Jordan Stambaugh’s Rank And Rent Mastery Review (Is This The Best Local Lead Generation Course?)

March 6, 2024

Rank and Rent Mastery by Jordan Stambaugh teaches you to rank your websites using SEO strategies and the rank and rent local lead generation business model. It contains information about building a website, creating a server, on-page & off-page SEO, and more. Jordan says that the more websites you create that rank in Google, the more money you make. 

Nowadays, rank and rent is one of the many ways you can earn passive income. You only have to create the website and optimize it. Aside from the upfront investment of creating a domain, that’s it. According to Salesmate, the 2023 local lead generation market in the US will be $3.2 billion. The data shows that there is a huge market value you can tap in the US alone. 

In this Rank and Rent Mastery Review, I discuss the course content, pros and cons, who it is for, if the students are getting results, and if it is worth it. I also cover the course creator, his blog, and his recommended tools for rank and rent. I go through the rank and rent business model, tackling topics about legality. And last, you learn if Rank And Rent Mastery is the best local lead generation course or is there a better course out there.

Rank and Rent Mastery Pros and Cons


Learn the rank and rent local lead generation business model.

Jordan Stambaugh built a 5-figure monthly income online.

Lessons from Jordan’s 7 year experience.


The website does not disclose the Rank and Rent Mastery price.

The website has only 1 success story.

Rank And Rent Mastery is a new course and lacks testimonials and customer reviews.


The cost of Rank and Rent Mastery is not disclosed on the website. The website mentions the cost is "a few thousand dollars." You still need to book a "breakthrough call" with Jordan to know the course price.

Refund Policy

The refund policy for Rank and Rent Mastery is a Take Action Money-Back Guarantee. You need to show that you followed the entire process mentioned in the course and prove that it is not sellable.




Jordan Stambaugh has 4,587 followers on LinkedIn and 1.08K on YouTube.


Jordan Stambaugh has a free Facebook community with 314 members.

How Rank And Rent Mastery Helps You Succeed In Local Lead Generation?

Rank and Rent Mastery helps you succeed in local lead generation by teaching you the rank and rent lead generation business model. The rank and rent business model helps you earn passive income by creating a ranking website with a local number redirecting the calls to a local business owner. Jordan uses CallRail to redirect the calls to local entrepreneurs for a cost. The course teaches you how to start building your website using WordPress. It teaches you what content or niche to go for and how to optimize your website using SEO to help your website rank faster. Jordan also teaches how to use Google My Business (GMB) to enhance website exposure, how you’ll get paid and how to create and run a server. At the end of the course, Jordan discusses why is it important to outsource the work. The information you’ll learn from the Rank And Rent Mastery will help you understand why local lead generation is the best way to earn passive income online.

What Will You Get From Rank And Rent Mastery?

Module 1: The Game Plan

Jordan Stambaugh teaches the local lead generation business model. He shows you a path to take in building digital assets. 

Module 2: Location Scouting

In this module, you’ll learn how to find opportunities the best way possible.

Module 3: The Website

Jordan will show you the way to setting up your web hosting. He also teaches you how to use WordPress.

Module 4: Rankings (SEO)

This is a 14-part A-Z of SEO lectures. You’ll also learn Jordan's technique in ranking.

Module 5: GMB

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool you can use to expand your business’ exposure. In this module, Jordan teaches what this tool can do for you and the strategies to do to achieve it.

Module 6: Sales & Getting Paid

You’ll learn how to earn money from your websites.

Module 7: Staying Motivated

Jordan will teach you what he does to finish tasks on time. He teaches the technique he calls “powerful mornings.”

Module 8: Growth Strategy

In this module you’ll learn how to organize your day. Jordan also teaches you how to outsource your work.

Module 9: Income Goals

You’ll learn how to plan and reach your income goal.

Who Is Rank And Rent Mastery For?

Rank and Rent Mastery is for online entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of rank and rent. The course is for people who want to:

  • Learn under Jordan Stambaugh.
  • Increase their digital assets.
  • Earn 5-figures online.
  • Learn the rank and rent business model.
  • Skip trial and error and earn money.
  • Earn passive income online.
  • Work anywhere and anytime.

Who Is Rank And Rent Mastery Not For?

Rank and Rent Mastery is not for online entrepreneurs who dislike the rank and rent business model. This is not for people who don’t enjoy creating online content. In module 8, Jordan talks about outsourcing all the work in this business model. This means that this course is not for those who don’t have the extra money to outsource tasks. 

Are The Students Of Rank And Rent Mastery Getting Results?

No, the students of Rank and Rent Mastery are not getting results. The website only shows one success story from Alex Andrews. Although it shows a successful student, “Jordan’s Lead Generation Coaching Program” is another course offered by Jordan Stambaugh using the same business model.

Rank And Rents Mastery Review: Is This Rank And Rent Course Worth It?

No, Rank And Rent Mastery is not worth it. I can’t recommend this course because of the lack of testimonials or success stories found online. Since the website is not showing the course price, it should at least show several successful students who succeeded. You also can’t find testimonials on Trustpilot.

