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Peter Pru Review: Are His Ecommerce Dropshipping Sales Funnel Programs Worth It?

March 18, 2024

My overall review of Peter Pru is that he knows how to make money with sales funnels. Peter is best known for his award-winning success with Click Funnels. He is the Founder & CEO of Ecommerce Empire Builders, which he launched in 2016 to help people dominate their niche with click funnels.

Peter's program offers several services, including training, done-for-you services, and 'plug and play' products. For example, his course provides an actionable strategy for using sales funnels and outlines why you need order bumps and upsells. In addition, Peter discusses how monthly subscription boxes can help leverage continuity programs. And why you need multiple income streams from your business. Peter's programs have helped Ecommerce professionals scale their businesses to upwards of 7 figures!

But Peter teaches the drop shipping business model, which might not be the best way to make money online in 2024. It's an increasingly competitive industry, and you rely heavily on paid ads. Unlike the lead generation business model, which focuses on leveraging Google to drive organic (free) traffic to websites. Instead, you generate leads that you sell to small business owners for a profit.

But Peter Pru shows up and has a YouTube channel where he does weekly live streams every Wednesday and Friday. Plus, he offers a lot of value, both free and in his programs. Revered by his students and peers, Peter has a solid online reputation as an entrepreneur and a course creator.

The uphill battle of the dropshipping business model

You can start a dropshipping business without owning any inventory or fronting a ton of coin. Dropshipping is about finding a winning product(s) and connecting with a reliable supplier who handles fulfillment. You don't even have to touch the merchandise and aren't out of pocket any money. But because the barrier to entry is low, it's a competitive court. And unfortunately, old methods like sourcing cheap stock from China won't fly in 2024

You need to pivot and use other effective strategies to advertise your dropshipping store. And that includes a unique angle that focuses on your product's benefits. How can it help your audience solve a problem? How can it improve their lives? You need to be a stellar marketer with on-point product descriptions and scroll-stopping creatives instead of only relying solely on paid advertising. With the costs of running Facebook ads climbing at a rate of 89% - an average CPM of $11 - paid ads aren't the best option. And a good reason why Peter's methods make so much sense.

Peter's doesn't just rely on Facebook advertising or traditional dropshipping methods. Instead, he teaches people how to use sales funnels and upsells to increase sales and profits from your ecommerce dropshipping business.


Peter offers his students numerous options to help them scale their business including done-for-you funnels and templates.

Ecommerce Empire Builders has an active and supportive community.

Weekly live streams on YouTube every Wednesday & Friday.

Hundreds of students have made money using Peter's sales funnels techniques.


Peter's course is expensive, plus you'll need to spend additional money on click funnel software and automation tools.

The Ecommerce Empire Academy training glazes over a few fundamental topics about dropshipping in his training.

Peter requires people to complete 'homework' before giving them a refund, and even then, it's at his discretion.

Peter Pru’s Story

image of peter pru

He's a sales funnel legend and the founder of Ecommerce Empire Builders. After dipping into online sales at eighteen years old with affiliate marketing, Peter Pru began selling inventory on Amazon FBA. Peter saw impressive stats and made $50-$80K/day in sales until all of his accounts were suspended due to false claims, and he was shut down.

Peter describes this as a 'dark time' in his life. But he refused to give up and moved to ecommerce dropshipping. Fifty failed sales funnels later, he hit a winner. And has since gone on to earn multiple Clickfunnels 2-Comma Club awards and has been published on numerous platforms, including Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and BuzzFeed.

picture of peter pru logo

Peter is also the owner of a 7-figure business called UnTapped Focus-an all-natural energy drink brand. And he's rubbed elbows with influencers like Tai Lopez. Peter is active on YouTube with over 58K subscribers and is a highly revered entrepreneur. In 2016 he launched his Ecommerce Empire Builders Program, where he teaches people how to increase their dropshipping success rate with sales funnels.

Peter published a book in January 2022 sharing his dropship blueprint on how to succeed with the business model and common dropshipping mistakes to avoid. He's taught thousands of students, and reviews confirm that people are crushing their online sales using his sales funnel methods.

What Is Ecommerce Empire Builders?

Ecommerce Empire Builders is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Led by a team of three, Empire Builders includes Founder and CEO Peter Pru and seven-figure entrepreneurs Jordan Strauss (best-selling copywriter) and Aliakbar Gulshan (early success student). 

The goal of the Ecommerce Empire Builders is to teach people how to build and scale their ecommerce dropshipping business with sales funnels. And how to dominate their niche without using traditional dropshipping techniques.

Ecommerce Empire Builders provides ongoing support to their students with an Elite Facebook Group and Exclusive Inner Circle. Peter is active on YouTube, where he hosts live streams every Wednesday and Friday. (He does deep dives into existing online stores generating sales and shows people why they're successful and how to copy their profit hacks).

