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Passion Product Formula Review: 3 Glaring Issues with Travis Marziani’s Amazon FBA Strategy

October 19, 2022

The Travis Marziani Passion Product Formula teaches you how to sell products you are passionate about and sell them on Amazon, rather than products created by other brands and/or products you might not care about.

Within the course, Travis trains you how to generate a product idea that drives your passion. You'll learn how to conduct product research to see if your idea is lucrative, cultivate a following before the product exists, use KickStarter to fund the entire project, create a brand, negotiate with manufacturers, and launch the product successfully with your loyal Tribe supporting you. 

In this Passion Product Formula review, we break down its latest version, Passion Product Formula 3.0. Travis released it in March 2022. We’ll answer: Is Travis’ proven system worth the hype? Is focusing on passion product an excellent strategy for selling products on Amazon? And how does the passion product compare to the local lead generation business model, where we create digital assets without the need of a Kickstarter campaign, or a strong social media following?


Travis Marziani is a 7-figure eCommerce business seller.

You get 4 1-on-1 sessions with Travis.

He regularly updates his course. All future updates are yours with a single purchase.

It’s a fresh take on the Amazon FBA business model.


You must complete the first 4 modules and certain tasks before getting to talk with Travis.

Travis’ main online business is YouTube and this course, not his Amazon business. He doesn't have an extensive record of launching many products.

You must invest $15-$20K besides the cost of the course to start this business.

You won't only use Amazon PPC. You must build a following on social media, crowdfund, and more.



Refund Policy

30-day money-back guarantee. 365 day refund if you are not profitable after completing the course, tasks, and launching your product.


117 videos broken into 9 modules with worksheets, checklists, and templates.


Facebook “Mastermind” Community




There isn’t much out there besides skeptical YouTube viewers. Otherwise, there are happy customers on Travis’ platform.

3 Glaring Issues with the Passion Product Formula

  • You will miss out on all the opportunities out there that have nothing to do with your passion. Trending, brand new products can open new opportunities. If you're married to your old idea, you won't have the awareness to jump on a new product.
  • Similarly, the most mundane products are sometimes extremely profitable. Travis' girlfriend's passion product was a complicated "wine flashcards" set, which required a ton of design work. She had to proofread the entire set of cards and still missed typos. If she had chosen to sell something more simple, like a blank wine trail journal, she may have been able to simplify the process. 
  • What if your chosen passion product is not in a great niche? This could mean you're entering a space with far too much competition. When this happens, you might be out before you even get the chance to sell a single product.

Now, a passion product may be the right business model if you're very knowledgeable about a particular product, and it just so happens that the competition for that product is consistently low on Amazon. Of course, this will differ case by case. 

Who is Travis Marziani, Founder of the Passion Product Formula?

Travis Marziani is a 7+ figure eCommerce seller who taught courses like 25K eCommerce Profit Plan, Beginners Facebook Ad Course & now the Passion Product Formula. He also had an active podcast for years with Terry Lin. He started selling online by creating a dancewear brand with his mother. Then, he launched his Performance Nut Butter Brand. He would develop the brand, sell it, and help his student (and girlfriend) launch their own passion products on Amazon. Today, Travis shares free tips on YouTube about Amazon FBA, Shopify, Google ads, and more to drive traffic to the Passion Product Formula course. In these videos, he shares a realistic view of selling online without flaunting his wealth.

How Travis Marziani Got Started with Amazon FBA

Travis loves working when there is an incentive. However, there was no incentive in the corporate world. He read Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. This inspired him to learn more about passive income. For his first 4-5 years of selling products online, he created and sold dance clothing for his brand BDancewear. Unfortunately, he didn’t enjoy this either. 

So, he launched Performance Nut Butter, a product that he cared about. He built interest via Instagram before buying the product. He grabbed emails, started a Facebook group, and raised $15K on a Kickstarter. This strategy ended up being the basis for the Passion Product Formula.

Travis has also hosted his own podcasts over the years:

Is Travis Marziani a Scam?

No, Travis Marziani is not a scam. His strategy for selling on Amazon works. It's proven. Many people have bought into his strategy. And, many podcasters have featured Travis on their shows, including:

  These Travis Marziani reviews also state that Travis isn't a fake guru.

travis marziani reddit
travis marziani reddit

What is the Passion Product Formula?

The Passion Product Formula course explains how to create your own product rather than selling another brand's product. You come up with your product idea, design elements of the product yourself, and order it from a supplier (often Alibaba). Then, you sell it using Amazon FBA. 