As I researched more about the students of Rank and Rent Mastery, I found one YouTube video from Jordan Stambaugh interviewing Cory in 2022. Jordan has been teaching Cory about local lead generation and has been doing it for a year and a half. Although the video talks about Cory’s success and how Jordan has helped him create a profitable passive income through rank and rent. The interview does not mention Rank and Rent Mastery. Cory only mentions the rank and rent of local lead generation as the main reason for his success. 

Aside from the points mentioned above, Rank And Rent Mastery is still a new course. You can find other rank and rent courses with a proven track record that shows testimonials and student reviews. Since you’re already investing in yourself, might as well take a course that stands out.

Who Is The Creator Of Rank And Rent Mastery?

Jordan Stambaugh is the creator of Rank and Rent Mastery. He graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design in 2013. Jordan is currently living in Seattle, Washington, United States. 

Jordan mentions that he dreaded the usual working hours as a freelance designer. He worked as a graphic designer for 2 years. In January 2013, he founded Stambaugh Designs, LLC that is a digital design company that focuses on web design, branding, and digital media production for online marketing. That’s when he realized he wanted to stop working for others and pursued working on himself. After 2 years, Jordan founded Cloudburst Marketing that tracks potential customers who are thinking about purchasing what your business sells. 

At the moment, Jordan is a lead generation specialist at Local Plumbers Marketing. He surveys the market on consistent leads with the best cost for the clients. He uploads videos on YouTube and updates on how to make money online using rank and rent local SEO. 

Jordan Stambaugh’s Blog

Jordan has a blog that he uses to share more information about how to make money online. Beginners can benefit a lot from this blog, as it includes articles about tools and guides. But Jordan’s blog is not updated. He only posted 1 article this 2023 and another 1 article in 2022.

Jordan Stambaugh’s Recommended Rank And Rent Tools

Namecheap ($9 a year)

A tool that delivers domains for cheap prices with best services. It includes website hosting, security, and managing WordPress.

Cloudways ($14 or $54 monthly)

Is a cloud hosting platform that will allow you to save time and money. It is trusted by over 90,000 businesses.

Jarvis ($39 monthly)

An AI tool that can help you write and rewrite contents for you. You can use this for faster content creation and can help rewrite and repurpose content.

CallRail ($40 monthly)

This is a call tracking tool that would convert and keep customers. They also have a mobile app for convenience.

LeadSnap ($99 monthly)

Is a tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). You can use this for tracking client data, automated processes and lead generation.

Gravity Forms ($159 a year)

It is a WordPress plugin. Helps you create forms that would be included in your website.

Airtable (Free)

Store and organize data in a spreadsheet-like format with additional database features and tools.

1Password ($2.99 monthly)

This tool lets you save multiple passwords. You can also use this to store information like credit card details or bank details.

Majestic ($49 monthly)

This is an SEO link analysis tool that will help you track backlinks.

SEO PowerSuite ($299 to $699 a year)

A 4-in-1 SEO tool for backlinks, keywords, and SEO content.

SurferSEO ($49 a year)

This is a software tool that will help you create content using AI.

Dropfunnels ($49 monthly)

A tool that is a combination of sales funnels and websites. Connects sale, funnels, and tracking.

Jordan Stambaugh’s Claims

Jordan claims that the 9 modules included in the course will set you on the path to success and profit. Included in the 9 modules is important information that can help you increase your digital assets. He is confident that this is the boost you need for online success.

Jordan Stambaugh’s Claims Debunked

Jordan’s claim of giving students the information they need is true. The 9 modules included have valuable information about the rank and rent business model. But it can’t teach you the technical skills you need for it to work. If you enroll in the course, it does not guarantee that you’ll be successful even with all given information. Some skills take time to master. It will give you the edge in learning about rank and rent, but you still need to take action. 

As someone who teaches about building and ranking a website. You can see the space error in the screenshot taken above. If you’re advocating about building a website that will earn passive money, Jordan should at least make his website error free. This error questions his credibility for double checking his website before making it accessible to the public.

What Is The Rank And Rent Method?

The rank and rent method is a business model that uses search engine optimization (SEO) to attract organic traffic to your website. This method is also called lead generation. It includes increasing your digital assets to earn more passive income. You become a digital landlord as you create more websites. The website you optimize attracts leads and you rent your website to local businesses. 

This business model works as long as you target a specific keyword that will rank your website on search engines like Google. Data from SparkToro says that 92.96% of all website traffic comes from Google Maps, Google Search and Google Images. Imagine the amount of traffic you’ll attract if done right.

How Fast Can You Make Money With The Rank And Rent Business Model?

You can make money as fast as a month with the rank and rent business model. This business model does not compete on a worldwide scale, making it easier to rank. You can focus on optimizing your website after the initial creation.

How Much Does It Cost To Rank A Rank And Rent Website?

