Ike Paz’s Royalty Prints Review: Are Mid-Content Books the Best Products To Sell on Amazon KDP?

February 23, 2024

Royalty Prints is a step-by-step online course by Ike Paz that teaches you how to create and sell software-generated mid-content books on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). It enables aspiring business owners and online sellers with no technical skills or book design experience to build a profitable Amazon KDP business. Royalty Prints helps you simplify the production, marketing, and sale of books like coloring books, workbooks, and puzzle books. This program includes access to software toolkits and book templates for different niches that have high passive income potential.

Royalty Prints reviews online are mostly positive. Students who took the course on WarriorPlus gave it a 4.3/5 rating. The program also has positive testimonials on its website. It has screenshots from Ike Paz’s email conversations and YouTube comments. Students commented on how the course helped them find keywords for product listings, choose public domain images for their book content, and apply useful selling strategies. However, these reviews are limited to Ike’s YouTube channel’s comment section. There are no first-hand testimonials on platforms like Reddit and Quora. Most review videos on YouTube are from affiliates.

According to Ty Cohen, creator of Kindle Cash Flow, publishing books on Amazon KDP lets you earn around $10,000 monthly. This platform allows authors to self-publish their own books in the Amazon Kindle Store. As of January 2024, Kindle Unlimited paid out ‌$54.7 million in royalties to select KDP authors. Selling mid-content books as a KDP Publisher can be a profitable way to make money online because of its high demand. However, succeeding in this industry entails navigating through its saturated market, overwhelming creation and publishing process, and low royalties percentage. This Royalty Prints review will examine the pros and cons of this Amazon KDP course to see if it’s effective for beginners. It will explain the claims made by the course creator and find out how much you can really make selling mid-content books on Amazon.

Royalty Prints Review: Pros and Cons


Royalty Prints is a beginner-friendly course for people without experience in Amazon KDP.

The course offers customizable book covers and free software.

Royalty Prints helps students automate and streamline the mid-content book ideation and creation process.

The program is affordable.


Royalty Print has no community support or live consultations included.

According to various online sources, each tool used in Royalty Prints costs $27 monthly.

Royalty Prints has limited website and third-party reviews. All the testimonials on its website are unnamed or blurred.

Students need to publish lots of books to earn significant income monthly on Amazon KDP.


Royalty Prints costs $37. It comes with an optional upgrade for the AI Books Ads ($47) and Children’s Book Royalty Academy ($77).


Royalty Prints offers self-paced, step-by-step training videos.

Refund Policy

Royalty Prints has no money-back guarantee.


Royalty Prints started in 2021.


Royalty Prints has a 4.3/5 rating on WarriorPlus. However, it has limited third-party reviews online.

Are Mid-Content Books the Best Products To Sell on Amazon KDP?

Yes, mid-content or medium content books can be the best products to sell on Amazon KDP because you can get better pricing and profitability on books with engaging content. This includes puzzles, coloring books, and other activity pages. According to ENERGI’s YouTube video entitled STOP making LOW CONTENT BOOKS on Amazon KDP .. Do THIS instead, the market for low content books is oversaturated because mass producing these books is simple. Alternatively, high content books take time to finish and require more creative thinking and in-depth research.

Subha Malik’s article on Low Content Profits reveals that medium content books are harder to make, have a better lifetime value, and offer higher earning potential. This makes it a less saturated and more lucrative market than low content books. In another YouTube video, Chris Raydog mentioned how he made $15,997 in sales from a single coloring book in around three to four months. According to ZonGoru, you can sell over 3,000 copies of your e-book each month if you already have a follower base. Amazon KDP has different royalty programs for self-publishers. You can earn up to 70% royalties per book, depending on your pricing. Mid-content books are easier to create than high content ones, so you can sell multiple books on Amazon KDP.

What is Royalty Prints?

