Levi Lascsak’s Passive Prospecting Review: YouTube for Organic Lead Generation?

April 24, 2024

Passive Prospecting is a platform that teaches YouTube lead generation in the real estate niche  created by Levi Lascsak. It has courses, memberships, in-person events, CRM, video editing, and SEO services for passive lead generation. There’s also a book and a podcast covering the same subject.

The strategy that Passive Prospecting promotes is a form of inbound lead generation. This is the result of social media followers and are organically derived. According to WebFX, 75% of marketers think that inbound practices generate quality leads.

Reviews about Passive Prospecting on Reddit are mixed. Redditors state that the podcast and book were great materials. However, those interested in one program found the pricing too high. Another customer shared that the customer assistance needed improvement.

In this article, YouTube’s functionality for lead generation will be explored. It also covers the programs Passive Prospecting has to offer. Moreover, who it’s best fit for, reviews, and the founder’s background are discussed.

Passive Prospecting Review: Pros & Cons


Multitude of materials: Passive Prospecting has services, memberships, events, and courses for people looking to leverage YouTube for leads.

Video editing & SEO services: It also has video editing only, SEO only, and package plans for beginners.

Community available: Apart from the Facebook group, it also has memberships and events for real estate professionals interested in YouTube marketing.


Unclear pricing: While some services have transparent pricing, there are others that aren’t readily available on the site.

Allegedly overpriced program: One Redditor stated that a program costs $25k to join, which for them was too expensive.

Time-intensive method: Inbound lead generation, the strategy that Passive Prospecting promotes, takes awhile to generate leads.


Passive Prospecting programs start at $47/mo. 

Refund Policy

Passive Prospecting has a money-back guarantee for their book.


Passive Prospecting was founded in 2022.


Passive Prospecting has a mixed reputation. The book and podcast has mainly positive reviews. However, for the programs and services, few reviews Reddit share that they are overpriced and that customer assistance requires improvement.

How to Leverage YouTube for Organic Lead Generation?

To leverage YouTube for organic lead generation individuals need to use the passive prospecting method. The key components of a passive prospecting strategy are video optimization, subtle promotions, community engagement, consistent content, viewer-centered videos, analytics-based strategy, educational yet engaging content, high quality videos, and humanized brands. This is according to a 2021 video from the Passive Prospecting YouTube channel. 

  • Optimized videos: Content must use Google- and YouTube-optimized descriptions, keywords, and titles.
  • Subtle promotion: It’s important to not bombard viewers with sales pitches.
  • Community engagement: Interacting with viewers through questions, feedback, and comments creates a community for the channel.
  • Improve channel visibility: Posting content regularly and ensuring it’s top quality is crucial. This will improve channel visibility and increase subscriber count.
  • Audience-centered content: Videos created must prioritize the interests and needs of the viewers.
  • Utilize analytics in strategy: Studying viewer preference and behavior helps with strategizing and creating future content.
  • Interesting & informational videos: It’s crucial to create videos that are educational yet engaging to audiences. This makes the content shareable and creates loyalty.
  • Professionally produced content: Having crisp audio and good visuals enhances the audience’s experience.
  • Experience- & story-based videos: Sharing personal experiences boosts trust and credibility. It also increases the brand’s authenticity to audiences.

What Does Passive Prospecting Offer?

Passive Prospecting offers courses, memberships, events, CRM, video editing services, book, community, conference, and podcasts for YouTube marketing.

Passive Prospecting Foundations Course

The Passive Prospecting Foundations Course provides the basics of YouTube. It also has next-level strategies for research. Additionally, it includes the following listed below.

  • Channel management techniques
  • Optimization methods built for attracting leads
  • Advanced YouTube practices for channel growth

The price for the course is $497.

Passive Prospecting 4.0 Course

The Passive Prospecting 4.0 Course is a 9-module program that teaches effective YouTube content for beginners. It also has lessons on the following mentioned below.

  • Video production
  • Content research
  • Free lead generation
  • Channel engagement
  • SEO ranking techniques
  • Video strategies for high conversion

The cost of the program is not disclosed on the website.

The SubClub Monthly Membership

The SubClub Monthly Membership provides the latest techniques for lead generation and YouTube marketing. It also includes twice-a-month calls via a private group. The group call is led by the founder and his team.

It costs free for the first 14 days. And then, the price is $47 monthly after.

Passive Prospecting Accelerator

Passive Prospective Accelerator is an exclusive service that aims to fast-track video creation and YouTube mastery. One-on-one coaching is included. It also handles the following services listed below.

  • Editing
  • Uploading
  • Optimization

The price for the service is not disclosed.

The "Backstage Pass" Event

The “Backstage Pass” Event is a 2-day virtual training that teaches lead generation through YouTube. It gives an insider look at Passive Prospecting’s $199 million system. It also has lessons on the following stated below.

  • Free lead attraction
  • Dealing with mindset barriers
  • Engagement-to-closing techniques

The online event costs $47 to attend.


CRM of Passive Prospecting is an end-to-end platform for real estate professionals. The platform enables communication with clients and leads through Facebook Messenger, text, and phone. It has the following features listed below.

  • Scheduling
  • Two-way texting
  • Funnel page creation
  • Forms to capture leads
  • Follow-up management

The pricing for this CRM is $97/month or $998/year.

Video Editing Service

Video Editing Service by Passive Prospecting is for budding YouTube channels. It includes SEO, video editing, and package plans. The service handles the following listed below.

