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Herc Magnus’ Rank and Rent Club Review (Top 3 SEO Challenges)

March 14, 2024

The Rank and Rent Club by Herc Magnus is a course that teaches you how to rank and rent lead generation websites. Rank and rent is a business model where you create websites intending to generate leads. After you build them out, you then rank them on Google and forward the calls to local business owners each month for a commission. 

Rank and rent is different from other business models such as doing client SEO and affiliate marketing SEO because you own your website, you get to choose who to work with, and your client can't fire you. With an SEO agency, you get paid upfront but you're ranking someone else's site and they can fire you at anytime. With affiliate SEO, your income isn't predictable enough each month. The initial process of building websites and ranking them is the same in each business model. But, after you get your sites to rank, the differences are more apparent.

In this Rank and Rent Club review, we'll find out who Herc is and how his course compares to the original rank and rent course, the local lead generation training program by Dan Klein.


Free Access To 4 Lessons Before Being Offered Full Club Access

Free Trial with their SEO Tools

Good PBN (private blog network) training

Herc Magnus has earned over 7-figures with his SEO knowledge


Not enough in-depth information on the power of sites

SEO Tools made for WordPress ONLY

Somewhat expensive program that doesn't give you the option to do payment plans

Rank and Rent Club doesn't offer any outsourcing service for off-site optimization, which is time consuming


Rank and Rent Club pricing options include 3 packages, whether you want the training along with the software or not. 

With Software and Training:

12 months: $1,747

6 months: $1,397

3 months: $1,047

Training without Software:

12 months: $697

6 months: $597

3 months: $497

Refund Policy

7-day refund policy


6 training modules along with 4 free modules to introduce you to the business model before jumping into the meat of the course.


Private forum style community for Club members


Herc has an excellent reputation in the digital marketing community and has drawn praise from some of the more known online marketing personalities, such as John Crestani, Chris Winters, and Kelly Felix.

Top 3 SEO Challenges

1. Google Core Algorithm Updates

Google's core algorithm gets updated several times per year. In 2022 alone, there were 10 core updates, the most recent being the December 14, 2022 update. The purpose of these updates is because Google is always trying to improve the searchers' experience by providing the most relevant content. These updates can either hurt your rankings or improve them depending on how you structure your site. If your site ends up dropping in ranking, it may take a few weeks to a few months to get your ranking back, which can cause you to lose hundreds or thousands of dollars. You may even lose a client if you're doing SEO for them. These core updates are the nature of the beast and if you want to succeed, you need to "roll with the punches".

2. Slow Results

Results are slow in the world of SEO as opposed to the quick results you can achieve with paid traffic. SEO is a long-term play that many marketers and business owners don't have the patience for to wait 2-9 months or more to see any return on investment. This business model requires you to remain consistent with your white hat optimization methods. If you use black hat methods, quit too soon or aren't using the correct SEO tools to monitor your progress, your work will be for nothing and you will have wasted valuable time and money.

3. Competition

Competition in the SEO space is rising as time goes on because more businesses are opening their eyes to the importance of getting their sites to rank at the top of page 1, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic started. This makes it harder for you to rank your website, blog, ecommerce store, or lead generation site. The rise in competition is forcing everyone to work that much harder to outrank everyone else, even if you do local SEO. Therefore, SEO is providing even slower results. 

Who is Herc Magnus?

Herc Magnus is a 7-figure online entrepreneur from Beaumont, Alberta, Canada. In 2001, he graduated from MacEwan University. According to Herc, he's a passionate music fan and plays several instruments as a part of a rock band called Hollywood Assassyn.

He's been doing online marketing for over 20 years. He's done email list building, affiliate marketing, SEO, AdSense marketing and as of late, he's been developing SEO software along with his business partner. That software is available for purchase when joining the Rank and Rent Club program. 

In 2014, Herc started his marketing agency called Position One Marketing with a focus on providing SEO services. 2 years later, in 2016, he co-founded Xagio, a WordPress management solution that manages over 11.5K websites. A year later, in 2017, he co-founded a software development company that specializes in the development of SaaS in the SEO field, called Supremacy.Digital. 

