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Seth Kniep Review – Are his Amazon FBA courses worth it?

April 11, 2023

Seth Kniep set a goal for himself to turn a dime into $100K. He accomplished that and today is one of the most successful Amazon sellers in the world. His company, Just One Dime, has trained over 10,000 students in over 150 countries. Currently, his team manages over $100 million in annual revenue. In this Seth Kniep review, we'll talk about Seth's story, what exactly Just One Dime is, and what you get with each of the courses and services on the platform. We'll also look at what the general reputation Seth has online is and later, how Amazon FBA compares to the popular local lead generation business model that's paying entrepreneurs passively each month.

Seth Kniep Pros and Cons


Companies like BMW, Century 21 have requested Seth's services and expertise.

Amazon has consulted with Seth to improve their third-party platform. Anytime Amazon changes, the Just One Dime course updates.

Two countries have asked Seth to train their biggest companies.

Seth does live weekly coaching calls in his coaching program to update his students on any Amazon updates


As of late, there aren't many student success stories that have come from his courses or DFY service.

Amazon FBA isn't the best online business model for earning a somewhat passive income because there are several things you need to pay attention to each day.

DFY service requires you to pay $10K for 3 products; very expensive

Seth Kniep's Story

As an Apple employee, Seth Kniep was not happy. He was broke, with a growing debt of $24K. At Apple, he never got the respect or the pay he deserved, as is the issue with many people who work a 9-5 job.

He learned everything he could about eCommerce and started off selling vapes and e-cigarettes, but sales were slow. At one point, Seth's day started off working early until sunrise, working at Apple from 9 to 5, and driving for Lyft and Uber until 4am. All the money he made went straight into buying more inventory. As sales increased, Seth began selling more and more products.

There was a mistake Seth made that cost him $20,000 in a refill order, but he didn't give up on his business. After 6 months, he finally hit the $100K in revenue mark that he set out to reach. Soon after, he quit working for Apple and reached $1 million dollars in revenue. He could finally pay off his mortgage and even began renting condos on Airbnb, which brought him $90K profit in the first year. 

Seth no longer had to worry about paying off the debt. He was focused on selling products, creating opportunities to earn more money and improving his personal life.

Many friends were curious to learn what he was doing so, he and his son came together and planned out how to create a step-by-step course that taught people how to sell products through Amazon FBA. That was the moment that Just One Dime was created.

What is Just One Dime?

Just One Dime is the coaching company founded by Seth Kniep and his son that helps you build a private label eCommerce brand instead of just starting an Amazon store. They offer 2 courses and a Done For You (DFY) service geared towards helping you be successful with Amazon FBA. The concept of the dime comes from Seth one day thinking to himself that if he simply doubled the dime 20 times (10 cents doubled is 20 cents, 20 cents doubled is 40 cents, etc.) he would make $100,000. He accomplished that goal after 6 months of selling products online.

Just One Dime Amazon FBA Courses

  • Amazon FBA Mastery is an FBA course that teaches you how to start your own private label brand with Amazon FBA. There are two membership levels. The Basic Membership only gives you access to the over 150 training videos while the Premium Membership gives you access to the live weekly workshops, private community, and more. You can read my Amazon FBA Mastery Review for more info.
  • Amazon Arbitrage Mastery is a course that teaches you how to buy products and resell them on the Amazon platform. 

Done For You by Just One Dime

Done For You by Just One Dime is a DFY service where Seth's team builds your Amazon business/brand for you (Amazon Automation). To get started, you need to invest $10K per new product and you must do 3 products. Your investment is going to run you between $30K-$60K. You are their hands-off partner through the entire process. Currently, enrollment in this service is closed.

Just One Dime YouTube Channel

Seth teaches you all about how to be successful with Amazon FBA in the Just One Dime YouTube channel. Each week, Seth releases a new video on the channel with important tips, strategies and knowledge all related to making money online with the FBA business model.


There are many moving parts to the Amazon FBA business model. For one, product research is essential. You must always keep a lookout for the next trendy product and capitalize on it before that product or niche gets saturated. Also, you've got to learn how to run PPC ads well enough to where you can generate a good amount of traffic. With no traffic, you won't get any sales and with no sales, you're going to end up with a ton of unsold inventory. Your Amazon listing also needs to be fully optimized if it's going to encourage people to buy from you. Although Seth offers the DFY service, it's not the best idea to get into Amazon Automation because there is no guarantee that the products you're investing $10K each in will return a profit. If you're going to invest in Amazon FBA but don't want to be 100% hands-on, you're better off having someone you trust run the business for you and you can sell as many or as few products as you want. Control is important in this business model and Amazon has more of the control since you're selling on their platform.

