Jason Alex’s The Passive Wealth Academy Review | 2 Ways To Earn Recurring Income

April 12, 2024

The Passive Wealth Academy by Jason Alex shows you how to make money with Amazon's Influencer program. The course focuses on influencer marketing, wherein you are an influencer/content creator endorsing Amazon products to people who follow you online, like Instagram and TikTok.

Since the course is new, there are only a few The Passive Wealth Academy reviews, and the only ones who reviewed it say it is not great. Personal blogs mention it only gives advice on how to join the Amazon Influencer program and make money from marketing.  

Influencer marketing may be a faster way to earn money passively, but it still requires long hours of market research, strategic planning for on-demand products, and having to compete with other influencers within your niche. It is slightly similar to affiliate marketing, except you do not need a product website for your list of products.

A beginner influencer marketer can make $195 per post, while a veteran influencer can earn more than $1,000 per post. With this program, Jason Alex teaches you shortcuts on how to earn recurring passive income with $0 capital and no followers as a content creator.

In this article, we break down Jason Alex's programs, discuss how customers make money from his strategies, and explore other ways to make passive income online.

The Passive Wealth Academy Review: Pros and Cons


Straightforward and easy to comprehend.

No upsells

No capital required to start in influencer marketing

No website building required

Automatically grants membership to an exclusive Facebook group.


The Passive Wealth Academy does not offer a unique viewpoint on influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is an unstable business model and will depend on your relevance as a content creator.

Starting can be difficult without an existing fanbase on social media. 


The Passive Wealth Academy costs $247.


The Passive Wealth Academy offers a full refund within 7 days after purchase.


The Passive Wealth Academy started in mid 2023 based on its Facebook page.


The Passive Wealth Academy is not a well-known course. Jason Alex, the creator, 

2 Ways To Earn Recurring Passive Income With a Phone and a Laptop

  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is when you help sell things for other stores and earn money for it. You use special links to show off products. If someone buys through your affiliate link, you earn some money. Amazon Associates is an example of an affiliate program which lets you keep 1% to 3% as a commission fee for any product you list.
  • Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing involves partnering with influencers - individuals who have a significant following and credibility within a specific niche or on social media platforms - to promote products or services. Unlike affiliate marketing, influencer marketing focuses more on leveraging the influencer's reputation and relationship with their audience to create brand awareness and credibility.

What is The Passive Wealth Academy?

The Passive Wealth Academy is a course that focuses on making money through influencer marketing. The course contains several modules, including how to find your niche, how to earn followers as a beginner influencer, and how to discover the perfect product that your followers might want. It also teaches you how Amazon Associates work and how you can start creating an Amazon page within five minutes.

The Passive Wealth Academy also teaches you to create enough short-form videos so your followers will go through your content and get redirected to your Amazon list. From there, they purchase that physical or digital product, and you earn a commission.

Jason Alex elaborates that influencer marketing is not a business but a source of income that makes you enough money to quit the 9-to-5 hustle.

It covers three topics:

  • Influencer marketing through the Amazon Influencer program
  • Affiliate marketing using the Amazon Associates program
  • General overview of passive income

What Do You Get With The Passive Wealth Academy?

The Passive Wealth Academy will get you a bundle of digital files and active community groups to help you kickstart your influencer marketing side hustle:

  • The 12 Extensive Learning Modules ($997): Include basic training on affiliate marketing and influencer marketing, as well as pre-made systems for efficiently promoting the products.
  • Ongoing Mentorship With Jason ($997): Scheduled live webinars with Jason Alex as he shows the latest updates regarding Amazon marketing and live Q&A sessions
  • Private Facebook Group ($697): Members have an all-access pass to his private group, where they can replay training videos and live streams whether with him or other members.
  • 25-Page PDF Guide Explaining The Entire Passive Income System ($197): General knowledge of how passive income works and why it’s a necessity for anyone getting out of their corporate jobs.

Who is The Passive Wealth Academy for?

The Passive Wealth Academy is for content creators who want to earn money as passive investors and influencers. If you have several followers on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, X, or Facebook, Passive Wealth Academy could be an ideal learning platform on how to leverage your fame into profit. 

This also works as a refreshing and livelier method for online entrepreneurs who want to earn in a more fun way through video shorts.

Much like any successful online side hustle, you will need the right products for a specific niche audience. Whether it’s beauty product enthusiasts or real estate investors, you need to make the correct list on your Amazon page.

Are The Passive Wealth Academy Students Getting Results?

The Passive Wealth Academy students get results as early as two weeks. Some make more than $3,000 per day, while others made $19,000 within 14 days.


