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Ryan Pineda Review: Baseball Player Turned “Future Flipper” A Worthy Investment?

April 11, 2024

Ryan Pineda is a former Oakland A’s baseball player turned real estate pro. He started off selling Pokemon cards in middle school. And then he upgraded to flipping couches and eventually homes. After a 3 year stint in professional baseball, he was removed from the Oakland A’s lineup. This let him focus more on flipping houses and real estate investing.

Today, he’s done 500+ flips and wholesale real estate deals. He owns 480+ rental units. He’s written a 2018 Amazon best-selling book, Flip Your Future. And he’s had 250+ million social media views across his Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, and podcast. What he does is a bit similar to the Local Lead Generation business model. In both cases, you're working with a type of "real estate." But with Local Lead Generation, you're providing "digital" real estate to businesses who want more clients. You can check out a short comparison of these business models at the end of this article.

So in this Ryan Pineda and Future Flipper review, we’ll be discussing:

  • Who is Ryan Pineda?
  • What is Future Flipper by Ryan Pineda?
  • What Does Future Flipper Come With?
  • Who is Future Flipper For?
  • How Do You Make Money With Future Flipper?
  • Do Students of Future Flipper Actually Make Money?
  • Is Ryan Pineda a Scam or Legit?
Ryan Pineda smiling

Pros & Cons of Ryan Pineda


Ryan Pineda runs multiple successful real estate businesses. So he isn’t all talk. His courses are all based on methods he personally uses.

Straightforward and realistic marketing. For example, the sales video for Future Flipper tells you exactly what you’ll learn and even how much it’ll cost (he doesn’t hide large expenses behind slick marketing).

Honest about his tactics and methods. In his Flip Your Future book, he says he doesn’t always know why certain methods work - but they DO work. That honesty is a plus.


Extremely expensive programs. Future Flipper will cost at least $10,000 while another program, Lunar Ecom, requires $40,000 to get started.

Some programs (e.g. Future Flipper) are marketed toward beginners. But some reviewers suggest learning the foundations before investing in the course. You might end up overwhelmed otherwise.

Minimal discussion about him and Future Flipper on discussion boards. There are general reviews online but nothing beyond that. This makes it hard to objectively assess him.

Who is Ryan Pineda?


Ryan Pineda

Net Worth

Date of Birth

$4.3 Million



United States, Las Vegas, Nevada




Wife named Mindy Pineda. Kids named James Pineda and Olivia Pineda.

Realtor, real estate investor, house flipper, wholesaler, former professional baseball player for Oakland A’s, couch flipper, host of Ryan Pineda Show podcast

Ryan Pineda got his first taste of business as a 12-year-old middle-schooler. He sold Pokemon cards to his friend for $100. Unfortunately, his school heard of the transaction and suspended him over the incident. He was forced to return the cash but made sure to get his Pokemon cards back first.

While attending California State University In 2010, Ryan Pineda was only 20 years old when he was recruited to play baseball for the Oakland A’s. Just three years later, he was released from the team. He continued playing semi-professionally for the next four years. At the same time he started playing for the Oakland A’s, Ryan Pineda started working as a realtor.

But Ryan quickly found himself unsatisfied working as a realtor. Instead, to supplement his income, Ryan started flipping couches. He’d go on Craigslist, find cheap couches, fix them up, then sell them at an increased price. He generated over $8,000 monthly at his peak. But soon grew tired of the business and wanted something more scalable and better maximum profitability. He’d never have true financial freedom with couch flipping.

In 2014, Ryan and his wife, Mindy, celebrated their first wedding anniversary with a vacation to New Orleans. During this trip, Ryan watched an infomercial advertising real estate investing as a business. Curious, he purchased a few books on real estate investing to learn more. 

On his flight back from vacation, Ryan ended up sitting next to an experienced house flipper. They had a long conversation and afterward, Ryan took this as a sign that flipping homes was the next step for him. Once he got back home, he contacted some hard money lenders to get things going. With only $10,000 in the bank and a few cash advance credit cards maxed out, Ryan set out to find houses to flip. 

The following year in 2015, Ryan flipped his first five houses. In 2016, he flipped 20 houses. But in 2017, Ryan was officially let go as a semi-professional baseball player. Taking this as another sign, Ryan went all-in on real estate and house flipping. 