Positive Seth Kniep Reviews

David Lopez is a Cuban immigrant who found success with Seth and the JOD team. He's Seth's third student ever and joined the Just One Dime program in 2017. David has launched over 16 products, which made him over $1 million selling on Amazon. He says that this program separates itself from the rest because as soon as Amazon changes, Just One Dime changes/updates its strategies within the week.

Gus uploaded a Just One Dime Review video on YouTube on October 12, 2019. He had spent 25 years in the sales industry (car business and selling software). Gus wasn't happy selling time for money. After having taking the course, he claims that Seth and his team teach you Amazon FBA each step of the way to help you build passive income.

Arun gave her testimonial on the Just One Dime reviews section. She has been doing Amazon FBA full time since 2018, after she was able to fire her boss. She credits all her success to what Seth and the other Amazon expert coaches have shown and taught.

There are several YouTube testimonials from successful students, and by watching their YouTube videos, you'll see that some of them are also affiliates of the program.

Most of the reviews of Seth Kniep and Just One Dime that you either read or see on YouTube are positive. The Amazon FBA Mastery and Amazon Arbitrage Mastery courses are a hit with many entrepreneurs.

Negative Seth Kniep Reviews

It takes a bit of digging to find negative Seth Kniep reviews and about the Just One Dime program. Here are just a couple of negative reviews I found on Reddit.

This Redditor complained about not receiving any support after joining and that the JOD coaches were focused on getting you to sign up for monthly coaching. This comment was posted 4 years ago and many things can change in that time.

Another person commented the following on the same thread.

They said Seth is no expert. This is an interesting comment because if he wasn't an expert, then why would Amazon themselves request his services? Also, even if 4 years ago the training videos were "repetitive, long-winded and even outdated", why is it that over 30 of his students have become millionaires and many more earning 5 and 6 figures?

It seems to be an invalid comment.


Coffeezilla posted a video review about the Done For You by Just One Dime Amazon automation service back in September 2020. He was critical about Seth's sales pitch regarding how they take their share of the money.


With the Done For You service, though, there are a few reviews on YouTube of people saying that the service isn't worth it. One YouTuber, Renae Christine, mentioned that after 18 months, they still hadn't launched a single product for her. She stated that although JOD has direct connections to Amazon, they aren't immune to the issues most Amazon sellers have to deal with, such as Amazon suspending accounts, issues with suppliers or even a photographer not taking a picture how JOD requested, etc. Renae had many problems with her Amazon seller account and noticed that the saturation level on Amazon is high. She speculates that this saturation might be the cause of Just One Dime slowing down. After all, their DFY service is currently not open for sale. Maybe it's related? Renae also mentioned that Just One Dime could be focusing on their organic rankings, which is why it takes so long to launch a product.

This makes sense to me because ranking for search terms organically in a saturated, super competitive market/niche will definitely take months. It's just unfortunate that, apparently, JOD isn't transparent with how long the process can take.

Some Amazon Automation courses are legit, but most are very expensive. Look at this article we wrote that answers the question, is Amazon Automation legit or scam?

Is Seth Kniep a scam?

Seth Kniep is not a scam. Although Coffeezilla and Renae Christine have a point why the Done For You service isn't worth it, they packed the 2 Amazon FBA courses with plenty of value. Seth has many successful students and the fact he has direct connections to Amazon speaks volumes about his legitimacy. What they don't fully prepare you for is all the bad that you have to deal with on Amazon's platform. 

My issue is not with Seth, his courses or service. It's entirely with the Amazon FBA business model.

Final thoughts on Seth Kniep and Amazon FBA

Seth and the Just One Dime program are one of the better ways to learn Amazon FBA.

I just believe that Amazon FBA isn't the ideal online business model for beginner entrepreneurs. There are too many variables working against you and if you aren't a seasoned vet, you can lose a lot of money and not be able to recover from it. The risk of making a mistake or two with Amazon FBA is high and not worth the trouble.

Running PPC (pay-per-click) ads is also not worth it because they require constant attention and can quickly get very expensive, without you seeing any ROI.

Unless you have $5-$10K to get started with and are ok with all the moving parts that come with this business model (prospecting products & suppliers, buying inventory, shipping products to Amazon's fulfillment centers, running PPC Facebook ads, etc.) it's not worth it. 

Local lead generation

Local lead generation is a much more passive business model that allows you to earn a higher profit margin while generating leads for local businesses that have a hard time marketing themselves.

With this business model, you are in more control of what you do and you only need to focus on competing for search terms locally. On Amazon, you're competing with thousands of sellers worldwide. Generating leads locally is so much easier. Over 7400 students have taken advantage of that by joining the lead generation training program.

My recommendation is that you generate leads locally for other businesses. Find out more about local lead generation here.

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