Remote Closing Academy Review – Is Cole Gordon’s Strategy a Real Job?

October 11, 2023

Remote Closing Academy is a program created by Cole Gordon. This online course trains students to become expert high ticket sales professionals. According to Cole, sales is “a recession-proof skill you can use literally anywhere.” He also believes that remote closing is “the fastest and most direct way to reach your income goals online.”

In many ways, remote closing is a good way to make money without having to develop your own product or service. With sales skills, you can earn from commissions as you convince buyers to avail of high ticket offers. But can it really be the key to achieving lasting financial freedom?

Remote closing usually makes you 10% commission from each sale. In comparison, local lead generation brings you unlimited earning potential. As you build websites and rank them on Google using profitable keywords, you can rent out your digital real estate to interested business owners who need organic leads. So the more websites you create and rank, the higher your income can be each month.

Is Remote Closing a Real Job?

Remote closing is a real job. Remote closing works as companies hire professional closers with great communication and negotiation skills. For those unfamiliar with what is remote closing business, it’s also known as “high ticket closing” or “inbound closing.”

Professional remote closers contact prospective clients via email, phone, and/or video chat. Their goal is to secure sales and close deals on behalf of the company. This involves providing information, answering questions, and resolving concerns to encourage customers to purchase. Remote closers earn a percentage commission from high ticket product sales.

Remote Closing Academy Review: Pros and Cons


An experienced closer created the comprehensive course. Cole Gordon has extensive experience and has personally seen industry success. Through the Remote Closing Academy, he teaches others the knowledge and skills he gained through the years.

Student testimonials confirm the program works. Many RCA students have posted their testimonials online, attesting that, yes, the training works. It has increased their skills and helped them find high-paying employment opportunities.

Expert coaching. Cole and his team provide students with coaching they need to improve as remote closers.


Some may find the course too costly. Online research reveals that Remote Closing Academy costs as much as $8,400. While students say the sales program is worth it, others may feel it’s an expensive investment to make.

Placements are not guaranteed. Although the company helps students find jobs in the industry, they cannot guarantee that everyone will get hired at the end of the program.

No refunds. As you can read below, Remote Closing Academy has a no refund policy.


Remote Closing Academy was launched in 2020. So far, the training program has certified over 2,200 students who are now hired part-time or full-time by major companies.


The Remote Closing Academy is a popular online sales training program created by industry expert Cole Gordon. Numerous reviews and testimonials, both positive and negative, can be found online.

How Long Will it Take to Get through the Sales Training?

It will take a few weeks to get through the sales training. Learners can proceed at their own pace, meaning they can finish it within 2 weeks or take their time and take up as much as 6 to 8 weeks.

What Does the Remote Closing Academy Cost?

The Remote Closing Academy cost is not specified anywhere on their website. However, online research shows us that a forum user claims the high-ticket online course costs $8,400.

What is the Remote Closing Academy Refund Policy?

The Remote Closing Academy has a no refund, no exchange policy. According to their terms of service, digital products are considered “used” and thus, non-refundable once they are sent to subscribers. People can choose to cancel their subscription but the company does not offer partial or full refund.

What Does the Internet Have to Say About Remote Closing Academy?

The internet has mixed opinions about Remote Closing Academy. Here are some of the positive and negative feedback we’ve spotted on various platforms such as Reddit, Trustpilot, and YouTube:

Remote Closing Academy Reddit

On Reddit, one user described the Remote Closing Academy program as “quite pricey.” That said, the program is still worth the money because students get access to Cole Gordon’s massive network. “They placed me and got me a job,” the Redditor also added.

In a separate thread, another poster complains about the program’s strict no refund policy. The user wrote that it’s “super unethical” for such an expensive program to not have a return period.

Remote Closing Academy Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, a great majority of Remote Closing Academy reviews are positive. A former student shared about how he landed a 6-figure remote sales job even with minimal sales experience.

Another student praised the program for being “structured and thorough.” The user, however, only left a 3-star review for the course, pointing out that he was asked to write one before “completing the training in full.” “As a general rule,” he also added, “I don't like rating things before I see the whole product.”