It doesn’t stop there. Others like Jan Vargas made insane amount of money in just an hour. See his testimonials below:


However, we didn’t find any reviews outside his website. The only other perspectives we found were from Suugly and Coursiest – both saying Jason Alex is a generic course seller. 

Who is Jason Alex?


Jason Alex lives in San Diego as a DJ and often travels. His online presence, especially on Facebook and Instagram under the handles @cashcult and @jasonalex28, showcases his vibrant lifestyle, which includes party scenes and music promotion. He has not updated his profiles since December 2023.

Jason Alex has not actively promoted the Passive Wealth Academy on Facebook. His engagement with Amazon Influencer marketing is clear in his CashCult Instagram account, where he frequently promotes specific products like self-help books and furniture lights.

Jason Alex’s Claims

Jason Alex claims you don’t need capital to do influencer marketing. That means not selling products, no cold calling, no ads, and website.


According to him, this strategy helped him earn over $4,000 in a month right after making a new account. 

“$100/ day AVERAGE x 30 Days would be $3,000/ mo $100/ day AVERAGE x 365 Days would be $36,500/ year And I don't have to sell any products, build a website, send emails, pick up any phone calls... and I can do all of this from my iPhone or laptop.

Since then, I am now making on average 300/ day, which is $108,000 per year... and I'll show you EXACTLY how myself, and our 1500 Passive Wealth Academy students are doing it.”


It all sounds amazing, but his claims can be misleading since influencer marketing will still require you to talk on the phone (or the camera, in this case) to promote the Amazon product of your choice. You may not be selling items, but you will still need to sell yourself as an effective content creator to lead your followers into buying a product from your affiliate list.

Jason Alex’s Claims DEBUNKED

According to the only known blog sites that reviewed The Passive Wealth Academy, Jason Alex’s course is not a good one.

When they purchased his course, they said that The Passive Wealth Academy is just another generic how-to guide on becoming an influencer marketer. They also recommend that people should just search on the business model because the information is free.

Besides the reviews, influencer marketing will not net you thousands of dollars in a few months unless you upload many product videos daily. Almost everyone on the internet wants to become a successful influencer, meaning the business model is very competitive. Even if you consistently upload and promote the most in-demand products, your profits will depend on your exposure and viewership. At best, a beginner influencer can make $7 to $195 per month.

Amazon Influencer Program vs Affiliate Program

The Amazon Influencer Program lets you market and promote items that you found on Amazon and share it to your followers through TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms. You don’t need a blog for this, but several people who follow your content. Meanwhile, an affiliate program—like the Amazon Associates Program—is more blog-focused, providing affiliate links to your website which you can promote to website visitors and subscribers. Whether you choose to be a social media influencer or affiliate marketer, earning passive income either way comes with its unique set of challenges. 

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, over 90% of YouTube channels and TikTok pages cannot reach their passive income dreams. Because of inconsistency in video uploads and poor content uniqueness, they give up and move on to other things. That means that even if you join the Amazon Affiliate program, it still won’t net you profits if people are not interested in you.

Affiliate marketing, though lucrative, demands considerable effort in building and maintaining a platform for promotional activities. Aspiring affiliates need to invest in creating a credible website or YouTube channel and continuously produce high-quality, trustworthy content. Unfortunately, over 95% of affiliate marketers cannot do so. Despite gurus making it sound easy, building a profitable affiliate marketing is more than just slapping on a product link. 

How Do Influencer Marketing and Local Lead Generation Compare?

Influencer marketing and local lead generation compare in their approach to attracting customers and building brand awareness, each catering to distinct aspects of marketing strategy. Influencer marketing uses the popularity and reach of social media influencers to promote products or services, offering wide exposure and potentially rapid increases in visibility across varied demographics. This method, however, may come with challenges such as high costs, fluctuating returns on investment, and potential skepticism from consumers regarding the authenticity of endorsements. Affiliate marketing is an unstable source of income.

Conversely, local lead generation focuses on attracting customers within a specific geographic area, which is beneficial for businesses with physical locations or those targeting local markets. It does not require followers, social media content, or an Amazon approval to get going.  While influencer marketing provides extensive visibility, local lead generation offers a targeted approach to building long-lasting customer relationships and driving sustained business growth.

Local Lead Generation Still Offers the Best Passive Income

Local lead generation still offers the best passive income because it appeals to consumers' immediate needs and interests in their community, fostering stronger, more genuine connections. This strategy is cost-effective and results in higher conversion rates.

If you're looking to secure your financial future with a robust and profitable business model, consider investing your efforts in local lead generation. It not only attracts qualified leads but also nurtures them into long-term customers, making it a superior choice for sustainable business growth.

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