEO best practices? You need to find a course that teaches you each step of the process. There's a lot of moving pieces.
  • Amazon’s Terms of Service are extensive and ever-changing. You also must follow state and federal selling and tax rules. If you do not follow their TOS, even if its unintentional, Amazon can shut down your account.

Is Amazon FBA Profitable in 2024?

 Amazon FBA is profitable still in 2024 if you can find product categories that aren't dominated by big brands or suppliers that undercut everyone's prices. Amazon FBA became more competitive in recent years as more companies that can operate on thin margins joined FBA themselves. Today, it takes 3rd party sellers more skill & patience to find low-hanging fruit niches and use excellent product listing optimization & PPC advertising strategies. Sellers are also getting more involved with product innovation to differentiate themselves from the competition. Therefore, as time goes on, consistent success with Amazon FBA involves mastering more skill-sets.

According to a study, 25% of Amazon sellers earn a monthly profit of $1250-$6250 and 20% earned over $6000. Overall, 40% of sellers make some sort of profit, but not all of them show profits long-term. Last, only 6% are millionaires.

The Amazon FBA success rate is clear, but there are too many moving parts in this business model. Your attention has to always be on different parts, which removes the element of earning a residual passive income. That is one of the reasons many people fail at Amazon FBA.

You can make money starting an Amazon FBA store on a tight budget, but it won't offer the benefits of the local lead generation business model.

Passion Product Formula Alternatives

Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders teaches you how to make money with the private label Amazon FBA business model. You learn every step of the process from an active 8-figure Amazon seller and there is live weekly coaching.

Price: Private Label Masters costs $5,000.

More Info: Private Label Masters Review

FBA Masterclass by Tom Wang also teaches you how to sell private label products from China to sell them on Amazon with the FBA model. Tom teaches up-to-date strategies to sell products profitably, and he shares DFY templates and systems for his private community.

Price: FBA Masterclass costs $6,997.

More Info: FBA Masterclass Review

AMZ Champions 4.0 by Trevin Peterson shows you how to create your Amazon business from scratch. You learn how to generate reviews for your listings, rank your products, master PPC ads, and more. He also verifies 5 products for you.

Price: AMZ Champions costs $1,497.

More Info: AMZ Champions Review

A Different Business Model: Local Lead Generation

Instead of researching a product, manufacturing it, creating a brand, waiting for sales, and extensive advertising, all you need to do is build and rank a simple website for a local business. Small businesses pay you for the leads your service site generates. Once the site is ranked, you get to enjoy a residual passive income. You'll see a profit margin of over 95% once your digital real estate properties are in place. To learn more about how to make money without having to deal with physical products and pay for ads, look at the local lead generation business model.

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  1. The course IS A SCAM. It is nothing more than free stuff on YouTube. I did the course. It's useless. Plus, he outsources everything to others. You will never see or get replies from him. He thinks he is too big now lol.

    Also, I asked him to refund me when I was in the 30-day money-back guarantee. He changed it to 14 days on his website and said no refunds. The good news is that I got many videos from his website that say its 30 days.

    I am disputing this charge with my bank. DO NOT BUY his course.

  2. As alternative passive income Lead generation can support the Amazon FBA.. Online business still open for those who are ready to learn more tactics and practice them.
    Its a new way of doing business that we have today.

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