The course is short and to the point. The step-by-step videos and over-the-shoulder demonstrations make learning easy.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is a business model. You sell products and pay Amazon to handle or “fulfill” the orders. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Travis’ passion product is one strategy for this business model. 

You design the Amazon FBA passion product. Your manufacturer will ship the product directly to an Amazon warehouse. When a customer sees your product listing and orders, Amazon handles shipping.

This differs from Amazon FBA private label because this is YOUR product. It's not another product that you slap a logo on.

What Do People Say About the Passion Product Formula?

People like the Passion Product Formula. Travis features many students on his YouTube channel. They discuss their real profit margins, sales, and expenses. It’s not completely clear if he pays these individuals to share their experience or not.

happy student

There aren’t many candid reviews from actual students off of his platform. I have found many skeptical comments on his YouTube videos, like this one:

skeptical review

How Much Does the Passion Product Formula Course Cost?

This Travis Marziani course cost is $997. He values it at $6,073. Also, Travis promotes a free course. However, he is talking about his 365 day refund policy.

Can You Get a Refund on Passion Product Formula?

Yes, you can get a refund from Travis Marziani in TWO ways. First, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Second, he also offers to refund you in 365 days if you complete all tasks, launch your product on amazon, and still make no profit after completing the course.

This shady marketing tactic is just his way of getting you to click. Note that you will need thousands of dollars to launch your product. You won't get this money back. Yes, you might fund the entire project through Kickstarter, but this seems like a lot of work for a guaranteed $1000.

What Do You Get with Passion Product Formula?

You get 117 step-by-step videos, live weekly Q&As, bonus courses, a Facebook group membership, and much more.

What’s Inside the Passion Product Formula Course?


This first section is like Travis’ YouTube channel. A valuable addition is a video on 10 books that he believes are important for success.

1: Create an Idea

The first module trains you on Travis’ Idea Generator. This is a process he uses to come up with ideas. It's basic. But this is the basis of Travis’ method. You’ll get hyped hearing him explain it.

2: Validate Your Idea

Will your product be successful on Amazon? This module helps you with a 100-point product validation template. You will also learn how to use social media to ask others what they think of your product idea.

3: Create Your Brand

With Travis’ strategy, creating your brand goes far beyond paying for a logo. You will follow a step-by-step checklist to create a brand that is tempting for your audience. 

4: Create Raving Fans

Creating your brand also includes building an audience. Travis believes that having a following will help your sales grow higher in the long run. So, you will spend more time marketing and reaching out to potential customers, building a social media presence, and build relationships with your “tribe”.

5: Create your Business

This module includes how to get business licenses, certifications, and trademarks. 

6: Crowd Fund

Travis uses crowdfunding to keep his startup costs to a minimum. He’ll give you email templates to use. He will teach you how to launch a Kickstarter successfully.

7: Production

Travis claims figuring out manufacturing is extremely easy. He will teach you how to negotiate confidently with suppliers. Travis will help you understand UPC codes. He will also help you plan production and order the right amount of product inventory.

8: Amazon Launch

Travis believes that day 1 is the biggest day for your sales on Amazon. How day 1 goes will significantly affect the long term of your business. Your success is determined by the strength of your crowd funding and marketing prior to launching on Amazon.

He will also help you understand Amazon PPC.

9: Scaling beyond Amazon

Travis will teach you how to scale your business off of Amazon and onto Shopify, where you can avoid extensive Amazon FBA fees.

Other Travis Marziani Courses INCLUDED in the Passion Product Formula

With your purchase of the course, you also get Travis’ older courses for FREE:

Travis sold these through Effective eCommerce. This is/was his catch all brand, before combining everything into how the Passion Product Formula course.

Any Bonus Materials in the Passion Product Formula Course?

Yes, Travis includes worksheets, checklists, and other hands-on activities throughout the course.

Is There a Passion Product Formula Community?

Yes. There is a mastermind group on Facebook. Show off your product. Get feedback from other sellers. People in the group want to support one another. They may order each other’s products. Travis wants to expand this supportive community in the future.

Does Travis Marziani Offer Live Coaching?

Yes. Travis holds live Q&A sessions with him and others in the course. You can ask questions and learn from others. This group comprises beginners like you. Travis also assigns you an accountability buddy. 

Travis offers one-on-one help. Every student gets 4 calls after completing the first four modules and completing some actionable tasks.

Is the Passion Product Formula Course Up to Date?

Yes. Travis updates his course often. The latest version is “The Passion Product Formula Version 3.0”. If you buy the course, you automatically get every update. This is one of the biggest perks that comes along with the Passion Product Formula.

