Wes Baiz Passive Sales Agency Review: Components of a Successful Passive Sales Agency?

May 16, 2024

Wes Baiz’s Passive Sales Agency is an online course on how to build a “semi-automated” sales agency. It's one of Salespreneurs’ main offers. The course includes a done-with-you framework where Wes and his team will help you build an agency every step of the way. Wes Baiz’s sales agency model specifically supports high-ticket products for higher earning potential.

Passive Sales Agency follows a commission-based earning system. For example, you can contract a high-ticket product owner to give you a 20% commission for every sale, of which 15% goes to the closer, and 5% for you as the sales agency owner. In this model, a high-ticket sale of $5000 can let you earn $250, or $2500 a month for 10 monthly sales of one sales agent. Scaling through this model means having more closers to work with clients.

Running an agency for high-ticket sales can be a lucrative business, but starting up can also be very challenging. For instance, high-ticket product owners often rely on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing in vetting sales reps or outsourcing agencies. If you have credibility as an expert salesperson yourself, then your reputation can easily reflect on your agency. Otherwise, you literally have zero “social proof” to start with.

Passive Sales Agency doesn’t have any external review at the time of writing. Success stories and testimonials are also limited to what you can find in the course’s landing pages. There are Trustpilot reviews that mention Wes Baiz, but these are entries for Lunar Automation and Merkatan – two eCommerce automation companies with a lot of complaints and scam accusations.

In this Passive Sales Agency review, we will cover the course’s content, Wes Baiz himself, and a sales agency’s profitability in 2024. In the end, you will learn about an alternative passive income source that is more sustainable but without the headaches of running a sales agency.

Passive Sales Agency Pros and Cons


Has a wealth of resources for starting up a sales agency.

90-day guarantee of landing a client, or you will be assisted indefinitely until you get one.


Managing an agency involves a lot of work and can hardly be called passive.

The sales reps that the program provides are probably newbies.

Starting up a sales agency for high-ticket products is very risky.


The cost of the Passive Sales Agency program is not publicly disclosed.

Refund Policy

Passive Sales Agency has a no refund policy.


Salespreneurs was founded in 2022. The date it started offering the Passive Sales Agency program is not known.


Passive Sales Agency has no external reviews from popular review sites.

May 14, 2024


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May 12, 2024

Awesome review (test review)

May 12, 2024


2.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)

What Are the 5 Key Components of a Successful Passive Sales Agency?

  • Quality Sales Rep Acquisition. Acquiring quality sales reps is probably the most important component of a successful sales agency. But the question is how to find and properly vet the best reps at minimal cost for you as an agency owner. Passive Sales Agency got you covered with its pool of trained sales agents ready to work for you. Wes Baiz himself runs a remote closer training program under his main platform, Salespreneurs. Alternatively, he can also show you where to acquire top sales reps.
  • Client Acquisition Strategy. Without a sound client acquisition strategy, there is no way for you to actually earn money. Wes Baiz’s Passive Sales Agency includes a client acquisition blueprint with a guarantee that you’ll get onboarded within 90 days – or – Wes and his team will work for you for free until you get one.
  • Performance Monitoring. Staying on top of your team’s performance is also a component of a successful sales agency. Luckily, Passive Sales Agency comes with tracking templates for important sales agency KPIs such as monthly sales and close rates (or lead conversion rate).
  • Sales Agency Automation. Integrating the latest technology in your system ensures you don’t fall behind the competition. Also, it greatly reduces the amount of work you need to put into your business. In this regard, Passive Sales Agency provides a plug-and-play automation system that leverages tools like Zapier, Calendly, GoHighLevel CRM, and more.
  • Effective Communication. Another key component of a successful passive sales agency is having an effective communication – and this is only possible with the right tools. Wes Baiz supports communication tools like Slack and Google Drive for this end.

What Do You Get with Passive Sales Agency?

In Passive Sales Agency, you will get a month-long program for building your agency and continuous guidance until you finally land a client. The program also includes regular coaching sessions, sales training (for your sales reps), video materials, templates, and other important resources.

Passive Sales Agency Process

The Passive Sales Agency process is a 4-week journey of establishing your own sales agency, with the help of Wes’ team.

The process goes like this:

Week 1-2

This is the time for you to adopt the systems and processes provided by Wes Baize, which include agent/client tracking and reporting, sales tracking, messaging scripts, sales scripts, and automation.

