Ryan Dossey Review: Is His Create Cash Flow (CCF) Program Worth $10,000?

March 18, 2024

Ryan Dossey is an experienced real estate entrepreneur and founder of the Create Cash Flow (CCF) program, an online real estate investing community for aspiring and experienced real estate investors. CCF does have a 12-week online curriculum, but the hefty price tag of $10,000 to $12,000 (depending on your experience) is attributed to its priceless advantage of working and collaborating with other real estate investors in the country. Once you join CCF, you will immediately have access to a private Slack group and receive 2 live group calls each week. 

The course is reminiscent of Grant Cardone, who also has a considerable entry fee for his entrepreneurship program. However, unlike Grant who focuses more on changing your mindset first to 10x your brand (whatever industry you may be in), CCF is a focused community for real estate investing.  

Keep in mind that you will not be learning anything about wholesaling, house flipping, or even more niche topics like renting out an AirBnB (similar to The AirBnB course). Instead, CCF is designed to market your brand, find new clients while keeping existing ones, and take advantage of possible low-priced real estate from default properties (similar to the courses found in Awesome REI). 

But what do you really get in CCF? Is it worth investing in? I’ll tackle these questions and more in this Ryan Dossey review. I’ll also discuss my preferred business model, local lead generation. This business, unlike real estate, has a low entry point, requiring minimal capital and experience. With the proper guidance, you can easily set up a profitable website and earn five figures each month in passive income. 


Dozens of positive reviews

Mr Dossey is an experienced real estate agent 

Ongoing support 

Active community

Regularly updated modules



Focuses more on marketing

Potentially high learning curve


CCF can cost you $10,000 to $12,000 each year, depending on your experience. You will also need to have $3,000 to maintain your marketing efforts. 

Refund Policy:

Ryan Dossey doesn’t mention any refund policy




Both Ryan Dossey and CCF have multiple positive reviews

Is Ryan Dossey’s coaching program, Create Cash Flow, worth $10,000? 

Ryan Dossey's coaching program Create Cash Flow is worth $10,000 if it aligns with your needs and goals. CCF is a specialized coaching program for real estate marketing. Ryan Dossey will teach you the exact steps that he himself uses and you will have access to other real estate entrepreneurs who all share their best practices for getting potential clients.  

It must be emphasized, however, that CCF is NOT a real estate school. You will not learn the basics of real estate, how to flip houses, or the different real estate laws in each state, for example. Ryan says that what he teaches you is creating your own personal real estate brand so that other investors will want to partner with you and you will have a higher chance of working with a property owner who wants to sell their houses or banks that are releasing their default rental property. 

The differentiating factor that Ryan gives is a 5-step process that goes beyond traditional techniques taught by older real estate coaches. He explains:

  • Develop your own personal brand. In today’s world, you need to have social proof, even in real estate. Ryan says that contrary to popular belief, real estate investors should have their own personal brand so that when potential clients look them up on the internet, there is proof that they are legitimate, credible, and reliable. 
  • Personally write your direct mail. Ryan says that you should handwrite all your correspondences (as much as possible). This simple touch is incredibly effective in creating a more intimate connection with potential and existing clients. 
  • Answer phone calls live. Clients want to talk to a live human being and not listen to a tape recording. Ryan says that it is not necessary for you to answer your phone calls personally - you can outsource this service. 
  • Utilize Instagram and Facebook. Similar to the first point, you need to develop an online presence. In Ryan’s experience, the best places to tap into the real estate market is to make creative real estate posts on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Hire copywriters to create SMS follow-up sequences. You need to constantly engage with your customers, even after a sale. This means sending follow-up emails or SMS depending on the situation or type of connection. To further your credibility, it is best if you hire a professional copywriter (or a team) to ensure that everything you send out is grammatically correct and well-written. 

What’s included in Create Cash Flow? 

CCF consists of a series of online videos and PDF guides that teach you how to market your real estate business and create a credible brand. While the program is self-paced, most students say that they can complete the entire curriculum within 12 weeks. Additional to the lessons, you will gain access to a private Slack community group and receive 2 live group calls where you can ask any question you like to Ryan and other students. 

To enter the program, you will need to schedule a call with Ryan and his team. There is a selection process, as Ryan does not accept every person who applies. He wants to work with committed real estate entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the work in their businesses, listen to others, and also contribute to the community. 

If you are deemed to be a good fit, there is an enrollment fee of $10,000 to $12,000, depending on your experience. This is a YEARLY fee. Ryan also recommends a marketing budget of around $3,000 per month, excluding what you will need to pay for the tools and software that Ryan will recommend you use to optimize your business. 

Members of the program say that the price tag is worth it since they were able to double or sometimes even triple their client base using the techniques taught by Ryan. Nevertheless, it must be stressed that Ryan does not guarantee any results and only offers his personal expertise on the subject. Your success, or lack thereof, is entirely dependent on how much work you put into marketing your brand. 

