Digital Leasing Review – What is Joshua Osborne’s BAM course?

June 1, 2024

Joshua Osborne's BAM course is an online training program that teaches you how to make money online by renting out digital assets. The rank and rent business model allows you to make money by creating a digital asset (website) that offers services like roofing or plumbing, ranking it on Google in any town, and exclusively sending leads to local business owners each month.  

This Rent Digital Assets review will uncover how Josh's course compares to the original local lead generation program, where he learned everything he knows about renting digital assets from Dan Klein.


Joshua Osborne has made over 7-figures with his digital real estate empire. 

You get plenty of support from Josh and his team.

You learn how to rank websites on Google with current ranking strategies that are working. 

Josh teaches what the original local lead generation expert, Dan Klein, teaches, which means you're getting the best rank and rent training online. 

Live coaching calls every Monday and Wednesday


Your digital property can take some time to rank, depending on the niche and market you choose to get into. 

There are some cases where it takes some time to find a local business owner to work with.


The BAM course costs $5,860.

Refund Policy

No refunds allowed.


Video training program with over 8 training modules. 


The BAM course has a private Facebook group where you get support for questions you may have. 


Josh started the BAM course in 2018 after having joined the original local lead generation training program by Dan Klein.


Josh has a great online reputation, having helped thousands of students earn a passive income online with digital real estate. If you search on Reddit for BAM reviews, you'll find a few people say it's a scam, but Josh teaches a legit business model and provides substantial support. 

What are digital assets?

Digital assets are online properties that you can leverage to generate leads for local businesses. They come as lead generation websites and Google Business Profiles that are optimized and well positioned online to generate calls. 

In Joshua Osborne's presentation on his sales page for the BAM course, he talks about how renting digital assets changed his life and explains how the entire business model. 

The first step to creating a digital rental property in the context of rank and rent is to build a website like the one Josh built in Colorado Springs for fencing repair. You buy a domain name that is a direct match to the service and town you're in. 

Then, using current search engine ranking strategies, you rank your website and Google Business Profile at the top of the search results and Google maps section in the town you want to generate leads in. 

This is your virtual land you can leverage to help local small business owners. Once your digital property is ranked, customers who need the service you're selling will visit your property on Google, enter their information, and connect with your client, who will do the work they need. 

You're getting paid to be the middleman between customers who need a service and businesses. You are the "digital landlord" who get paid as long as your property stays ranked on Google. Josh's fence repair site in Colorado Springs brings his client $20,000 to $50,000 in revenue every single month, which is why they have paid him on autopilot ever since he ranked and rented it to them. Josh has incredible cash flow with this business model.

Josh mentions how platforms like HomeAdvisor, Angie's List and Thumbtack all made over $1 billion dollars being the middleman between customers and service providers and those numbers have continued to rise.

This is proof that there is still money to be made in the local lead generation space in 2024

Can you make money with digital assets?

Yes, you can make money with digital assets if you build your rank and rent sites out in a way that Google will view as relevant in your niche and market. Also, if you learn how to sell the leds you generate, you will always make money with digital assets. 

Who is Joshua Osborne?

Joshua Osborne is 7-figure entrepreneur from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Growing up, his mother raised him in a trailer without having much money. His mother had a difficult time keeping food in the refrigerator. At 19 years old, he was given a 5-year sentence in prison. When he was released, he started working at an installation company. He eventually became a manager at that company. But his parole officer didn't allow him to drive. Therefore, he had to take the bus to work or walk when he didn't have enough money. 

In 2008, he went to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and got his bachelor's degree.

Josh started a moving company in his garage that he worked on the weekends. He rented trucks from Uhaul and landed jobs on Craigslist. But the money he made on the weekends wasn't enough and he noticed it wasn't letting him spend time with his family. So, Josh quit his 9-5 job at the installation company and focused his efforts on growing his moving company. 

In 2014, Joshua met Dan Klein and Brad Campbell and joined the local lead generation coaching program that used to be called Job Killing. He went from zero to 7-figures in only 12 months after implementing everything Dan taught him. In 2018, Josh created the BAM University or Cool Marketers course with Dan as a partner behind the scenes.

Today, Joshua is full time with his digital real estate business, making over $41,000 per month and coaches thousands of students, helping them build their rank and rent empire. 

Joshua Osborne Net Worth

Joshua Osborne has an estimated net worth of between $2 million and $5 million based on the fact his course costs $5,860 and over 2,000 students have bought in.