Meanwhile, an anonymous 1-star reviewer accused the program of “false advertising.” The user shared that despite “a full year of working hard 45+ hours a week,” they didn’t earn “even a quarter” of what RCA promised.

Remote Closing Academy YouTube

On YouTube, we see a dedicated channel for Cole Gordon’s Testimonials. The channel contains reviews for Remote Closing Academy and other Cole’s programs. Lucas Lee Tyson, founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Growth Cave, said Remote Closing Academy helped him build a solid team and sales process.

“I'm thankful that literally in a matter of two months, we've collected probably like 200,000 to 250,000 off of this offer,” he said.

On the other hand, Mason Church said he was able to collect 80,000 in cash and take home a 5-figure salary within the first month of enrolling in RCA. “If you guys are considering whether or not to go through any of Cole's programs, save yourself some time and just do it.”

Is Remote Closing Academy Legit? 


Yes, Remote Closing Academy is legit. As indicated in Remote Closing Academy reviews Reddit and in other platforms, the program has its advantages and disadvantages. Despite that, many consider the program as a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to succeed in the industry.

How Much Does Remote Closing Make?

Remote closing makes an average of $6,508 per month, according to ZipRecruiter. According to the website, monthly salaries for remote sales closers can range anywhere from $1,667 to $14,042. Meanwhile, Cole Gordon says many of his students are now earning $10,000, $30,000, or $70,000 monthly after training under Remote Closing Academy.

Cole, however, reminds that remote closing is “NOT a get-rich-quick business model.” Hard work is a must, plus you have to master sales skills.

You can make money with Remote Closing Academy by:

  • Getting hired by the right company
  • Contacting interested customers and selling them high-ticket products
  • Collecting commission from product sales (which is usually at 10% to 15% of the product price per sale)

Joining Remote Closing really can make you money. But…

You can make money with Remote Closing Academy as they help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful high ticket closer. As mentioned, closers earn from commissions as they sell high ticket products. This means making as much as, say, $500 for each call whenever you manage to sell a $5,000 product. You can potentially grow your earnings as you do more calls and offer more high ticket products to customers. Typically, you will get 4 to 8 warm leads daily.

While Remote Closing Academy provides training for learners of different skill and sales experience, joining the program does not automatically guarantee placement or earning. That said, the academy promises they will set up students in their recruitment pipeline for interview with their partners. “We also teach you how to source your own inbound closer opportunities so you will always be able to find work in the industry,” their website adds. 

As they also assure students: “we will work with you until you find work in the industry.”

How Do You Get Started in Remote Closing?

To start in the remote closing industry, one needs to:

✅ Learn about generating leads. Aside from being great negotiators, remote closers know how to find potential customers.
✅ Establish relationships. Remote closers understand how crucial it is to build relationships with potential customers. As a customer service expert, you should work on earning their trust before you can even make a sale.
✅ Master the art of persuasive selling. As mentioned, closers must effectively convince people in order to close high ticket sales.
✅ Use various multimedia tools to pitch products. Part of being a compelling closer is knowing which tools to use to deliver your message effectively. This may include the use of videos, slideshow presentations, and other useful software.
✅ Keep accurate records. Maintaining accurate closing documents is an important part of the process. Reports such include notes on each interaction, specifically the stage where the client is in the sales process. That way, a remote closer is well-informed about their status whenever future follow-ups have to be made.

✅ Have drive and motivation. A good high ticket closer knows that rejection is part of the experience. You should learn how to handle them and stay persistent. A positive attitude will allow you to keep working hard until you find the right customers.

What are the Different Types of Remote Closing?

There are two types of remote closing namely:

  • Hybrid remote closing
  • Fully remote closing

Hybrid remote closing

Hybrid remote closing is when the transaction between the closer and the client is not entirely digital. They communicate via digital tools but also agree to meet up for in-person paperwork signing. Alternatively, physical copies of documents may be sent back and forth via courier services.

