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Shane Hummus Review: What Does He Teach?

June 20, 2024

Shane Hummus produces educational content that helps people to secure high demand careers without spending a lot of time and money on higher education. He gives tips on how to qualify and apply for jobs and recommends good courses. Shane regularly posts on his YouTube channel on topics like what courses lead to high-paying jobs and what courses to avoid, to best remote jobs to get into in 2024.

Online reviews about Shane Hummus are mostly positive. You can get a lot of great value from his YouTube channel for free. Many people have expressed how Shane’s recommendations have changed their lives. A few experts in fields that Shane tackles in his videos have pointed out minor mistakes in the information that Shane gives.

In this Shane Hummus review, you will discover what Shane Hummus teaches, who he is, what his YouTube channel is, and his College 101 course. You will also learn what other courses he promotes, what people say about Shane, and how to earn passive income by starting your own business.

Shane Hummus Review: Pros and Cons


Shane gives a lot of valuable tips and tricks for free on his YouTube channel.

You get discounts to the recommended courses when signing up using Shane's affiliate link.


Some of the information Shane shares are not exactly accurate or outdated.

You need to double check before taking any his advice as Shane posts information that are specific to his experience and situation.


Shane Hummus' College 101 course costs $397. His course is purchased through Teachable.

Refund Policy

14-day refund guaranteed by Teachable.




Very positive reviews

June 19, 2024

Shane makes good tier videos and the information you can get may be useful for you. However, he just isn’t an expert on every college degree. He says things like liberal arts degrees are useless, but then are many high paying jobs that you can get with a liberal arts degree. A creative director in NYC can get paid anywhere from $135-$235k per year. It all boils down to what your passion is and if you are willing to pursue it. People shouldn’t be influenced by this type of content!


2.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What Does Shane Hummus Teach?

Shane Hummus teaches you how to secure a high-paying career without spending a lot of time and money on a college degree. He can guide you with his step-by-step course on how to pick the right degree for you, select the best university, minimize the cost of college, how to graduate early, how to find and apply for your first high-paying job, and how to get promoted quickly. Shane also teaches what college degrees have the highest entry-level pay and what degrees you should avoid.

Who Is Shane Hummus?

shane hummus review

Shane Humason, aka Shane Hummus, is an American YouTuber and educator from Las Vegas, Nevada. His goal is to help people get high-paying jobs while avoiding getting buried in student debt. Shane Hummus went to The University of Kansas, where he took pre-pharmacy studies. He then earned a doctorate in pharmacy from the Roseman University of Health Sciences. Shane also previously worked as a pharmacist for less than 4 years.

How Shane Hummus Graduated With A Doctorate In 5 Years And 9 Months

Shane Hummus graduated with a doctorate in only 5 years and 9 months total compared to the usual 8 years. He achieved this through a combination of utilizing educational programs and excellent time management. Shane's journey can be summarized in the following points.

  • Thorough Research - Do your research on what degrees you want to take and the career paths that you can take. This is Shane’s first important step as he found out it was possible to take pharmacy without a bachelor’s degree, which led to saving time and money.
  • Strategic Planning - Creating a timeline is important so you can be sure you stay on track. Shane created his plan to finish his undergraduate course early, which led him to significantly reduced his time in college.
  • AP Classes - Advance Placement (AP) classes are college-level courses that you can take in highschool. Some AP classes are credited in college. Shane took AP classes in high school, which allowed to save time and money by testing out several college courses and earning credit.
  • CLEP Exams - College-Level Examination Program exams (CLEP) are a series of tests that allow you to earn credit without taking the class. Shane used the CLEP exams to earn credit for classes that teach what he already knows. CLEP exams saved him time and money on subjects that he was already familiar with. 
  • Accelerated Graduate Program - Accelerated Graduate Program allows you to fast track your college degree. This program has more intensive coursework and is career focused. Shane got his pharmacy bachelors in only 2 years and 9 months by enrolling in an accelerated pharmacy school program.