And in 2018, he flipped over 140 houses, which was 7x more than the year before. He had done so well that he was bombarded with people asking how he made it work. This led to him writing his first book, Flip Your Future. It was so well-received that it became a 2018 Amazon top seller.

However, he experienced some setbacks in 2019. The market had slowed down but he still managed to flip 100 houses. Ryan says he’s able to press forward during difficult times like this by using the term RAISE to guide him. It stands for:

  • Relationships
  • Assets
  • Intellect
  • Spirituality
  • Exercise 

With these guiding principles in mind, Ryan has moved passed the slow year and has flipped over 500 homes since. Today, Ryan runs 11 main businesses, including:

  • Home Run Offer
  • Pineda Capital
  • Tykes
  • Lunar Ecom
  • Forever Home Realty
  • Wealthy Agent
  • Homerun Offer
  • Wealthy Way
  • Future Flipper
  • TrueBooks CPA
  • Golf With Ryan

How Ryan Pineda Lost Millions From Flipping (and How He Bounced Back)

How Ryan Lost Millions

Ryan Pineda lost millions because there was a sudden increase in interest rates in the housing market, which directly hit his business. He had properties under renovation and lined up for sales, however, the high interest rates slowed down the selling process and caused financial setbacks. 

As a result, he had to close some of his businesses and end partnership deals. He went through all of this while also dealing with some life changes like his wife's pregnancy and adjustments with a newborn.  

How Ryan Bounced Back From Financial Setbacks 

  • Diverse Investment Approach: He diversified his real estate strategies and ventured into wholesaling and property rental. This variety helped balance risks and ensured steady cash flow from different income sources.
  • Sold Assets for Liquidity: Ryan sold some of his rental properties to quickly raise cash. This helped him regain financial flexibility to help his business recover faster. 
  • Shifted To Wholesaling: Ryan shifted his focus to wholesaling properties because it requires less capital and allows quicker ROI.
  • Improved Digital Presence: He realized the importance of having a strong digital footprint in the modern business landscape. So, he invested more in establishing a solid online presence through social media to stay relevant and competitive.
  • Leveraged Networks: Ryan leveraged his skills and relationships to rebuild his business. He reached out to other entrepreneurs in the same industry whose businesses are doing well to help him find deals. 

Ryan's Tips For Beginners On How To Avoid Millions of Losses

  • Diversify Business Strategies: Ryan advises not to rely on just one type of real estate investment. Rather, engage in a mix of wholesaling, flipping, and rentals to spread risk.
  • Adapt to Market Changes: Keep up with market trends and be ready to adjust your strategies as needed. This might mean changing your choice of investments or financing methods.
  • Financial Buffer: Maintain a financial cushion to manage unexpected expenses or market downturns. This can be in the form of savings in bank or a credit line. 
  • Continuous Learning and Innovation: Regularly update your skills and knowledge. Be open to new methods, technologies, and ideas to stay ahead in the market.
  • Financial Management: Keep a close eye on your finances by budgeting and tracking expenses to ensure you don't drown in debt. 

What's not mentioned in the video: Real estate markets can be unpredictable. Vacancies, tenant issues, or higher than expected renovation/maintenance costs can turn a seemingly profitable venture into an unexpected loss. 

What is Future Flipper by Ryan Pineda?

Future Flipper text against blue background

Future Flipper is Ryan Pineda’s flagship coaching course for real estate business ventures. It covers the 3 major real estate business types:

  • Flipping
  • Wholesaling
  • Property Rental

The major goal is to teach both new and experienced investors:

  • How to find the best real estate deals (even during a bad market or economy)
  • How to buy deals without spending a dime of your own cash
  • How to automate the entire process to free up your time for family or recreation



Future Flipper

House flipping, wholesaling, and property rental management


Refund Policy

$8,000 - $60,000 depending on coaching tier (additional $2,000 minimum required for real estate investments)

No Refunds




Plenty of testimonials on his website and reviews suggest the course is informative and provide good mentorship. But there’s little discussion about the program outside his website. So it’s hard to get an objective opinion.

What Does Future Flipper Come With?