Today, Herc is selling the Rank and Rent Club course and helping students use their search engine optimization skills to make money locally by generating leads for local small businesses organically.

Is Rank and Rent dead?

Rank and rent is not dead. As long as you can build a website offering a phone driven service, and rank it on Google using the most current optimization techniques, you'll generate leads and make money online. At that point, you have all the leverage. You get to choose who you're going to send leads to and how much they'll rent the site for leads for each month. There is still plenty of opportunity in each market with thousands of niches to choose from.

What do you get with the Rank and Rent Club?

Four Free Pre-Modules

Before you ever even join and get Full Club Access and going through the actual course, you're given free access to 4 free modules where Herc summarizes the following topics...

  • Why rank and rent is the best business model for long-term profits
  • How to find and choose the perfect golden niche
  • How to easily rank page 1 in Google
  • Rank and Rent Club Webinar

Every video except for the 2+ hour long webinar is about 30 minutes and they give you access to the first two sections of the course.

Does the Rank and Rent Club come with any upsells?

The Rank and Rent Club does come with upsells. After you go through the free modules, they will sell you the rest of the content in the course and give you a chance to become a Club member.

What software do you get with this rank and rent course?

The software you get with this rank and rent course is Keyword Supremacy, Local Supremacy, and SERPScout. Keyword Supremacy helps you with your keyword research. Local Supremacy helps you impress your potential clients by showing their sites overlaid right on top of your #1 rankings. SERPScout helps you find the contact info of your potential clients. 

Start Here

In this section, Herc once again explains why rank and rent is the better business model over Affiliate SEO and having an SEO Agency.

Then he speaks about why SEO skills are in demand these days and explains the Bucket of Water Theory, which has to do with understanding the power of backlinks.

Module 1) Find

The first actual module of this course is about finding your ideal niche and keywords that you're going to be ranking for in that niche. Herc teaches you how to take advantage of their Keyword Supremacy tool to make your keyword research phase easier.

He gives you an example of how to do a website backlink analysis using Open Link Profiler.

Herc also shows you a way that you can easily speed up your niche research process, and how to analyze your potential competition using the Moz SEO tool. Finally, Herc goes over the different domains you can use and when it's appropriate to use each one.

This is the end of the free part of the course. You need to have Full Club Access to benefit from the rest of the program.

Module 2) Build

In this course, Herc teaches you how to create your websites using WordPress with all of its plugins. You can build your sites on any platform you want, but if you want to learn side by side with how Herc teaches you, build on WordPress. You will also learn how to optimize each page of your site and he recommends a software called DialHawk, which will help you track leads as they come through your site.

There's even an hour and a half long training on this software which is owned by Paul James. It's an expensive software to use, but there are smaller plans available. 

Module 3) Rank

In this third module, Herc teaches you how to get your site moving from page 2,3 or 4 all the way to page 1. He first starts off briefly explaining the difference between white hat and black hat SEO and what each one entails in ranking your sites.

Herc then goes over the importance of backlinks. How to build them, the different ways to backlink and he also shares a backlink case study that is insightful. To finish this module, Herc teaches you how you can track your keyword rankings and again how you can add call tracking.

Module 4) Rent

Once you've chosen your niche and ranked your fully optimized site in the market of your choice, it's now time to rent your site to a local business owner. Herc goes over all the important tips and methods to get your site rented. Part of how he teaches you to get your site rented is by using his software, Local Supremacy.

According to Herc, this tool will do a good job impressing your potential renters and he shows you how to integrate and configure Local Supremacy. He then shares a variety of different prospecting techniques for you to implement.

Another software Rank and Rent Club promotes is the SERPscout software. This tool will help you get all the contact info across all social media platforms, including emails and phone numbers of businesses that are in the niche & market you are in.

Is rank and rent legal?

Rank and rent is legal. Anyone can create a website, a Google Business Profile, and optimize them to the where they rank atop the search results on Google.

