Dylan Rich’s SDR Whisperer Review: Is Their Comprehensive End-to-End Training Worth It?

June 20, 2024

SDR Whisperer is an appointment setter training and job placement platform founded by Dylan Rich and Jake Tacher. It offers practical sales training and immediate placement within 30 days of enrollment. SDR Whisperer guarantees job placement for roles paying around $3K to $8K per month.

Jake Rich claims that their program is much cheaper while having the most value compared to the other sales training programs in the market. As an income source, they receive payments from businesses for providing pre-trained appointment setters. This allows for SDR Whisperer to be a lot cheaper than the other programs in the market.

According to Dylan himself, Sales Development Reps or SDRs is just a fancy term for appointment setters. Data from ZipRecruiter shows that the average monthly earnings of an appointment setter are $4,584, as of May 2024. This is not far from SDR Whisperer’s promise. However, appointment setting is still a full-time job that typically requires 40 or more work hours.

SDR Whisperer has a 4.8 review score from Trustpilot. It also has a perfect review from Whop. According to the SDR Whisperer website, 264 out of their 272 students landed a job after the program. All 264 were placed in sales positions earning $3K to $8K per month.

This SDR Whisperer review will cover Dylan’s placement strategy, the outline of their training program, and if it’s worth your investment to learn sales through this platform. In the end, you will also learn about the challenges of the SDR or appointment setter role in 2024.

SDR Whisperer Pros and Cons


Lifetime access to content and community.

Decades of experience in sales from the primary course creators.

Guaranteed job placement.


SDR roles require full-time commitment of 40 or more hours per week.

The platform is still in its infancy.


SDR Whisperer costs a one time $1,497.

Refund Policy

SDR Whisperer didn't outline a refund policy.


SDR Whisperer started in March 2022.


SDR Whisperer has a 4.8 review score from Trustpilot and a perfect review from Whop.

June 20, 2024

I joined SDR Whisperer this past summer to secure a position as a fully remote appointment setter. The course is reasonably priced and affordable. Sam did an excellent job explaining how the course works and what to expect. With little sales experience, I was hoping SDR Whisperer would prepare me, and it certainly did. The weekly training calls and role-playing exercises boosted my confidence, assuring me that I could excel once I landed a job.

Given my inexperience in the industry, it took some time to secure an opportunity. However, I finally got one and am excited to start my career as an SDR. Donnie sent me excellent job offers over the past few months and provided the encouragement I needed to keep going. There were times when I doubted if I would receive an offer, and I am truly grateful for his support.

The entire SDR team is fantastic and genuinely invested in your success. I highly recommend the course to others.


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

Is SDR Whisperer's Comprehensive End-to-End Training Worth It?

Yes, SDR Whisperers Comprehensive End-to-End Training is worth it. Students’ feedback has been generally positive, praising SDR Whisperer’s training methods and job matching services. Participants have reported positive outcomes, such as landing sales jobs quickly after completing the course, gaining confidence in interviews, and receiving ongoing support.

The SDR Whisperer stands out from other products with the frequency of its coaching, promptness in their job placement, lifetime support, and reasonable price. The reviews are also overwhelmingly positive, with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating with 100% of the reviewers giving it a 5-star rating in Trustpilot.

How Does SDR Whisperer Work?

The SDR Whisperer program works by providing a comprehensive training experience for individuals looking to excel as Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). It also handles job placements for SDR roles through its sister company, Automated Revenue.

Here’s how the program typically operates:

  • Participants enroll in the program and receive an orientation that outlines the course structure and expectations.
  • The program offers a structured learning path with assignments designed to build upon each other. It ensures that participants master the core sales concepts before progressing.
  • Throughout the program, participants receive personalized mentorship from experienced sales professionals.
  • Participants will join a strong community support system, where members can interact, share experiences, and help each other grow.
  • After completing the training, the program offers job placement services to help graduates find positions where they can apply their newly acquired skills. This is done through Dylan’s SDR/appointment setter placement agency, Automated Revenue.
  • The program encourages continuous learning and improvement. Participants have a lifetime access to coaching calls, feedback sessions, and peer reviews.

What is the SDR Whisperer Curriculum? 

The SDR Whisperer curriculum is structured to provide a comprehensive foundation in sales, with a focus on practical skills that can be immediately applied in an SDR environment. It combines theoretical knowledge, practical assignments, personal mentorship, and community support.