Week 3

This is when you tackle the operational aspect of your business, from the legal to the digital side. Wes will let you use his templates for client contracts and agent agreements, as well as all the other documents that they use. Setting up your official website and business email will also happen at this time. Lastly, you will set up the financial system of your agency.

Week 4

In the final week, Wes will teach you his client and sales agent acquisition strategies (organic and paid). You also have the option to tap Wes’ network of quality reps, so you can finally focus on acquiring clients.

The 3 Pillars of Passive Sales Agency

Passive Sales Agency’s learning platform is supported by its three pillars of assisted learning. These pillars are the following:

Pillar 1 - Walkthrough Platform

This includes all the platform’s learning materials, scripts, templates, and plug-and-play systems that a student can study and adopt. Basically, Pillar 1 is all the resources Passive Sales Agency has in store.

Pillar 1 Passive Sales Agency

Pillar 2 - Inner Circle Community

Pillar 2 is the support from Wes Baiz’s private community. In this inner circle, you will learn from the experience of successful agency owners. This will also open joint venture opportunities where you can combine forces with another sales agency owner to serve a bigger client.

Pillar 2 Passive Sales Agency

Pillar 3 - Coaching and Training

Pillar 3 is the platform’s continuous coaching and training. Agency owners enjoy weekly support calls while Wes and his team handle the sales agents’ training. With this system in place, Wes ensures that your and your agents’ struggles are addressed promptly.

Pillar 3 Passive Sales Agency

Who Is Passive Sales Agency For?

Passive Sales Agency is for anyone who wants to start a sales agency, with or without sales experience. An FAQ entry on Passive Sales Agency’s website clarified this, stressing that you are the owner of the sales agency, not the agent. You also don’t need to be an expert on your client’s niche as this is a sales agent’s responsibility.

Passive Sales Agency FAQ 1
Passive Sales Agency FAQ 2

Are Students of Passive Sales Agency Successful?

Students of Passive Sales Agency are successful, but we can only find these success stories on the platform’s website. No external review of Passive Sales Agency exists from popular review sites like Trustpilot.

Here are some reviews taken from video testimonials on Wes Baiz’s site.

Anthony Steel

Anthony Steel shares that he earned $30K-$50k a month of commissions and sales consecutively for the last 5 years. He also praised the Wes’ and Salespreneurs’ private community and the integrity of the sales process that they teach.

Gregory Ahrensfield Salespreneurs

At the time of recording, Gregory Ahrensfield earned $64,100 in sales in the previous month and $128K in the following month with still a week left. A huge development in just a few months of joining Salespreneurs.

Shyler Harris

Shyler Harris shares that meeting Wes has changed her life by opening up her mind to higher financial possibilities. She was previously working a regular 9-5 job with no direction, but now she’s waking up each day doing what she really loves. She earns around $5K-$10 per month and with much room to grow and scale. Shyler is also happy that she can get to share her talents through the Salespreneurs community, where everyone learns from each other.

It seems that these testimonials are mixed up. Anthony Steel talks about his consistent earnings in the last five years, but Salespreneurs was just founded in 2022. Also, no one specifically mentions that they’ve taken Passive Sales Agency, so they may be talking about any of the Salespreneurs’ programs.

Who Is Wes Baiz?

Wes Baiz

Wes Baiz is a sales professional turned agency owner and is the founder of Salespreneurs, Passive Sales Agency’s main platform. He personally sold over $100 million of products/services and has generated over $30 million in his own sales agency. Wes created the Passive Sales Agency model and helped train hundreds of sales agents for high-ticket closing.

Before entering the sales agency business, Wes worked as a stockbroker for Huntington Investment Company and as a financial advisor for MOBE Inspiration. He co-founded Baiz Sales, LLC, and later in 2022, he founded Salespreneurs as a learning platform for high-ticket entrepreneurs, remote closers, and aspiring sales agency owners.

Wes Baiz earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Toledo.

Banned by FINRA

In 2019, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued a decision to bar Wes Baiz from associating with any of its member organizations. The case started in 2018 when Wes failed to abide by Huntington Investment Company’s heightened supervision plan because of his undisclosed outside business activity.

The company later notified FINRA, which then started its own investigation of the allegations. In compliance with FINRA Rule 8210, Wes Baiz made an appearance on July 2, 2019, to testify but was asked to provide more documentation. He later informed the regulator that he would no longer provide any additional documentation or information which resulted in the barring decision.

