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Jeff & Jessica Samis’ The Profit League Review – What is the Profit League’s Business Model?

May 9, 2024

profit league review

Profit League program by Jeff and Jessica Samis is a course designed to teach lead generation using Facebook ads. The general idea is to generate leads via ads that direct customers to a sales process or click funnel. It also teaches writing good ad copy, using software, creating a sales page, setting up Facebook ads, and many more. Students also get weekly coaching calls, sales and email scripts, and Facebook ad campaign templates. The course revolves around client acquisition, client fulfillment, operations, and scaling.

Jeff and Jessica Samis popped on the digital marketing scene in 2016 and a few months later began hyping their course and community. You can find lots of positive testimonials from its website and social media platform. However, their Facebook page and YouTube channel went radio silent in December 2018. With one exception in 2020, where they updated their page bio saying that they run Facebook ads for businesses.

Lead generation using Facebook ads presents many challenges. As mentioned in many Reddit threads for the past 3 years, the most common pitfall of this method is the difficulty of new clients and generating low-quality leads.  As Jeff Thomas said in his YouTube video reviewing the program,  Facebook ads are a complex and technical skill to master.  Moreover, Facebook ads ROI is only between 9-10%, according to WebFX. Also, a WordStream study reported that the Facebook traffic ads and campaigns see a lower click through rate (CTR). It only averaged 1.51% , with an average conversion rate of 8.25% across all industries. 

In this Profit League review, we will discuss its pros and cons, content, and business model. We'll also discuss how it compares to other forms of digital marketing, such as lead generation and Google advertising. Lastly,  we will talk about a business that is profitable, scalable, and more passive income generating than Facebook advertising. 

The Profit League Review Pros and Cons


The Profit League offers a comprehensive training on Facebook advertising. 

The program offers weekly coaching calls.

The Profit League program gives access to exclusive community, resources, and templates.


The Profit League program is quite expensive. 

The Profit League community has been silent since 2018. 

There is no evidence supporting that the contents are being updated. 


The Profit League course costs $3,999.


Self-paced through the Profit League Academy with 2 coaching calls per week. 


They have a Facebook page called Jeff & Jessica Samis with 38K followers.

Refund Policy

The Profit League does not offer refunds. 


Jeff and Jessica Samis established The Profit League program in 2017.


Jeff and Jessica Samis, creators and owners of the Facebook advertising agency course, The Profit League, were prominent names in the digital marketing community during the middle to late 2010s. While having silent since 2018, their course remains on the web. 

What is the Profit League Business Model?

The Profit League business model is a program that centers on lead generation. It involves using ClickFunnels (which cost $97 - $300 a month). Using Facebook ads, you'll create campaigns for local businesses which then direct users to the click funnel. Click funnels will collect customer data such as name, email address, city, and phone number.  This will ultimately lead customers through a series of sites intended to get them to sign up or buy a product or service.

As a graduate of the Profit League program, you can make money by partnering with local business to run and manage their Facebook advertising campaign and click funnel systems. Like most forms of digital marketing, you generate leads (and therefore revenue) for businesses, who are then supposed to pay you for the service. Businesses may pay you per hour, per lead, or for a flat rate fee. If you are business owner graduate of the course, you can save money by managing your advertising and sales process on your own.

Lead generation through creating ads is tough. It is a learned skill that requires a proper sense for what is (and what is not) eye catching and convincing to the target audience. And if your click through rate is low, you can count on losing  your own money or your client's money.

You also need a paying customer first before you can begin running these ads, unless you got some cash to throw around to test ads on your own. You'll also need your client's credit card information to run ads. This is easier said than done, especially if you're just starting out.

It's really no different, in theory, to what a professional ad agency does - just on a much smaller scale that you can perform with a cell phone, laptop, and a Facebook ads account.

What Will You Get With the Profit League Program?

  • 5 main sections on:  Strategy, Conversion, Traffic, Facebook Ads, and Operations. 
  • 2 live weekly coaching calls and the occasional webinar
  • 20+ Facebook ad campaigns (which are supposedly successful) that students can use to model
  • Some really helpful sales and email scripts to close new clients
  • Additional training on sales techniques and how to close deals
  • Active support 

How Much Does the Profit League Course Cost?

The Profit League course cost $3999. They also offer other services you can pay for once you're enrolled (like additional support and counseling). If you own a successful business and want to hone your Facebook advertising skills (and money isn't an issue) - then this program might be of benefit to you. If you are someone considering starting up your own Facebook marketing agency from scratch, you can also learn from the course. 

Are the Profit League Students Getting Results?

Yes, Profit League students are getting results. This is evident from the many testimonials found in their websites and social media accounts. One student claimed that he has earned  $1500 in less than an hour using the script from Jeff and Jessica. Another student said that he got his first paid job for $1000 in less than a week from enrolling the program. Most of the student's feedbacks highlighted how the program helped them learn how to earn more. 

Mike Fowler shares his positive experience with The Profit League. He highlights that the course covers everything from sales and mindset training to the technical aspects of creating advertising campaigns. Mike also mentioned the personal benefits he's experienced, such as moving to a better house and neighborhood. He also appreciates the flexibility to work from anywhere.

However, these positive reviews and testimonials are only available on their website and social media platforms. These reviews and testimonials stopped coming in 2018 and there were no updates since. External reviews from different platforms also showed that course is quite expensive, especially for those starting out without the guarantee of earning the amount back.

