Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs’ Private Small Business Society Review – What Is PSBS The Fellowship?

March 15, 2024

Private Small Business Society (PSBS) is a business development community by Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs that provides online certifications, courses, and peer support across key business functions. It includes marketing, operations, HR, finance, product development, and leadership for all business leaders, owners, and team leads. The core offerings are 12 comprehensive certification programs focused on specific business areas like Marketing, Operations, HR, and Finance. You also get access to monthly training webinars, a private online community, tools/templates, and expert Q&As. PSBS focuses on small business leadership for companies with 1-500 employees. Private Small Business Society is formerly known as Private Banker's Society and has over 1.9k members on Skool.

The Private Small Business Society has no reviews outside of their own website and YouTube channel. However, many community members highlight the society's extensive offerings and its focus on training small groups. They frequently commend the supportive and engaging nature of the community. Additionally, some members emphasize the valuable insights gained from PSBS coaches, including Ignacio Zambrano, Shan Harris, and Amir Mogul Curry.

This review of the Private Small Business Society introduces you to The Fellowship curriculum within the community and what benefits it offers. It also covers essential aspects of PSBS, such as its advantages and disadvantages, cost, benefits, and target audience. Furthermore, the article provides information about the creator on Skool and the founder, Dr. Jacob. In conclusion, we will introduce you to a business model ideal for starting small with unlimited scalability potential.

Private Small Business Society Pros and Cons


Expertise and Experience: Dr. Jacobs has a proven track record in building a successful business from scratch. It can be inspiring and educational for you.

Comprehensive Training: Private Small Business Society offers intensive learning, mentoring, and real-world experience that can be invaluable for small business leaders.

Focus on Small Business Sector: Private Small Business Society focuses on small businesses that have 1-500 employees


Time Commitment: The intensive nature of Private Small Business Society will require a significant time investment. It might be challenging for busy business owners.

Limited Scope: While the focus on small businesses is a strength, it might also mean that the content is not as applicable to those looking to operate at a larger scale or in different business sectors.


Private Small Business Society costs $44 per month.

Refund Policy

Private Small Business Society offers a money-back guarantee. You must show that you have implemented the funnel, tools, and resources for 25 of the 30 days during which you have the product.


Private Small Business Society launched in 2022.

Member Size

Private Small Business Society has 1.9k members.


Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs helps 15,000 business professionals to achieve an 20-58% profitability increase within the first 6 months. 

What Is Private Small Business Society The Fellowship?

Private Small Business Society The Fellowship is a 3-year program aimed at developing leaders in the small business sector. The Fellowship curriculum covers finance, marketing, operations, and management. You can gain hands-on experience by launching and running profitable small businesses under mentorship. The applications for the 2024 cohort are open. Take note that the program only accepts less than 5% of applicants annually. Private Small Business Society The Fellowship offers you access to a network of successful small business leaders nationwide.

Private Small Business Society The Fellowship Certification Offerings:

  • PSBS-SBP (Small Business Professional): The PSBS-SBP (Small Business Professional) certification is for anyone who wants to run or already runs a small business. This certification teaches you all the important stuff you need to know to run a business smoothly. It includes managing money, dealing with customers, marketing, and keeping things running. To get certified, you need to pass a background check and fill out some paperwork. Then, you dive into about six weeks of classes. It usually takes about three months to finish. If you pass the final test, you get the PSBS-SBP badge, showing everyone that you're a pro at running a small business.
  • PSBS-ESBP (Executive Small Business Professional): The PSBS-ESBP (Executive Small Business Professional) certification is for leaders who want to take their skills to the next level. To qualify, you need either the PSBS-SBP certification or two years of experience managing a business full-time. Plus, your business should have made at least $500k in revenue over the past two years and have at least five employees. The certification program lasts about nine weeks and covers everything from setting goals to managing finances. After passing the final exam, you'll earn the PSBS-ESBP badge.
  • PSBS-SESBP (Senior Executive Small Business Professional): The PSBS-SESBP, or Senior Executive Small Business Professional, is for experienced leaders who want to excel in running small businesses. It teaches everything from strategy to finance, marketing, and leadership. It's great for bosses who want to improve and make big changes. To join, you need the PSBS-ESBP certification or three years of being a boss with a big team and good earnings. The program lasts about 56 weeks and when you pass; you become a PSBS-CESBP.
  • PSBS-CESBP (Chief Executive Small Business Professional): The PSBS-CESBP, or Chief Executive Small Business Professional, is the top certification for CEOs leading major companies. It's for those who already have the PSBS-SESBP and are CEOs, founders, owners, or board members. This program focuses on advanced leadership skills needed to grow and expand a business. To join, you need at least five years of experience running a gigantic business with good earnings. The program includes a two-year practicum, and when you pass, you become a PSBS-CESBP.

What Can You Get From Private Small Business Society?

You can get access to over 400+ hours of on-demand training from Private Small Business Society. Also, you can engage with a community of over 1.9k active members. Additionally, you will enjoy multiple live training sessions every month to stay updated on the latest industry trends and strategies.

400+ Hours 0f On-Demand Training

Over 400+ Hours of On-Demand Training includes various valuable content, such as how to automate business, products, and services. It also provides strategies to increase company revenue with A.I., elite leadership development insights, and sales development training.

Over 1.9k Active Member Community

It provides access to thousands of like-minded individuals to connect and collaborate with. You can ask questions 24/7 and receive answers from leaders within the community. It's the best opportunity to learn, grow, and potentially partner with others who share similar goals and interests.

