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Sabri Suby Quantum Growth Review: Digital Marketing Agency 8-Phase Selling Strategy

March 14, 2024

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Quantum Growth is a digital marketing agency course by renowned Australian digital marketing expert Sabri Suby. The course offers a complete and comprehensive guide on how to start and scale a digital marketing agency business. Sabri turned $50 into $100,000 by creating his own digital marketing agency business. With the right skills, a digital marketing agency can yield substantial profits, though beginners may face challenges in client acquisition without established credibility.

Reviews for the course from its students have been positive, with the contents of the training being praised. Despite Sabri Suby's expertise, KingKong, his digital marketing agency, has received mixed reviews online. Reviews for his best-selling book, Sell Like Crazy, are mixed.

In this Quantum Growth review, you will discover Sabri's unique strategy, what you get with the course, who is it for, and if students are successful. You will also learn who Sabri Suby is, what his best-selling book is, how he found outstanding success with digital marketing, and about the digital marketing agency business.

Quantum Growth Pros and Cons


The comprehensive training covers a wide range of topics.

Access to a private group with over 1,200 members

KingKong is one of Australia's top marketing agencies. 


The program involves additional investments in marketing tools and advertising campaigns.

Compared to other programs, its limited coaching is too expensive.

One-size-fits-all training that may not fit your situation and market conditions.


Quantum Growth costs around $9,800. This is subject to change and the current price is given during the discovery call.

Refund Policy

Quantum Growth has a 12-month refund policy with certain conditions. 




Quantum Growth and KingKong have mixed reviews.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quantum Growth emphasizes the importance of identifying and deeply understanding your dream customer, which is crucial for creating highly effective, targeted marketing strategies.
  • Crafting compelling High-Value Content Offers (HVCOs) is essential for attracting and nurturing potential leads.
  • Focus on communication skills and the psychological aspects of selling to convert prospects into paying customers effectively.
  • Quantum Growth teaches both free and paid client acquisition strategies, including cold email outreach and social media marketing.
  • Integrating actionable business tactics with insights from behavioral economics is crucial for achieving success in digital marketing.

What Is the Quantum Growth 8-Phase Selling Strategy?

The Quantum Growth 8-phases Selling Strategy is Sabri’s perfected strategy of generating a high volume of leads, sales, and profits. The 8-phases will help you craft what Sabri calls a godfather offer that hits the bullseye, which is an irresistible offer so good that the customer could not refuse.

  1. Understanding Your Dream Buyer: This involves identifying the emotional and irrational buying triggers of your target market. Sabri emphasizes deeply understanding the client for high conversion rates in marketing campaigns.
  2. Creating the Perfect Bait: Using the High-Value Content Offer (HVCO), Sabri outlines how to attract ideal customers by providing valuable information, which then leads to paid services or products.
  3. Capture Leads and Get Contact Details: Effective opt-in pages are critical. Sabri shares key components like compelling headlines, bullet points, and simple forms for capturing visitor information.
  4. The Godfather Strategy: This involves creating an offer that's too good to refuse. Sabri advises on crafting offers that are appealing yet realistic, understanding potential risks, and building substantial value in the offer.
  5. Traffic Generation: Sabri discusses setting up effective PPC ads on Google and Facebook, as well as exploring other channels like YouTube and SEO for a diverse traffic strategy.
  6. The Magic Lantern Technique: This technique focuses on converting the broader market into eager buyers through value-packed emails, based on a deep understanding of the target audience.
  7. Sales Process: A 7-step sales process is crucial for converting prospects into customers. It includes understanding the customer’s motivations, delivering value, and closing the deal with confidence.
  8. Automate and Multiply: The final phase is about scaling the business by automating processes, using email marketing tools, and delegating tasks.

What Do You Get With Quantum Growth?

