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Mike Vestil Review: What Is His Silver Lining Method?

March 11, 2024

Mike Vestil, an acclaimed entrepreneur and YouTube influencer with expertise in dropshipping and affiliate marketing. Mike's Silver Lining Method is a high-ticket commission remote closing strategy that increases sales conversions. He also partnered with Gary Cramer to promote his affiliate marketing course, Profit Singularity. Mike Vestil introduces the innovative 7 Day Remote Closer course, a comprehensive program for mastering remote sales techniques. Mike Vestil's renowned online course, Internet Lifestyle Academy, teaches advanced digital marketing strategies.

Remote closing is a suitable business model that allows you to make money without having to create any product or service. On average, you make 5% to 10% in commissions from remote closing. The problem with being a remote closer is that to make tens of thousands of dollars per month in commissions, you must be on phone calls trying to close deals all day long. You also need to be partnered with a business whose products or services are in high demand and who offer a high commission percentage.

Mike Vestil reviews are mixed with many expressing their doubts about the effectiveness of his methods. Reddit users especially are very skeptical of Mike, with many calling him a scam. I couldn't even find any success stories from any of his students that aren't part of his sales pitch.

This review of Mike Vestil and his 7 Day Remote Closing course will uncover who Mike is, from his origins and age to his net worth and social media presence. You'll learn how he got started in the world of online marketing, what is taught in his 7 Day Remote Closer program that he promotes in a YouTube ad, and if there are better ways to make money online without having to make hundreds of phone calls per month.

Mike Vestil Review: Pros and Cons


Inexpensive training program to understand the basics of remote closing.

Course comes with worksheets, scripts, and how-to videos.

Remote closing is legit and requires no investment to get started unless you buy into a course to learn how to close deals. 

Training on what you can do to land a remote closing gig.

Remote closing doesn't need you to run any paid ads like Facebook ads or Google ads.

Remote closing is a business model that doesn't require you to create a digital product or service.


Remote closing doesn't offer a passive income.

No actual job placement.

You only learn the basics of the remote closing business model. 

Remote closing doesn't allow for the benefits of personal interaction. 


7 Day Remote Closer costs $67. 

Refund Policy

7 Day Remote Closer has a 7 day money-back guarantee. 


Mike founded the 7 Day Remote Closer training in 2022.

What Is Mike Vestil's Silver Lining Method?

The Silver Lining Method is Mike Vestil’s strategy for making money online. The method focuses on earning high-ticket commissions for closing sales. Mike claims that this is the same strategy he used to earn $1.9 million in commissions. The Silver Lining Method has these following key aspects below.

  • Psychological Approach - The key to success in this method is mastering your mind, with a strong emphasis on psychology, motivation, and conquering limiting beliefs.
  • Sales Tactics - You sales pitch should use various sales tactics like limited-time offers, emotional storytelling, and presenting the method as an exclusive and risk-free opportunity.
  • Upsell Strategy - Offer multiple bonuses and time-sensitive discounts. Start the offer at a very high price and then drop it for a big discount to those taking immediate action.
  • Guarantees and Reassurances - Give customers the assurance of satisfaction guarantees on their purchases. Your sales conversion rates can also improve by offering personalized support.

Who is Mike Vestil?

Mike Vestil, a renowned internet entrepreneur based in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, has made significant strides in the online marketing world. His parent immigrated from the Philippines and lived in 25 different countries. He has over 806,000 subscribers on YouTube and regularly makes content about making money online. Prior to 2015, Mike worked 8-12 hours per day as a dental assistant. After realizing the 9-5 grind wasn't for him, he got his first taste of internet marketing with an online business through Shopify dropshipping.

In 2016, Mike started vlogging about his travels on YouTube. In 2017, he began his career as an affiliate marketer by selling affiliate programs on YouTube on his "how to make money online" videos. He also published a book called "The Lazy Man's Guide to Living the Good Life".