Multiple Live Training Sessions Every Month

Multiple Live Training Sessions Every Month comprises live business, marketing, technology, and strategy training sessions. These sessions provide valuable insights and knowledge to help small business owners improve their skills and stay updated with the latest trends. Additionally, members have access to recordings of these live sessions for further learning and reference.

Discounted Access To Technologies

Discounted Access To Technologies includes various tools and resources to streamline your business operations and increase revenue. These include access to technology for automating business tasks, building websites, creating sales funnels, managing appointments, implementing email automation, and utilizing CRM technology for managing leads

How Much Does It Cost To Access Private Small Business Society?

It cost $44 per month to access the Private Small Business Society. If you prefer to access the full community experience, it's $365 per year. There's also an option to pay as little as $35, or you can choose to pay in four interest-free payments of $94 each.

Who Is Private Small Business Society For?

Private Small Business Society is for:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Private Small Business Society includes a foundational course focusing on the essentials of starting a business. It covers creating a business plan, understanding legal structures, and securing initial funding. It’s helping new entrepreneurs analyze and understand their target market.
  • Existing Small Business Owners: Private Small Business Society offers courses in advanced marketing strategies. It helps existing businesses to expand their customer base and increase brand visibility.
  • Business Owners Needing Guidance on Legal and Regulatory Aspects: Private Small Business Society covers the legalities and regulations surrounding small businesses. It provides insights into how to navigate these often complex areas.
  • Entrepreneurs Seeking Financial Literacy: There's a specific focus on financial literacy for entrepreneurs in Private Small Business Society. Shan Harris teaches the basics of financial statements, investment strategies, and making informed financial decisions.

Are The Community Members Of Private Small Business Society Successful?

Yes, the community members of Private Small Business Society are successful based on the testimonials section on their website. Aliman Neal from Atlanta, Georgia, with a 25 years in finance and real estate investing. He recently learned a lot from a seminar about Private Small Business Society. Aliman found it really helpful how they made hard ideas easy to understand. Additionally, he learned that owning a small business is not just another job and that customers are really important. The society gave Neal new ways to think about his work, using simple examples and clear explanations.

Diane E. Johnson is from Chicago. She joined the Private Small Business Society on January 6, 2023. Diane loves the helpful tips and amazing talent in the community. Additionally, Diane aims to be a financial leader, buy businesses, and share knowledge. She thinks the Private Small Business Society is great for learning and connecting with others in business.

Charles Ridler is also a member of the Private Small Business Society. Since joining, he feels like he's part of a family. He achieved milestones like launching a website, improving marketing skills, and using AI. These helped him assist more businesses and families. Charles now earns enough to cover his living expenses that gives him peace of mind. However, most of the reviews didn't boast significant earnings, which are essential for someone considering real-life case studies when choosing a program or community.

Is Private Small Business Society Worth It?

Private Small Business Society is worth it because you can access the community for as low as $44 per month, allowing you to enjoy all the exclusive content, training materials, and webinars that can help you build your business. Additionally, Private Small Business Society offers a pricing option that may allow you to save for the long term. Instead of paying $44 per month, you can access it for the entire year with only $365.

Moreover, you can gain insights from Private Small Business Society coaches like Ignacio Zambrano, Shan Harris, and Amir Mogul Curry. Ignacio provides expertise in advertising, marketing, and conversion strategies, while Shan coaches aspiring entrepreneurs on financial services. Lastly, Amir offers guidance in recruiting, onboarding, and training, which have helped shape successful sales organizations. However, Private Small Business Society has no external review despite of being in the business for almost two years.

FAQs About Private Small Business Society

Are The Courses of Private Small Business Society Accredited?

The courses of Private Small Business Society are not accredited by external organizations. However, industry experts put meticulous effort into crafting them. Upon finishing a course, you will receive certified digital badges as recognition for your achievements.

What Are The Teaching Methods of Private Small Business Society?

The Private Small Business Society teaching methods are self-paced video lessons, downloadable slides, and workbooks. PSBS also provides quizzes to reinforce learning, and optional monthly webinars for additional engagement and interaction.

Who Is The Creator of Private Small Business Society On Skool?

The creator of Private Small Business Society on Skool is Ignacio Zambrano from Dallas, Texas. Ignacio serves as a Partner at The BizCo Firm and specializes in marketing & customer/client acquisition, and strategic marketing optimization. Additionally, he holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Bizco Capital. He has expertise in areas such as positioning, business-to-business (b2b), creative marketing, marketing strategy, marketing communications, strategic marketing management, and sales funnel optimization. Ignacio can bring a wealth of experience to the Private Small Business Society community. Moreover, he graduated from Hinds Community College with a degree in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services.

Who Is Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs?

Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs is known as The Business Doctor from Grand Prairie, Texas. He is the founder of Private Small Business Society and BizCo Capital. Jake graduated top of his class from Wiley University in education before pursuing a Master's degree at Johns Hopkins University in Organizational Leadership. Also, Jake holds a doctoral degree with Honors in Business Administration from Harvest Christian University.

Dr. Jake has 11 years of experience of helping 15,000 professionals to boost profitability using his BizCo System™️. The Black Chamber of Commerce recognized Jake as Entrepreneur of the Year. He is also a member of the Forbes Business Council and has authored eight business books. It includes Launch Like A Pro, Buy Build Sell Repeat, You Are Not A CEo, Yet!, and The A.C.E Formula. Additionally, top publications like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Entrepreneur Magazine have featured his work.

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