From their videos, Jeff and Jessica Samis seem like genuine, friendly, and well-meaning people. They believe their program has the potential to bring great value to their students. However, Facebook advertising changes on a day-to-day basis. 

Who are Jeff and Jessica Samis?

Jeff and Jessica Samis are husband and wife from Palm Springs who founded The Profit League in 2017. These two had transitioned to working from home while earning six-figure income through lead generation. They explored various online income avenues before identifying and focusing on local lead generation as their preferred business model. This includes affiliate marketing, network marketing, and dropshipping. 

Jessica graduated with a bachelor's degree in International Business and Finance in 2008 from Carleton University. She co-founded Click Hero, a marketing consulting company, in 2013. It helps its clients with Search Engine Optimization in Google and YouTube. She used her online marketing skills to help her father's local business in Edmonton. From there, she transitioned to working with local businesses in her community by  improving their online presence using the untapped potential of Facebook advertising.

Jeff Samis is a former forklift driver turned seasoned marketer and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the internet marketing industry. He first embarked as Amazon affiliate, selling books before shifting focus because of the high fees involved. Jeff also tried promoting products on his website before he ventured into creating an e-commerce site dedicated to health and wellness supplements. 

Is The Profit League Still Active?

Yes, the Profit League course is still active on the web. But, the content creators have not updated the Profit League course since late 2018. It is not clear what level of attention they are giving to current students. Also, it is difficult to tell what is actually still being offered. One thing is for sure, there has been complete radio silence from the couple. 

What is Jeff Samis Ghost Commerce 7-day Shift ?

Jeff Samis Ghost Commerce 7-day Shift is a program that teaches how to create multiple income streams through digital assets that connect with target audiences. The program delivers the content in 7 days, promising to achieve financial, time, and location freedom. It's tailored for beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs, irrespective of economic conditions or personal experience. Participants receive a step-by-step action plan, access to the Phantom software tool for income automation, community support, personalized guidance from proven experts.  

Jeff and Jessica's Claims

Jeff and Jessica claimed that The Profit League is a proven model to build passive income online through lead generation. They also claimed that Facebook advertising is an effective and simple way for local business to connect with their customers and prospects. They highlight its superiority in delivering faster results compared to traditional SEO techniques. 

The Profit League course also promises a step-by-step process for achieving a successful lead generation business. This also includes 20 proven campaigns that students can just follow to achieve the same success. 

Jeff and Jessica's Claims Debunked

Mostly, Facebook marketing is pretty successful. However, every day there are more and more people flocking to the business model to escape their day job. Moreover, more people are also offering the same course at a cheaper price. Not to mention that there are pretty interesting and informative videos and materials available for free.

It has become much more difficult to keep ads afloat amidst a sea of marketers with heavy wallets. Plus, it's also expensive and if an ad campaign doesn't work, you could lose thousands of dollars. You can do everything perfectly and by the book, but sometimes you just fall short. Even with Facebook's comprehensive analytical metrics, it can be very difficult to understand why.

In a Reddit post, fathom53 called Facebook lead gen ads as the worst because it wastes time and money. He suggested that sending traffic to a custom landing page that collects leads. 

Also, Facebook advertising is anything but passive, nor is it scalable. The more business you take on, the more work you end up doing. You also have to deal with the incredible headache of attaining multiple fresh IP addresses, as Facebook is quick to ban you for any multitude of reasons. 

Some other challenges with Facebook ads are:

  • Increasing competition: This competition can drive up the cost of ads and make it harder for businesses to stand out.
  • Changing algorithms: Keeping up can be challenging and time-consuming. For newcomers, Facebook advertising can be overwhelming because of its complexity and the breadth of options available
  • Strict ad guidelines: Navigating these rules can delay campaigns and require additional effort. Advertisers must be cautious about how they collect and use data. 
  • Complex targeting: Mastering this without over-targeting or under-targeting requires expertise and experimentation.
  • Ad fatigue: Users can become desensitized to ads if they see them too often, leading to decreased engagement.
  • Budget management: Finding the balance between spending and results can be difficult.
  • Measuring ROI: Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of Facebook ad campaigns can be complex.

Why Local Lead Generation is the Best Option For 2024?

Local lead generation is the best option for 2024 because it can be truly passive and scalable. Jeff and Jessica advocated for using Facebook ads to generate leads. However, using this method comes with many challenges. First, it is not as passive and scalable because, as you take on more clients,  you spend more money, time, and effort. Second, ads can be costly. According to Shopify, Facebook ads CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) is $9.88. Take note that this is for a single ad only. Third, ads will only be available for a certain period. Lastly, according to WebFX, Facebook ad ROI is only between 9-10%. 

According to Hubspot, the technique of generating leads is to create interesting contents and writing informative blogs. Salesmate mentioned that 60% of marketers think this is the best way to generate high-quality leads. Around 46% of Google searches have local intent, according to Search Engine Roundtable. Thus, the trick with local lead generation is to own the digital assets (your sites). It takes some time to get set up, but once your site ranked locally, it's pretty much there for good. Just needs a little maintenance here and there. 


These sites can promote local businesses for a fee ranging from $500-$2000 monthly. This is without a single paid Facebook or Google ad. This method is also easily scalable in different niche and locale. The reported profit margin for local lead generation is between 85% to 90%. Moreover, the leads from this local lead generation method already have the intention to buy, as opposed to Facebook ads.  Build. Rank. Rent. Repeat. That is the model that works. Learn more about local lead generation today!

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