Robert Iacob’s STR Accelerator Review: How Do You Get Landlords to Agree?

April 4, 2024

STR Accelerator is a real estate investment course by Robert Iacob that teaches you how to create a short term rental business without owning any property. The easy to follow course covers the fundamentals of Airbnb and rental arbitrage all the way to scaling and automation. 

Short term rental arbitrage is the strategy of renting out a property long-term and then having it rented out short term at a higher rate than the monthly rate. This strategy is popular because it allows people with little capital to invest in the real estate industry. An example of rental arbitrage is Airbnb arbitrage. This works by leasing a long-term property and then listing it on Airbnb for short term rent. Before you do so, you need permission from the landlord to avoid issues. Short term rental arbitrage, like any real estate business, is high risk.

Local lead generation is a low cost, low risk business model that creates passive income. It is a type of digital real estate in which you rank and rent your website to local businesses. You don't have to deal with tenants, property maintenance, automation costs, laws and regulations, and more. It's definitely worth checking out local lead generation for a sustainable passive income business.

How Do I Pitch to Landlords for Short Term Rental Arbitrage?

To pitch short term rental arbitrage to landlords, list down the benefits they’ll receive from agreeing to let you sublet their property on short term rental platforms. Also, let them know the work you’ll be doing and how they can secure a stable income without worrying about their property’s maintenance.

Landlord Benefits From Short Term Rental Arbitrage:

  • Property management - Short term rentals are held to a higher standard in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. Having a tenant sublet the property as a short term rental can ensure the property is kept clean and well maintained from the tenant's pocket.
  • Low turnover - If the tenant is successful with their arbitrage business, they may extend the lease indefinitely. This means the landlord will have constant income for the foreseeable future.
  • No screening - Another benefit of having a low turnover is the less need to screen new tenants. With rental arbitrage, the long term tenant will be responsible for screening their short term clients.
  • Higher profit margin - An increase in rent will be justified by the increase in risks. Landlords can also set up an agreement with the tenant for a reasonable share of their profit.

Robert Iacob’s STR Accelerator Review: Pros and Cons


The course covers the A-Zs of short term rental arbitrage, from finding properties to automation.

You have lifetime access to the course. You can access the course at any time and on any device as long as you have an internet connection.


Pricing is not standard.

Course is too short for its price.

Course has not been updated since Feb 2020.


STR Accelerator costs $297 on Teachable. $199.00 on BrainLearns.

Refund Policy

30 day refund less that 15% of the course consumed.




Mixed reviews

Who Is Robert Iacob’s STR Accelerator For?

STR Accelerator is for beginners who want to supplement their income by investing in short term rentals without owning any property. The course teaches a complete, step-by-step process, from setting up your business all the way up to scaling and automation.

What Do You Get With Robert Iacob’s STR Accelerator?

With STR Accelerator, you get 4 hours of on-demand video training and 4 articles across 78 lectures separated into 11 sections. You can access the training via a mobile device or smart TV. Completing the course comes with a certificate of completion.

Course Curriculum

1. Short Term Rentals (STR) & Opportunity Cost

  • Why Airbnb Started (4:25 min.)
  • Issue With Past STR Rentals & How Airbnb Solved That (Payments, Deposits & Liability, Damage) (4:14 min.)
  • What Most People Refer to as Short Term Rentals (4:01 min.)
  • Why it is The Perfect Time to Start Hosting an Airbnb (9:45 min.)
  • Statistics About Airbnb, HomeAway, etc. & Hospitality Business as a Whole (4:15 min.)
  • City Bans and Why That Shouldn’t Be a Worry (7:45 min.)
  • Why Airbnb is Gaining so Much Attention & Why People Happily Choose Homeowners Over Corporate Hotel Chains (4:51 min.)
  • How to Get Permits for Your City + How to Check Local Restrictions (4:02min.)
  • Hospitality 101 - Customer Service is The Name of The Game + Importance of Reviews. (4:31 min.)

2. Market Research & Analysis

  • Free Research With Airbnb Host Estimate Tool (3:07 min.)
  • Scouting Locations & What to Look For (6:04 min.)
  • Price Points & Location Size (6:05 min.)
  • Single Family Homes vs Multi Family Homes vs Apartments (12:16 min.)
  • Setting an appointmentappointment with a Landlord (2:34 min.)
  • Pricing: How to Calculate an Average Nightly Rate for Your Airbnb (3:34 min.)
  • Occupancy: How to Calculate an Average Monthly Occupancy Rate for Your Airbnb (1:44 min.)
  • Other Tools to Use (1:37 min.)

