ServiceTitan Review: What’s The Program’s All-In-One Software?

March 1, 2024

ServiceTitan is a field service management software by Ara Mahdessian for streamlining operations in running your business. This platform offers all-in-one field service management software in handling, CRM, dispatch and technician management, payments, marketing, and reports. According to Hootsuite, since 34% of companies use AI like ServiceTitan, they secure their users' advantage in their marketing and sales efforts.

Online reviews for ServiceTitan are mostly positive and reassuring, receiving an average of 4.3 out of 5 from Software Advice. Comments usually talk about the software being efficient and helpful, consider it to be the best in the industry. However, there are also a lot of negative comments, mostly on the company's failure to keep promises and lack of responsibility.

In this ServiceTitan review, we will look at the platform's pros and cons and all the features you'll expect to receive from its all-in-one software. Additionally, we'll discuss other field service platforms and online reviews for ServiceTitan. We'll also introduce local lead generation as an alternative to generating free leads and improve your marketing efforts.

ServiceTitan Review: Pros and Cons


Technicians are efficient in creating quotes using templates and are active in processing payments.

The platform offers extensive customer service and support using automation features.

Platform users have access to real-time data, which aids in effective field service management.


ServiceTitan is more costly compared to other platforms, especially for smaller businesses.

There is a steep learning curve in  maximizing the entire platform.

Some users complained about rushed implementation and insufficient support.


ServiceTitan pricing starts at $385 per month and increases cost depending on the needs of individual contractors.

Refund Policy

Community forums show that ServiceTitan has a detailed and tedious refund policy.


The founders established ServiceTitan in 2012.


ServiceTitan has a good reputation online but has a referral program where you can earn $500 to $1,000, which can affect reviews.

What Is the ServiceTitan All-In-One Software?

ServiceTitan's all-in-one software is a complete field service management solution for industries like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services. The contractors benefit by streamlining operations, improving customer service, and boosting business management. They do this by integrating operations into a single system for scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, marketing, and customer relationships. 

People praise ServiceTitan's All-In-One Software for its comprehensive feature set, ease of use, and effective workflows. The platform continues to improve while increasing efficiency and securing business growth for its users. Users also appreciate ServiceTitan All-In-One Software for its functionalities, which can vary depending on the size of the business and its specific needs.

Here are the three packages you can choose from:


The starter package contains must-have tools for your business. This includes dispatching, scheduling, and call booking features. Additionally, it includes invoicing and pricebook features. 


The essentials package provides leading features for streamlining operations. Like the starter package, it includes dispatching, scheduling, call booking, invoicing and pricebook features. Added features to this package are mobile estimates and payroll management. 

The Works

The works package contains complete features for accelerating business growth. Like the starter package, it has dispatching, scheduling, call booking, invoicing and pricebook features. It also contains features like mobiles estimates in the essential package. What's special in this package is they added configurable payroll, advance reporting, commission tracking, and customizable membership as features.

ServiceTitan also helps in financial reporting and management by combining QuickBooks into the software. Additionally, ServiceTitan Mobile is one of the application components designed for field technicians to allow access and manage job-related information directly from their mobile devices.

What Are the Features of ServiceTitan?

ServiceTitan's features are front office, field operations, client experience, and management and insight for both commercial and residential contractors. These features aim to scale your business, create more productive workflows, and boost revenue.

Front Office Features

Commercial Features

Front office commercial features are tools that enhance your office team and create smooth communication for your field team and customers.

  • Proposal and Quotes: This feature helps you make branded and professional-looking proposals and quotes for your business.
  • Service Arrangement: It's software for creating and managing customer contracts, including contract maintenance, service agreements, and equipment-based contracts.
  • Scheduling: Service scheduling software helps businesses schedule customer appointments, and technicians' schedule management, assign tasks, and more.
  • Dispatch: This feature assists field businesses in efficiently managing and assigning technicians to different job sites.
  • Leads: The lead integration feature merges and manages leads from different sources and optimizes lead management for your business.
  • Call Recording: The call booking feature seamlessly handled the scheduling process and management of service appointments from phone calls.

Residential Features

Front office residential features increase the office team's performance with efficient tools for booking, communication, and coordination.

