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Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course Review: What Is Amazon FBA?

March 24, 2024

Proven Amazon Course is an Amazon FBA training program by Jim Cockrum that teaches you several selling strategies. You will learn how to do private label, wholesale, arbitrage, and more on Amazon FBA. The course is a collection of dozens of training modules and hours of coaching. Selling on Amazon FBA is a risky and costly investment, especially in 2024. With thousands of new sellers signing up every day, the competition is larger than ever. You will need to be equipped with a good skill set if you are to find any success with Amazon FBA.

In this Proven Amazon Course review, you will learn all about the course, what students say, if students are successful, and if the course is worth getting. The article will also cover all about Jim Cockrum and the Amazon FBA business model.

What Does Amazon FBA Stand For and What Is It?

FBA stands for "Fulfillment by Amazon." The Fulfillment by Amazon system helps businesses grow by providing access to Amazon's logistics network. We created a list of the 10 different Amazon FBA business models. Look through the list and see which model catches your interest.

How Does Fulfillment by Amazon Work?

Sellers send their products to Amazon fulfillment centers so that when a customer makes a purchase, Amazon will handle the receiving, packing, shipping and even customer service related to the order.

Here is what you need to do to set yourself up to sell on Amazon.

  • Create your Amazon Sellers account
  • Prepare your products to be sent to an Amazon fulfillment center according to their packing guidelines and shipping requirements.
  • Create your shipping plan; print Amazon shipping labels and send your products to the fulfillment center
  • Create your product listings; add your products to the Amazon catalog & specify your FBA inventory
  • Promote and generate traffic to your products on Amazon; Amazon will fulfill your orders, hence the name Amazon FBA.
  • Handle the customer support

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Successful FBA Business?

To start a successful FBA business, invest between $10K to $15K+. That's much more than the $500 you're paying for Jim's course.

How did we get to this number? Here's a breakdown of those costs...

  • $5,000 for inventory; anything less and suppliers will have little interest in working with you
  • Minimum of $2,000-$3,000 in branding expenses if private labeling (logo, packaging, professional photos, and samples.)
  • $5,000 in pay-per-click advertising campaigns; split testing is a must if you want to find an ad that converts well

Proven Amazon Course Pros and Cons


You have access to monthly webinars where new trainings are released

They update this course several times per year.

Large collection of training modules to create a customizable learning experience


New students can feel overwhelmed with the amount of content in the library of modules

They ignored Facebook ad strategies

Lack of training on how to engage customers to gain more reviews and repeat business

Too many power-point style videos


Proven Amazon Course 2.0 costs $499 for lifetime access or $29 per month

Refund Policy

Simple 30 day, risk-free refund policy


Dozens of hours of video training in the library of courses; access to their list of recommended tools and services to help you grow and manage your Amazon business.


Private forum for support


Jim started this course in 2009 after years of success in the eCom space. The silentjimdotcom YouTube channel was started in 2007.


Jim has been in the eCom space since 1997 and his longevity shows how much knowledge he has and value his course and YouTube channel provide.

What Are the Proven Amazon Course Modules?

Signing up Proven Amazon Course gives you access to a large collection of training modules. The sizable library of modules is meant to provide training that can fit your personality, experience level, budget, and situation. The list of modules is as follows below:

  • OA Simplified
  • Proven Prep and Ship
  • Proven Brand Building
  • Amazon Selling 101
  • How, When, and Why to Hire a Virtual Assistant in Your Amazon Business
  • Advanced Sourcing Using Keepa
  • Selling on Walmart
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing Training
  • Proven Q4 Plan
  • Proven Product Partnering 2.0
  • Ignore the Buy Box
  • Proven China Sourcing
  • International AZ
  • The Proven Conference
  • Proven Book Sourcing
  • Proven Accounting Course
  • How to Be a Trade Show No Show
  • Promotional Company Sourcing
  • KDP Course
  • Buy Local Sell to the World
  • Replens Discussion Facebook Group
  • Outsourcing
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing Training
  • Proven Bot Sourcing

Members can access many more additional modules and newly created ones that are added.

What Do Students Of Proven Amazon Course Say?

While I couldn't find any student reviews outside of testimonials that Proven Amazon Course has verified themselves, there are a lot of reviews that point out the pros and cons of their experience with the course. Many students praise the diverse training modules, the active Facebook group with over 73,000 members, and affordability. Some students have criticized the outdated nature of certain modules, the varying quality of the courses, the overwhelming amount of content, and their poor experience with some of the PAC coaches.

Tim's Journey to Making $550,000 on Amazon

On the Silentjimdotcom YouTube channel, there is a post about one of the PAC students, Tim, who made $550,000 after taking up the course and applying for mentorship. It is unclear to when Tim started taking the course or selling on Amazon, but he mentioned it took him 5 years to get to making $550,000 by 2023 with a profit margin of 18-20%. As of 2024, Tim is selling full-time on Amazon.