The Future Flipper course comes with access to multiple real estate business courses, motivational groups, masterminds, personal Zoom calls, and accountability coaches. You’ll also get:

  • Access to over 80 videos with step-by-step instructions on Ryan’s best real estate business tactics (the same tactics he uses to manage his own multi-million dollar real estate businesses)
  • The Real Estate Investor’s Toolkit - This includes every spreadsheet and contract you’ll ever need to run a money-making real estate business (which frees up more time by killing off 90% of paperwork)
  • Wholesale training made easy (learn how to effortlessly flip real estate contracts without even touching your own wallet)
  • A copy of the Flip Your Future ebook

Who is Future Flipper For?

  • Newbies interested in house flipping, wholesaling, or buying rental property for the first time
  • Seasoned real estate experts who want to scale, make more money, and have more free time

How Do You Make Money With Future Flipper?

Future Flipper will train you on how to flip houses for profit, how to find and close wholesale deals, and how to find and manage property rentals. Each of which has its pros and cons.

Flipping houses can take anywhere from 3 months to two years to complete a house flip. It all depends on your experience, your team, and your luck. The better all three factors are, the faster you can complete your flip. And the quicker you complete your flip, the more money you make. 

For instance, if you complete a house flip in 3 months instead of 6, you can theoretically complete 4 flips instead of 2 per year. That essentially doubles your income. However, that’s a best-case scenario. According to New Silver, real estate experts and hard money loaners, beginners won’t get anywhere those numbers. Here’s their take on time estimates:

  • 3-6 Months – Highly experienced house flippers
  • 6-12 Months – Reasonably experienced house flippers
  • 12-18 Months – Inexperienced home flippers

Those are rough estimates. But they should give you a realistic idea of how profitable house flipping will be for beginners. You may not even make any money the first year. Not to mention all the unexpected problems you might encounter such as broken pipes or termite infestations. However, Future Flipper coaching may help you expedite the process even if you’re a beginner.

Wholesale real estate is a bit easier. Rather than flipping a property and selling it high, your goal is to serve as a middleman seller - no renovation required. Your job is to find property sellers and offer to handle all sales processes yourself. In exchange, you can increase the price of the sale and keep the difference. 

For example, you might get a contract to sell a property for $300,000 in three months. In this case, you could sell it for $325,000 and keep the extra. That’s $25,000 for you. The nice thing about wholesaling is it’s somewhat beginner-friendly (no construction skills required), low investment, and quick to start. 

The downside? Inconsistent income and difficulty finding deals. If you have a rough couple of months and struggle to find deals, you could end up in a financial bind. Plus, you absolutely need good social and salesmanship skills. If those aren’t your forte or you don’t love doing them, reconsider this direction. But at the very least, Future Flipper will help you find deals to keep your cash flow more consistent.

As for rental properties, these provide the most steady form of income. That’s because tenants will provide monthly payments. From that point of view, property rental is great. You don’t need to personally renovate the property before earning cash either. You also don’t need to keep searching for that next deal to keep your income flowing.

However, dealing with maintenance and problem tenants can be a nightmare. Take all the maintenance problems you’ve experienced in your own home and multiply that by 100. The manpower, effort, and money required to deal with this are astronomical. 

Plus, it’s inevitable to have tenants who don’t pay their rent, destroy your property, or annoy their neighbors. And it falls on you to deal with them. Future Flipper can help you find great property to buy. But dealing with bad tenants will always leave a sour taste in your mouth no matter how well-trained you are.

Do Students of Future Flipper Actually Make Money?

Multiple testimonials prove the Future Flipper course can make you money. And since there’s a wide range of profits, mostly in the 5 and 6 figure range, it adds more credibility to the course as well. Below are just a few of them.

Future Flipper positive testimonial for $23k

Earned $23k

Future Flipper positive testimonial for $138,000

Hard to read but earned $138,000

Future Flipper Mastermind group

Every person here made over $1,000,000 in gross profit in 2021. This was at a mastermind event for Future Flipper students only.

If you look at the trend of testimonials on Ryan’s website, you’ll see lots of people happy about the deals they were able to find. For most people in real estate businesses, this is the #1 problem they encounter. But Future Flipper seems to have helped them out with this. So Ryan is clearly following through on his marketing’s promise to help you find and close more deals.