Quantum Growth comes with 6 modules, and bonuses designed to boost your lead flow and conversion rate significantly. Each module targets a specific aspect of business growth, from identifying your ideal client to mastering ad campaigns. Additionally, you’ll gain access to many valuable extras and bonuses to further enhance your learning experience.

Module 1: Setting the Stage for Success

This initial module lays the groundwork for the entire course. It focuses on identifying your dream customer, understanding high-value content offers, and crafting irresistible 'Godfather' offers. You will learn the same 8-Phase Selling Strategy taught in his Sell Like Crazy book. Sabri also delves into mindset, emphasizing the importance of starting with a clear end goal and understanding your "why."

Module 2: The Eudaemonic Paradigm

In module 2, Sabri explores mental models and life philosophies, particularly the contrast between hedonic and eudaemonic well-being. This module encourages a shift towards self-actualization and avoiding the hedonic treadmill, suggesting that true happiness and fulfillment come from realizing one's potential rather than chasing fleeting pleasures.

Module 3: Customer Acquisition

Module 3 tackles client acquisition, particularly on how to secure your first clients with little or no budget. Sabri teaches free customer acquisition methods like cold email outreach and engaging in Facebook groups, along with strategies for transitioning to paid advertising for scalable growth.

Module 4: Mastering Sales

This module is all about converting leads into customers. It covers the nuances of communication in sales, including tone, speed, and effective silence usage. Sabri also provides practical tips for preparing for sales calls and structuring your day for optimal sales performance.

Module 5: Building Your Funnel

In this module, you'll learn to create sales funnel, lead magnets, and Video Sales Letters (VSL). Sabri provides templates and introduces the 'Magic Lantern Technique' to convert cold traffic into high-end clients, emphasizing the importance of nurturing leads with valuable, non-pitchy content.

Module 6: Paid Traffic and Behavioral Economics

The final module delves into the intricacies of paid traffic on platforms like Google and Facebook. Sabri explains behavioral economics and how to craft ads that grab attention and create compelling narratives that influence buying decisions.

Course Bonuses

  • The Dream Buyer Avatar Worksheet.
  • Sabri's personal HVCO formulas
  • Sabri's secret list of mental models.
  • The Dream Farming Worksheet.
  • Plug and Play funnels to use with Infusionsoft.

Who Is Quantum Growth For?

  • Beginners who want to learn the A-Zs of digital marketing.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a digital marketing agency business
  • Business owners who want to learn advance online sales techniques to increase their conversion.

Are Students of Quantum Growth Successful?

There are many students of Quantum Growth that have found success in their businesses using what they learned from the course. There are tons of testimonials on the KingKong website of satisfied clients and students. Reviews for KingKong are mostly negative on Trustpilot with a rating of 2.2/5 with 74% of reviews being 1-star. The complaints are from unsatisfied clients of KingKong agency and customers who availed the “free” Sell Like Crazy book and got overcharged with the promos. There aren’t any reviews directed at the course.

There are only a couple of reviews for the Quantum Growth course. This student, Bruce Slater, praised the course and how the lessons improved his business. He did not provide any specifics or figures on how much his business improved, however. I could not find any success stories with real-world examples from students of the course outside of the official website.

This review by a client of KingKong agency complained about the unsatisfactory marketing performance of the agency. He explained that hiring an in-house marketing manager and web designer was more efficient that working with KingKong. In my opinion, Quantum Growth should reflect Sabri's digital marketing agency business. If KingKong agency is full of complaints, this sets the wrong expectation on what he teaches in his course and how he will treat his students.

Who Is Sabri Suby?

quantum growth review

Sabri Suby is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, and founder of Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing agency, King Kong. He lives in Melbourne, Victoria, and is among the five new Sharks on Shark Tank Australia. Sabri got his first job as one sales representative of a 13 member sales team. He performed poorly at first, but then pushed himself and improved fast after he almost got laid off. Took business at RMIT University but dropped out during the summer break after starting his digital marketing business that took off. Sabri’s achievements have been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSNBC, HuffPost, Fox News, Foundr Magazine and more. He appeared on a Dan Lok episode and Sabri has interviewed billionaire and world-class sales master Grant Cardone in 2019.

quantum growth review

What Is King Kong Agency?

