Sean Terry’s Syndicate9 Review: Best Mastermind Group for One-on-One Support?

April 15, 2024

Syndicate9 is a 3-tier real estate wholesale mastermind by Sean Terry. It features one-on-one guidance for all membership levels. It also teaches how to market, create systems, achieve goals, and scale real estate wholesaling businesses. Different levels of the mastermind are suited for complete beginners, solo entrepreneurs, and scaling businesses. The program provides in-person events, virtual monthly trainings, business insights, real-time support, and 4x a per year sessions with the founder and special guests.

According to review testimonials on the official website, Syndicate9 focused on implementation and real world examples. Members also shared that Sean Terry and his team were open, motivational, and reliable. Moreover, according to Forbes, in 2024, low-cost properties are in demand. This is due to the high interest rates in the housing market.

However, recent regulations in the US are creating a barrier to entry for real estate wholesalers. There are also concerns about the ethical nature of the industry, with some accusing wholesalers of exploitation. Having an established cash buyer list and on-hand earnest money deposit are also potential hurdles for those who are starting. In this article, the training, reviews, pros and cons, software, as well as membership levels and inclusions are discussed. The founder’s background and experience are also covered. Additionally, Reddit stories about real estate wholesaling are included.

Syndicate9 Review: Pros & Cons


Scaling a Wholesaling Business: Both 6Figure and 7Figure Syndicate levels are suited for scaling a real estate wholesaling business.

Real Estate Wholesaling Automation Tools: Software and courses to help automate real estate wholesaling are provided for members.

Direct Mail Marketing: Cost-effective marketing methods, such as direct mail marketing, are recommended in the program.


Ethical Considerations in Wholesaling: Some people regard real estate wholesaling as unethical, where sellers are exploited and sell due to desperation and misinformation.

Legal Compliance in Wholesaling: Regulations are in place for wholesalers, such as the recently passed Assembly 918 in Wisconsin. There are similar changes happening in South Carolina, Iowa, Oregon, Virginia, and Indiana.

Ineffective virtual wholesaling: While the mastermind states that virtual real estate wholesaling is possible, some individuals share that sellers distrust this method and prefer face-to-face transactions.


Price for the Syndicate9 mastermind is not readily available on the website.

Refund Policy

Syndicate9 refund policy is not disclosed on their website.


Syndicate9 was founded in 2022.


Customer reviews for Syndicate9 are mainly positive. Members of the mastermind praised the support, courses, as well as the founder and his team. They also found the real-time advice, networking opportunities, and follow-ups to be helpful for their growth.

Does Syndicate9 Offer One-on-One Support?

Yes, Syndicate9 offers one-on-one support for all levels of its membership. For Deal Syndicate, members get personal feedback from Sean Terry’s Acquisition and Dispositions Teams. As for the 6Figure Syndicate membership level, Sean himself gives one-on-one attention, in addition to mastermind facilitators. Regarding 7figure Syndicate, it also features individual feedback from the founder, plus extra time spent with him.

What is Syndicate9?

Syndicate9 is a mastermind that teaches real estate wholesalers how to scale, build systems, set goals, and market. It coaches members on techniques on how to break the revenue ceiling, through deal structure strategies and next-level marketing.

#1 How to scale

It helps members learn to grow their businesses, particularly in increasing their yearly revenue predictably. The mastermind aims to guide them using real-world experience. It also teaches how to syndicate multi-family apartment complexes.

#2 How to build systems

The program helps create systems for real estate wholesaling businesses. This is accomplished through delegating tasks, defining roles, and building an organizational chart.

It also includes lessons on keeping employees accountable. Additionally, it helps create departments within the organization mentioned below.

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

  • Leads management

#3 How to set goals

Syndicate9 enables members to set effective business goals. This is achieved through producing an action plan and then tracking results.

It also teaches how to document specific areas of the business. Moreover, custom scorecards are utilized to track results, as well as challenges and the reasons behind them.

#4 How to market

The mastermind has lectures on online and local marketing strategies. These methods aim to generate the lowest cost per deal.

Syndicate9 teaches how to use online marketing techniques listed below.

