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Rank and Rent Case Studies: 5 real-life stories (Pizza delivery to $160k a month)

January 23, 2023

Here are 5 case studies that display the power of the rank and rent business model. 

Building these websites that you can rent out to small business owners has proven to be one of the most reliable ways to create long-term passive income online.

It allows people to quit their 9 to 5 and create a lifestyle of freedom.

What is Rank and Rent or Local Lead Generation?

I like to call rank and rent, lead generation because that's what you're providing to local small business owners. You're ranking your own website at the top of Google, and using call tracking software to generate a phone call (a lead) and forwarding it to a small business. They buy the lead from you and it's a win-win relationship because now they're making more money. I love this business because once these sites are ranked, its fairly passive. You can move on to the next website and continue to grow your passive income this way.

Once these sites get a client that's buying leads from you every month. It's almost like they're tenants that's paying monthly rent to occupy your website or virtual real estate.

I explained it in this video using 3D graphics.

We have a rank & rent coaching program with over 7400 students and developed some in-depth case studies of these students over the years.

1. Jarret: Construction labor to rank and rent

"Last week, I was able to bring in more $ than what I used to make in a month. All while staying at home working on my rank and rent business."

jarret lead generation success story

Fed up of back-breaking construction work and worrying about when the next income-producing job might come in, Jarret chose local lead gen to provide financial security for his family.

After joining the program in January 2019, he's been ever-present in the FB community

Sharing his targets, advice, wins and struggles with the group, Jarret is a fantastic example of how taking consistent daily action in this business brings success.

Within 18 months, Jarret hit $15,000 a month and 

Let's break down some of his biggest lessons so far:

  • Take consistent action and hold yourself accountable: find an accountability buddy or use the FB group, but make sure you're taking action.
  • Build more sites: this is a numbers game, so get more shoes on the shelf to grow faster.
  • Opportunities are everywhere: one of Jarret's lead gens didn't have a client yet, so he and his daughter took on the project to make some fast cash for a few hours of effort.

~ Jarret's Story

2. Jamie: The new mom

"We have a tool to make money, just adapt accordingly and keep moving"

jamie lead generation success story

Jamie joined our lead generation program in 2015. As a former restaurant owner who had to be involved in every aspect of the business, from cooking to serving, the idea of not trading time for money was appealing.

She and her husband grew their lead gen business to $15,000 a month when they lived in Phoenix.

Feeling a change was needed to break that plateau, they moved to a new state and put some systems in place to scale and are on their way to hitting a $50,000 a month target.

Being a new mom, lead gen has enabled Jamie to spend time with her family and with peace of mind that her assets are still generating income.

Jamie's words of advice:

  • Taking action to build momentum: set daily and weekly metrics to hit. Review, adjust and go after them again.
  • Outsourcing is the key to growing faster: learn every aspect of your business, but then create processes and outsource. It's important to be working on your business, not in it or you become the bottleneck.
  • Change your environment, change your situation: the moved to Colorado meant fewer distractions and skyrocketed the business. Getting out and meeting people in new spaces brings new contacts.

3. Josh: Scaling to $160,000 a month

"It all started with a $300 chrome book living on my little brother's couch after quitting my job and going full time into this program."

Josh lead generation success story

Here's a fantastic example of how our rank and rent training can create massive opportunities.

Josh joined the rank and rent program in November 2014 and recalls spending 6 hours building a 'little website' in a hotel room that kick-started the journey to where he is now - running a $160,000 a month business.

Dealing with a pizza delivery job and then a 'shitty sales' role provided all the motivation he needed to take plenty of action. 

Once he got to 10-12 rented sites, it was time to quit working to make someone else wealthy and he jumped into full-time entrepreneurship.

Even though Josh had plenty of regular rank and rent niches still paying him a nice monthly income, it was a decision to move to Colorado when the state initially legalized cannabis that changed his trajectory forever.

Long story short, he had a family friend who sold essential oil flavorings and thought there might be a market for them in the cannabis industry, so he created a lead gen site to test the market.

