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Seven Figure Agency Review 2024 (Josh Nelson) – Is it worth it?

March 24, 2020

The Seven Figure Agency

As you read through this extensive review of Josh Nelson’s Seven Figure Agency training (updated for 2020) just remember that as Entrepreneurs, we are all generally looking for the same thing. 

Knowledge that will bring us Freedom!

This review will not only give you some legit knowledge and a general breakdown of Josh Nelson’s Seven Figure Agency training, but it will make sure you are informed on a few other lucrative paths that that go hand in hand with running an agency. 

Josh and his team have taken the time throughout the years to really nail down a strategy that helped themselves and other companies grow.

This is a marketing Cinderella story.

Josh didn’t make it overnight. He had 2 other agencies that did not work out as he had hoped.

Then, he figured out a formula that worked for him. Hence, the Seven Figure Agency.

Before we proceed, please understand I am not an affiliate of Seven Figure Agency, so this review is not bias like many others you'll find out there on the interwebs..

I am writing this review based on my own experience as a digital marketer, and as someone who makes 50k / month currently via online lead gen properties.

What is the Seven Figure Agency?

Josh started his company digital marketing agency for Plumbing and HVAC SEO 7 years ago with his wife.

During this time he has managed to go from 0 clients to billing around $370,000 a month.  That is almost $4.5 million a year.

Before he finally figured out his formula to success, he had 2 other agencies that started and failed.

This last go around, after promising his wife it was going to work, turned out to be his gem.

Josh wants to share his secret to success with you by explaining exactly what he did and how you can implement it into your digital marketing agency.

Here comes Seven Figure Agency!

Josh and his team build strategies for other agencies that help them select and aim at a certain niche.

Josh believes in selecting 1 niche and separating yourself from everyone else in it.

target 1 niche

He stresses that this can all be done without heavy use of funnels and social media marketing.

He and his wife’s love for internet marketing and doing what they do is what kept them driven and pushing forward to creating the successful agency you see here.

His company’s goal is to help other agencies hit that highly desired 7 figures or more.

What does Josh teach You?

Josh’s training teaches you to do 3 important things.

  • Getting prospects coming to you with the intent of buying from you.  Josh believes that there is no reason that you should be chasing clients.  You should be putting systems in place that will have the clients searching for you.

  • Close more deals using super simple conversion secrets.  Get clients to say yes without pushing. Learn the sales framework that will help you do just that.

  • Get your clients amazing results from the beginning so they keep using your service on a monthly basis.  Josh wants you to show your clients results that will leave them in AWE and make them want more.  Long term is the best term.

How does it all work?

When taking Josh’s training, you learn to implement all of his secrets to work in your advantage as well.

He will teach you how to find your one niche.

Yes focussing on ONE niche is the key to Josh’s game and it has proven to work time and time again.

Josh teaches you how to setup your systems so they aim at the main audience of your niche.

If you are aiming at audiences that are already interested in your service, then you have a better chance of converting said audience into paying clients.

Once you have converted them, you will use Josh’s techniques and stats to get results for your client. 

We aren’t just talking small results.

We are talking about the type of results that convinces them to sign up with your service on a monthly basis.

As we mentioned before, you want those long term clients.

The power of niche

Finding your niche

Josh recommends that you find a niche that interests you.

You want to be able to pitch to potential clients that you are an expert in said niche and can provide them proof of so.

When you are providing information to someone and stating that you are an expert and can provide them with results, what is the first thing they ask for?

proof stamp

That's right, they want to see PROOF!

They will want to see examples and testimonials from other clients you have worked with in the industry.

I mean it makes sense doesn’t it.

You wouldn’t want an “Expert” to fix your kitchen if they have no samples of work.

Get a niche and establish yourself as the best expert in that niche.

Expert positioning

Prove that you are the expert in your niche

Once you have figured out your niche, you want to establish yourself as the expert in it.

We touched on this a little bit in the above section.

People want to see what makes you an expert.

A great way to do so is by publishing a book in digital marketing for your niche.

This is why it is extremely important to pick just one niche and focussing your energy in learning every aspect of it.

So when you go to create training or seminars on how to succeed in said niche, it will come naturally.

Businesses will love that you are giving them some kind of proof that you know what you are talking about and that you understand the industry.

You are positioning yourself as an expert from the moment you meet.

Magnetic marketing

Magnetic Marketing in your niche

Josh and his team will also teach you how to market and attract those businesses that are already seeking interest services like yours.

You want to create systems that will aim at consumers on Facebook or Google that have already searched for a way to better their business in your niche.

Lead gen sites are a great way to collect information from folks that are seeking your services.

Facebook and Instagram ads are another way to do this as well.

If someone has searched for your service, there is a good chance with this marketing that you can get your ad in front of them.

Another great way to market yourself in your niche is to host or be a part of seminars or trade shows.

What an awesome way to get yourself in front of a bunch of people all at once and showcase to them that you are the one they should work with.

people sitting during convention

Most trade shows or seminars are not going to pay you to speak at the event, but the return on the investment of your time could be huge in terms of signing new clients.

