Scott Bauer’s Prosper Trading Academy Review: Can You Make Easy Money By Trading?

June 21, 2024

Prosper Trading Academy is a one-stop online learning platform for traders. It offers trading courses, mastery programs, single and group mentoring, exclusive access to live signal trading rooms, live trading webinars, trading ebooks, trade alert subscriptions, and high-potential trade signals. 

Scott teaches options trading for beginners in his Options Volatility crash course. This course aims to prepare new option traders to be confident in their decisions in actual trading scenarios. In this short course, new traders will learn the basics of options trading, options strategies, and entering and exiting vertical spread orders. Students of Prosper Trading Academy learn the fundamentals of trading like factors that affect the prices of stocks, basics of trading psychology, automated trading methodology, and strategies for entering and exiting the financial market. 

Rookie traders think the financial market is an easy way to make money online. But, it's actually a quick way to lose cash if you jump without knowledge and training. Trading is extremely risky and there's no one sure way of profiting here. Every trade is a gamble, and investing in high-quality training from Prosper Trading Academy is not a comprehensive solution to ensure success in this business. Local lead generation is still the best way to make money online in 2023. Unlike trading, lead gen is low-risk and you have total control of the business. You don't have to learn different strategies and understand market behaviors, you only have to learn one business model. With local lead generation, you rank and rent websites and earn passive income indefinitely. 

Prosper Trading Academy Pros and Cons

Prosper Trading Academy Pros

Prosper Trading Academy CEO Scott Bauer has established a name and reputation in the industry.

They offer diverse programs that cater to all skill levels, plus a foundation room program that develops trading intuition and mastery through healthy discourse.

Scott Bauer is a trading coach for over 25 years and has been featured in big financial networks like FOX Business and TD Ameritrade. 

World-class roster of trading coaches who have established names and reputations in the industry.

Prosper trading academy offers other supplementary learning services like trade alerts and live signal rooms that support and develop the skills and intuition of newbie traders.

Scott joined the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in 1991 and become the only professional to trade options. 

Prosper Trading Academy Cons

Trading involves a substantial degree of risk, and not everyone will succeed with it. 

There is no sure way to predict the behavior of financial markets, even live trading rooms don't guarantee a positive outcome.

There are many factors involved in trading, market behaviors can change at any moment. 

Learning how to trade takes time. It's not a quick way to make money online

Trading is not passive income. To be a smart trader, monitor market trends actively.


Crash Course at $499.99; Full Course (Penny Stocks and Short-Term Options at $4,995.

Refund Policy

No refund policy was mentioned. 


Over 25 years of professional trading experience. 


Scott Bauer is a trading veteran and an expert in both equity and index options. He established a name in the industry and has been featured in the biggest financial networks. Prosper Trading Academy LLC has a full roster of experienced and competent trading coaches. 

June 21, 2024

Bauer’s service is awful! He trades a $50K hypothetical SOM account on TOS, claiming he uses a SIM account to avoid front-running the market, which is complete nonsense. I paid for his services and ended up losing money.

Donna M

1.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

Can You Make Easy Money By Trading? 

Yes, it is possible to make easy money by trading. But only if you have learned the business, gained ample experience, and developed trading strategies that work for you. A study by the University of California found that only 1% of day traders consistently make money over 5 years and only 13% can maintain a consistent profit for a 6-month period. These statistics are indicative that even expert traders struggle to make consistent "easy money" from this method. In trading, the risks are always high and you always have to monitor your investments. 

If you are a beginner in trading, you need to put in the work first. That means learning the business from experts like Prosper Trading Academy, buying and understanding trading courses, getting personal coaching, and joining live signal trading rooms with hundreds of other hopefuls. That said, trading is not an easy money-making method after all. Building yourself to become an expert trader takes a lot of work. 

What Are the Programs Offered by Prosper Trading Academy?

The five main courses and programs offered by Prosper Trading Academy (as of writing) are: options volatility, penny stocks, short-term options, momentum stocks, and foundation room (online community). 

Options Volatility Crash Course by Scott Bauer 

The Options Volatility is a short trading course mentored by Scott Bauer himself.  

This crash course teaches practical trading theories, the basics of options trading, how options are priced, calling a vertical spread, entering/exiting a vertical spread, and an exclusive preview to live signal room. In this comprehensive course, students learn about trading headlines, the geopolitical risks of trading, and quarterly earnings reporting. 

Price: Options Volatility Crash Course by Scott Bauer costs $499.99

14-Part Penny Stocks Mastery Program with Charlie Moon 

Exclusive 3 months' access to the 14-part Penny Stock Mastery Program. This course teaches risk-minimizing systems to traders and is coached by proprietary equities expert Charlie Moon. Students of the course learn basic and advanced systems and strategies on how to handle short-term OTC stocks. The course includes exclusive access to Charlie's live signal room so you see in actuality how experts trade. 

Price: 14-Part Penny Stocks Mastery Program with Charlie Moon costs $4,995 

Short-Term Options with Mike Shorr 

This course, by derivatives veteran Mike Shorr, teaches trading strategies on short-term options trading. Students of the course learn about trading theories and strategies on how to stay profitable in up and down markets. Students also get access to his live signal room where they experience the live trading action in real-time. The Short-Term Options program grants unlimited access to the course and materials for 3 months. 

Cost: Short-Term Options with Mike Shorr costs $4,995. 

Momentum Stocks Live Signal Trading Room by Charlie Moon 

Get exclusive 30-day access to Charlie’s live signal room where you’ll learn and master real trading in market conditions. As a bonus, you get an extra week of high-potential signals from Charlie himself. 