Royalty Prints is a 20-video systematized online program that teaches you to maximize tools for mid-content book creation and sell these books using the latest SEO strategies on Amazon KDP. It helps you identify book niches and markets with high engagement and income potential. Royalty Prints includes topics on keyword research, listing, pricing, book cover customization, Canva usage, and AI image upscaling. The program also discusses strategies for driving free buyer traffic without paid advertisements.

What Do You Get With Royalty Prints?

You get self-paced training videos, cover book templates, software tutorials, and Done-For-You description listing scripts with Royalty Prints. The step-by-step online course includes lessons on finding mid-content niches and generating free online traffic to your e-book listings. Royalty Prints also offers bonuses like complimentary lessons on the “Look Inside” tab, creating winning book covers, generating A+ content, and traffic-to-profit converting secrets. This program will show you how to:

  • Find mid-content book niches and sub-niches
  • Make and monetize word search books
  • Make and monetize geometry coloring books
  • Make and monetize crossword books
  • Make and monetize Sudoku puzzle books
  • Make and monetize maze books
  • Create attractive book covers
  • Utilize the image scaler tool
  • Drive free traffic

Who is Royalty Prints for?

Royalty Prints is for aspiring online business owners with zero experience in creating mid-content books and publishing on Amazon KDP. It is mainly for individuals without technical skills in graphic designing for book covers and interiors. Existing Amazon KDP publishers can also take the course to gain additional knowledge on creating and selling mid-content books. Royalty Prints is good for Amazon KDP publishers who want to venture out from low content and high content books.

Are Royalty Prints Students Getting Results?

Yes, Royalty Prints students are getting results based on the testimonials on the course website. One student sold a Mandala coloring book within four days. Another student commented on how it took a month before making three sales and launching around 10 live books. These testimonials have blurred student names and are mostly from Ike’s YouTube channel comments. However, there aren’t many reviews from other students outside the course website. This makes it hard for potential course takers to verify student claims.

Who is Ike Paz?

Ike Paz is an online entrepreneur, Amazon KDP book publisher, and mid-content book seller from Miami, Florida. He now lives in Fukuoka, Japan. Ike is an Elite Vendor and is part of the Top 5% Affiliate on WarriorPlus (an online marketplace for digital business products). He has been running multiple online businesses since 2015. Ike started his career in Amazon KDP because he wanted to earn daily passive income while spending more time with his wife and kids. He was introduced to the world of print-on-demand and mid-content books through his friend Ken.

Ike is also the creator of the Nurie Prints ($57) and Crispy Prints ($19/month) courses. These other online programs offer insight into AI-powered print-on-demand (POD) processes and techniques. Ike has 1,486 followers on WarriorPlus and 1K+ followers on X (formerly Twitter).

Ike Paz’s Claims

Ike Paz claims that anyone can generate passive income by selling mid-content books online on Amazon KDP using personalized software. His strategy doesn’t require technical skills, design expertise, a website, an email list, or paid traffic to attract customers. Ike believes that you only need his recommended software to create mid-content books instantly and tap into a market of 100 million Amazon KDP buyers. The Royalty Prints website claims you can earn daily royalties as a self-publisher from free traffic alone.

Ike Paz’s Claims DEBUNKED

According to the KDP Community, there are 200 self-published books uploaded on Amazon daily. The competition is high in this market because of oversaturation. Thousands of sellers offer the same products. That’s why you need to find your niche and offer something unique if you want to sell your e-books and earn at least 35% of KDP royalties. You also need in-depth knowledge of the Amazon KDP platform, its publishing and selling process, and its marketing capabilities to build a profitable online business. Investing in a course with complimentary software is not enough to guarantee success.

According to Romney Nelson, creator of the Global Self-Publishing YouTube channel, achieving long-term success in Amazon KDP entails setting realistic expectations and avoiding “dump publishing”. You don’t earn $10K per month instantly in just a year. It requires careful strategizing, starting with easier publications like low content books, and investing in high-quality learning resources. Romney discourages selling multiple low-quality books because this can lead to a less effective selling and publisher awareness strategy.

