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Josh Nelson Seven Figure Agency Review: What Is Magnetic Marketing?

April 29, 2024

Seven Figure Agency by Josh Nelson is a training platform that teaches digital marketing agency owners how to start and scale their business using that Magnetic Marketing method. The platform offers a self-study course, a mentorship, and a mastermind program. Josh’s strategy centers on the focus on establishing yourself as the go-to expert for a very specific niche. It also emphasizes growth and sustainability.

A digital marketing agency business is highly saturated and risky. New unproven agencies often fail as they are unable to overcome the challenges. It is also a long-term business model that can take years before it starts to show any success.

Reviews for Seven Figure Agency is overwhelmingly positive, largely in part to Josh's own highly successful digital marketing agency and proven method. While reviews are sparse, there are plently of case studies of successful students on the website. Reviews outside of the official site have praised Josh's Magnetic Marketing method. The only complaints I've found is about the expensive pricing.

In this review, you will find out all about Josh's Magnetic Marketing method, the Seven Figure Agency programs, who are they for, and what the reviews are. You will also discover who Josh Nelson is and what his claims are.

Seven Figure Agency Pros and Cons


Seven Figure Agency teaches the same method and strategies Josh uses for his highly successful agency.

Josh niche down method minimizes the competition.

Great support from the community.


The coaching is expensive and costs can pile up every month.

Startup agencies will have a hard time overcoming the first obstacle of getting their first clients.

Risks of having negative income if paid ads are not effective.


Seven Figure Agency OnRamp costs $2,500 or 3 payments of $930.33. 7 Figure Coaching & Mentorship Training Program costs $3,000/month. Pricing for the Mastermind is given during a scheduled application call.

Refund Policy

The Seven Figure Agency course and coaching have a 30-day money-back guarantee.




Seven Figure Agency enjoys a positive reputation.

What Is Magnetic Marketing?

Magnetic Marketing is Josh Nelson’s method that teaches 3 core strategies to attract and retain clients while growing your agency. The method not only focuses on generating and converting leads, but also on sustainability through client retention. The core strategies are as follows:

  • Filling the Funnel: Nelson focuses on building a comprehensive funnel that draws in prospects. This involves targeted marketing efforts to generate leads that are genuinely interested in the services offered by the agency.
  • Establishing Authority: Once prospects are in the funnel, you will have to position your agency as an authoritative figure in your niche. This could mean showing in-depth knowledge, providing valuable content, and showing successful case studies.
  • Effective Sales Process: Nelson stresses the importance of a highly efficient sales process that converts prospects into clients at a high rate. He suggests that you should aim for a conversion rate of at least 30%.

What Are the Seven Figure Agency Programs?

Seven Figure Agency OnRamp

Seven Figure Agency OnRamp is an 9-module self-training course that teaches startup agencies on how to achieve stability and prepare to scale. The program teaches this through Josh’s 3-legged stool approach.

  1. Becoming the Expert in a Niche - Specializing yourself in a niche will present you as an expert. This will help differentiate your agency from others.
  2. Create a Magnetic Marketing System That Attracts Clients - Josh believes that sales funnels, social media marketing, and blogging are a waste of time. His Magnetic Marketing System will be your guide to attracting qualified leads.
  3. Produce a Remarkable, Repeatable Service - Agencies will have a hard time when they have to create a process for every client. In order for your agency to grow, you have to create an effective process that you can reproduce with every client. 

Self-Training Modules

Module 1 :Business Model Fundamentals

You will learn how to automate the operations of your agency to free up your time so you can focus on getting clients and scaling your business. The module also covers the best types of services to provide and the two types of work you should not accept to scale to $10k+ per month. Also included is the “mirror” technique to gain an advantage over 95% of other agencies, and the sales and retention tracking sheet.

Module 2: Choose Your Niche and Target Market

The module gives you the step-by-step process of how to select the best niche for you and how to avoid getting stuck with the “getting the client, doing the work” cycle. The lessons include six niche selection guidelines, how to assemble a niche focused team, and how to balance different high-ticket client types in your marketing.