  • Facebook retargeting
  • YouTube remarketing
  • Google Display Network

Additionally, it provides training for establishing a cold calling team. It also has lectures on direct mail methods. It utilizes letters and postcards to generate motivated sellers.

What Do You Get With the Syndicate9 Mastermind?

  • Real-time one-on-one advice from Sean Terry and his team
  • Reserved seating for the Extreme Freedom events with 2 premium level tickets
  • Up to 4x a year 2-day mastermind sessions with Sean Terry, special guests, and other members
  • Live and online monthly trainings with Sean Terry
  • Networking opportunities with likeminded real estate wholesalers during dinner or happy hour
  • Complimentary food during events including snacks, coffee, and lunch
  • Strategic and operational insight discussions from service providers and industry leaders
  • Real-time guidance during hot-seat time, where members share their struggles and they receive advice from members
  • 2 Luxury meetings per year, in addition to all meetings, only for 7Figure Syndicate level

Syndicate9 software & courses

Syndicate9 members are provided access to software and courses. The availability of the packages and training is subject to membership level.

Syndicate9 software

FreedomLogic creates automated and dynamic follow up sequences. This real estate software target to close up to 5 extra monthly deals. It aims to accomplish this without added spending on marketing. For Syndicate9 members, it costs $197 per month, with the one-time license fee of $697 waived.

Whereas, Rei Automator is a customer relationship management or CRM tool for wholesalers, investors, lenders, and other real estate professionals. It is priced at $97 per month, with waived license fee of $897. Its features are listed below.

  • Skip tracing

  • Push button marketing

  • Virtual Drive for Dollars

  • Nationwide MLS access

  • Instant access to cash buyers

  • Detailed analytics for real estate investing

Syndicate9 courses

  • Deal Conversion Pro teaches how to increase revenue through more converted leads. It utilizes a 4-step framework to close deals through phone calls.
  • Bear Market Millions is a course that trains how to day trade properties nationally and remotely.
  • $100k Wholesaler 2.0 has lessons on how to scale into a 7-figure enterprise that is automated. Its goal is to help students attract sellers and buyers, as well as close more deals with less leads.
  • Down Payment Arbitrage is a case study with lectures on how Sean Terry and his team banked $28,250 with no equity. This was also financed through an unusual arbitrage technique and without any money spent on marketing.

What are the Syndicate9 membership levels?

The Syndicate9 membership levels are Deal Syndicate, 6Figure Syndicate, and 7Figure Syndicate. Deal Syndicate is for beginner real estate wholesalers who have done 0-5 deals. Meanwhile, 6Figure Syndicate is for those who have 3+ deals per month and in need of business structuring. As for 7Figure Syndicate, it’s for individuals looking to scale and have an estimated yearly revenue of $500k.

#1 Deal Syndicate

Deal Syndicate is the lowest tier of the Syndicate9 mastermind. It is for aspiring real estate wholesalers and those who have completed up to 5 deals. It aims to help them get their first check and generate consistent income.

According to the founder Sean Terry, he started this mastermind because of his personal experience. When he began real estate wholesaling, he felt lonely in his journey and almost quit. This is why he understands the struggles of those starting in this field. He aims to share his personal experiences to guide members

Deal Syndicate members receive one-on-one attention from Sean Terry’s Acquisition and Disposition teams. They get coaching and training during events. They are also able to ask questions and receive guidance.

Members are urged to think of their career goals 5 to 10 years in the future. They are given advice on how to get to the next level. Common pitfalls to be avoided are also discussed.

They are also given proven scripts, such as an outbound calling script. They are urged to get on real phone calls and receive advice real-time.

#2 6Figure Syndicate

6Figure Syndicate is the second tier of the Syndicate9 mastermind. It is for real estate wholesalers with at least 3 deals per month. It was designed for solo entrepreneurs shifting into a structured business model.

According to Sean Terry, it’s mainly for burned out real estate wholesalers who are handling 5 to 6 positions at a time. The philosophy of this mastermind level is based on the book Traction by Gino Wickman. It urges the readers to have vision and then create an organizational chart. Its core features include providing exact business models, one-on-one support, and quarterly follow ups.