Price: Single payment of $4,995 

Foundation Room with Charlie Lewis

The foundation room aims to sharpen aspiring traders through mastery of fundamentals. It aims to develop smarter trading professionals who see opportunities in different markets. Some theories taught in the program are options volatility, niche and stock trading, and effective methods for spotting market opportunities. By signing up for the Foundation Room, you can join daily discussions, access trading materials, and ask questions directly to the experts. 


Other Learning Resources Offered by Prosper Trading Academy

  • Bauer’s Power Picks Webinar: Live hands-on training for aspiring traders of all skill levels. Scott teaches in this webinar exclusive strategies he learned as a floor trader for over 30 years. The webinar is free, but pre-registration is required for those who are interested in joining. 

  • Live Options Signal Room: Join Scott Bauer daily and pick up strategies you can use in your trading activities. Live options signal room is broadcasted every day from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm central time. By signing up for membership, you’ll get mobile and email updates, and exclusive access to the live trading room along with hundreds of other traders. Cost: $4,999 annual membership fee 

  • Predictive Profits Ebook: This eBook gives readers an insight into the 15 strategies Scott learned and developed in his 30 years as a floor trader. In the Predictive Profits Ebook, you’ll learn unique approaches in trading that help minimize risks, identify which stocks are bullish, and which ones are bearish. Price: Predictive Profits Ebook by Scott Bauer costs $9.95

  • The Ultimate Guide to Trading Options: An insightful 42-pager book on options trading that features 7 ideal habits, 6 everyday strategies, and 3 deadliest mistakes that option traders make. Scott also reveals key profit formulas, the magic 3-step approach, and other money-making strategies. The book is free when you sign up. 

  • Bauer Power Picks Options Trade Alert Service: Get live trade signals from Scott Bauer straight to your phone (SMS and Email). By subscribing to the alert service, you’ll get exclusive heads-up on trade setups and the rationales behind them. You also get exclusive access to investor updates, commentaries, and trading tools. Annual Subscription: $3,996/ Quarterly Option: $999.

Is Prosper Trading Academy Legit?

Prosper Trading Academy is legit. The company is verified in Trustpilot and has an excellent 4.6-star rating (based on 258 total reviews). The company has a pretty solid reputation and ranked 85 out of 132 best companies on Trustpilot under the organization/association category. They also ranked 92 out of 140 under educational and institution.

A full house of experienced traders as coaches, reliable customer service, and diverse programs that cater to different skill levels make them one of the most successful learning platforms. Their programs teach basic and advanced trading theories and strategies to beginners and experienced traders. They also offer live signal trading rooms for active traders, and single and group mentoring. Scott is joined by other trading veterans like Charlie Moon, who specializes in proprietary equities, and Mike Shorr, a derivatives expert. 

Who Are the Coaches at Prosper Trading Academy?

The coaches at Prosper Trading Academy are Scott Bauer, Charlie Moon, Mike Shorr, and Charlie Lewis. This powerhouse of world-class coaches is headed by the company's ÇEO, Scott Bauer. Proprietary equities expert Charlie Moon joins the power line-up handling programs under Penny Stocks and Momentum Stocks. Derivatives veteran, Mike Shorr, handles programs on Short-Term Options while Charlie Lewis heads the Foundation Room. 

What Do Customers Have to Say About Prosper Trading Academy?

Many customers have good things to say about Prosper Trading Academy. Barry Cardiner rated 5-star on Trustpilot, saying the course was "everything and more". He mentioned that the whole team was supportive and respectful, and he had access to tools when he needed them. He also narrated how the guys explained and recommended positions and gave relevant feedback on his ideas. 

Another positive comment is from James Pontak who availed of a program under Mike Shorr. James is new to trading options and was satisfied with the support and investment advice he got from Mike which he says are valuable to a new trader like him. Under Mike's guidance, he claims to have posted a 5K gain on his trades. 

Prosper Trading Academy also has some 1-star reviews from unsatisfied customers. The most recent one was posted on June 14, 2023, with the header "Be careful with this company." The commenter narrated that he got a hard pull for a loan check (which likely affected his credit score). 

To be fair, Prosper Trading Academy has a rational reply for this commenter. The representative from Prosper explained that the hard pull was done with consent after he agreed to apply for credit. He further explained that the financing application has been removed, and they already requested for removal of the hard inquiry. 

Prosper Training Academy responds reasonably to negative feedback. They explain their side and make compensation when necessary. Its representatives always act with respect and professionalism. This shows they are serious about the business and the company is managed well. 

Who is the CEO of Prosper Trading Academy?

Scott Bauer is the CEO of Prosper Trading Academy. He is an expert market analyst who appeared several times on major financial networks like CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business, and the TD Ameritrade Network. In 1991, he started as a humble clerk at the CBOE and made history as the only professional to trade options. Scott graduated with honors from the University of Illinois Business School and became a professor there. He established his professional trading career with Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). His trading portfolio includes some of the biggest corporate names, such as Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, and American International Group. 

Scott is a professional trader for over 25 years and an expert in both equity and index options. The highlight of Scott's career was when he became the Vice President for Equities Division at Goldman, Sachs, and Co. This leading New York-based global investment bank also manages securities and investments. Goldman Sachs caters to a wide clientele, including financial institutions, government entities, and individual investors. 

Scott Bauer Reviews 

Positive Scott Bauer Reviews 

Negative Scott Bauer Reviews 

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Final Thoughts on Prosper Training Academy 

Learning how to trade is not something you can do overnight. Even if you get the best training, it's still not a guarantee for success in this business. Trading is not for everyone. For some, trading intuition comes naturally. While others lose hard-earned money trying to get rich quickly. 

Local lead generation is still the best business model for making money online. It's low-risk, low-capital, and the local lead generation training is easier to learn compared to trading courses. In trading, the markets can change at any second and you can lose money without warning. But with local lead gen, as long as your digital properties are ranked and rented, you're earning passively. 

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