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February 21, 2024

Sam Ovens was missing in action on social media for the past two years. In February, he announced a comeback on a YouTube video. He restructured his company,, and started a brand new one. In this review, we'll find out who Sam is, what he was up to the last two years, what his UpLevel course and Quantum Mastermind can offer, and how it all compares to the popular local lead generation business model that offers a passive income.

Who is Sam Ovens?

Hailing from New Zealand, Sam is the owner of SnapInspect and His story is like the classic rags to riches tale of many entrepreneurs.

He started off living in his parent's basement and ended up in a Palm Beach dream-house with an estimated worth of $65 million. He's been featured in Forbes' 30 under 30 millionaire entrepreneurs list and is most known for his Consulting Accelerator course. 

That course taught how to start your own consulting business from scratch. Now, he sells UpLevel, a course that focuses on helping already successful business owners grow their consulting business.

UpLevel Course Highlights

Uplevel is an 8 week training program that teaches you how to attract high-ticket clients. It's geared towards already successful consultants looking to scale their business to the point of creating an online course and generating 6-figures in revenue or more.




8 week video training with step-by-step instructions; all tools needed to run your business included with your investment; 100+ hours of lessons in audio, video and PDF format.


UpLevel community on Skool (see below 'What is Skool?')


Sam teaches you how to automate client acquisition and service fulfillment with the help of various platforms and softwares

You learn how to hire and manage a lean team

Sam goes over sales psychology

They include the Consulting Accelerator course with this purchase


Sam sometimes takes too much time explaining simple ideas

They don't teach you high-level copy writing principles

What is Skool?

Skool is an e-learning platform where course creators can host their courses and communities all in one place. Only one login is needed per user. The idea of creating this platform stemmed from Sam noticing how scattered his platform was. His learning portal, community and live Q&A calls were all in different places. 

Sam wanted to put all those elements together to make it easy for everyone involved. In 2019, he created Skool to make everyone's life easy. You'll be able to benefit from the platform when you invest in either the UpLevel course or Quantum mastermind.

Who is UpLevel for?

Sam is selling this course to...

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Course Creators
  • Agencies

If you fall into any of those categories and are already making at least $10,000 per month in revenue, you're eligible to join the course. 

It’s ideal for business owners who are having difficulty selling high-ticket offers, acquiring clients with ease and running their business by the numbers so that it’s consistent, predictable and highly profitable.

UpLevel Success Stories

Students have found success with the UpLevel course. The following success story was shared within Skool.

Here is another success story of a student who made $100K in only 7 months.

What are high-ticket clients?

High-ticket clients are those who pay you over $80-$100K per year or more for your services.

Why is a customer acquisition strategy important?

Customer acquisition is all about turning prospects or potential customers into paying customers. Why is this so important? Because if you don't have a way to gain new customers, your business won't flourish.

Without a solid lead generation method, you're going to find yourself with no revenue. This is something that needs to be taken seriously if you want your business to grow. Taylor Welch shares many of his strategies regarding this in the Consulting Memo. The 30X Life of Brad Sugars also offers business and life coaching. 

What are the best practices for customer retention?

Customer retention is critical to revenue growth and long-term business success. You need to be proactive in customer retention so that you help ensure that your business will last. According to a study on OutboundEngine, the success rate of selling to a current customer is 60-70% as opposed to 5-20% when selling to a new customer.

Look at some of the best things you can implement to help you keep your customers.

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Referrals
  • Search engine optimization
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Paid search (PPC ads)

Your process of client attraction will be successful if you implement any of these.

What is Quantum?

Another offering on Sam's platform is Quantum, a 12-month mastermind with the goal of helping you reach what Sam calls, '7-figure Zen'. According to Sam, 7-figure Zen is when you're making over $100K per month with only 1 or 2 products.

With Quantum, 100 founders, including yourself, collaborate in order to maximize profits and client results on a large scale. It's all about maximizing your long-term success. Being around 99 other founders is a great space to achieve that. Here are some highlights about the Quantum mastermind.


$36,000 for 12 months; pay upfront or do monthly payments of $3000


Custom plan created for you during your onboarding session with Sam; all tools provided to succeed; 3-day live events each quarter (two in person, two on Zoom)


Quarterly check-ins from your success coach to hold you accountable; live coaching call each week with Sam for Q&A; Access on Skool to interact with the other 99 founders.

What else we like about Quantum:

They record live events

Monthly social hangouts on Zoom ("your network is your net worth")

You're taught the importance of systems in your business

Quantum Success Story

The following success story is of a student of the Quantum mastermind who made over $262K in one month because of being in Sam's mastermind.

Bashar J Katou is probably one of the most successful students of Sam Oven's Quantum. Bashar was able to make $14M from selling his BJK University Amazon FBA course using the marketing strategies he learned from Quantum.

Local lead generation is a great way to gain clients, here's why people love it...

If you want to expand your consulting business and gain more clients, Sam's course and mastermind are solid choices. However, I recommend going down the path of doing so with local lead generation instead of creating a coaching course.

People find it to be far more passive and less expensive to get started. Also, you're in control of your business because you own the digital properties. This means you get to dictate how much you'll earn and who you'll work with.

All you need to do is create and rank simple lead generation websites. Then you send the leads to a local business owner looking for more work.

Every business is not for everyone, but the fact you have more control and don't need to put up as much money to get going matters. Click the link below to learn more about how you can make money by owning your own digital real estate.

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  1. Thanks so much For your review I have been in outside sales for many years andYour explanation regarding Sam’s outsourcing of everything was quite a surprise. He makes it sound like he has built the Most complete step by step training for digital marketing – But like most people what he has really done is create a high ticket private affiliate program Only available to his “students”. It’s quite genius due to the fact that it’s so expensive to get in but it’s been done so many times before but with much lower e-book type programs. I like your lead generation for small businesses concepts and have several domains such as which I can make into anything such as: etc. I also have, Which I’d like to do lead generation with and which I would like to make a Facebook-like community to help people – like Sam is doing. I’ll look into your lead generation info, maybe we can work together,

    thanks again


  2. Thanks for a great review!
    Sams program does indeed offer some great value. I always recommend his program to friends and family.
    The mindset training was a big one for me, identifying destructive bad habits and replacing them with new constructive ones. Learning about my personality type and what my opposite personality type is like.
    Again, thanks for a great review!
    PS.I liked that you included one screen shot of the course in the article. Might be cool if you added more images from the actual training?
    – Max

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