Passion Product Formula Review: Is Travis Marziani Legit or Scammer?

Travis Marziani is legit. But he adds more clickbait every day. He has sold successful products online. He’s extremely upfront about his product, numbers, Amazon FBA mistakes, and challenges. His YouTube channel is more honest compared to more scammy Amazon FBA coaches. 

However, his own sales page says that he is “more successful” on YouTube. So, he probably makes most of his money making videos and selling this course. He even admits he has focused more on his students and his YouTube channel than on managing his products.

NOTE: Travis recently sold Performance Nut Butter to an 8-figure Amazon seller for a terrible deal. He gave over 75% of his business for what he had in his business savings account and the cost of previously purchased inventory.

Is the Passion Product Formula Worth It?

This course might be worth it if you thrive in situations where emotion and passion drive you. If you are more logically minded, you might do better with the Amazon Wholesale model. The most important thing is you have some money set aside $10K+ and you have at least 2-3 hours daily that you can spend on this business.

What are some Alternative Amazon FBA Courses?

Tim Sanders is an active 8 figure seller with over 120+ products launched to date, his course is called the Private Label Masters. Tim is also very honest about results. But, he currently sells. He is much less click-baity. This course costs $5000. Tim teaches you to sell whatever makes you the best profit margins & have the highest chances to succeed, even the most mundane products like napkins or paper plates.

There's also another course by Tom Wang called the FBA Masterclass that has gained popularity in recent years. Like Tim, Tom also focuses on selling "boring" products that cost $50 or less. He stays away from high-ticket products because lower-ticket products get more impulsive purchases.

For a more affordable course, try AMZ Champions 4.0, at $997. Travis Peterson has 4 years of selling experience, weekly live coaching calls and gives you his stamp of approval on your product research picks.

Amazon FBA Challenges

  • You need sufficient capital to begin. Anticipate investing at least $15K for a Passion product or private label product. It also takes time to see profits. Sellers regularly report 6+ months to get the business off the ground.
  • Negotiating with suppliers is intimidating. It's a specialized skill. If you can’t make a good deal, your business could go under.
  • Do you know the best shipping company? Do you understand paid advertising? Can you generate organic traffic to a product listing through SEO best practices? You need to find a course that teaches you each step of the process. There's a lot of moving pieces.
  • Amazon’s Terms of Service are extensive and ever-changing. You also must follow state and federal selling and tax rules. If you do not follow their TOS, even if its unintentional, Amazon can shut down your account.

What is the Success Rate of Amazon FBA or Passion Product Formula?

25% of sellers earn a monthly profit of $1250-$6250. 20% earned over $6000. Overall, 40% of sellers make some sort of profit, but not all of them show profits long-term. Only 6% are millionaires.

The Amazon FBA success rate is clear. However, the success rate of students within the Passion Product Formula course is unclear. This might be because it's a young course. There aren’t many reviews online.

If you look at Travis’ YouTube channel with a skeptical eye, you'll notice his success doesn’t seem to compute. In one video, he said that his major brand, “Performance Nut Butter” only made a profit of just over $200,000 profit over a few years.

Can I Start a Passion Product if I’m Broke?

No. A Passion Product is extremely difficult for beginners. There is no way to start this business with absolutely no money. You will need $997 for the course + $15K-$20K to launch your product successfully. There's simply more costs when you're designing & producing your very own product. Even if you crowd fund that much, this doesn’t make the business free. Plus, it takes two weeks for Amazon to release your funds. So, you will need some capital to hold you over. You'll also need funds if Amazon suspends your account.

Related article: How to Start an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget

Is Amazon FBA Profitable in 2022?

Yes, Amazon FBA can be profitable still in 2022 depending on your ability to find product categories that's not dominated by big brands or suppliers that undercut everyone's prices. Amazon FBA became more competitive in recent years as more companies that can operate on thin margins joined FBA themselves. Today, it takes 3rd party sellers more skill & patience to find low-hanging fruit niches and use excellent product listing optimization & PPC advertising strategies. Sellers are also getting more involved with product innovation to differentiate themselves from the competition. Therefore, as time goes on, consistent success with Amazon FBA involves mastering more skill-sets.

A Different Business Model: Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a great alternative to Amazon FBA. Instead of researching a product, manufacturing it, creating a brand, waiting for sales, and extensively advertising, all you need to do is build and rank a simple website for a local business. Small businesses pay you for the leads you generate. Once the site is ranked, you get to enjoy passive income. Interested in learning more? Compare Amazon FBA and local lead generation.

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