Fully remote closing

Fully remote closing is when the closer and the client finalize a deal online. There is no need to meet up or send documents for signing. Instead, they rely on using email, digital signature tools, video conferencing apps, and other software. Compared with hybrid remote closing, fully remote closing is faster, more convenient, and less expensive.

Who is Cole Gordon?

Cole Gordon is an entrepreneur and sales coach. Over the years, he has established himself as an authority in the high-end sales industry.

A former bartender in his younger years, Cole has always dreamed of becoming his own boss, earning a 6-figure income per year. At the time, he was only making $18,000 per year. He was later offered the choice of handling complicated sales funnels, establishing a sales team he can’t afford to employ, or doing high-risk ads. He didn’t like any of those and so he researched for other business options. He eventually stumbled upon doing phone sales work where he earned over $10,000 monthly.

Today, Cole shares his knowledge, skills, and experience in phone sales through his course Remote Closing Academy. He is also the founder of 7 Figure Selling Academy,, and Gordon Advertising, LLC. In 2015, he finished Bachelor of Applied Science – BASc Applied Nutrition in Ohio University.

Who is Aaron Martinez?

Aaron Martinez is Cole Gordon's partner in the Remote Closing Academy course. Aaron is currently the one who is most promoting the course on social media and on YouTube. He has a background as a digita marketer for solar companies and makes over $30K per month in commissions as a remote closer. To learn more, check out my Aaron Martinez Review.

Why Do You Need a Coach to Help You Learn High Ticket Closing?

You need a coach to help you learn high ticket closing because employees often prefer candidates with the right training. Recruiters usually hire applicants with telemarketing experience or those with a degree in sales, marketing, and other related fields.

If you don’t have both qualifications, training under a respected industry expert like Cole Gordon can work for your advantage. Besides, his remote closer academy not only provides you with information and instructions you need to understand the job. You also receive one-on-one coaching and get hands-on calls training with them. Completing the course means you’re more than ready and well-equipped to deal with high ticket buyers.

In short, the Remote Closing Academy helps you “reach your full potential as a remote inbound closer.”

Which Qualities Must You Have as a Good Remote Closer?

Some qualities of a good remote closer include ability to:

✅ Provide meaningful customer service
✅ Answer questions and solve problems
✅ Handle pressure
✅ Learn and use different remote closing tech tools
✅ Organize data and keep well-maintained records

✅ Take initiative to make follow-up sales calls with potential buyers, as needed
✅ Be persistent despite rejections

As you gain experience in handling high ticket offers, you’ll be better equipped in closing deals. You will improve in your job as a remote closer, which will lead to bigger opportunities to earn more from commissions.

Similar Courses Review List

  • Elite Closers - This high-ticket sales mentorship program by Gentry Chidester teaches students about how to handle remote closing deals for high-ticket sales. Unlike Remote Closing Academy, this training offers guaranteed job placements for completers.
  • Millionaire Closer - Costing only $2.97 (plus upsells), Dylan Byuss’ Millionaire Closer is one of the most affordable high ticket closing courses in the market. The program teaches students how to earn $5,000 to $80,000 monthly.
  • Inbound Closer - A program by brothers Taylor and Payton Welch. This course discusses high ticket affiliate marketing. It also claims they can teach people to be highly skilled remote closers in 21 days.
  • 7 Day Remote Closer - This training by Mike Vestil trains you on the basics of getting started as a remote closer. There is training on how to find jobs. This course costs $67.

What is My Top Recommendation for Making Passive Income in 2024?

Remote closing can definitely be a profitable career. However, my top recommendation for making passive income in 2023 is still local lead generation.

With lead generation, you won’t have to spend hours on the phone daily, calling prospective buyers and hoping they’d finally make a purchase. Instead, you focus on creating quality business websites and then ranking them online using legit SEO tactics. As you target location-specific keywords, you can later offer your sites to business owners who want to get more leads for their websites. Simply put, you are your own boss as you start a lead gen business!

The Local Lead Generation Cycle

In fact, this business model makes me $52,000 each month because I own multiple sites. By providing lead generation services to small local businesses, they gain more organic traffic and leads - which directly translates to more customers and more earnings on their end.

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His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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