What Is Shane Hummus' YouTube Channel?

Shane Humason has two YouTube channels, the main Shane Hummus channel and the Shane Hummus Show channel. The main Shane Hummus channel is where he posts informational videos every 2-3 days. This main channel has over 800 videos and 629,000 subscribers. The Shane Hummus Show is the YouTube channel of his podcast where he posts shorts. Shane has shifted his content from college related videos to focus more on part-time and remote job topics.

What Is Shane Hummus' College 101 Course?

Shane Hummus’ course College 101: Graduate College Debt Free With Your Dream Degree teaches you how to choose your ideal college degrees and career while graduating early and minimizing debt. The course will cover over 50 various topics from how to choose the best major and university to how to graduate early and land your dream job.

Course Curriculum

  • Section 1: Introduction
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 How To Navigate This Course
  • Section 2: Fundamentals
    2.1 Breaking down the different types of degrees
    2.2 How much is college going to cost?
    2.3 Understanding student loans - Should you take them out?
    2.4 Is a college degree worth the money?
    2.5 The secret to getting the most out of College
  • Section 3: How To Prepare For College
    3.1 How to prepare for college
  • Section 4: How To Choose Your College
    4.1 Colleges that you must avoid
    4.2 The 3 most important factors for choosing a college
    4.3 Does the school you go to matter?
    4.4 Should you go to anIvyleague or prestigious school?
    4.5 One easy way to cut your college tuition in half
    4.6 How I graduated with a doctorate in 5 years and 9 months
    4.7 How important is the location of the college?
    4.8 Is online college a good option?
    4.9 Figuring out the best college for you
  • Section 5: How To Pay For College And Save Money
    5.1 How to get the best scholarships
    5.2 The low hanging fruit of paying for college
    5.3 How to find the best hidden scholarships
    5.4 The best way to save money on tuition
    5.5 Underrated ways to save money during college
    5.6 How to save money on housing
    5.7 How to save money on food
    5.8 How to save money on transportation
    5.9 Examples of saving money on college
  • Section 6: What College Degrees Are Worth The Money?
    6.1 Going over different types of degrees
    6.2 How to research college majors
  • Section 7: How To Choose Your College Major
    7.1 Why so many people fear and dread choosing their college major
    7.2 The biggest mistakes people make when choosing their college major
    7.3 The secret to choosing your college major
    7.4 How to find the best careers for you!
    7.5 How to figure out what your dream career is and your life purpose
    7.6 My philosophies on choosing a college major
    7.7 The best resources for specific college major advice
  • Section 8: What To Do While You're In College
    8.1 The biggest  mistakes people make in college
    8.2 How to get good grades with minimal effort
    8.3 A simple organizational method that changed my life
    8.4 Should you work while you're in college?
    8.5 How to get the most out of your college experience
  • Section 9: Lifehacks For College Degrees
    9.1 How to shorten your college degree by 1-2 years
    9.2 How to graduate high school early
    9.3 What you need to do in order to graduate college early
    9.4 Do you need a 4-year Bachelor degree?
    9.5 The biggest secret to shaving off 1 year of college
    9.6 Bachelor degrees that can be finished in less than 1 year for less than $10k
    9.7 How to take college courses for free!
    9.8 How to avoid insanely difficult professors
  • Section 10: (BONUS!) How To Get A High Paying Entry Level Job Right Out Of College
    10.1 What actually matters for landing a great job?
    10.2 What you need to know about networking
    10.3 Do grades matter?
    10.4 Do skills matter?
    10.5 Do extracurriculars and community service matter?
    10.6 Does work experience matter?
    10.7 When should you start applying for jobs?
    10.8 The best tools and resources for applying to jobs
    10.9 Making a cover letter that will get you noticed
    10.10 How to make a great resume that will get you interviews
    10.11 How to prepare for interviews
    10.12 Nailing phone and video interviews
    10.13 How to interview like a pro
    10.14 The biggest secret when it comes to interviews
  • Section 11: (BONUS) What To Do After College (MORE COMING SOON)
    11.1 The ideal industry to work in (Teaser)

Who Is Shane Hummus' College 101 Course For?

