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Project Life Mastery Review – Breaking Down the Stefan James Success Story.

May 16, 2022

Project Life Mastery: Programs for success in all spheres of life?

When you hit the Project Life Mastery landing page, you get the following message:

THE MASTERY MANIFESTO - Project Life Mastery is a commitment to mastering every area of your life. We are dedicated empowering you through powerful self-development advice content and coaching.”

This should warn you that Project Life Mastery is not just a course on how to run a specific business, but also how to incorporate success into your life on every level.

Project Life Mastery offers courses/programs on Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Book Publishing, Amazon FBA, Online Business, and Self-Development.

There’s a LOT on offer. The question is: Do you need it all?

Who is Stefan James?

As a marketer, I’m a big fan of Stefan James, the owner of Project Life Mastery. The guy has a very charismatic style of presentation and is a killer when it comes to making sales.

He is a YouTube rock star with over a million subscribers and more than 52 million total views!!!

Insane, right?

His content is top-notch and I’m sure he has impacted many people over the years. You just need to look at the comments sections to see that this is true.

Stefan loves to show off his girlfriend Tatiana, and his laptop/financial freedom lifestyle where he travels across the globe and stays in exotic locations for weeks on end.

He also lives in a $3 mill penthouse, so it’s safe to say that life is pretty dope for Mr. Stefan James (formerly known as Stefan Pylarinos, and as some suggest, Stefan Hall...)

Most will see Stefan as a knight in shining armor, willing to offer free business and personal tips on his YouTube Channel. And with 1 million subscribers, who can argue?  

About his success, Stefan says: “I was fortunate to have achieved massive success with my online business at a young age, becoming financially free and earning a 6-figure passive income by the time I was 24 years old.

By the time I was 27 years old, I had become an internet millionaire and today am a multi-millionaire, owning several online businesses.”

Today, I will look at Stefan’s Project Life Mastery business and the reason for his success so you can use some of these strategies for your own business.

I will also reveal my number one online business opportunity of  2020 & how it closely relates to how Stefan generates his income.

About your reviewer

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

Similar to Stefan, I have over 6 years of online entrepreneurial experience, both in Search Engine OptimizationAmazon FBA, and Affiliate Marketing

I've been an online entrepreneur since 2014 when I began my lead generation business. At the moment, I only focus on SEO - specifically getting sites to rank organically (for FREE) to #1 on Google.

Because I have several very profitable internet businesses, I believe that I am uniquely qualified to give an overview of Project Life Mastery. 

Like Stefan, I believe in the power of organic search results, which I will explain later.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike the hundreds of favorable affiliate reviews out there, I am NOT an affiliate for Project Life Mastery or Stefan James.

What to expect from this program

According to Stefan, Project Life Mastery is EVERYTHING you need to master EVERY area of your life.

This includes everything from waking up in the morning, health and nutrition, mindset, routine, and everything in between for life mastery

And then he also offers courses on making a living as an online entrepreneur, specifically through Amazon FBA and Affiliate Marketing.

Stefan gets paid in different ways, but mainly through selling his courses and recommending other courses, which he then earns affiliate commissions on.

His fiancé, Tatiana James (Yes. She's his fiancé, but has his last name...) worked through his Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course to learn how to sell products with Amazon FBA. She now has her own successful store, which allows her to also live the laptop lifestyle.

According to one of their YouTube videos, they claim she is making $222k per month!

Imagine what Stefan makes per month…

FYI – Tatiana has her own YouTube Channel with over 146k subscribers where she promotes Amazon FBA and offers links to her own site and a free course - with more content to come soon. (Anyone wants to bet she’ll be offering a course or mentorship?)

As for Project Life Mastery, Stefan believes that you can attain self-mastery through his Life Mastery Blueprint. 

He also proposes that there are Four Steps to living a fulfilled life. They are:

Step 1: Committing to mastery

Project Life Mastery is about mastering every area of your life: health, fitness, emotions, relationships, mindset, career, money, family, friends, contribution, spiritual growth. So basically every part of your life.

Step 2: Start an online business to create financial freedom

An online business generates income no matter where you are or when you work on it. Eventually, this will mean total financial freedom.

Step 3: Create an unstoppable morning ritual

To be your absolute best all day, will require starting your day as well as possible. A morning ritual ensures you wake up happy, energized, and focused.

Step 4: Invest in yourself

There's no better way to master something than to invest in a training, mentor, or coach that can give you the very best strategies and principles to achieve your desired outcome.

Step 4 is where Stefan makes his money. Let’s see what he offers.