  • Scheduling: The call booking feature handled the scheduling process and management of service appointments from phone calls.
  • Dispatch: Like the front office commercial feature, the dispatch software assists field businesses in efficiently managing and assigning technicians to different job sites.
  • Job Booking: This feature lets you improve scheduling appointments through phone calls, enhancing efficiency, and customer service.
  • Marketing: The marketing feature focuses on optimizing marketing strategies for businesses through managing campaigns, tracking performance, and enhancing customer engagement.
  • Membership: The service agreement features secure membership through managing and optimizing service contracts and maintenance agreements for businesses.
  • Call Tracking/Phone: The call tracking/phones feature helps businesses track, manage, and analyze customer phone calls for improved service and marketing strategies.

Field Operations Features

Commercial Features

Field operation commercial features are tools for your field team to boost your company's revenue.

  • Technician App: This feature maximizes productivity on each job using a mobile app.
  • Inventory App: You can conduct tasks and workflow in the warehouse using this feature.
  • Equipment History: This software quality keeps techs prepared with equipment details and history.
  • Crew Management: This feature assists and leads technicians with crew management tools.
  • Dynamic Forms: Allows you to use digital forms that create consistency in the field using this feature.
  • Truck replenishment. This convenient feature helps you restock truck inventory quickly by sending POs from your device.

Residential Features

Field operation residential features provide a platform for your field team members, making them efficient at every job they work.

  • Mobile App: This feature is part of the field service app that is designed for field technicians to manage job details, customer information, and other field service tasks directly from their mobile devices.
  • Estimates: The estimates feature allows field technicians to create detailed and tiered estimates and optimize the process by offering easy access to valuable information.
  • Pricebook: Pricebook Pro is a flat-rate solution that enhances revenue and efficiency, maintenance, and regional pricing insights for better customer experience.
  • Equipment: This feature allows you to track equipment availability and have an option to link it to certain jobs.
  • Forms: The forms feature provides timesaving digital forms for your team.
  • Time Sheet: This feature tracks field events like work time, idle time, and other aspects that time tracking.

Customer/Client Experience Features

Commercial Features

Customer/client residential features help capture more business with ease by offering a modern and five-star experience to customers.

  • Personalized Portal: This feature provides a customer support platform where each customer has a personalized experience.
  • Technician Tracking: This customer experience feature stores accurate labor costs and provides customers with tech locations.
  • Two-Way SMS: You'll be able to send and receive accurate notifications to all your customers as a means of customer relationship management.
  • Client-Specific Pricing: Build rules that dynamically update downstream variable costs.
  • Self-Scheduling Payments: Simplify payment processes and new work requests for customers.
  • CRM: You'll be able to view equipment, insights, and invoices from a unified platform for better customer experience.

Residential Features

Customer/client residential features help capture more business with ease by offering a modern and five-star experience to customers.

  • Online Booking: You'll be able to view equipment, insights, and invoices from a unified platform for better customer experience.
  • Two-Way SMS: This feature gives your team and customers an efficient channel for communication.
  • Automated Job Alerts: This alert feature keeps your team notified whenever an important change occurs, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Proposals: You can easily and quickly follow up on any unsold estimates with the use of this platform.
  • Financing: This quality boosts average ticket sizes, giving a customer an option for financing.
  • Tech Tracking: This customer experience feature provides customers, and yourself, with tech location updates.

Management & Insight Features

Commercial Features

Management and insight commercial features let you execute changes and improvements by gaining valuable insights into company performance.

  • Purchase and Inventory: This platform feature uses automation that tracks materials across your entire business and employees.
  • Project Tracking: You can accurately track project progress from your employees and profits in real time using the platform.
  • Accounting: Another feature lets you automate accounting tasks and gain useful financial insights.
  • Payroll: You'll have features that improve payroll satisfaction by 1.5x.
  • Job Costing: Another ServiceTitan payments feature is viewing real-time insights into expenses and profit margins.
  • Auto Reports and Dashboards: This feature lets you visualize your data with customizable reports and dashboards.

Residential Features

Management and insight residential features help you gain real-time insights into your business and the features needed to make real-time decisions and improvements.

  • Reporting and Dashboards: This feature allows you to track real-time KPIs with custom reports and dashboards.
  • Inventory: Another feature enables you to track inventory levels and ensure upcoming jobs.
  • Quickbooks: The platform also allows you to report invoices, service titan payments, and bills easily to Quickbooks.
  • Payroll: This payroll feature helps you improve payroll satisfaction by 1.5x.
  • Payables: This feature allows you to gain AP visibility and flexible control over bill management.
  • Job Costing: You can view budgets vs. actuals and ensure every project is on budget.