3. How to Pitch a Landlord

  • How to Pitch a Landlord for Airbnb (1:34 mins.)
  • Professional Cleaning Multiple Times Per Week (1:52 mins.)
  • Professional Property Management Company to Manage Your Property (2:29 mins.)
  • Less Occupancy = Less Wear & Tear + Psychology of “Guests” (1:49 mins.)
  • Noise Level Monitors, Front Door Cameras, Extra Accessories for Protection (0:45 mins.)
  • Rental Insurance + Airbnb $1 million Dollar Damage Protection (1:20 mins.)
  • Counteroffers & Objections Handling (2:08 mins.)

4. Legal Structure for Your Airbnb Business

  • Legal Disclosure (1:06 min.)
  • How to Choose a Legal Entity Structure (2:32 min.)
  • Why You Need an LLC or Some Type of Legal Protection (2:39 min.)
  • Converting an LLC to and S Corp if You Plan To Rent Multiple Units (0:56 min.)
  • Downloadable Airbnb Lease Agreement
  • Renter’s Insurance for Your Airbnbs (1:48 min.)
  • Accounting & Tracking Business Expenses (2:42 min.)
  • How to File for an LLC (Walkthrough) (5:23 min.)

5. Furnishing Your Airbnb

  • Pick a Style - (Contemporary, Chiq) (2:27 min.)
  • The Unit Essentials (1:45 min.)
  • The Unit Bonuses (1:42 min.)
  • Rundown of Every Single Item (1:31 min.)
  • The Power of Small Items + Nuances (0:31 min.)
  • Extra Gadgets + Security Installments (2:30 min.)

6. Setting Up Amenities

  • Signing Up for Utilities (3:43 min.)
  • Towels & Toiletries (4:21 min.)
  • Restocking Essentials (1:37 min.)
  • Coffee Coffee Coffee (1:50 min.)
  • Thoughtful Amenities to Offer (2:34 min.)
  • Unique Ideas to Add an Extra Punch (4:07 min.)

7. Standing Out on Airbnb

  • How to Create a Hosting Account on Airbnb
  • Complete Walk-through (6:01 min.)
  • Pricing Strategies: How to Get Higher CTR Rates (2:59 min.)
  • Basic Property Listing Optimization (4:45 min.)
  • Achieving & Maintaining Superhost Status (2:01 min.)
  • How to Write Attention Grabbing & Captivating Property Descriptions (1:20 min.)
  • Answering Reviews: The Proven 3 Step Formula Broken Down (1:15 min.)

8. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

  • Responding to Customer Reviews (2:32 min.)
  • Dealing with Late Bookings (2:10 min.)
  • Handling Booking Cancellations & Schedule Changes (1:42 min.)
  • Early Check-Ins (2:17 min.)
  • Late Customer Check-Outs (3:43 min.)
  • Guests that Request Extra Amenities/Burn Through Supply (3:05 min.)
  • Cleaning Units After Every Booking (2:34 min.)
  • How to Clean your Airbnb (4:32 min.)
  • How to Contract Cleaners in Your Area (3:51 min.)

9. Photographing Your Units

  • Start1. Basic Photography 101: The importance of Angles & Good Lighting (3:58 min.)
  • iPhone Camera Listing vs. Professional Camera Listing (2:39 min.)
  • Choosing a Camera & Recommendations (2:42 min.)
  • Airbnb Professional Photos (1:47 min.)
  • Photographing Your Property’s Uniqueness & Anomalies (1:34 min.)
  • Uploading Photos to your Computer (1:21 min.)
  • Basic Editing w/ Adobe Lightroom to make your Photos POP! (1:45 min.)

10. Automating Your Airbnb Business

  • Managing your Airbnb from Afar (4:53 min.)
  • Handling Customer Inquiries (2:59 min.)
  • Strategically Pricing: Fluctuating Prices w/ the Market Demand (3:23 min.)
  • Example of Strategic Pricing When Outsourcing (1:42 min.)
  • Creating FAQ Guides (3:59 min.)
  • Developing & Implementing “House Rules” (1:18 min.)
  • Ongoing Cleaner Contractors + How to Find Trustworthy Cleaners? (2:49 min.)
  • STR Property Management Companies (1:26 min.)
  • Creating More Listings + Scaling with More Units (3:02 min.)