Provides exact business models

6Figure Syndicate gives exact business models used by Sean and his team. All members of the mastermind use these models, which include organizational charts, score cards, and meetings.

It also involves putting jobs in a chart, which has information regarding responsibilities and salaries. Having weekly meetings is encouraged as well.

Sean Terry shared that he runs his business with morning meetings that span 90 minutes. And although he mostly runs marketing, he spends more of his energy on these meetings.

Gives one-on-one support

One-on-one guidance are given to 6Figure Syndicate members from Sean Terry himself, plus other facilitators.

They disclose their scorecards and struggles with the group. They are then provided specific goals and actions to help them solve it. This includes details about payments and hiring.

They are also encouraged to share their business wins to the group. This way, other members learn and are able to replicate their success.

Has quarterly follow-ups

The 2nd tier mastermind meets up 4x per year. This is done to check on the progress of each member.

During these quarterly follow-ups, participants share their accomplishments and ongoing challenges regarding their real estate wholesaling business. It also helps them become updated with new strategies.

#3 7Figure Syndicate

7Figure Syndicate is the highest level for the Syndicate9 mastermind. It is for real estate wholesalers generating $500,000 revenue annually. It has all the benefits of the other tiers, plus the following listed below.

  • Networking opportunities

  • Time spent with Sean Terry

  • Exclusive vacation recreation

How to Apply for a Syndicate9 Membership

  • Provide information: To apply for a Syndicate9 membership, interested parties need to fill out a form on the official website. This is because the mastermind is an invitation-only, with limited membership.

  • Receive call: The applicant will then receive a call from a coach. They will give an overview of the training. The goal of the call is to ensure that the individual fits the program.

  • Attend & participate: Once they are successfully vetted, they are tasked to attend in-person meetings and to participate in the program.

Who is Syndicate9 for?

Syndicate9 is for aspiring real estate wholesalers, those who have 3+ monthly deals, and those who have $500,000 yearly revenue. The mastermind is for beginners who have completed 0 to 5 deals. It’s also for those who have 3 or more deals but in need of systems in place. Additionally, it is for thriving real estate wholesalers looking to scale their business.

What Are the Reviews for Syndicate9?

Reviews for Syndicate9 share that the mastermind provided real-world examples, personal attention, networking opportunities, business advice, and top-quality courses. They also shared that Sean Terry and his team were dependable, inspiring, and transparent regarding their systems. Additionally, they were able to close deals, scale their business, work as a full-time real estate wholesaler because of the mastermind. Customer reviews are from testimonial videos posted in the official website.

Deal Syndicate reviews

Deal Syndicate reviews from 6 customers shared that the mastermind made use of real-world examples, was helpful and encouraging, taught implementation and business methods, and was best suited for beginners and intermediate-level real estate wholesalers. One member also shared that he was able to close a deal while being in the event.

  • Eric Chan stated that the mastermind used real-world examples, instead of only theory. He was able to see the entire process and learn what each member was implementing. He also praised the real-time coaching he received.
  • Travis Overbay stated that he found the group to be helpful and encouraging. He added that they all learned together.
  • Josh Burnet shared that the mastermind enabled implementation, not just information. He was able to see the process directly through the meetings.
  • Samantha and Kenneth Rhoads stated that they learned about business methods. They also enjoyed the energy and connection with like minded members.
  • Shannon Hughes recommended Deal Syndicate for beginners and intermediate level real estate wholesalers. She has been wholesaling since 2009. From 2016 to 2017, she has been joining mastermind groups and has learned from various coaches.
    Alex Zonic had a deal closed during the events. He has only started in real estate wholesaling and found the mastermind eye-opening.

6Figure Syndicate reviews

6Figure Syndicate reviews from 9 members disclosed that they received personal attention, business advice, had networking opportunities, learned from high-quality courses, and were inspired and motivated. Members also were able to scale and work full-time as a real estate wholesaler because of the mastermind. They found Sean Terry and his team to be reliable and open with their processes.

  • Danil Golovashev was pleased with the personal feedback and attention he was given. He stated that the root of his problem was explored. He was then provided corresponding solutions.

  • Curtis Dyer shared that the facilitators took their time to inspect the ins and outs of their business. They also gave advice on how to enhance it.