Ecommerce Empire Builders offers training, click funnel software, done for you services, and more. But they are best known for the following:

Ecommerce Empire Academy:

Peter's Ecommerce Empire Academy is Peter's flagship training. In his step-by-step ecommerce dropshipping course, people learn how to start and grow a successful online business using ecommerce subscription sales funnels.

The Ecommerce Empire Academy includes 15 hours and 23 minutes. Seven modules outline a detailed guide on how to achieve positive ROIs in 30 days or less. Peter's course also includes the following bonus material:

Ecommerce Empire Builders Academy Bonuses:

  • Access To The Elite Mastermind 

  • Weekly Q&A And Recordings

  • My Private 7-Figure Funnel Template Library

  • Real-time Business Buildout Case Study

  • 30 Day Empire Business Calendar

  • $10,00/month Product Picker

  • Private 1-On-1 Strategy Call

If you're curious about what Peter offers in his masterclass, you can read my full Ecommerce Empire Builders Review.

Ecommerce Empire Book:

Peter's Ecommerce Empire publication is a 'step-by-step manual on how to build and launch a commerce dropshipping business. This 163-page edition can be yours for $9.95. An inside look reveals topics that include:

  • Finding The Right Niche
  • Uncovering Your Niche
  • Choosing Your Profitable Products
  • Sourcing Your Products
  • Designing Your Sales Funnel
  • Driving Traffic To Your Sales Funnel

It also has bonus material like funnel templates and tracking sheets, and tips on email marketing. You can purchase the book via his website or on Amazon.

photo of peter pru

Ecommerce Empire Starter Pack:

It's a one-time fee of $49. But this add-on program is a high-value, low-cost way for students to find the perfect niche and winning product(s). The Ecom Starter Pack helps students: 

  1. Bypass product research.
  2. Gain access to proven funnels.
  3. Take advantage of high converting Facebook Ads.
  4. Access to supplier and product lists.

Take advantage of profit hacks like:

Ecommerce Empire Starter Pack Services

  • $10,000/Mo Product & Supplier List: 147 products that have done $10K in sales and links to suppliers.
  • $50,000/Mo Product & Supplier List: With 47 products (plus links to suppliers).

  • 7-Figure Micro-Niches Masterclass Training: Shows students how to uncover super profitable niches that aren't saturated.

  • 8-Figure Facebook Ads Cheatsheet: 47 Facebook ad examples that are converting 'like crazy' and a Facebooks Ads 2022 Masterclass that includes a one-hour class where Peter shows students fundamental factors to succeed with Facebook ads.

  • Funnel Built By Pete: A fully built and 100% optimized sales funnel template students can use to plug in their product and start selling.

  • Micro-Product Masterclass: Helps students find an unsaturated micro-product.

  • Million Dollar Ad Hacks: This is training that breaks down the secrets to creating a dropshipping video ad that converts and how to model it for your business.

Ecommerce Empire Insiders

Rub shoulders with the top players and learn how to copy the success of 6 and 7-figure ecommerce dropshipping stores. For $9.95/month, this 'deep-dive' training is offered live every Monday by Peter and his team. Here students are privy to insider tips like: 

  • How to dissect winning offers.
  • How to hack high converting funnels.

Ecom Empire Insiders is Peter's continuing education program that delivers on value with bonuses like:

  • First Funnel Blueprint (they help you plan, build and launch your sales funnel).
  • Instant Access To Funnel Hacks & Templates (download and customize funnels from famous online stores).


Peter delivers value in his Ecommerce Empire Academy training. But it doesn't cover all of the fundamental aspects of the dropshipping business model that you would expect for the price tag.

Peter has an impressive track record of creating successful sales funnels. And with a net worth of over $4 million, students are learning from the master. But his course is expensive. It also comes with additional costs that will add to the grand total.

Positive Reviews Of Peter Pru

image of a student from peter pru's program

Javier Lorie Guerra is a $10K and $50K Club Member and part of the Inner Circle who has made $20K/month for three months using Peter's training and mindset profit hacks.

picture of a student in ecommerce empire builders

Nata Han purchased a funnel built by Peter that began achieving consistent sales after only three months and helped her to scale her business to become a $10K Club Member. She is also a member of their Inner Circle and credits the continued mentorship for shifting her mindset and earning more money online. 

This Ecom Store Makes $1,000,000 Per Month Using Paid Ads 

Top Challenges of the Business

Peter explained that one of his challenges in the business is finding effective marketing strategies for niche products. He emphasized the importance of standing out in a competitive industry and building the brand's credibility. He said the biggest challenge is in optimizing the customer journey to ensure that potential buyers are compelled to purchase. 