Tim started selling books after leaning how from Jim Cockrum's podcast. He sourced the books from thrift stores and resold it on Amazon for profit. After joining PAC, he learned and moved to other selling strategies like repins and wholesale. Tim explains that the coaching and support from the community played the key part in his journey to success.

Is Proven Amazon Course Worth Getting?

Proven Amazon Course is worth getting if you are a beginner who wants to learn how to sell on Amazon FBA. It is a great course to learn a variety of strategies that can suit your situation and style. However, the sheer amount of training content can be overwhelming for those who want to learn fast. For beginners who want to learn a specific set of skills or strategy, I would suggest looking for other smaller specialized courses.

Keep in mind that all the strategies that are taught in PAC are time and money consuming. It will take a lot of hard work and investment if you are to find any success with Amazon FBA.

Who is Jim Cockrum?

Jim Cockrum is a writer, author and entrepreneur from Greenwood, Indiana. He's been a part of the eCommerce space since 1997 and was one of the most credible sources of eCommerce strategy advice since 1999. 

In 2009, he launched the first edition of the Proven Amazon Course to teach people how to create a business online by selling on Amazon and about 500,000 people have read his book “Silent Sales Machine”. Other highly rated books that Jim authored are "Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business, Online and Off" and "10 Years & 10 Lessons"

Jim was also subject to controversy in 2020 after encouraging his followers and students to invest in the Amazon best-selling brand, Dynasty Toys. The ban of Dynasty Toys from Amazon resulted in investors losing thousands of dollars. The brand faced accusations of allegedly manipulating Amazon sales ranks and misleading Amazon sellers.

Currently, he's active on his Silentjimdotcom YouTube channel and Silent Sales Machine podcast, where he interviews many successful online entrepreneurs with how they reached their success on Amazon.

What Does It Take to Succeed With Amazon FBA?

To succeed with Amazon FBA, you must have an exceptional product. But you’ll need to be persistent as a business owner and do your due diligence to uncover the right niche and product. To accomplish this, you’ll need a decent amount of expendable income.

So, if finances are tight, FBA may not be a good fit for you.

According to a recent survey by JungleScout, 76% of Amazon sellers are still profitable. In fact, in Amazon's own State of the Amazon Seller report, the company shared just how competitive it has become.

Clearly, opportunities still exist to make money on Amazon if that many new sellers join each day, but the rise in competition may make it more difficult to succeed.

My Gripe With FBA (Even After Success)

When I started my own FBA business, it took a year and a half of hustling before I saw any profits. The journey was time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, I already had a nice cash-flow of passive income from digital real estate. I allocated some of those funds to my FBA business each month. In the end, I grew that FBA business to $3K-$K net profit per month. I didn't feel like all the time and money I put into this business model was worth it all.

My main issues with the FBA business 🙁

  • It takes so long to set everything up (6+ months); and there's no guarantee your product will ever rank and start generating sales
  • Dealing with suppliers is frustrating; pricing is always changing and inventory isn't always predictable
  • Competition is getting tougher each year as more big companies jump onto the FBA platform
  • It’s difficult to compete with established brands and their limitless budgets
  • Rising Amazon fees may show the company's leaders prefer big brands on the platform

What do you need to consider before choosing an FBA course?

Look at what we consider important things to look for when searching for an Amazon FBA course.

  • Recent information; courses that are often updated
  • Courses that are reasonably priced
  • Real-life examples and proof of the course material being applied and providing results; recent student testimonials
  • Community for support; Facebook group or forum.
  • Weekly live coaching calls or training 
  • Coaches that are actively engaged in the community

If you're serious about trying to make money through Amazon FBA, you most likely are goingare going to be searching for the best amazon FBA course. Fortunately for you, we created a list of the best amazon FBA courses. Also, you can check my article about the FBA Roadmap beginner course. Go through them and see which one might be worth your attention.

Create Low-Cost Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is my number 1 business model that creates passive income and costs less time and money compared to selling on Amazon FBA. It costs as little as $500 to start and $30 a month to maintain. As a type of digital real estate busienss, you rank a site on Google and rent it out to local businesses. You can make up to $2,500 a month from one local lead generation site and you don't have to sell anything, run marketing campaigns, or deal with customers.

With local lead generation, you don't have to worry about competing in a saturated market. You only need to outrank a handful of sites. A site can stay ranked on Google for years without even needing an update. This makes local lead generation a sustainable business. Scaling is as simple as repeating the rank and rent process. There is no limit to how much you can scale making local lead generation the best business model to create time and financial freedom.

If you're interested in lead generation, tap "Learn More" below.

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