Earning significant passive income from Amazon KDP without investing in paid advertisements isn’t realistic. Amazon’s algorithm favors books that already have high sales, reviews, and visibility. A mid-content book will go unnoticed without initial promotion on KDP, social media, or other online platforms. Timothy Ellis, an independent author, mentioned how using Amazon Ads can be very effective. In another Quora post, Samreen discussed the positive feedback loop that happens inside Amazon when launching paid marketing. This can jump-start your Amazon KDP publisher career. However, you need an ample knowledge of this technique to prevent unnecessary ad spending.

Can You Make Money on Amazon KDP?

Yes, you can make money on Amazon KDP if you choose a niche that isn’t saturated, implement competitor analysis, and develop a dynamic marketing plan. Aspiring Amazon KDP publishers also need to produce enticing book covers and high-value content. You can earn $150 to $300 monthly for beginners and around $10K to $20K per month for experienced individuals. Reddit user Marali87 mentioned how he/she makes around €600 to €2000 ($648 to $2,160) monthly, while Glitterfairykitten earns $110,000 yearly. Your income can go as high as $34K like Thewritingchair. He/she made $415,000 in 2023.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money on KDP?

It can take six months to one year to make money on KDP. However, you can already earn once consumers purchase your published books. Some Amazon KDP publishers who have been around since 2015 like Quora user Timothy Ellis now earn consistent income per month. New authors like Reddit user Zr_7325, who focus on low content and mid-content books, can make money as early as two months after publishing. But this isn’t common for everyone. Most KDP mid-content authors make no income even after months of publishing.

Is Amazon KDP Worth It in 2024?

Yes, Amazon KDP can be worth it in 2024 if you are passionate about writing and publishing low to high content books regularly. Selling e-books on Amazon KDP lets you earn 35% to 70% in book royalties. You can scale your monthly income to over $30K if you sell more than you spend on advertising. However, this business model isn’t sustainable as a primary source of income. According to Kindlepreneur, the average monthly earnings for KDP authors have decreased from $1,000 in 2021 to below $500 in 2024. Amazon’s algorithm now makes it harder for new authors to maintain sales without continuous marketing and promotion. If you don’t invest time and money in running paid ads, it will be difficult to sell your books.

Amazon KDP vs Local Lead Generation: Which Business Model Offers a Better Income Stream?

Amazon KDP offers a good passive income stream for individuals who are into book creation and publishing. However, the local lead generation business model offers a more profitable, scalable, and simple revenue-generating system. Your income as a KDP e-book publisher depends on your book sales. And achieving high sales means using paid ads and consistently churning out new books. Amazon's policies can change anytime. That’s why it’s risky and unsustainable. You can get suspended anytime.

In Gem Blackshaw’s YouTube video How Much I Earned As A KDP Newbie | Brutally Honest Look At KDP Journey For Beginners, she mentioned how challenging it is to start an Amazon KDP publishing business. Gem created five books on KDP and got no sales for the first two months. The misconception of earning within the first month on Amazon KDP is not true for everyone. Plus, the market is saturated with beginners looking to earn passive income. Courses like Royalty Prints can help you kick-start Your KDP journey. However, thousands of authors and publishers are competing within a single mid-content book niche. This makes it hard for those with no experience to stand out. There’s also no assurance of staying in the program for the long term because of Amazon KDP’s strict policies.

Local lead generation is a more lucrative online business to consider than Amazon KDP because the market is less saturated. You have more control over your earnings because it doesn’t depend on a third-party platform. Beginners can easily start their business by choosing local service niches and building websites for each niche. You must rank these sites or digital assets through SEO to rank high on search engines. Once these assets rank, they attract potential customers that are eager to buy. You can then sell these leads to local businesses and earn up to $1,000 per lead or $10,000 per website.

Not everyone can handle the pressure of producing medium to high content books on a monthly basis. If you want an easier option, consider the local lead gen business model.

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