  • Titles
  • Hashtags
  • Thumbnails
  • Video editor
  • Descriptions
  • 1 to 3 weekly videos
  • Dedicated account manager

Pricing for plans starts at $597/mo for SEO only, $697/mo for video editing solely, and $795/mo for complete plans.

Passive Prospecting Book

The Passive Prospecting book is about Levi Lascsak and Travis Plumb’s YouTube journey. It aims to help readers create a thriving marketing strategy using the platform. It also covers the following listed below.

  • Evergreen content
  • Service-based methods
  • Intention-based marketing

The full price for the book is $29.97. For the discounted cost, it's $2.95.

Exclusive Community

Passive Prospecting has a private community with over 4,400 members. The Facebook group, @thereelagents, is for real estate professionals. It enables them to ask for feedback regarding YouTube, including the ones listed below.

  • Titles
  • Videos
  • Thumbnails

YouTube Marketing Conference

A YouTube Marketing conference by Passive Prospecting is to be held in Las Vegas Nevada on April 29 to 30, 2024. This event for 6- or 7-figure real estate agents. The 2-day conference covers the following listed below.

  • The AEC framework
  • Behind the scenes of the business
  • Attracting and closing high-quality leads

Ticket price for the event starts at $197.

Passive Prospecting Podcast

The Passive Prospecting podcast is rated 5 stars from 106 ratings on Apple podcasts. The podcast has more than 92 episodes.

Who Is Passive Prospecting For?

Passive Prospecting is for a real estate agent, entrepreneur, and business owner looking to utilize YouTube to generate leads. It’s also for those who require video editing and SEO services. Additionally, it's for individuals seeking community through memberships and in-person events.

What Are the Reviews for Passive Prospecting?

The reviews for Passive Prospecting are from the r/realtors subreddit and a testimonial from the official website. Positive reviews from 2022 shared that the CRM was useful, the channel and podcasts were great, and that it was impressive how the founders created a thriving real estate business from YouTube. Negative reviews in 2024 stated that one program was overpriced and that the customer assistance needs to be better.

Passive Prospecting Positive Reviews

Passive Prospecting Positive Reviews

Positive reviews for Passive Prospecting are from the r/realtors subreddit and official website testimonials. A comment from the r/realtors subreddit last 2022 complimented the fact that the founders have built a real estate business from YouTube, which was accordingly rare. They also mentioned that their podcast and  YouTube channel were great. In a testimonial from the official website, Brad Van De Walle shared that the CRM software provided multiple vital services. It enabled them to view incoming new clients, conversions, follow ups, as well as a customer’s sales and information,

Passive Prospecting Negative Reviews

Passive Prospecting Negative Reviews

Passive Prospecting negative reviews from Reddit come from the r/realtors subreddit, dated February to March 2024.  One Redditor commented that the company's customer support needs improvement. Whereas, another stated that the 25k accelerator program was extremely overpriced, although it included coaching, courses, and video editing.

Is Passive Prospecting an Effective Lead Generation Strategy?

Yes, passive prospecting is an effective lead generation strategy. HubSpot shares that it produces 3x more leads and higher conversion rates. This is because leads have more brand awareness. However, it takes longer to generate leads through this method compared to active prospecting. The difference between active and passive prospecting in real estate is the latter includes engagement without direct communication with a real estate agent. Active prospecting utilizes referrals, cold calls, targeted mails, and networking events to generate leads.

Who Is Levi Lascsak?

Levi Lascsak

Levi Lascsak is a CEO, entrepreneur, and former army sergeant. He is the founder of Passive Prospecting. He also has experience in business, particularly in the financial and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, he served as an army sergeant for a year in Iraq.

Who Is Travis Plumb?

Travis Plumb

Travis Plumb is a co-founder, real estate agent, marketer, and former Navy Seabee. Along with Levi Lascsak, he founded Passive Prospecting. He is also a licensed real estate agent since 2020. Moreover, he worked in digital marketing and car sales. Plumb was a Navy Seabee for two 10-month tours in Iraq as well.

Levi Lascsak and Travis Plumb met in 2020, through their mutual friend Michael Reese. They recognized that they had a lot of similarities. They both aimed to build a real estate business based on passive prospecting. This is because although they loved sales, they did not like the process of prospecting. They were also raised in Texas, Lascsak in Stephenville, and Plumb in Mesquite. Both served in the military in Iraq too.

On December 5, 2020, Lascsak released his first video on YouTube. During this time, he was a new real estate agent. He partnered with Plumb in April 2021. Shortly after, they closed their first 2 transactions.

In their first year of real estate, they were able to close 64 deals. These amount to more than $1 million in commissions. Then, in 2022, they were able to close 154 transactions, totaling $2.3 million in commissions.

All of these deals were completed organically. There were no paid ads used. In 2024, their YouTube channel, @passiveprospecting, has 10,400+ subscribers. It also generates up to 5 inbound leads daily.

How To Create Passive Income With Lead Generation?

Local lead generation is a business model that creates passive income. Compared to real estate prospecting, income flow is more stable and scalable.

You make money by renting out a website to a client. You get paid on a monthly basis of up to $3,000. Whereas, with real estate prospecting, you only get paid when your lead converts to a sale.


Local lead gen is also more scalable. You only need to create another website, which takes about $300 to start. Set it up and rank it. After that, there’s little maintenance required. You’ll be free to start another website or spend your time and effort on another venture.

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