After generating over 7-figures in revenue, he began selling his own online course called Internet Lifestyle Academy that taught students how to make money with dropshipping, blogging, and to create an affiliate marketing business. He stopped promoting Internet Lifestyle Academy in 2020, and began promoting Gerry Cramer's affiliate marketing course, Profit Singularity. In that course, you learned how to sell ClickBank products and services.

What is Mike Vestil's Age?

Mike Vestil's age is 29 as he was born January 20, 1994. 

Mike Vestil Net Worth: What is it?

Mike Vestil's estimated net worth ranges between $1 million and $4 million, reflecting his success in various online enterprises. This takes into consideration the 7-figures he's made selling his online courses, and promoting others. Mike Vestil makes his money from his YouTube channel, coaching, affiliate marketing, remote closing, and more.

What Do You Find on the Mike Vestil Blog?

Mike Vestil's blog offers an extensive collection of articles on entrepreneurship, covering topics from taxes to investing.

What is on the Mike Vestil Website?

On the Mike Vestil website, Mike shares his manifesto, briefly talks about who he is and where he came from before earning over 7-figures online, and he provides a way to contact his for coaching. He also sells his book and links to the blog section on his site.

What is the Mike Vestil YouTube Channel About?

Mike Vestil's YouTube channel provides expert tips and strategies on making money online, drawing from his extensive experience in digital entrepreneurship. According to his YouTube channel, he uploads new videos every Monday and Thursday at 3pm EST. 

What Does the Mike Vestil Instagram Reveal?

Mike Vestil's Instagram showcases his digital nomad lifestyle, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs with his success and motivational content. On Instagram, he has over 123,000 followers. 

What is the Mike Vestil Book?

The Lazy Man's Guide to Living the Good Life, authored by Mike Vestil, offers a comprehensive guide to achieving success in health, wealth, and relationships.
Mike's book was written by himself and it details everything he went through on his path to 7-figure success. He uncovers his secrets to health, wealth, relationships, and more.

Is Mike Vestil Legit?

Mike Vestil is legit because he teaches and promotes different legitimate ways of making money online. He makes a majority of his money on his YouTube videos, but it raises the question as to if he is still remote closing or only profiting off teaching the business model. After all, he lives a laptop lifestyle. It would be hard to image he still takes phone calls all day. Mike and his programs are not a scam, but he isn't transparent about how he is currently making the most of his money. 

What is Mike Vestil's Reddit Reputation?

Mike Vestil reviews on Reddit reveal how skeptical people have been about Mike. This has been the case for years and not much has changed. 7 years ago, this person on Reddit called Mike Vestil, a fake entrepreneurship guru and someone who has swindled people out of money.

The next person said that Mike's videos are only created for views, and that he only makes money from views, nothing else. It's hard to fault Mike for creating YouTube videos only for views when that is what the YouTube business model is. You create content for views. A more believable claim is that he only makes money from his YouTube channel. 

What Does Mike Vestil Claim?

Mike Vestil asserts that by following a provided simple script, individuals can earn up to $500 per deal in remote closing.

Is There Truth to Mike Vestil's Claim?

There is no truth to Mike's claim that all you have to do to make $500 per deal is to follow their simple script because there is more to closing a deal over the phone than following a script. Having to deal with and work through people's objections over the phone is difficult. Objections get in the way of you easily closing a deal even if a prospect has shown interest my showing up on the call. Also, every potential customer is going to have a different level of skepticism. Each person will ask a certain number of questions and drag a deal call on longer than you would like or longer than what the script tells you to prepare for. Remote closing is not as easy as Mike's claim to simply following his script.

What is 7 Day Remote Closer?

7 Day Remote Closer is Mike Vestil's newest online course that teaches you how to make money from the comfort of your home by closing deals for online coaching programs and services for a commission between 4% and 10% of the cost of the product or service.

Day 1: Mastering Your Mind

Mike shares his self-motivation secrets that he's used to push forward through limiting beliefs and habits like procrastination.

Day 2: How to Take Advantage of a $365 Billion Dollar Growing Industry 

In day 2, you learn the basics of the remote closing business. Mike also shares an easier selling approach that shows you how to customize your own schedule so you ensure you still have time and location freedom, while still turning potential customers into closed deals. 