Module 3: Develop Your Irresistible Offer, Program and Packaging

Learn how to build a simple and scalable service with a high ROI so you can get paid up to $2,000+ a month per client. To achieve this, you will be provided with a step-by-step process on how to identify , package, and price your service. You will also learn how to create your client fulfillment plan and gain access to Josh’s recommended providers list. You will also receive an email template for sending your proposal to clients.

Module 4: Setting up Your Minimum Viable Funnel and Positioning

Learn how to recreate Josh’s “minimal viable funnel” to attract leads and close sales. You will learn how to position yourself as an expert in your niche through your branding. Lessons include selecting your niche operating name and domain, company logo, landing page, personal social profiles, and more.

Module 5: Get the List

You will learn how to attract the top prospects in your niche, invest in quality data sources, and gain access to Josh’s go-to source for high quality, custom selected leads list.

Module 6: The Cold Outreach Formula

To get your first clients, you need to do cold outreach. Josh teaches that email marketing is the most effective tool for cold outreach. This module will teach you how to create effective outreach emails.

Module 7: Work the Pipeline

In module 7, you will learn the importance of pipeline management in order to fill your calendar with productive work.

Module 8: Set up Your Case Study Funnel

With digital marketing agencies, "social proof" is the best marketing tool. The module will teach you exactly how to create a case study lead generation system. This includes samples and everything you need to know about Facebook ads campaign and opt-in sequence.

Module 9: Sales Process Mastery

Module 9 comes with Josh’s exact sales framework, 15-page scripts, presentation deck, and proposal templates. The lessons will help you master the sales process and secure high-paying clients.

Bonus Modules

  • How to Land Clients with Facebook Ads: This module focuses on utilizing Facebook ads effectively. It covers selecting the right campaign objectives, targeting ideal audience, crafting compelling ads, outsourcing ad management, and qualifying leads.
  • The New Client OnRamp: This module provides a blueprint to create an impressive onboarding experience for new clients, which helps in retaining them long-term. It includes templates for onboarding emails, scripts for kick-off calls, and strategies for delivering a high-class service from day one.
  • The Marketing Assistant Edge: This module teaches you how to hire and train a low-cost marketing assistant to handle routine marketing tasks.
  • The Appointment Setter Role: This module teaches you how to hire an appointment setter to handle calls and scheduling, along with tips on payment structures, job postings, and managing the CRM pipeline.
  • The HighLevel Snapshot 2.0: Provides comprehensive access to pre-built marketing funnels, follow-up sequences, and sales pipelines, designed to be easily customizable. This module aims to save time and effort in setting up an effective marketing system.

7 Figure Coaching & Mentorship Training Program

7 Figure Coaching & Mentorship Training Program comes with an 8-module course that covers client acquisition, fulfillment, scaling, and more. You also get strategies and templates for lead magnets, landing pages, proposal templates, presentation files, and more. Included in the membership is the monthly marketing strategy webinar, monthly live training and Q&A, 2 coaching calls every week, 3 Agency Acceleration Intensives per year in Miami, and a quarterly implementation game-plan session.

Course Modules

Module 1: Startup Basics for Launching a High-Profit Internet Marketing Agency

Learn the quickest and most effective way to build a profitable agency. This includes Josh’s recommended fee structure, what services to offer, the 9 tools to use for fulfillment, and a list of the top in-demand niches.

Module 2: How to Craft and Irresistible Service Offer Prospects Will Jump All Over

You will learn how to package and price your services for maximum profits, how to create authority websites, what work you need to do to keep a website’s long-term rankings, and how to automate the website review process. Also included is Josh’s 32-minute video presentation that he shows to potential clients before their call. Finally, you get the complete sales process and presentation script.

Module 3: Secrets of Power Positioning to Dominate Your Market

Learn how to position your agency as the expert marketer in your selected niche. The module covers how to create a website that will attract clients, persuasive presentations, maintain high conversion rates, and how to do direct marketing.