11. In Conclusion

  • Course recap
  • Your feedback
  • What's next

What Do Students of Robert Iacob’s STR Accelerator Say?

Robert Iacob's STR Accelerator course has had mixed reviews. On Udemy, 273 students have taken his course, which has a rating of 3.2/5. Here are some of the reviews posted; take them with a grain of salt:

Who Is Robert Iacob?

str accelerator review

Robert Iacob is a real estate investor, co-founder, and managing director of the short term rental platform Sleepover Inc. He created and instructed the STR Accelerator, which is a short term rental course, and previously had an Airbnb mastery program. Robert is also the founder of HouseKeeper, which is a fully integrated software that connects cleaners and hosts. Originally from Springfield, Missouri, Robert now lives in Los Angeles, California. 

Is Rental Arbitrage Still Worth It in 2024?

Rental arbitrage is still worth it in 2024. The real estate industry is ever-growing, as people will always need a place to rent. Rental arbitrage is cheaper than buying property, so this strategy can prove highly profitable to those who cannot afford to buy. Investing in short term rentals can make more money than long term rentals if you can maintain good occupancy rates. Short term rentals are growing in popularity as a substitute for hotels as they are cheaper and more homey.

Airbnb arbitrage is legal in most areas. However, regulations on short term rentals are changing in many locations. Make sure to check the local restrictions on short term rentals beforehand, or you might face problems later on. Be aware of the downsides of short term rental arbitrage before jumping into it.

Downsides of Rental Arbitrage

  • Limited control - As you do not own the property, you have to ask permission for any changes or improvements to the property. The owner can also make any changes without your consent.
  • Potential legal problems - There is a growing trend toward tightening laws and regulations for short term rentals in many areas. You should check the state and local laws regarding short term rentals in the area you operate in before starting your STR business.
  • Increasing competition - As the popularity of short term rentals grows, so does the competition. Many landlords are also learning to do it themselves. You will have to compete for the best deals in the best places. Sweetening the offer, such as giving the landlord a percentage of the profits, can help your case.
  • Uncertain income - How much you make depends on your occupancy rate. Events that are beyond your control, such as a global pandemic or natural disasters, can affect your business negatively.
  • Reputation risks - Negative renter experience can lead to negative reviews, which will lower your ability to do business, especially if you rely on a short term rental platform for listing. Bad business can also ruin your reputation and relationship with your landlord or property management company.

Costs and Profits

You can start earning money on Airbnb without owning properties by using the rental arbitrage strategy. Alternatively, you can also co host, in which you take over the management of another person’s Airbnb business. It costs as little as $1,500 to start an Airbnb arbitrage. This includes rent and operating costs like cleaning, utilities, internet, etc. This does not include advance rent, a security deposit, or furnishing. If your landlord still requires a security deposit and advanced rent and you need to buy furnishing, add improvements, and do repairs, Your initial costs would be around $5,000 or more.

Airbnb is a good platform to list your short term rentals. Airbnb will help you make money by having your listing on their platform. There are over 150 million Airbnb users, making it the top short term rental platform to date. How much you earn would depend on factors such as occupancy rate, how much you charge, operating costs, customer experience, etc. You can make as much as a 25% profit margin with STR.

Conclusion: Is Robert Iacob's STR Accelerator Course Worth It?

I would not recommend Robert Iacob's STR Accelerator course because of its price and content. Regardless, taking a good course will definitely benefit you. The benefits of following a short term rental course are that you get to save time by following an organized lesson plan rather than finding various sources to learn for free online. You also get to save a lot of money by avoiding common, costly beginner mistakes. Getting a mentor would prove more helpful than taking a DIY course.

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  • Bryson Blocker’s Airbnb Breakdown Academy - A fairly new rental arbitrage course that is very comprehensive in its instructions. While there is no mentorship, you do have access to a support community in which you can ask questions and learn new tips and tricks as they come along.
  • Sam Zuo’s Passive Airbnb - A 7-week Airbnb arbitrage course with alternatives that focus on creating and automating an Airbnb arbitrage business. Sam also offers a consultation package for more experienced real estate investors, professionals, and property managers.
  • Rafa Loza’s Stride Academy - An STR arbitrage course that teaches how to sublet properties for short-term rent. Mentorship is included with monthly membership.

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