Based on the testimonials, it seems Future Flipper is a trustworthy investment. I couldn’t find any people condemning the course anywhere online. However, another course wasn’t receiving the same glowing reviews. It doesn’t mean Future Flipper has major problems. But it does mean you should keep your eyes open if you decide to go further with Ryan Pineda.

These are comments about Ryan Pineda's ecommerce course, Lunar Ecomm. See what they have to say.

Negative Ryan Pineda review

Jareth says his clients lost 300k monthly due to Ryan’s team’s business decisions. He never follows up or says anything else. But a loss that big is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Negative Ryan Pineda comment

VegasGirl1738 probably heard about Ryan locally since they both live in Las Vegas. Contrary to many reviews on Ryan’s Lunar Ecom website, she’s had a terrible customer service experience. And she’s made zero profits. However, there’s an 18-month guarantee to at least make back your investment. With enough time, this problem may (or may not) fix itself.

Negative Ryan Pineda commentary

Another negative experience with customer service. Infamous Bathroom 59 also had issues with the accounting software. This could obviously be a problem as accounting is all about accuracy and details. However, nobody else has complained about this online so it could just be an anomaly.

These negative reviews are certainly worrisome. But keep in mind there aren’t much more reviews like this. In fact, there isn’t too much talk about him on discussion boards despite his large social media following. As odd as that is, you can probably assume the testimonials are a reliable indicator of the course's general effectiveness.

Is Ryan Pineda a Scam or Legit?

Ryan Pineda is legitimate as a real estate expert and businessman. He’s not like many course creators who only make money teaching. Instead, his core income comes from his real estate investment company and other related businesses. All the courses he creates, including Future Flipper, are supplementary to his wealth production.

So there’s no doubt that Ryan is a true businessman who simply teaches others what he already knows and does.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in flipping houses, wholesale deals, or rental properties, and have LOTS of capital to invest, Future Flipper can be a great way to go. You’ll get lots of training material, community support, and accountability coaching to drive long-term success.

Plus, it comes from a person who practices what he preaches. So you know the material can withstand the inevitable obstacles you’ll encounter as Ryan has already been there and done that.

However, money is a BIG barrier for this course. Ryan himself says you’ll need at least $8,000 plus $2,000 for real estate deals (so $10,000 minimum) just to get started. That’s not a small sum of money for an industry known for its ups and downs. 

Additionally, real estate isn’t an industry you can simply “side hustle.” If you aren’t in 100%, you’ll likely struggle to gain any meaningful traction. Abandoning this venture after sinking thousands of dollars and hours into it is a painful way to go out.

Local Lead Generation: Why Digital Properties Beat Traditional Real Estate?

Digital properties beat traditional real estate because it's easier to manage, has lower capital requirement, is less costly to maintain, and they're more liquid. You can easily monitor your digital property business from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. This gives you more time freedom and flexibility to enjoy life without getting stuck in one location. Digital properties also have lower capital requirement. You only need around $500 to start, whereas physical real estate requires upward $5K. 

Digital assets are more liquid than traditional real estate because they're easier to sell compared to physical properties. The cost of running digital properties is also lower since there are no physical structures to maintain. 

If you want to make money off owning property, then you’ll have a much easier time working with digital properties. Physical properties are laborious and are expensive to maintain. Tenants can be annoying and may damage your property, others are even hard to evict. Selling a physical property may take several months and negotiating deals can be tricky. 

Basically, even if real estate is lucrative, the downsides are equally large.

Compare this with Local Lead Generation. The “property” you own and rent out is a basic website. You can crank one out in about a day. And it barely requires any upkeep since it’s a digital product.

And “renting” one out is quick and easy. Just find a local business with a few competitors it can easily beat with a decent website (most small businesses have terrible websites and awful web presence), and you’ll net a quick and easy $500 - $1,500 monthly- per client.

Plus, no manual labor. No fluctuating income. And no chasing down tenants late on rent. The website belongs to you, so if there’s a tenant problem, just update the website (literally just change the contact number and business name), and the “tenant” problem is solved.

Learn the local lead generation business that everyone's talking about. Over 7,400 students have joined the program and thousands of lives have been changed. 

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