Day 3: Onboarding + $0 to $25K/month Blueprint

Day 3 reveals how a complete newbie can go from $0 to $25K per month in commissions with remote closing. 

Day 4: The Triage Script

In day 4, Mike teaches you a way to get started with remote closing if you are a shy person who doesn't want to show their face on camera. You don't have to get on a Zoom call with your prospects. You can just get on a phone call and still get paid commissions from closed deals.

Day 5: The Closers Masterclass

In the Closers Masterclass section, you are taught how to advance to having the confidence to closing deals and going from 4% to 10% commissions. 

Day 6: The $15K Bali Event "Secret Recordings"

On day 6, Mike shares the live recordings of their event in Bali, where some students invested $15K to learn from Mike.

Day 7: Mastering the 12 Categories of Life

In the last day of this course, Mike dives into how you can master the 12 categories of life. The 12 categories Mike talks about are listed below.

  1. Fitness and health
  2. Intellectual input and output
  3. Emotional life
  4. Character
  5. Spiritual
  6. Love and romanticism
  7. Parenting
  8. Social Life
  9. Career
  10. Finance
  11. Quality of Life
  12. Life Vision
  13. The power of sex

 7 Day Remote Closer Bonuses 

The 7 Day Remote Closer bonuses are listed below.

  • Customized strategy session
  • Job Placement Masterclass
  • The $20K/month "Confidential Tapes" (Learn the mistakes a successful closer made)

Is 7 Day Remote Closer Legit?

7 Day Remote Closer is legit because through the 7 day training, Mike reveals all the basic steps of how you can get started as a remote closer. You will learn how to get into a profitable niche so you can earn the highest commissions and learn from people who are currently earning tens of thousands of dollars each month. This is a business model that can serve as side hustle or a full-time job.

7 Day Remote Closer Testimonials

Bas lived the 9-5 life before learning about becoming a remote closer. He even thought he was always going to live that life until he died. After going through Mike's training, he grew his commissions to over $4,000 per month. It only took Bas 45 days to reach that much money in commissions. 

Rhea was looking for a way to make money online and spend more time with her family. She learned about the remote closing opportunity from Mike Vestil and jumped into the course. After only 30 days of being in the course, she made $3.1K in commissions per month, and was able to quit her 9-5 job.

7 Day Remote Closer Alternatives

Related Articles on Remote Closing Courses

  • Remote Closing Academy - Cole Gordon teaches you how to become a high ticket sales professional. This program was launched in 2020 and has trained over 2,000 people to become high ticket remote closers. Remote Closing Academy costs $8,400.
  • Closer Cartel 3.0 - Luke Alexander is another online training program that teaches you how to close high ticket sales. This program comes with a guarantee of placement after you are through with the course. Closer Cartel costs $4,000 and is in its 3rd edition.
  • Millionaire Closer - Dylan Blyuss also trains you on high ticket sales over the phone. If you perform well, you may be invited to join Dylan's team as he is looking to grow his remote closing team.
  • Setter Certification Program Review - This training is by Richard Yu. It's for individuals interested in becoming remote setters.

Top Alternative For Earning a Passive Income

Remote closing and remote setting are suitable business models because you can work and make money from anywhere in the world that has a strong phone signal. The problem with remote setting and remote closing is that there is no leverage or passive income to them. To maintain your ideal income each month, you need to keep selling all day, every day. Remote closing is far from passive and not at scalable as the local lead generation business model.

Local lead generation allows you to build and control your own digital assets while passively getting paid each month. Over 7 years ago, I built a tree care site and ever since I ranked and rented it, it's been paying me $2000 every month on autopilot.

Local lead generation

With local lead generation, you choose niche to get into, how to rank it on Google and who you're going to align yourself with sending them exclusive leads each month. You even dictate how much your small business clients have to pay you each month. If you ever needed to stop working with a client for whatever reason, you can end the relationship and send the leads to another local small business.

To learn how to create a passive income stream that will lead you towards financial freedom, check out the local lead generation training program and take control of your business and future finances.

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