What Is ServiceTitan Pro? 

ServiceTitan Pro is an online suite of professional tools, designed to advance the capabilities of the ServiceTitan platform. These tools aim to boost all aspects of your business operations. Marketing Pro, Scheduling Pro, Phones Pro, Pricebook Pro, Fleet Pro, and Dispatch Pro are ServiceTitan's pro features.

Marketing Pro

ServiceTitan Marketing Pro is a marketing automation tool that enhances business growth using targeted campaigns and ROI tracking for service trades. Its easy-to-use email tool is built specifically for the trades.        

Scheduling Pro

ServiceTitan Scheduling Pro is a scheduling system integrating tools like live communication and online booking efficiency of service companies. It provides customers with a smart, practical, and AI-powered way of booking jobs for you.

Dispatch Pro

Dispatch Pro is another of ServiceTitan's advanced features that employs machine learning to optimize technician assignments. This results in maximizing profitability and improving customer service through efficient dispatching.

Fleet Pro

ServiceTitan Fleet Pro is a fleet management solution offering real-time data, GPS tracking, and safety features to optimize fleet performance in trades. Bringing actionable fleet data to your business saves money and drives efficiency for your business.

Pricebook Pro

ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro is another advanced capability of the platform that streamlines pricing management with flat-rate solutions. I also offerss regional insights and visual tools for effective service company pricing strategies. 

Phones Pro

ServiceTitan Phones Pro is a team performance and revenue tool that enhances customer interaction through its cloud-based phone system. It provides features like automatic job call connection, call transcription, CSR performance, and conversion rates all at once.

What Is ServiceTitan API?

ServiceTitan API is a platform that allows software developers to create customized features to meet the specific needs of field service industries. Since an API is a set of rules for building and interacting with software applications, it provides access to a wide range of ServiceTitan features. As a result, it allows for personalized solutions that meet specific business needs, enhance operation efficiency, and improve customer experience.

What Makes ServiceTitan Different From Other Platforms?





Target Industry

HVAC, plumbing, electrical services

Pest control, lawn care

Landscaping, snow, and ice management

User Rating

High (4.35/5)

High (4.25/5)

High (4.5)

Basic Price




Key Strengths

Technician quick quote creation, scheduling, dispatching

Subscription setup with auto-renewal, effective scheduling

Comprehensive business management, detailed job costing, and reporting

Noted Challenges

Implementation and customer service issues

Software stability and lack of training

Difficulty to transition


Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Mobile Support

Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Mobile Support

Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Mobile Support

Support & Training

Comprehensive, including 24/7 live reps

Comprehensive, including 24/7 live reps

Comprehensive, including 24/7 live reps

What Businesses Is ServiceTitan for?

ServiceTitan is for businesses like water treatment, commercial locksmithing, plumbing, and construction. Additionally, it offers specialized tools for garage door services, chimney sweeps, and irrigation system management. The platform also provides robust solutions for commercial septic tank maintenance, audio/visual equipment services, and electrical work. It is also highly beneficial for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) businesses to streamline their complex scheduling and service management tasks.

ServiceTitan Reviews

ServiceTitan has a lot of reviews online and most of them are positive since they have catered to 25 million households and businesses. It received an average of 4.3 out of 5 rating from software reviewers and most positive comments talked about ServiceTitan's ability to help their business. 

The review from Marlin indicates that ServiceTitan enabled their effectiveness in every aspect of their workflow. It ranges from taking calls to following up on jobs. Marlin described its features and workflows as the best in the industry. Additionally, he noted that the reasons for choosing ServiceTitan were its reliability and responsiveness.

Another user stated that they have been using ServiceTitan for 7-10 years and the company is always evolving and improving. The user added that you get what you pay for and that it offers many more functions and capabilities.

ServiceTitan has also one-star reviews and negative comments from software reviewer websites. One unhappy customer left a comment stating that ServiceTitan promised features and potential for increased sales but proved to be ineffective, not user-friendly, and failed to fulfill the contract. Despite friendly ServiceTitan employees, the user believes there are better and less expensive alternatives to ServiceTitan in the market.