It costs $206.95 to $500 to rank a rank and rent website. The total cost of creating a website depends on your preferences. This includes buying a domain, website hosting, SSL certificate, premium templates, and plugins.
  • Domain - According to Forbes, most domains cost $5 to $50. While premium domains cost from a thousand to a million dollars. 
  • Website Hosting - On average, website hosting cost as low as $1.95 to $12 a month.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate - This protects your website for giving unauthorized data to anyone. It usually costs $10 to $200 a year.
  • Call Tracking - This feature allows you to track where your callers come from. It costs $10 to $130 a month.
  • Premium templates or themes (Optional) - Using pre-made templates will allow you to customize your website. It will be beneficial to you since it will be easier for you to edit and create websites. It costs $160 to $333 a month on WordPress.
  • Plugins (Optional) - This allows you to customize your website. WordPress has over 60,000 plugins you can use. It costs $10 to $100 and may depend on the plugins you choose. 

What Are The Rank And Rent Niches?

Auto Window Tinting

According to Grand View Research, the window tinting business is growing. Valued at $6.65 billion in 2022 and continue to grow this year until 2030. Since there is a huge market you can tap into, this makes this niche a good choice for lead generation. 

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning business is a niche you can tap. Majority of people get this service to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Data from Gitnux says that the carpet cleaning industry will grow to $4.964,2 billion in 2024.

Cleaning Services

This service is popular with Airbnb's and other services that need cleaning services. Data from Market Research Future suggests that cleaning services would grow by 4.88% until 2030. Imagine the potential leads you could attract that would help you gain organic traffic.

Dumpster Rental

In 2022, the dumpster rental business is growing at a steady pace. According to Benzinga, this business will continue to rise between 2023 and 2030.

Fence Installation

There is a big market size for fence installation worth $8.04 billion in 2022, according to Grand View Research. It is also expected that it will grow in 2023 to 2030.

Is Rank And Rent Legal?

Yes, Rank and Rent is legal. All processes included in this business model are legal and legit; niche research, website creation, optimization, and lead generation. You target a specific‌ business. It can be plumbing, fence installation, cleaning services. As mentioned in the previous topic, there are a lot of niches to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you own the actual business itself. After website creation, you include a phone number on your website and aim to rank for keywords in search engines using SEO. 

Whoever calls the number attached on the website, you redirect them to a local service company. That process is also legal. The local business will then pay you for the customers you give them, which is also legal. 

Is Rank And Rent Dead?

No, Rank and Rent is not dead. EarthWeb shows that in 2023, there will be about 5.06 billion people who are using search engines. Given that data it would mean that 98% of worldwide users. Image the potential leads you would get even if you started today. 

Digital landlords who have multiple digital real estate earn between a hundred to a thousand dollars monthly. The amount the local businesses pay is up to you. I have a tree website that I created years ago and I’m still earning $2,000 a month, on that single website. This is why digital landlords create more websites that rank, which means more money. 

Rank And Rent Mastery Alternatives

  • Hybrid Lead Generation by Mike Martin teaches you rank and rent while also focusing on using on Google ads and Facebook ads. He also teaches you how to create your website that will attract organic traffic. 

  • Flat Fee Mastery by Nick Wood offers a free course that teaches you the technique of pre-selling websites for flat fee deals. Nick also offers a paid course that is a continuation of this free course.  
  • Rank And Rent Club by Herc Magnus teaches the rank and rent lead generation business model with extra teachings about the software you can use. In the course, Herc will also help you to find the perfect niche you can use on your websites. 

Is Rank And Rent Mastery The Best Local Lead Generation Course?

No, Rank And Rent Mastery is not the best local lead generation course. There are multiple reasons you should consider other courses instead of this.

  • Only 1 student testimonial and NO online reviews.
  • Rank and Rent Mastery’s price is NOT found on the website.
  • Rank and Rent Mastery’s blog is NOT updated.
  • Jordan Stambaugh is NOT WELL KNOWN in the rank and rent local lead generation business model.

Other than the reasons mentioned above, it is important to note that Jordan Stambaugh was a former student of mine. He posted a YouTube video 3 years ago reviewing our local lead generation program. If Jordan became successful because of this business model, so can you.

I teach a local lead generation coaching program that equipped Jordan with the knowledge he has today. This business model is what he teaches and lives by. Instead of learning from him, why not learn under his mentor. According to MarketSplash, 61% of marketers say that local lead generation is their main challenge. You offering a solution to this challenge would create an impact on them. 

Local lead generation

Even in 2024, local lead generation is still profitable. It is the most efficient way to earn passive money. For example, I created a tree service website years ago. I used SEO to optimize the website, included a number, and waited for it to rank. You don’t even need to be an SEO expert to make a website rank. Once it was ranking, I reached out to a local business owner and made a deal with them. I redirect them to the leads and I get paid. That 1 website which I rarely edit is still earning $2,000 a month. Again, for those interested. I teach a local lead generation program that will teach how you can earn more than $2,000 a month like me.

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