  • Eli Joseph disclosed that the networking factor is valuable. It enabled him to discuss business wins and struggles, as well as develop friendships.

  • Mike Martinez found Sean Terry to be motivational and inspiring. He has been wholesaling for 3+ years and part of numerous masterminds. 

  • Ignacio Gonzales stated that 6Figure Syndicate is the one of the best masterminds for real estate wholesalers. It helped him build, manage, market, and scale his business. He also found the lectures on Google ads and paper click advertising to be advantageous.

  • Joseph Tineo complimented how the founder was open about his process. The real estate wholesaler has been in the business for 3+ years and joined multiple programs in the past.

  • Dan Close was able to work as a full-time real estate wholesaler because of 6Figure Syndicate. Previously, he was in a high level corporate VP position, He also had rentals, was flipping houses, and was a realtor.

  • Holland Patton recognized the need to build a team since joining the mastermind. He stated that the courses were high quality.

  • Nick Gavrilov shared that Sean was reliable, answering any question asked. He also walked members through steps and shared workflows, CRMs, and campaigns to the mastermind.

Who is Sean Terry?

sean terry

Sean Terry is a seasoned real estate wholesaler, author, podcast host, former US marine, entrepreneur, coach, investor, and social media influencer. He has over 20 years of experience as a real estate wholesaler. In 2024, he is buying and selling up to 10 properties monthly. He is either selling wholesale properties to cash investors or flipping turn-key cash flow ones with tenants.

He is also a multi-awarded and former US Marine. He served in the Desert Storm battle and has traveled in more than 30 countries. He was recognized for outstanding leadership and drive and was honorably discharged at 22. It was during this time that he purchased his first apartment complex.

After he was honorably discharged at 22, he started a marketing and sales company. It generated $5 million in sales per year. It also had offices in the following locations listed below.

  • Naples
  • Raleigh
  • Phoenix
  • Cleveland
  • Pensacola
  • Jacksonville

As an entrepreneur, he also had 600+ real estate investment transactions, which has an accumulated value of $120,000,000. This includes the following listed below.

  • Single family homes
  • Residential properties
  • Multi-family complexes
  • Raw land development

Following the success in his business, he was employed by the parent company to train sales representatives. Overall, his seminars have trained more than 1,000 individuals. In 2024, he has a mastermind + training for and an online coaching program, where he teaches real estate wholesaling and house flipping respectively.

Sean Terry’s social media

  • His YouTube channel, with the handle @SeanTerry, has over 43,100+ subscribers.

  • On Instagram, he has 168,000+ followers.

  • As for his LinkedIn profile, it has more than has 2,000 followers at @seanterry.

  • Whereas his X (Twitter) account he has more than 21,800+ followers, with the handle @Flip2Freedom.

  • For his Facebook account, it is followed by 4,039 individuals, with the handle @SeanTerryAZ.

What is Sean Terry’s Net Worth?

Sean Terry’s net worth is $7.6k for his YouTube channel alone, according to He has closed more than $100 million in real estate wholesale deals. He also owns one of the biggest virtual wholesaling operations, based in Phoenix Arizona, which profits about $80 million in sales annually. Together with his partners, Sean Terry owns 760+ student housing units in the US. These generate $890k per year in free cashflow and valued at more than $30 million. In 2022, he has an annual revenue of $10 million from his real estate education business.

He is also the author of the book The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint: How to Quit Your Job in 19 Weeks or Less. It teaches beginners how to flip properties even with no credit or cash in just 19 weeks. The book has a 4.3-star rating out of 600+ reviews on Amazon. It is also available on Kindle edition and has a total of 106 pages. The book was published on September 7, 2011.

Sean Terry’s podcast is called The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast. It has 201 episodes on Apple podcasts as of writing. It was launched on iTunes back in April 2010 and was even featured as New & Worthy in the platform. The podcast also has more 200+ 5-star reviews and has 120,000+ monthly downloads.

Is Real Estate Wholesaling Worth Doing in 2024?