Specific Strategies That Helped the Business Achieve $1,000,000 per Month

  • Leveraging advertorials (advertisement tutorials) on popular blogs
  • Directing traffic to optimized landing pages and sales funnels to increase revenue 
  • Collaborating with TikTok influencers to increase social media presence and traffic 
  • Analyze data-driven insights, such as Amazon sales data, to understand customer preference and behavior 
  • Running Facebook ads on internally generated and influencer-generated leads 

What's not mentioned in the video: Peter claims his ecom store makes $1,000,000 monthly, but he did not mention how much of it goes to paid ads. Paid ads are very expensive. Most small businesses spend at least $500 on Facebook ads alone, some even more. 

Negative Reviews Of Peter Pru

Brady Williams has left two negative reviews on Trust Pilot in the last 12 months. One was regarding software; the other spoke of issues with the Ecommerce Empire Builders customer support team. Peter Pru didn't acknowledge one, and the other was said to be a false allegation.

A verified user without a name or photo left a negative review on January 14, 2022. Their review advises that a funnel built by Peter failed to deliver any sales. There was no response from the Ecommerce Empire Builders.


Peter Pru and the team at Ecommerce Empire Builders have a ton of positive reviews on their site and other platforms. But there are very few negative comments (under 3% found online). So either people are incredibly pleased with their purchases, or negative reviews are removed. But with thousands of satisfied customers, the evidence suggests that Peter and his program deliver.

Can Sales Funnels Work For Dropshipping?

Yes-sales funnels can work for dropshipping. Peter Pru's training has proven that they can and do work for both new and existing ecommerce dropshipping businesses. He teaches his students how to leverage monthly subscription box offers and shares tips on how to get your customer a 'quick win.'

Peter Pru's training is an actionable blueprint on how to improve average cart values and create a lifetime customer. Learn why you need to take advantage of quantity breaks, upsells, and bundles. The Ecommerce Empire Academy course shows students how to combine digital or PLR products with their winning items. And why it can add value and build trust with your target market.

Peter's sales funnels are a way to differentiate your dropshipping store from the competition and help you dominate the market. Peter also covers some of the disadvantages and risks of dropshipping. And he talks about issues that a lot of other course creators don't discuss.

Is Peter Pru A Scam?

Peter Pru has his fair share of positive and negative reviews online. Including articles written about his program, training, refund policy, and advertising techniques. But there's no evidence to support that Peter Pru is a scam. Peter sells digital products and software, and when you pay for services, he and his team deliver. 

Can his methods replace your income in 30-days? That part is still up for debate. There are also some mixed feelings around the 'homework' you need to complete before he issues a refund. And because it's at Peter's discretion, you could be out of luck if he's having a bad day. But members of the Empire Builders community sing his praises. If Peter Pru doesn't fit for you, Vladyslav Varizhuk’s Enopoly Automation is an option. 

Peter Pru Alternatives

The Last Ecom Training by Justin Phillips is an ecommerce training program that shows you how to start and grow your Shopify store by reaching out to famous influencers to help you promote your brand and increase your revenue. When you join, you learn each of Justin's strategies for contacting influencers, how to model your store after successful Shopify stores and generating traffic.

Price: The Last Ecom Training costs $1,497.

More Info: The Last Ecom Training Review

My Final Thoughts On Peter Pru

Peter Pru has been coaching sales funnel strategies for six years. Peter's non-traditional methods of ecommerce dropshipping can help make you money and increase conversions and sales. But he leaves out a few fundamental issues with the business model. Like how to use SEO and organic marketing strategies to rank faster, and advertising on other social media platforms.

The Peter Pru course does provide solid training on mindset and how to start thinking like an entrepreneur that is spot-on. I also feel like he gives students a realistic number when discussing how much it costs to set up and run Facebook ads. But I believe that ecommerce isn't the best online business in 2024. Yes, the industry is growing, but so is the competition-especially with dropshipping.

It's also not even close to a semi-passive income. And while Peter's monthly subscription box is brilliant marketing that will generate some cash on autopilot, Peter himself states that the conversion goal is 20-45%. And he left out that average earnings for a dropshipper sit between 5-20%. You need to be an expert marketer with a winning product and reliable supplier if you want to succeed with dropshipping in 2022. Sales funnel or not.

Add the constant hustle and grind to find your next winning product. Or how simple it is for other dropshippers to come in and use your creatives, copy, etc. and list the same product for a lower cost and price you out of the market. And it's getting pretty hard to make any real money with dropshipping.

Why Local Lead Generation Is A Better Option

Making money online doesn't need to be a daily grind. Yes, it takes consistent work. But if you can develop systems to generate traffic and bring in leads, you can own a semi-passive income stream. So my #1 recommendation is to build a business that generates monthly revenue on autopilot, like starting a local lead generation business.

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