Module 4: How to Secure the All Important First Client and Build a Case Study Around Their Success

Learn the 3 “poor-boy” methods for landing clients while having little or no money. Also learn how to talk to clients, Google and other PPC marketing methods to find clients, email marketing, networking. Included is Josh’s 5-step client attraction plan.

Module 5: How to Fulfill on Your Services and Get the Job Done Right the First Time

The module teaches everything you need to know about fulfillment and client retention. You will learn how to rank your clients' business on the top of Google Maps and optimize their website for mobile. Included is Josh’s sources for citation development, content and blogging

Module 6: How to Become the Authority in Your Market by Publishing a Book

The module will teach you how to position yourself as an expert in your niche by publishing a book. This includes how to publish and print your book at a low cost.

Module 7: How to Put Your Marketing Strategy in Place So Prospects Flock to You in Droves

The 7-Figure Agency Marketing Plan has marketing methods for creating an effective marketing campaign. Learn how to get yourself as a speaker in high-profile speaking engagements at local, state and national association events. Discover what PPC ads are the most effective and least costly. Learn how to do multi-step direct mail campaigns. You will also learn how to use automated webinars and monthly content marketing and syndication systems to get more clients.

Module 8: How to Service, Manage, and Retain Paying Clients Who Are Thrilled With Your Agency

Create a proactive system to keep clients happy and retain your services. Learn how to nourish your relationship with your clients in order to have high retention rates. The module includes a A 66-minute video where Josh is talking with an unhappy client and how he resolved it.

Seven Figure Agency Mastermind

The Seven Figure Agency Mastermind is a program where you are grouped with other agency owners who are at the same level as you. Your mastermind group will be based on the size and the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of your agency.

  • Elites Mastermind - Have at least $83K MRR and grown by a minimum of 12 clients in the past 6 months. You also need to have chosen a specific niche and started building authority in it.
  • Titans Mastermind - Have at least $166K MRR and must be committed to growing your agency to 8 Figures over the next 24-36 months. You need to be focused on becoming the go-to agency in your niche

The Mastermind will have monthly sessions on ZOOM unless there are live events in that month. There are 3 live in-person intensives a year in Miami, Florida. There are several rules that you must follow or you may be asked to leave the group.

Who Is Seven Figure Agency For?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start a niche marketing agency.
  • Startup agencies that are struggling with acquiring and retaining clients.
  • Successful agencies that are having a hard time scaling or want to scale faster and higher.

What Are the Seven Figure Agency Reviews?

Seven Figure Agency has nothing but positive reviews as it is as legit as Josh Nelson. 

On a Reddit post asking about the course, a student of Seven Figure Agency praised the community and says that Josh's model helped his agency make 7 figures in the 1st year. He also applied the method to his other agency and it almost made 7 figures as well.

Josh's methods that he teaches in Seven Figure Agency is the same one that he uses in his own Plumbing & HVAC SEO marketing agency. His agency is successful and well known just as this Redditor pointed out. He explained that Josh's agency was their main competitors in the South Florida market.

Josh's books are also highly praised. In a digital marketing thread on Reddit, one Redditor recommended Josh's books.

Who Is Josh Nelson?

Josh Nelson is a digital marketing expert, consultant, and author from Miami, Florida. He is the founder of Seven Figure Agency and Plumbing & HVAC SEO marketing agency. After graduating with a business administration degree from Florida International University, Josh worked in sales for an IT company, Data Impact, for 3 and a half years. He then worked as a district manager for ADP (Always Designing for People) for almost 2 years.

In 2009, Josh founded his first digital marketing agency, Clic Inc. This agency catered to local South Florida businesses in various niches and industries. He found limited success and found it challenging to cater to different niches. After deciding to focus on a specific industry, he soon discovered that specializing led to more effective marketing. Clic Inc ended its service and Josh founded his niche marketing agency, Plumbing & HVAC SEO, in 2011.

With the specialization in plumbing and HVAC businesses, his agency grew fast and became the go-to marketing agency for this niche. By the end of the first year, it was making over $29,000/month in revenue. He kept scaling and by the end of year 5, the agency was making around $196,000/month. He has authored several high rated marketing books such as "The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap" and "The Client Retention Handbook for Digital Marketing Agencies."