What is BAM?

BAM is Joshua Osborne's training course that shows you how to make money online by ranking and renting digital assets. The BAM training is also called the Cool Marketers program. Josh teaches you the rank and rent business model from your website build and on-site optimization to off-site optimization and sales training. Josh also has in-depth mindset training to help you get over your fears so you can take massive imperfect action, which will allow you to break through, not be afraid to make offers and close deals after building your digital assets.

What is Map Pack Hero?

Map Pack Hero is a course Josh Osborne sells that teaches you how to build and optimize Google Business Profiles for local small business owners. This mini-course has 14 training videos and 2 PDFs that break down how to get started, how to optimize a GBP on the listing itself and off-listing. You'll also learn different ways to find clients who can benefit from your services. Map Pack Hero costs $27.

More Info: Map Pack Hero Review

What is ScamRisk?

ScamRisk is Joshua Osborne's online course review blog. Josh's vision with this blog is to help people decide if a certain online course is worth their investment. Josh's blog educates people on what online courses teach, who their course creator is, if they're a scam, and if the pros outweigh the cons of those online courses. Scam Risk doesn't have any affiliate links and they do course reviews in several industries, including finance, business, investments, and more. 

BAM Reviews

Hayden is one of Josh's students who made good money with the rank and rent skills he learned in the Cool Marketer program. When he joined the program, he was 22 years old, working for a solar company. In his first 7 months in BAM, he made over $100,000 by implementing everything that Josh taught. He credits his success to everything he learned in Josh's course. Hayden says that this course changed his life.

Derek owns Fuego Media and landed a client that paid him $10,000 per month for leads. Derek talks about how grateful he is for the Cool Marketers' training. He says the principles and practices Josh teaches in BAM have helped him have been key to him growing his business and closing clients confidently.

Is digital real estate legit?

Digital real estate is legit because by positioning your website and Google map listing on Google, you can generate leads. People looking for the service your website offers will give you their information. As long as you partner with a local small business that responds quickly to the leads, offers a great service and is a customer friendly business, you will get paid every month. Thousands of people are making money with these skills. For more reasons renting digital assets is profitable, check out my article, Why Renting Digital Assets Can Make You Rich. You'll see why digital land is better than renting physical real estate.

#1 Alternative to Cool Marketers (BAM)

Lead Generation Coaching Program by Dan Klein

Dan Klein has been coaching the lead generation business model since 2014. I joined the program that year and became a top student. Currently, I'm Dan's partner, promoting our coaching program and helping people quit their 9 to 5 jobs. Dan teaches this great skill of generating leads for small businesses using digital assets that generate free traffic. We now have 7400 students and counting.

Who is Dan Klein?

Dan Klein is the world's #1 local lead generation expert and coach. He has a net worth of over $30 million and has over 15 years of business experience. In 2014, he began teaching the local lead generation in 2014. Dan is a brilliant coach who is consistently available to his students when they need help and he's put together a fantastic support team to ensure everyone gets taken care of in the event he is occupied with other students. Dan Klein taught Joshua Osborne everything he learned about organically generating leads locally for business owners. Currently, Joshua uses the software Dan's team created in his own program, such as their website builder and call tracking software. Dan has made money with other online business models, but he found that local lead generation offers the most benefits. 

Local lead generation with digital assets is better than renting physical properties

Local lead generation offers you the control you won't find with other online business models. 

You pick the niche you're going to generate leads for. You choose your ranking strategy, the local small business you're going to send leads to, and how much they have to pay you. If a business owner doesn't treat your leads will care and professionalism, you can stop sending them leads and work with their competitor. 

Also, once you've ranked your virtual real estate at the top of the local search results for your main keywords, your work is done. All you have to do is light maintenance to ensure it remains optimized and keep getting paid automatically. This is nothing like real estate investing. Real estate investors have to stay on top of properties often and deal with more maintenance issues, which can be costly. 

My tree care site I built over 7 years ago still pays me $2,000 every month till this day and the overhead was minimal.

Local lead generation

To begin your digital real estate investing career and grow your portfolio, check out the original local lead generation training program by Dan Klein where Josh got started back in 2016, so you can begin creating your passive income streams. 

IMO Dan Klein is a much better coach than Josh Osborne because Dan is the original guy that innovated on this business model and he has continued to create much more dynamic tools, community and team around him over the years.

Even Josh gives Dan Klein his flowers:

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