Real estate wholesaling is worth it in 2024, if you have an established network, enjoy working with people, and are persistent. Having a curated list of cash buyers is a strong advantage for aspiring real estate wholesalers. This should include investors and flippers looking for low-priced properties. Moreover, since the business requires negotiations and business relationships, it is beneficial if a real estate wholesaler likes working with people. Also, patience is needed for cold calling up to 1,000 dials/day, as well as multiple follow-ups and inspections involved.

Real Estate Wholesaling on Reddit: 2 Real-Life Experiences 

#1 Reddit story: 3 months wholesaler

A story about real estate wholesaling was posted last 2022 in the r/Entrepreneur by Redditor Hands_of_Stone96. He was about to close $41k in profits for one month alone. He added that he has been procrastinating for years prior to starting.

  • The Reddit poster’s background was as a former waiter. He was 25 years old at the time of posting. He began real estate wholesaling as a means of funding his app idea.
  • Challenges he encountered were the need for intense effort and lack of early success. He cold called up to 700 numbers daily, 5 days per week. It also took him a couple of months to close deals.
  • The tools he used were DocuSign - for his contracts, Mojo triple line dialer - to dial 3 numbers at the same time, and GeoLeads from to track property addresses and view owner’s contact info. 
  • He stated that although credit wasn’t needed, expenses included were a dialer service and absentee owner lists.
  • At the time of posting, he has 3 pending deals with a total profit of $41,000.
    Persistence and consistency were among the lessons he learned as a real estate wholesaler.
  • The advice he gave other redditors was to offer 66% of Zillow’s estimate, prioritize assigning contracts to investors for $215,000 to $20,000, securing $5k non-refundable deposits, and growing a buyer network.
  • He added that real estate wholesaling contracts need to be taken to a title company with a nominal earnest money deposit that ranged from $10 to $100. There should also be an “equitable right” that the deposit grants in order for the contract to be marketed. And that, there

#2 Reddit story: 12 months real estate wholesaler

Another personal story was posted in November 2023 by HuckleberryFinn7901 in the r/realestateinvesting subreddit. The Reddit user had 12 months of real estate wholesaling experience. Despite profiting $30k, he decided to stop and focus on purchasing investment properties instead.

  • His background is as a full-time mortgage lender, which he used to support his venture in real estate wholesaling. He also had a network of investors in place prior to starting. Accordingly, he was inspired to start because of the influence of YouTubers. 

  • Challenges he faced were constant rejection, failing to create a cash buyer list, and needing to meet in-person since sellers weren’t comfortable with a remote setup. He also found it difficult to track profit from expenses because it was a people business and luck was also involved.

  • The marketing tools he utilized were BatchDialer and PropStream, which were exclusively used for lead generation.

  • His expenses were around $20,000. Accordingly, this was spent on marketing tools, leads, and travel. For marketing tools, it cost him $2000 to use Batch Dialer and Propstream to mail notecards and letters, as well as target various areas. He also had unaccounted expenses, such as food and gas.

  • At the end of 12 months, his profits were a total of $30,565 from 3 completed deals. His first one was after 5.5 months, which earned him $12,565. His deals were with one investor whom he had a good relationship with and another seller that he counted as luck. He added that his profit margin was 30% or less.

  • His final verdict was that for him, it wasn’t worth the stress. If not for his established network, he stated that he would have wasted $20k and one year.

  • With his experience, the lessons he mentioned was that the real estate wholesaling market is fluctuating, complex, and challenging. It was not as simple as others say it was.

Digital Real Estate: A Low-Cost Yet Profitable Alternative to Real Estate Wholesaling

Although real estate wholesaling is a lucrative venture for individuals with a solid network of cash buyers, are people persons, and patient, digital real estate is a better alternative. It is more stable, requires less effort and is passive, as well as more profitable.

Earnings from digital real estate do not fluctuate according to the market. A steady monthly income from clients is expected. The majority of the effort is in setting up a website and ranking it. Once that’s done, only minimal maintenance is required. It also has a 95% profit margin and an initial investment of $300 to $500.

Through a local lead gen training, you’ll get up to $3,000/month per website made. There’s no need for paid ads. You’ll also have a lot of free time once your site is established, enabling you to scale or spend your time with other activities.

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