Plumbing & HVAC SEO

Plumbing & HVAC SEO generates over $5 million a year and has over 30 US-based employees and employs freelancers from the Philippines. The agency charges clients $2,490 a month for the full-service management fee. The full-service includes web design, PPC ads, SEO, social media marketing, and reputation management. Besides the service fee, the client also allocates a Google AdWords budget of at least $2,000. The average cost per lead with this agency is $25 to $35 for plumbing and $35 to $45 for the HVAC. Plumbing & HVAC SEO was part of the INC 5,000 list in 2016 and 2017 .

What Is Josh Nelson’s Claim?

Josh Nelson claims that his systems can teach startup agencies how to land 5-10 clients in just 90 days that will pay at least $1,000/month. The biggest challenge for new marketing agencies with no social proof is finding clients to sign up with them instead of more established agencies. Can Josh’s strategies help startup agencies navigate the challenges and become successful?

Challenges of a Startup Digital Marketing Agency

New digital marketing agencies will encounter a lot of challenges that they need to overcome before they can be successful. Most agencies that fail do so early on because they cannot deal with these challenges effectively.

  • Building a Client Base: New agencies often struggle with credibility and lack a portfolio or proven track record, which can make attracting clients difficult.
  • Cash Flow Management: Digital marketing agencies will need an investment for the tools, software, and talent while waiting for client payments, which can sometimes be delayed.
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention: Finding and retaining skilled employees is crucial but can be tough for startups that might not offer the salaries or perks of established agencies. The competition for top talent in digital marketing is very high.
  • Keeping Up with Industry Changes: Staying updated with the latest trends and algorithm updates can be a significant strain on resources.
  • Pricing and Service Offerings: Determining the right pricing strategy is essential for new agencies. Pricing can either drive away potential clients or not be enough to cover the operating costs.
  • Differentiation: In a saturated industry, having your agency stand out is an enormous challenge, especially if your agency is brand new.

Josh addresses many of these challenges in his programs. While Josh relies on inbound leads and is not a fan of cold outreach, he acknowledges that new agencies need to work extra hard finding their first clients. He teaches that direct marketing and cold emails are the most effective tools for getting your first clients. However, it is unlikely that clients would pay $1,000+ to a new agency with no proven success records. Josh himself did cold calls and cold emails in first year to get clients and joined industry associations to access contacts for leads.

The niche down strategy makes a tremendous difference with differentiation. John teaches several strategies on how to position your agency as an expert in its niche. However, this still would not work if you do not have any social proof to show for. Seven Figure Agency also teaches you how to organize and price your offers and how and where to find skilled employees and how to manage them.

Is a Digital Marketing Agency Worth Starting in 2024?

Starting a digital marketing agency in 2024 is worth it if you have the capital to fund and market your agency and the skills to handle client fulfillment. However, you have to take into account that your agency might not be profitable for the first few months, or even years. Building a reputation and portfolio in order to secure high-paying clients takes time. This business is risky, but once you have passed a certain threshold and start gaining momentum, it could be a very profitable venture.

Create Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model that creates passive income by renting out ranked sites to local businesses. Just like how a digital agency helps businesses generate leads by running ads and ranking websites, a local lead generation helps businesses get leads. There differences is that in a local lead generation, you own the website which businesses have to pay you monthly in rent in order to profit from the leads. This is more sustainable as businesses have no more reason to pay a digital marketing company once their job is done.

In a digital marketing agency business, you still need to manage operations and your team of employees. In a local lead generation business, you keep all the profits and once a site is ranked and rented; the income is completely passive. There is also no need for social proof as your ranked site is proof enough.

Scaling a digital marketing agency means enlarging the operations by getting more clients and hiring more employees. This adds more operating costs and more risks. To scale a local lead generation, you simply have to repeat the rank and rent process. There is no limit to how many times you can do it. You can earn $500 to $3,000 a month per site. These reasons are why local lead generation is the better business to create time and financial freedom through passive sustainable cash flow.

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