Keep in mind as well that I couldn’t find any refund policy for CCF. 

What software or programs does CCF recommend you use? 

CCF recommends you use:

  • Monday.com - This tracks your weekly tasks. Depending on which package you choose, Monday can start from $10 per month for 3 users. 
  • Investor Carrot - This is a specialized real estate website that investors and agents use to attract and convert leads. The basic package will cost you $69 per month. 
  • Ballpoint Marketing - This is a marketing tool that writes your mail by hand. A letter can cost you $1.20 to $1.80 each.
  • Call Porter - This is a call center that Ryan himself built. Members of CCF will receive a discounted rate. 
  • REsimpli - This is a real estate CRM software to generate new leads. The most basic package costs $99 per month. 
  • Slack - This connects you to the CCF community. This is free.


It is not necessary for you to use all of these programs but Ryan highly recommends that you do. This will also make it easier for you to maintain equal footing with other members of the CCF community. 

Who is Ryan Dossey?

Ryan Dossey is an established real estate investor who consistently closes over 70 deals each year, which has given him the financial freedom and time freedom to be with his family. Ryan talks about his rags-to-riches story, saying that he never graduated high school and was once only earning $23,000 each year. 

He lived a hand-to-mouth existence until he read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. He realized that he wanted to get into real estate and decided to try his hand at the industry. He first started on a website called Bigger Pockets which taught him how to manage stewardship properties at lower prices. 

His first year was miserable, only closing 6 deals, which further placed him in a financial crisis. The next year, however, he was able to close 74 deals and has consistently been maintaining that average. 

His secret, he says, is being willing to adapt to the ever-changing business environment and being a motivated seller. While real estate is a good investment, it is still an industry that is affected by global events. Successful real estate entrepreneurs are those that can adapt their marketing and business practices to reflect what the modern customer wants, including designing targeted advertising. This is exactly what he teaches you in CCF and what he hopes more investors will learn. 

How Ryan Dossey Turned $23K to $198K

How Ryan Turned $23K to $198K

Ryan used direct mail to consistently find leads and deals for his real estate business. He gathered contact information from various sources, including PropStream and his own marketing company, Ballpoint Marketing. Ryan created a comprehensive list by combining different sources like expired MLS listings, properties with liens or bankruptcies, and absentee owners. He then sent personalized letters and a series of postcards to these contacts through his marketing company, and created a targeted direct mail campaign.

Key Strategies Ryan Used to Achieve $198K 

  • Ryan used REsimpli, a CRM tool, to manage and track real estate deals and leads.
  • He consistently used direct mail campaigns to generate leads for his business. 
  • Ryan used Call Porter in handling incoming calls, which allowed efficient lead management without being constantly tied to the phone.
  • He used PropStream for data gathering and Investor Carrot for website templates. 

What's not mentioned in the video: Direct mail has lower response rates, typically around 2% to 5%. A lot of mailed communication often ends up unopened or discarded, which reduces the effectiveness of campaigns. 

Does Ryan Dossey have other training programs?

No, CCF remains Ryan’s only real estate mastermind training. However, Ryan does offer several “growth tools” on his official website, including a free book called, “28 costly mistakes of an 8-figure real estate investor…and how to avoid them”. 

Does Ryan Dossey have good reviews?

Ryan Dossey has multiple positive reviews, both on his website and from outside sources. Students say that he is knowledgeable, personable, and charismatic. The only negative review I found was that CCF membership was expensive. Another review said that CCF doesn’t guarantee any result nor connects you with potential investors, making the price tag too expensive for what you receive in return. 

CONCLUSION: Can you earn money with Ryan Dossey?

There is no guarantee that you will earn money with Ryan Dossey or with CCF. The online support community should be taken as a tool to improve your real estate marketing knowledge and be updated with the latest industry trends. If anything, CCF allows you to speak with actual humans who are in the same business as you, rather than simply Googling your concern. This may or may not be of value to you, so the $ 10,000 yearly price tag is completely subjective to what you want and expect from your business. 

There are, however, other online business models, such as local lead generation, that do not require such an expensive entrance fee. With local lead generation, you can build a successful website for less than a quarter of the cost and still gain the time and money freedom that real estate can give you. There are also minimal maintenance fees (mostly website hosting) that are significantly less than the $3,000 you need for all of Ryan’s recommended programs. 

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  1. The program DOES NOT introduce you to anything you can't find on youtube. When I signed up I expected better support but I got none. Possibly descent content is very poorly organized in the form of a slack channel, namely what other members posted. Very little quality content coming directly from the course. There are FAR better mentors. I did end up making it in real estate by thankfully not giving up and giving Jerry Norton and Pace Morby a chance (at a fraction of CCF's cost!!!) Ryan's program, CCF is a flop though and I absolutely would not recommend it.

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