Wes Baiz said on his YouTube channel that he later regretted this decision. He said that he took the advice from a FINRA lawyer to avoid further inquiries to his business. However, being banned from FINRA severely damaged his reputation with all the scam notices published with his name. Wes was already running a high-ticket sales business at the time.

Involvement with Lunar Automation/Merkatan

There are a lot of negative reviews for Lunar Automation and Merkatan that mention Wes Baiz as one of its employees. Lunar Automation and Merkatan are eCommerce companies selling automated Walmart or Amazon stores for around $30K-$50K.

The complaints against Lunar Automation/Merkatan are mostly about the lack of support, poor communication, and huge losses. Here’s one review from Trustpilot.

Lunar Automantion Review trustpilot

Based on this review, it seems that Wes Baiz has partnered with Boba Milic in his capacity as a sales agency owner and high-ticket closer. No further information about the extent of Wes’ involvement with Boba Milic, or his company, is available at the moment.

Is a Sales Agency a Profitable Business in 2024?

Yes, a sales agency can be a profitable business in 2024. According to Forbes Advisor, around 8 out of 10 small businesses operate without any formal employees, which means they also don’t have dedicated sales teams. This data presents a huge employment opportunity for sales agencies. However, starting up an agency for high-ticket sales can be very risky and expensive or may involve a lot of work.

What is High-Ticket Sales and Why Is it Risky?

High-ticket sales is the sale of expensive products or services. Because of its significantly higher prices, the sales cycle can take weeks or even months from the initial interaction to the actual purchase. This is why qualified leads for high ticket sales are also very valuable and harder to get.

From a salesperson’s perspective, high-ticket sales is a very lucrative industry, but also very risky. So, high-ticket sellers and service providers often rely on sales closers with proven experience in selling expensive products.

Costly Hiring Process for Sales Reps

According to Zippia, the median cost of hiring a sales agent is $1,633. For small businesses, the yearly cost of training for each rep is $1,105. However, the costs can multiply if you fail to hire the “right agent.” In the US, the turnover rate of salespeople sits at 27%, which is twice of all labor groups. And the turnover rate for commission-based sales reps (who are basically freelancers) can be higher.

Wes Baiz has a pool of “quality” sales reps that you can tap anytime, but they are most likely graduates of his high-ticket sales closer course. I’m not saying they are unreliable but there’s also no real guarantee of their quality and professionalism.

It’s true that by hiring a sales agency, high-ticket businesses are saved from the headaches of finding and managing sales reps. However, this also means that the headache is passed on to you. And automation can only do so much in running an agency.

Difficulties in Client Acquisition

Without an established reputation, it can be a lot more difficult for an agency start-up to land a high-ticket business client. These high-ticket sellers and service providers are also spending money on getting leads and they don’t want them to be wasted on ineffective closers. So, they will most likely rely on referrals in vetting sales agencies to outsource their closing activities.

Establishing social proof is the best organic way of promoting your agency. To get clients without social proof, you can manually promote yourself on various platforms, like LinkedIn. However, that will also require a huge time investment. To fast-track things up, you can only rely on paid marketing services although they’re not as effective as direct referrals.

Passive Sales Agency FAQ 3

As a last resort, you can choose the option to let Wes Baiz and his team find clients for you at an undisclosed price. However, expect that it will probably exceed the cost of paid marketing. In the end, you can’t leverage Wes Baiz’s experience and the course certification he provides because it just doesn’t work that way.

Create Sustainable Passive Income with Local Lead Generation

Running an agency requires a lot of soft and technical skills that can’t be replaced by automation tools or a one-size-fits-all blueprint. Sure, Wes Baiz can provide training, but you will also need to be independent at some point. Remember that your sales reps work with “you.” And your clients’ assessment of your agency hangs on the quality of your reps.

In this regard, running a sales agency can hardly be called “passive.” As a start-up, you have tons of work ahead of you in managing your reps and establishing your reputation.

local lead generation

So, I believe that local lead generation is a better alternative to starting up a business. It also requires hard work and technical skills to rank a website for local keywords. But it doesn’t have the same type of “complexity” of dealing with sales reps. And based on how search engines work, a ranked website can stay at the top with minimal maintenance.

Also, unlike a sales agency start-up, a newbie in local lead generation doesn’t need to build social proof to prove the value of their leads. they can literally provide these leads for free to sell local business owners into renting their sites.

Even as a newbie, you can rent your site out for $500-$3000 a month. This is not far from the potential commission earnings for a single sales rep but without the headaches of running an agency.

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