You’re there, they’re there and you are all there for the same reasons, to do business.

The best part is they already have the intent to buy, so all you have to do is give them your sweet pitch and close the deal.

thinking why

Why is Josh sharing his secrets?

Josh has been around the block and back, twice.

He faced the struggles and pains that come with having an agency start and fail.

He took note of what works and what doesn’t

He has that important factor to back his techniques, and that is experience.

Even at the hardest time in his life, where his past agencies were just making him enough to catch up on past due bills, still had the drive to try and try again.

When his first 2 agencies didn’t make it, he actually started working a regular 9-5 to bring in some income and help.

But as the story of an entrepreneur goes, a 9-5 is not ideal.

He told his wife he had the formula figured out and told her he wanted to try one more time.

With the support of his wife and a drive to succeed, Josh started his digital marketing agency for Plumbing and HVAC SEO and the rest is history.

They literally managed to go from nothing to having a number of top paying clients under their belt.

No Josh is not saying that it will come easy and that no work is involved.

He wants you to understand that you will have to work to set yourself apart from every other company in your niche.

You have to establish yourself as an expert and really prove to those that you know what you are talking about.

All of this does not come from just sitting around and hoping.

You will need to put in the time and work to get to the point where you want to be.

Josh’s Seven Figure Agency membership will give you access to training, blueprints and a community that will help you reach your goals.

With all the amazing coaching programs and 1 on 1’s there is no way that you can lose if you do your part as well.

Josh now wants to share his secrets because he’s been there when it’s rough and feels no one deserves to be there.

Seven figure agnecy membership

How much does it cost?

So how much does Josh and his company charge to share the seven figure secret?

The program's price is based on the needs and wants of your company.

How do I know if it works?

First let’s point out that the Seven Figure Agency has made it to INC’s top 5,000 list.

With such acclaim, it is safe to say they know what they are doing when it comes to building a "Niche agency".

IF you want the responsibility of an agency, well, that's great. More power to you.

I could've went that route myself, but I didn't want to deal with clients dropping me anytime they wanted, or all of the ongoing hassle that comes with your run of the mill marketing agency. Enter: Lead Gen. But more on that in a sec. 

Josh offers several free resources on his site.

It doesn’t hurt to take a look and kind of get a preview of what he and his company have to offer.

Josh wants you to win just as he did.

Just as a coach is on a championship team.

But the question is are you willing to put the work in?

It takes time to build up the testimonials to gain trust and it can be years before you really make a dent and are able to scale. 

Nothing worth anything happens overnight, and I think we all know this by now!

When I got started in the lead gen business, I was hit with the reality that it was going to take some work.

I mean I was already working myself crazy at a job I did not like.

You know the job I'm talking about.

The rat race.

I needed a change and I know how I wanted to go about it.

Lead gens seemed to make sense to me and that's what I wanted to do.

So in 2014, after I finished with school, I got on my won grind and started changing my life.

work sucks

I just dove into the game of lead gen businesses.

I didn't know what I was doing at first, but I know I wanted to learn.

I was persistent.

I spent hours and hours reading blogs, books and watching videos on how to make this work for me.

It took time, but it was time well invested.

The positives of Lead Gen? 

  • No worrying a client will drop me, because if they do I already own the web property and I can just find a new client to pay me. 
  • Steady monthly income and VERY scaleable 
  • I don't need ANY testimonials or proof I know what I am doing to get started landing clients. That takes care of itself and the course reveals all of this.
  • Low start up costs
  • Extremely active (like dozens of posts a day in our group active) knowledgeable and supportive community - bi-weekly LIVE Q&As, access to up to date training
  • Meet ups each year with access to amazing speakers on stage who share their processes and paths to sucess, as well as regional events throughout the year where you can meet others in the group face to face (this alone is priceless)

Make 52K a month using lead generation in 2020, (No Traditional Agency Needed)

Sure, Digital Marketing Agencies are great but they just are not for everyone. Some people don't want to quit their 9-5 to work the same if not more hours for their own business. 

With the lead gen biz you do not need to have a traditional agency. Sure, there are many out there that do lead gen plus have an agency, but there are also many who don't bother with that. 

If you own all of the digital assets, you are never technically working for someone else (clients). You are working and investing in yourself and your long term income. 

You just have to know how to do it.

This coaching program really helped change my life.

I got to get my lead gen biz off the ground and in full swing immediately.

I also met a lot of like minded folks that were trying to do the exact same thing.

I was finally able to work for myself.

Ever since 2014 it's been "Bye Bye 9-5"

I have been making money ever since then,

Fast forward to now, and I am making 52k a month using my lead gen sites.

Some sites have been untouched since 2014 and still make me a nice amount.

This limo service site earns me $750 a month.

Limo Lead Gen

Google "lansing limo services"

Go ahead and do it.

Now click on the first search result.

You will notice my name at the bottom of that site's page.

Lansing limo footer Ippei Leads

This program really helped me live my dream life.

I want you to do the same.

There are more ways than one to make money online, and this one is hands down, THE BEST method I have found. Maybe it will be for you too?

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