Sure enough, he started generating his own leads and launched his own eCommerce site selling white label flavorings and related products. The SEO, website and business knowledge from our lead gen program gave Josh all the tools (and confidence) needed to capitalize.

Fast-forward and Josh is running his own dispensary, eCommerce site, and still has money coming in from his original local lead gen sites. Together, they generate a whopping $160,000 a month and growing.

Josh's key takeaways:

  • It never hurts to throw up a site and see if the niche works: That one flavorings lead gen site which was used to test the market was the key to unlocking an entire new path. 
  • Go deep and really explore industries to uncover new opportunities: Once you find a solid niche, go deep and learn everything you can about and you'll discover more gold.
  • Results come from priorities: Not only did Josh change his finances, but he overhauled his physical health, too. After listening to Simon on a live training session talk about habits, Josh changed his own habits and enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle.

~ Josh's Story

4. Peter: Creating multiple revenue streams

"Once you experience passive income, you can never go back"

Peter lead generation success story

Peter got his start in rank and rent back in 2016, but wasn't able to jump in fully until early 2017.

It took finding more grit and being around driven people that lit a spark after attending our annual Reload event in mid-2017.

After some initial struggle, attending our 2017 Reload event was the catalyst that helped Peter find his competitive spark.

In fact, Peter landed his first lead gen client at that event. Business snowballed from there and he never looked back.

In addition, he's launched his own course on using 360 photography to prospect and create an additional revenue stream that ties in with rank and rent.

  • Trust the process: Having only built 3 sites and waited for them to rank slowed things down. Peter wishes he's had more faith and built 20 right of the bat instead.
  • Find an approach to prospecting that works for you: Peter uses his 360 cameras and to pique a business owner's curiosity and get his foot in the door.
  • Throw lots of things at the wall and see what sticks: there are so many ways to innovate in lead gen, try lots of things and experiment to find your winning combo.

~ Peter's Story

5. Ippei: If I can do this, you can too

"Rank and rent has changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined"

ippei kanehara lead generation success story

After graduating college in 2012, I took a soul-sucking cubicle job for an auto parts company. Taking home about $2,200 a month left me feeling broke and dreading every Monday morning.

Desperate to do something more with my life, I signed up for a rank and rent coaching program in Sept 2014 and got to work.

7 months later, my lead gen income had surpassed my job income, and I could quit the 9-5 to focus full time on building my business.

After 3 years, I had scaled to over $25,000 a month. I experimented with some additional online business models but ultimately concluded that rank and rent was bar far the most profitable and consistent route to passive income.

Today he works as one of the leaders in the rank and rent coaching program.

My three biggest takeaways:

  • Keeping emotions in check - ups & downs are part of the entrepreneurial journey. Don't let them knock you off course.
  • Use case studies to establish credibility: showing business owners how you've impacted similar businesses builds trust.
  • Get sites built as fast as possible and generating calls: it's so much easier to land clients when you're already generating leads to hand them.

~ Ippei's Story

What's next?

Whether you've been considering getting into rank and rent for a while or this is the first you've heard of it, we have guided students from all walks of life through building their own lead gen business.

We have 7400 Students learning Rank & Rent

  • Comprehensive training in every aspect of rank & rent 
  • Exclusive site building platform with enhanced ranking factors
  • 2 x weekly live training sessions (plus archive of 500+ past sessions)  
  •  Juicy ranking hacks to beat the competition in any market
  • Accountability teams and mentoring
  • Highly active Facebook community working together 
  • Tailor-made lead gen tools (call tracking, heat maps, scrapers, etc) 
Dan is the mentor behind this rank & rent program and he has built multiple 7 figure businesses. Net worth $25 million+ so you're also getting ongoing high-level entrepreneurship training.

Once you understand the power of rank and rent, you'll always have the means to make money. Check out Dan's Rank & Rent Coaching Program, it's by far the best one out there.

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