The curriculum consists of 71 modules that cover various aspects of sales, including cold calling, email, LinkedIn, and direct message setting. Here’s an overview of what the curriculum includes:

Part One - Ability


  • Cold Calling Roadmap - Preface

  • Cold Calling Overview

  • Cold Calling - Intro (Pattern Interrupt)

  • Cold Calling - The Hook

  • Cold Calling: Intro & Hook for WARM Leads

  • Cold Calling - Pain Agreement

  • Cold Calling - Commitment

  • Cold Calling - Asking for the Meetings

  • Cold Calling - The Napkin Pitch

  • Advanced Cold Calling - Reversals

  • Advanced Cold Calling - Active Listening

  • How to Practice - Intro/Hook

  • How to Practice - Everything After the Intro & Hook (Roleplay)


  • Intro to Email

  • Following Up

  • Responding to Emails

  • Copywriting


  • LinkedIn - Profile Optimization

  • LinkedIn - Finding & Targeting the Right Prospects

  • LinkedIn - Outbounding

  • Advanced LinkedIn - First Message Personalization

  • Advanced LinkedIn - First Connection Campaign

  • Advanced LinkedIn - Post Campaigns

  • Crafting Scripts for LinkedIn

  • Examples


  • Discovery Calls (2 call close process only)


  • How to Target and Message Prospects in the DMs

  • Examples of Successful DMs

Part Two - Activity

  • Consistency

  • Trading Activity - Cold Calls & LinkedIn

  • What To Work On - Cold Calling

  • What To Work On - LinkedIn

  • What To Work On - Email

  • Time Blocking

  • Weekly Skills Focus

Part Three - Attitude

  • Intro to Attitude


  • Intro

  • Morning Routine

  • Daily Discipline Tracker

  • Watch This Before Doing the Sales Meditation

  • Sales Meditation


  • Intro

  • Changing Your Perspective

  • What This Before Doing Sales Hypnosis

  • Sales Hypnosis

  • Cash Flow Hypnosis

  • If Consistency is Hard... Watch This

  • The Leads Are Bad!

  • Changing Your Script?


  • Watch This at the Start of Week 2, 3, 4

  • Trusting the Process

  • Celebrating Wins

  • Seeking Knowledge

  • Get Out of a Fixed Mindset

Part Four - Closing

  • Close Call Framework Overview

  • Close Call Intro

  • Close Call Pitch & Tie Downs

  • Close Call Close

  • Close Call Objection Handling

Sales Vault


  • Email Script

  • Copywriting Framework

  • Subject Lines


  • Cold Call Roadmap

  • Example Cold Call Scripts

  • 1 Call Close - Framework

  • Overcoming Objection

SDR Whisperer offers 2 weekly coaching calls on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Monday is for roleplay call, Tuesday is for a mindset call, and Wednesday is a sales-oriented call. These form a total of 2 hours of live coaching calls every week.

What Are the Success Stories of Graduates from SDR Whisperer? 

Scott Rushlow SDR Whisperer

Scott Rushlow just got out of pre-med and landed a full-cycle sales rep position in a financial media company. His role involves doing lead generation to closing deals, on top of some project management duties. Scott was initially having a hard time closing deals until he joined SDR Whisperer. Within 30 days of joining SDR Whisperer, he finally hit his quota for the first time, taking home $10K in commission.

Hannah Hudson SDR Whisperer

Hannah Hudson was a full-time public accountant but was not satisfied with her job. Upon joining SDR Whisperer, she landed a sales job within 6 months with $250 OTE. In this role, a call she made on her first day closed to $36K on the second day. This experience was nothing like her previous role. It cemented Hannah’s belief in the effectiveness of SDR Whisperer’s program.

Isom Chappelle SDR Whisperer

Isom was already doing sales 6 years before he enrolled in SDR Whisperer. However, he hit a wall, so he switched career to becoming a wildlife firefighter. Isom eventually returned to sales by taking the SDR Whisperer program. He landed a remote sales role in real estate weeks after enrolling.

Chris Krajeski SDR Whisperer

Chris Krajeski transitioned from a business owner to an SDR manager within 7 months. In this same time frame, he managed to generate a million revenue to the company that eventually led to his promotion. He was new to sales, and SDR Whisperer helped him a lot for a smooth transition.

Who is SDR Whisperer For?

SDR Whisperer is for aspiring appointment setters, with or without prior sales experience. It is also for experienced SDRs/appointment setters who are looking for ways to move forward in their careers. SDR Whisperer’s frequent coaching, series of roleplay sessions, and community should help anyone build a solid foundation in the SDR/appointment setting space. The placement program is also pretty reliable, based on the existing reviews of the program.

Who is Dylan Rich?