King Kong is a Melbourne-based digital marketing agency created by Sabri Suby that focuses on growth and ROI maximization. The agency specializes in running paid ad campaigns and offers SEO, landing page creation, and web design services. Since its founding in 2014, King Kong has generated $7.8 billion in revenue for over 200,000 clients in 1,067 different industries and niches. They have served clients from 136 countries and created 38 millionaires, of whom 6 make 8-figures. Under King Kong, Sabri also offers a sales and digital marketing course.

sell like crazy review

What Is Sell Like Crazy?

Sell Like Crazy is a sales and digital marketing guidebook by Sabri Suby that provides invaluable insights on generating leads and creating irresistible offers. The book includes practical and actionable advice on marketing optimization. In the book, Sabri Suby outlines his 8-phase selling strategy, including his steps on how to create an irresistible “Godfather” offer. The first module of Quantum Growth covers the contents of the book.

How Sabri Suby Turned $50 to $100,000  

Background of the Story

Sabri Suby, the founder of King Kong, a highly successful digital marketing agency in Australia. He grew up in Byron Bay, was raised by a single mother, and started working at a young age to help with the family's finances. Once, he made $80 from busking. At that time, this amount was already a huge help for his family. Since that experience, he became very interested in entrepreneurship and later pursued a sales career. 

Challenges Sabri Faced

Sabri wasn't a good salesperson when he started, but he quickly learned the business and became a top performer. His first business was a water filter company. This taught him valuable lessons in business, especially in demand and market needs.

His venture into the digital marketing world began when a prospect asked for SEO services, which he initially didn't offer. He explored this industry and learned the business from scratch. This wasn't easy for Sabri. He faced financial constraints and intense competition. He had to work long hours and face multiple rejections as a newbie. 

How He Turned $50 to $100,000

Sabri began his agency with just $50, an old computer, and a lot of cold calling. Despite initial rejections, he persisted and eventually clients began to trust him. He emphasized the importance of having the right mindset and focusing on core business fundamentals. His business approach prioritizes cash flow, high margins, and mastering customer acquisition through various digital channels.

Is a Digital Marketing Agency Worth It in 2024?

Digital marketing agency is a highly saturated business in 2024. With the amount of easily accessible digital marketing training and the easy entry into the industry, it is hard for new agencies to breakthrough and find success. Potential clients would often prefer agencies that have a long proven record of delivering success. As a new agency, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort building your reputation. To get clients early on, you may need to offer your services for free or at a cheap price.

What a lot of courses don’t tell you early on is that you need to first market your own agency by spending thousands of dollars to invest in PPC advertising, lead generation, sales funnel, etc which creates high risks. Alternatively, working for a digital marketing agency can be a good way to get much needed experience and build your portfolio without taking risks. Creating passive income with a digital marketing agency requires you to have an already established and stable agency so you can start outsourcing most of the work.

Create Low-Cost Scalable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is my recommended low-cost business model that creates passive income. As a type of digital real estate where you are the landlord, you earn predictable passive income by ranking a website on Google and renting it out to local businesses. You don’t need to worry about running paid advertising or marketing campaigns. It costs an initial investment of as little as $500 to get started and about $30 a month to maintain. Once your website is ranked and rented, you can earn up $500-$2,000+ a month. A site can stay ranked on Google for years, meaning once you launch your site, it’s basically hands-free.

Scaling a digital marketing agency means a lot of outsourcing, which increases your operational costs. Scaling a local lead generation business is as simple as repeating the process of rank and rent. There is no limit to how many websites you can create. This high scalability and sustainability is why local lead generation is my recommended business model to create time and financial freedom.

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