On Reddit, a comment on the thread found ServiceTitan's price of $259 per month per technician shocking. He compares it with Housecall Pro, where he is only required $300 per month for 11 users with all optional features. He compared ServiceTitan to a luxury brand that is overpriced and believes its cost does not justify its function compared to other alternatives.

Most of the comments talked about the price of ServiceTitan. One user even said that they spent $2000 and hoped to find someone who could go against ServiceTitan's pricing.

However, in the latter part of the thread, you can see a positive comment about ServiceTitan. The user has been using ServiceTitan for 3-4 years for plumbing and HVAC business and experienced initial challenges during the transition and setup phase. Despite the initial difficulties, the user now considers ServiceTitan essential for running their business, especially valuing its service, dispatch, and accounting capabilities. Shifting to ServiceTitan has increased their average service ticket by three times and boosted annual sales by 15% while also recommending the platform.

Is ServiceTitan Worth It?

ServiceTitan is worth it if you can use the platform's software to scale your business and have sufficient funds to pay for its services. The platform designs these tools to improve productivity and increase revenue for field service industries. Additionally, positive comments flooded software review sites, most claiming that ServiceTitan improved their business.  

For all businesses, marketing is important because finding customers is the top priority. Service Titan uses marketing feature that focuses on optimizing marketing strategies for businesses through managing campaigns, tracking performance, and enhancing customer engagement.That’s why many people look for the best marketing strategy in finding leads and increasing your exposure to the market. According to HubSpot, As of 2024, the average cost for marketing and finding leads is $198.44 per month, which is expensive for small and new businesses.

However, the major concern of people is the price compared to ServiceTitan alternatives like HouseCall Pro and Jobber. ServiceTitan’s onboarding process fees exceed $1,000 for a six-week training that doesn’t even cover the entire set-up. Housecall Pro price ranges from $25 to $229, while Jobber ranges from $42 to $210 per month. Their customers express frustration over being charged for unused services, canceling contracts, and demanding timely and effective customer support. 

ServiceTitan offers features that are practical for different business sizes. Yet, the complexity of mastering the features and the high cost of the platform are the biggest challenges for small field service businesses.

Since there is news that ServiceTitan plans to become an IPO this year, this can affect customers and the value of the services they offer. This transition may reduce the quality of customer service and product development because they will focus on pleasing shareholders and delivering short-term financial results. This will compromise the quality and innovation of the software that gains and keeps customers. Additionally, To boost profitability, ServiceTitan might increase prices or reduce features for current prices, which potentially make the service less affordable and valuable for customers. 

Who Is Ara Mahdessian?

Ara Mahdessian is the CEO and co-founder of ServiceTitan, a software company that specializes in field service management. He immigrated from Iran to the U.S. as a child and finished his studies in the U.S. Mahdessian and his business partner, Vahe Kuzoyan, started ServiceTitan to assist their fathers' contracting businesses. As sons of tradesmen, they want to give back to give back to the industry by revolutionizing contract services.

Mahdessian and Kuzoyan both graduated from prestigious universities and have devoted their expertise and knowledge to creating ServiceTitan. Ara has a degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

ServiceTitan's vision, along with its founders, was advancing technological solutions to an industry that was historically deprived of any advancements.ServiceTitan has grown significantly and has become the symbol of the American dream for immigrants like Ara. He achieved remarkable success through dedication, education, and a strong focus on the needs of service contractors and tradesmen. Today, ServiceTitan employs hundreds of people and serves a broad customer base all over the U.S.

Generate Free Leads Using Local Lead Generation

Companies like ServiceTitan charge monthly for using their apps, but many companies opt to create their tools by outsourcing software developers, which would lead to a 1-time fee. It is cheaper to create a digital website than use ServiceTitan because you need to pay $385 per month. It’s also better to create your tools such as CRMs and APIs, and do your own lead generation. 

With local lead generation, your client will be the one who will pay you from $500 - $3,000 per month by optimizing a website's SEO for local searches, resulting in an increase in a business's visibility on search engines and attracting more local traffic. You can generate free leads by targeting potential customers within a specific geographical area. The process involves using location-based keywords, improving Google My Business listings, and making relevant content for the locality.

If you are looking for an alternative business that suits beginners and can generate a predictable monthly passive income, start a local lead gen biz. It does not require huge startup costs, stiff competition and it can generate high return potential. And unlike working with marketing agencies that charge monthly fees and ad budgets, optimizing SEO is more practical and provides long-term leads with lower operation costs.

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