Dylan Rich SDR Whisperer Review

Dylan Rich is an appointment setter, sales closer, and owner of the SDR Whisperer. He's been in the sales industry for 12 years selling door-to-door, car sales, SaaS, and high-ticket products. Dylan personally closed $22 million in sales and led tens of people as sales director or manager.

Sales was never his first choice of career. Dylan Rich graduated from Rutgers University with a dual major in Criminal Justice and Sociology. He found sales fun and exciting, so he decided to continue pursuing this industry after so much success. Dylan eventually managed to build two businesses to 7-figures—SDR Whisperer as his own training platform, and Automated Revenue as his placement agency.

What is Automated Revenue?

Automated Review is a job placement and training agency for sales people. The company offers pre-trained and pre-screened sales professionals for any business that needs them. It has also developed a software that assists businesses in automating their appointment setting and sales acquisition processes. This software eliminates manual outreach efforts and streamline operations across various channels such as email, SMS, voicemail, LinkedIn, and more. Automated Revenue is the second business under Dylan Rich’s name.

How Much Do SDRs Make?

SDRs make an average base salary of $48,682 per year as of 2024, according to ZipRecruiter. Entry-level SDRs with less than a year of experience can expect to earn an average compensation of $46,002. SDRs with a minimum of 6 months of experience can be paid 10% more, according to Betts Recruiting’s Compensation Guide. Those above the 90th percentile of earners have a base salary of $76,000 per year.

What Are the Top Appointment Setter Skills?

The top appointment setter skills are sales, lead qualification, communication and interpersonal skills, customer service, listening skill, and phone etiquette. There are other necessary skills to acquire as the role becomes more competitive or as you climb up the ranks. Continuous improvement and training are important if you want to persist in an appointment setting career.

What Are the Challenges Faced By SDRs?

1. SDRs Face High-rejection Rates

SDRs or appointment setters receive rejection 90% of the time. It can be demotivating and it requires resilience and a positive mindset to overcome. This is exactly why mindset education has always been part of sales training. SDR Whisperer is no exception to this.

Facing rejections is even more challenging for SDRs, as most of them are often at the starting point of their sales careers. This means SDRs are young, consisting mostly of around 20-25-year-olds. 

SDRs handle rejections differently, like the one in this Reddit response.

Reddit on SDR overcoming rejection

This advice may sound weird, but SDRs resorting to these methods (drugs, alcohol, or even the circadian rhythm) to numb themselves from rejection shows how real this struggle is.

2. SDRs Face Burnout

Around 75% of employees get burned out, according to the WHO. SDRs are no exception. What contributes to this are the highly-repetitive tasks, long work hours, and constant rejection. As most SDR course creators are pitching, this role can let you work remotely with a certain degree of flexibility. However, this also means that you can get burned out at home or anywhere.

This Reddit post may describe a little how burnout affects an SDR’s performance.

Reddit on SDR burnout post
Reddit on SDR burnout response

3. SDRs Experience Financial Uncertainty

SDR compensation has always been performance-based, like any other sales roles. Today, performance incentives on top of a base pay have become the norm, reducing uncertainty in earnings. But performance incentives are usually the SDRs’ hope, or the reason they entered the space in the first place.

Depending on the actual job offer, it can be all or nothing. Some industry experts suggest that businesses should apply a tiered commission system to help reduce uncertainty and keep the SDRs motivated. In this model, all levels of progress can be rewarded.

4. SDRs Deal with Unrealistic Targets

Unrealistic sales targets can overwhelm SDRs. Entry-level SDRs usually have no benchmarks to compare with, so they may measure themselves through the existing KPIs and targets. If unchecked, this may lead to unnecessary demoralization and burn out.

Why Local Lead Generation Is More Predictable and Profitable Than Appointment Setting

SDR Whisperer’s claim that they can make their students earn $3K to $8K is definitely achievable in the SDR or appointment setter space. Their job placement service also seems to work well based on the current reviews. SDR Whisperer’s consistency in job placements may be because of its sister agency, Automated Revenue. It remains to be seen how sustainable this model is for the longer-term.

Even with all the positives in this program, the fact remains that SDR is still a job. Being available to work 40 hours a week is also one requirement of SDR Whisperer’s job placement guarantee. There are a lot of variables in the job placements that may not guarantee predictable earnings.

local lead generation

Compared to an SDR role, local lead generation is more predictable and profitable. Renting out ranked websites in local keywords can let you earn a consistent passive income for long periods. Search engines have been a part of our daily lives, so a ranked website will mostly remain valuable. Once you get the hang of the proven SEO techniques, you can scale your local lead generation business without limit. This is a huge contrast to SDR, where your earnings depend on how much time you will work.

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