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Ravi Abuvala Review (2024): 4 Controversies Surrounding Ravi Abuvala

August 29, 2023

Ravi Abuvala is known for being the law school drop-out turned millionaire. He has created several training programs. Two of which are 7 figure businesses, Scaling with Systems and Remote Integrator Academy. He claims to help people liberate their time by making passive money online. 

Ravi Abuvala is very well known in the lead generation industry. His system creates client acquisition machines designed to delegate tasks efficiently. Business models like local lead generation don’t need system automations to generate clients. Owning digital property can already incur traffic for passive income. 

4 Controversies Surrounding Ravi Abuvala 

1. Shady Sales Tactics 

Ravi Abuvala takes pride in being a great salesperson. He has picked up different marketing strategies from his time as a social media manager and public relations director. This applies to his own business ventures. In his introductory video for The Remote Integrator Academy, he never truly discloses what skill he will teach. Instead, he focuses on reeling you in with tall claims and promises. 

The Remote Integrator Academy costs $997 and for a “limited time” offer, it becomes $39.97. However, you’re not paying for the full course. This is only an introductory course. It is full of motivational talks and how to create a mindset to prepare you for being a Remote Integrator. After you’ve gone through the course, he will reveal the price, which is actually around $7,000.

2. Long Wait Time 

One of Ravi Abuvala’s key selling points for his training programs is his connections. After you finish the Remote Integrator Academy, the next step is for Ravi and his team to find your clients. However, there have been claims of people who have finished the course but are still waiting to get clients. 

3. Over the Top Claims

On multiple of his sites and platforms, Ravi Abuvala talks about his various features on big websites such as Fox News, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. However, a quick look at these sites shows no sign of Ravi Abuvala or his programs. He has been featured on ThriveGlobal, a website whose entire business model is advertising and connecting business to consumers. 

Ravi Abuvala Features

4. Exploitation of VAs 

Ravi Abuvala’s program, Scaling with Systems, highlights the usage of virtual assistants. They even provide a complete staff after finishing the course, which would cost an additional fee of $1000. Some Scaling with System’s clients have complained about the added costs after finishing the program, despite him charging the VA’s only $250. There are also some conspiracies surrounding the link between Scaling with Systems and Remote Integrator Academy. Signing up for the Remote Integrator Academy also provides work and clients after you finish. Which could imply that after charging them for a $7000 dollar course, he gives them work for around $250 a month. 

Who is Ravi Abuvala? 

Ravi Abuvala

Ravi Abuvala is an entrepreneur and business guru. He founded his first lead generation training program, Prospect Social, in 2016. Here he taught real estate professionals how to generate qualified leads through social media. After that, he founded his most known program, Scaling with Systems, where he teaches business owners to take advantage of automated systems and virtual assistants to leverage their businesses. 

Ravi Abuvala Pros and Cons 


  • He has actual experience in the fields he teaches. 
  • He has a known reputation in lead generation.
  • His systems have all been proven and tested by himself


  • He doesn’t give a lot of information about his courses until you sign up.
  • There are some claims he’s made that have no evidence
  • His courses are expensive. 

Ravi Abuvala’s Success Story 

Ravi Abuvala’s success began when he was preparing to become a lawyer. He was studying at Florida University when he took and cleared the law admission test. He was one of the top 10% of test takers within the nation and many law schools wanted to accept him. However, his father was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, so he went home to take care of him. While taking care of his father, he continued to study law. 

He started to doubt the path he was on and took online entrepreneurial courses. Deciding on the course he wanted to take, he dropped out of law school and turned his attention to becoming a CEO. It only took him a year before he could start his career as an entrepreneur and founded Prospect Social. Since then, he has continued to diversify his business portfolio and create more training programs to reach different people. 

Ravi Abuvala’s 3 Pillars of Success 

Ravi Abuvala's business strategy revolves mostly around ecommerce and internet businesses. However, his system can also apply to physical businesses. He names 3 pillars of success that a business need to achieve which are: 

  • Financial independence 

  • Location independence 

  • Time independence 

What Makes Ravi Abuvala Different From Other Coaches? 

Most gurus only give you the course, and that’s it. However, Ravi Abuvala takes the process a step further. After finishing his course, whether that be with Scaling with Systems, or the Remote Integrated Academy, he provides everything you need to get started. Aside from getting you started on your businesses, while you’re learning, he provides a 1-on-1 success agent to guide you through the process. 

Ravi Abuvala Age 

Ravi Abuvala was born in Atlanta, USA, on April 19, 1994. He is currently 28 years old. 

Ravi Abuvala Social Media Presence 

Ravi Abuvala has a very active social media presence. He posts regularly on his Facebook and Instagram of different tips and interviews of other gurus to drive in potential customers. He has a YouTube channel with over 227 videos and 36.6k subscribers. He posts about different topics on how to become an online entrepreneur. 

Ravi Avubala YouTube

He also has an ongoing podcast, The Ravi Abuvala Show, which is available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. He talks about different ways to leverage your business with other guests. 

What is Ravi Abuvala Doing Now? 