Project Life Mastery Overview

There are several aspects to PLM. Apart from the paid-for content listed below, Stefan also offers free courses, ebooks and several interesting blog posts. The paid-for courses are:

  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery  - Stefan's flagship course for $997 per year.
  • K Money Mastery 2.0 - teaches you how to publish books on Kindle for $97 + $47 per month.
  • Life Mastery Accelerator - a broad self-improvement membership program for $29 per month or $297 per year.
  • Morning Rituals Mastery course for $37.
  • How To Write A Book In Less Than 24 Hours - costs $27.
  • K Optimizer - a software program for Kindle publishers. Depending on the features, it will cost between $27.77 and $77.77  per month.
  • And then there's an Affiliates Page, where you can sign up to become an affiliate for Stefan and other courses, programs and tools. and earn commission

Is it a worthwhile program?

Project Life Mastery is a mixed bag of mindset stuff, strategies and affiliate marketing.

Some of it is good and some of it is clearly a mash-up of other lifestyle gurus’ philosophies. The highlight for me, is actually his Blog.

At the moment, he has 216 pages of blog posts with an average of 6 posts per page. That's over 1,200 posts. There’s a lot of useful information in his blog and it’s all for FREE.

Stefan is definitely killing it, and he offers us a glimpse of what it takes to be a successful internet entrepreneur.

I’m gonna break it down like this;

Most of you know will know Stefan from his YouTube Channel with over 1 million subscribers. Most people love it. And because of that popularity, he is able to make a killing with his paid-for products. But it didn’t come easy.

He’s been building his site and the concept of for a long time. It was registered at the end of 2011.

He has quite a bit of organic free traffic coming to his site from all his different blog posts.

Look at the stats below, which is impressive.

This is what you call an authority site.

It's a site with tons of great content that was consistently built over time. Slowly but surely people link to the site because they like linking to good sources of info.

And because Stefan freely gives out so much valuable content, he quickly establishes trust with his visitors.

That enables him to monetize that traffic by selling his own courses or selling other people’s courses like Amazing Selling Machine/affiliate courses for a commission.

To sum it all up: Stefan has built an amazing brand with Project Life Mastery. Whether the content is for you, will be up to you. My advice; work through some of the free content before committing with your wallet...

Review Conclusion

Project Life Mastery appears to be the one-stop-shop for all your needs, be it spiritual or financial. Stefan seems to have something for just about everyone.

But does that mean it’s any good?

Yes, you can probably find all the info that Stefan has on the internet for free. But it will take you time to curate it all.

Stefan has taken the hassle out of doing research and finding the best sources and combined everything in one place.

Would you need all that Project Life Mastery has to offer in order to succeed in life and business?

Most people will say no. But for some, Stefan might just offer that extra lil kick you need to the backside to get you going.

There’s no harm in having the right mindset or starting the day on a high, is there?

If you’re looking to make it in the business world with Affiliate Marketing, then his courses covering that topic are good.

But if you’re still browsing for a new business venture, you might get distracted or even confused by all the shiny objects on the site.

But perhaps that is the idea. Remember that Stefan is first and foremost, a VERY successful marketer…


What I like:

  • A wide range of information available.
  • Great blog content.

What I didn't like:

  • Too much content without really specializing in just 1 specific business model.
  • Some options are expensive for what you get.
  • Affiliate Marketing is NOT the best business model for 2020.

How Stefan Makes His Money from Free Traffic and Why You Should Too...

The greatest thing about his income is the fact that he is generating free traffic to his site. This generates Stefan a recurring income every month – and it costs him next to nothing!

In my eyes, your ability to generate free traffic is one of, if not THE greatest skill you can have to make money online.

Don’t get me wrong there’s money to be made with paid traffic using platforms like Facebook Ads.  But social media marketing is tricky...

Social media marketing is tricky i.e. TECHNICAL, and you really gotta have an amazing product/offer. If not, then you will lose money to ad spend with a low ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

Even if you tick those two boxes, then it’s still a constant battle of trying to keep the conversation rate as high as possible. This requires daily checking & maintenance work.

Running Ad Campaigns SUCK. Trust me, I’ve spent over $100k on FB Ads in the past.


Free traffic means you have built up a level of presence online where people consistently find you every day. This is money you can count on month after month, year after year.

Someone like Stefan James, who has all this traffic coming his way every month, lives the good life. He wakes up every day knowing that the money is rolling into his bank account daily.

That’s true freedom.

Isn’t that what the internet lifestyle is all about?

If you follow in James’ footsteps, just remember that it’s going to take a few years to get where he is. Quality blog content doesn’t get you ranked overnight to the number one spot. You have to consistently add original quality content on a weekly basis to get anywhere.

Amazon FBA & Affiliate Marketing are OK, but Lead Gen blows them out of the water. Here's why...

Luckily, there’s a smarter way to internet success.

It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how you make it"

Dan Lok
Self-made millionaire, business mentor, educator, best-selling author, and entrepreneur.

This is why for me, building an online business powered by free traffic beats all other online businesses like:

Amazon FBA

- hardly any control over your traffic, very difficult to dominate your competition.

E-commerce Affiliate Offers

Ecommerce Shopify 

– completely rely on paid traffic, which means results vary from day to day.