How long does rank and rent take?

Rank and rent can take anywhere between a few weeks to several months, depending on the niche and market you're in.

How much does it cost to rank a rank and rent website?

Ranking a rank and rent website can cost you nothing if you know how to build a website and look for backlinking opportunities, such as on blog posts. All you would need to pay is for your domain and its hosting. If you are trying to rank in a highly competitive niche, you may have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars each month to rent or buy influential links that will boost your ranking. How much you spend on ranking your rank and rent website depends on how competitive the niche and market you choose is.

Module 5) Scale

Herc teaches you how you scale horizontally or vertically. This refers to either scaling in a specific niche or scaling in one specific market with different niches. 

Google Business Profile

Google My Business expert, Matthew Versteeg, teaches you all about how to build, verify, and rank GMBs. You also learn how to optimize your listing and how to set up a listing on Bing Places to increase your traffic. 

PBN (Private Blog Network)

Herc goes into the importance of these networks, the pros and cons of having one and how to build them.

Herc Magnus: How To Choose The Perfect Keyword For A Profitable Rank And Rent Website

  • Choose Profitable Keywords: Focus on expensive home services like plumbing, tree care, garage or deck construction rather than low-cost services like grass cutting.
  • Easy to Rank Keywords: Target keywords with a search volume between 100 to 300 per month, which likely means less competition on the first page. 
  • Small vs. Big: Choose smaller cities with populations between 100,000 to 300,000. These places have fewer businesses with websites, making it easier to rank.

What's not mentioned in the video: Choosing the right keyword is not the only thing that ranks a site. To rank on page 1, you need to consistently create new content, do on-page SEO, and build backlinks to increase the site's authority and relevance for targeted keywords.

Is Rank and Rent Club a scam or legit?

Rank and Rent Club is not a scam because you learn a valuable skill from a reliable source in Herc Magnus. You learn each aspect of the business model and you're given access to tools that help you run your business. There's also a private forum-style community where you can receive support. 

The problem with Rank and Rent Club is that Herc only holds live coaching calls every two weeks, their SEO tools only work with WordPress and the training isn't as in depth when it comes to learning about the power of sites. This course is a decent introduction to the business model but there are better options. For a free introduction to the business model, check out Mike Martin's Hybrid Lead Generation rank and rent course on YouTube.

Is Rank and Rent worth it?

Rank and rent is worth it if you want to grow your digital real estate portfolio and earn a passive income. You can make money with rank and rent as long as you rank your lead generation website at the top of search results on Google in the town of your choosing. Once you rank your site, it will generate leads you can send to a local small business owner who will happily pay you on autopilot every month. 

If you generate leads in a profitable niche every month, you'll earn a predictable passive income and you don't have to do much else to the website after it's ranked. Therefore, it's the #1 online business model.

#1 Course To Learn Rank and Rent From

Local Lead Generation Training Program by Dan Klein

The local lead generation training program by Dan Klein is the #1 option for learning the rank and rent business model. Dan is the top SEO expert who has been in the lead gen industry for over a decade and has a net worth of over $30 million. Dan started this coaching program in 2014 and ever since, has trained over 7400 students from several countries around the world. In this program, you're going to learn the most current SEO methods and techniques to get your sites built, ranked, and rented. Each week, Dan holds two live coaching calls each week (Tuesday and Thursday) where you can tune in to stay up to date on what's working in the industry and how to close deals. With each call, you'll notice your SEO technique improve.

The sales training in this program is top-notch because you learn all about cold calling, how to deal with objections from potential clients, and more. We present the course content in easy to digest training videos and our private Facebook group is where you have access to the contacts and resources that will help you stay on track in your business and grow it. If you need help with anything, you can post in the group and someone is always willing to lend you a helping hand. 

Final Thoughts

I built this tree care site over 7 years ago and it has paid me $2000 every month ever since it ranked at the top of the search results on Google in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Local lead generation

It is one of over 50 lead generation sites that are actively paying me on autopilot. 

To learn how to become a true digital landlord, check out the original lead generation training program

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