After finding tremendous success with Scaling with Systems after founding it in 2019, Ravi Abuvala continued to build on his success and created Remote Integrated Academy in 2021. As of now, he has not released any new programs. His podcast, The Ravi Abuvala show, is still up and going. However, he has announced that he will stop posting YouTube videos as he’s made a company channel for Scaling with Systems. His current goals are to exit his company and take a more passive role in its operations. 

What is Scaling with Systems? 

Scaling with Systems

Scaling with Systems is Ravi Abuvala’s most successful training program. It was founded in 2019 and has helped over 2100+ clients. It is an online course that teaches CEOs how to leverage their businesses with the use of VAs and automated systems. Aside from teaching you how to generate leads and how to build systems for a better workflow, they also provide already trained VAs to handle tasks after completing the program. The cost for the course isn’t disclosed until you hop on a call with one of Ravi’s team. However, testimonials from different clients reveal it to be around $12,000. 

Does Ravi Abula Have the Best Lead Generation Training Program? 

Scaling with Systems is pretty in-depth. They discuss a lot of information vital to creating a business once you get started, instead of providing fluff. They are very interactive and provide more features than some training programs out there. However, it is also expensive. They provide services after the training, but it’s still paid for and they continue to make a profit. Their marketing and advertising tactics are also a bit sales pitchy, and they have a lot of promises that aren’t really guaranteed.  

Scaling with Systems is one of the better lead generation training programs, however it wouldn’t be #1. They provide a lot of information which can help you reach your goals, but they make a lot of bold claims that aren’t really plausible for all his clients. 

What is Remote Integrator Academy? 

Remote Integrator Academy

The Remote Integrator Academy is an online course that teaches clients a specific skill which is in-demand within the ecommerce industry. In his introductory video, he doesn’t disclose what that skill is. You learn what a remote integrator is after you purchase the first part of the training valued at $997, but for a “limited time” is $39.97. This is when you actually get to the real training on how to be a remote integrator which costs around $7000, according to testimonials from customers. Once you’ve completed the training, they provide a set of clients so that you can get started as an agency freelancer. 

Is Remote Integrator Academy a Legitimate Program? 

Remote Integrator is legit. They provide actual courses and help throughout the training. Their claims are over the top, but Ravi provides a process that has worked for him and could work for you as well. I can consider their marketing strategies shady, as they don’t reveal what you’re getting yourself into until you’ve paid an initial amount. However, they still provide the materials they promised. If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a link to our Remote Integrator Academy review. 

Can Ravi Abuvala Really Help Turn You Into a 6 Figure Earner with Passive Income? 

People who are familiar with Ravi Abuvala and his work are interested in the same thing; passive income. Ravi Abuvala claims he can help you become a 6-figure earner with processes that he’s proven and tested himself. If you signed up for Scaling with Systems, he may help you achieve that, as his major goal is to help you use automation and VAs. However, if you’re a student from the Remote Integrator Academy, it would not really be passive, as it is basically a job. 

Ravi Abuvala’s Reviews and Testimonials 

Reviews on Ravi Abuvala’s training programs are mixed. There are people that claim that he has helped them reach their goals within months. He has over 65 reviews with a 4.8 rating. Ravi also provides positive system reviews from clients on his websites.

Rabi abuvala review

However, a quick delve into some Reddit forums shows that there are also some unhappy customers. The common thread is that the courses aren’t worth its price and how Ravi Abuvala sells pipe dreams instead of possibilities.

Ravi Abuvala review

Ravi Abuvala: Legit or Scam? 

Ravi Abuvala is definitely not a scam. He provides actual services and products to his clients for a price. He engages in some manipulative sales tactics, such as being vague in what he’s actually selling and concealing the actual cost of his overall program. However, he still provides all the materials, tools, and services which he promised. The only guarantee he’s unable to give is what the results are, as everybody has a case to case basis. 

Conclusion: Are Ravi Abuvala’s Courses Worth It? 

Scaling with systems and Remote Integrator Academy provides a lot of information, if you’re somebody looking to start one of your own 7 figure businesses or become a 6 figure earner but do not know where to begin. This may be the course for you. He provides everything you would need from start to finish, whether that’s paid advertising, building a customer acquisition machine if you’re an online business owner, or generating more clients if you’re an agency freelancer. 

However, Ravi’s courses are also expensive. He has bold claims about what you can achieve if you get started, but he offers no real guarantee. His refund policies only apply for 30days and these are for the first part of the training programs, but once you’re deep into the training, it’s next to impossible to request a refund. 

Ravi’s courses require a large investment for a supply of information without a guarantee of success. Business models like local lead generation don't require a lot of capital as you would own your own digital property. This makes it so that you incur traffic for free without paying to reach your clients. 

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  1. CAM – This is the worst type of SCAM. They do provide lots of videos and coaching, but the program doesn't work. I am a systems integrator with over 20 years experience. I put a full time effort in for 3 months and came to realize that you are not going to make real sustainable income. There are plenty of free Youtube videos that would provide the same value. Don't expect to ever speak with Ravi. I reached out multiple times and he never responded.

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