Social Media Advertising 

– Lots of maintenance and expensive/low ROI

You name it, after I built my 6-figure local lead generation business which runs on free traffic, I also tried all those other online business opportunities listed above.

I actually made some money with them, and saw the entire business model A through Z. I can definitely see how people can make money with it but at the end of the day, I always came back to building my free traffic business as my core, my bread & butter.

Because I want that stability.

People are jumping onto the social media train a lot these days, due to guys like Gary Vaynerchuk constantly harping on how amazing social media is and what the next hip app might be.

People aren’t talking as much lately about the good ‘ol fashion way of building sites & ranking in Google as the way to make money long term. And that's good for me and the like-minded entrepreneurs in our group.

Look, King Google isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

It also doesn’t change much over the years as compared to things like Facebook Ads Platform.

Focusing on Google is a smart bet, as opposed to focusing on different social media marketing platforms that don't work the same and change more than Google...

I think you’re getting the drift here.

Always seeking stability & longevity.

Generating free traffic from Google is the way to go.

People think Stefan is just another Youtuber.

Nah, he actually has a massive blog that’s driving serious traffic.

Which I can appreciate because he’s actually doing what he preaches, which shows me this guy’s not just some YouTube guy, he’s a legit black belt in online marketing specifically 7 figure blogging.

How can I replicate the success of Project Life Mastery?

Stefan started back in 2012 when you could still rank blog posts by simply writing a great piece of content.

Those long blog posts ranked for all kinds of long tail keywords.

Now, to be on page 1, your site actually needs to have some power, aka backlinks.

In 2020, writing great content and hoping for links to come on their own, doesn’t work anymore.

You need serious SEO & backlinking skills.

Such as link outreach.

Using a site like, you can look up where your competitors are getting their links, going to those places and asking for a link yourself.

This is the strategy that big-time SEO guys like Neil Patel, uses.

There’s also another SEO Link building strategy and that’s utilizing Private Blog Networks (PBN), but the jury is still out whether its black hat or grey hat.

Basically, instead of going out begging for links, you create your own blogs to link to and from. These are not just any blogs, but expired domains that you purchased that already has some power behind them. You then use this existing domain authority, by harnessing that power for your own site.

This is one of the strategies we teach in our lead generation program, students learn how to build these PBN's properly so you can build links yourself, and rank your sites locally, generate leads for a business & get paid.

The beauty of free traffic is once the site is ranked, it pretty much stays ranked for years to come.

Here's an example of a site I built in 2014, and it is STILL #1 on the organic searches & in the map pack.

If you are skeptical, you can always google it yourself to find out..

This is why I blog every day and my team creates new lead gen sites every day.

Likewise, this is the reason why Stefan makes YouTube videos or new blog posts, because these are digital properties (that YOU own) and that will acquire new customers for you for years to come.

That’s real leverage.

And stacking on success.


Big fan of Stefan’s work, I’ve even invested in some of his courses, such as Affiliate Marketing Mastery. 

He also introduced me to several awesome mentors, like Dan Lok.

His Project Life Mastery site is no joke, with an estimated 144K visitors every month and on top of that he’s got that awesome YouTube channel.
Project Life Mastery site stats May 2020

This is all free organic traffic that he’s getting every month, & is able to monetize that many different ways: selling his course or other people’s course for a commission.

Now do you have to become a YouTube personality or some super high-level blogger to make it online?

Not necessarily.

There is another option which is to niche down and dominate industries where you can WIN without competing with such tough competition.

This is what I recommend to all of you who are new to this online business thing.

Go into local lead generation because there are so many cities & niches that don’t have that much competition to get to page 1. In the process, you can make some really good passive income with it.

The key take away here is Free Traffic. Its all about your ability to generate traffic.

Free Traffic is what fuels Project Life Mastery as well as my lead gen business and this blog.

Free Traffic allows you to consistently make progress without getting stuck.

Especially when you know how to create your own sites to create backlinks from.

My tree service site in Grand Rapids, MI generates $2,000 per month. Which ain’t bad. I haven’t touched it in a couples years. 
Tree Care Service Gif

Once it ranks to number one, it requires little maintenance to stay there. If your competition is weak, years might go by before you have to tweak anything!

And you can repeat the same process over and over again and live worry-free.

Check out this coaching program to learn how you too can start stacking some of that lead gen money using free traffic.

With Lead Generation, you own the site that generates leads for the local business, so they have to keep paying you.

For example, here's another site that's been paying me since 2015.
Limo Lead Gen

I went from living in a tiny apartment in Detroit MI in 2013, working a 9-5 at a car parts store pulling in $2k a month. 

Now, I live in a high rise apartment in San Francisco and make $52k each month via my lead generation properties. 

That's my 6 year transformation.

Imagine where you'll be in 6 years. IT IS POSSIBLE!

Learn more about lead generation by using the button below.
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