  • High school graduates who want to get a degree while minimizing student debt and time in college. The course can guide you to finding the right career path for you and the best way to get it.
  • Working professionals who want to get a post-graduate degree but have little time or money. The course can help you change career path or continue studies to specialize in your field.
  • High school students who plan to enter college but don't want to graduate with high student debt. The step-by-step course guides you on how to minimize your spending and time spent in college.
  • Parents who want to send their children to college without incurring high student debt. The course can help them plan out their child's educational timeline starting in high school.

What Courses Does Shane Hummus Promote?

Shane Hummus promotes the Technology Sales course and Information Technology course by CourseCareers, and the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint course by Seth Jared. These are self-paced courses that can land you a job with high entry-salary. Signing up for any of these programs using Shane's affiliate link will give you a discount.

What Is CourseCareers?

CourseCareers is an educational platform by Troy Buckholdt that offers training that helps people get the skills and qualifications to get high-paying careers. The self-paced trainings tackle subjects like technology sales and information technology. CourseCareers is partnered with companies that hire graduates, making it easy for students to find employment after finishing the courses. The platform has 50 coaches that offer free weekly training and paid 1-on-1 coaching. CourseCareers has a LinkedIn group where students can network.

What Is the CourseCareers Tech Sales Course?

The CourseCareers Technology Sales course teaches you all you need to qualify for a tech sales job. The course has over 17 hours of content in 5 modules and is instructed by Trent Dressel. Price of the course is $499.

What Is a Career in Tech Sales?

A career in tech sales is the selling of technology-related solutions to businesses or individual clients. These products can be software, hardware, services, and more. Tech sales involve inbound or outbound cold calling. The key skill you need is to convince the customer they have a problem and to which you have the solution. Working in tech sales can earn you $40,000 to $100,000 a year, plus commission.

What Is CourseCareers IT Course?

The CourseCareers IT course teaches you how to qualify and apply for a high-paying IT career. The course has over 13 hours of content that is instructed by Josh Madakor. Price of the course is $499.

What Is a Career in IT?

A career in IT involves the support, maintenance, and implementation of computer systems. The wide range of jobs include IT helpdesk, system admin, network engineer, software developer, etc. IT careers have high entry-level salary and fast career growth. You need the technical knowledge and skills relevant to the IT career path that you choose. You can earn a starting salary of $40,000 to $80,000 a year working in IT.

What Is Seth Jared's Digital Marketing Career Blueprint?

Seth Jared's Digital Marketing Career Blueprint is an 18-module course that teaches you how to start a high-paying career as a digital marketer. The training has over 45 hours on how to do PPC, SEM. SEO, and SMM. The course provides all the training, tools, and support to qualify for an entry-level digital marketing job. You also get 2 coaching calls a week, access to networking and job opportunities, and access to the private forum. The networking is great to find potential employers. The course costs $797 and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What Do People Say About Shane Hummus?

People mostly say good things about Shane Hummus. He is praised for the detailed and helpful information that he gives online. The positive aspects mentioned in Shane Hummus reviews are that his advice has improved some of his viewer’s lives. Many have commented that his videos have helped motivate and give viewers a clear idea of what they want to pursue.

shane hummus review

This comment by a high school student thanked Shane for the video that removed his doubts and made his path clearer. Shane has plenty of high school students watching his videos and some comment on how it helped them clear their minds to make informed decisions.

shane hummus review

An older viewer posted this comment on how Shane helped open the conversation of career planning to young students.

shane hummus review

Shane’s most viewed video titled “The most useless degrees…” with over 3.5 million views has drawn many criticisms from viewers. This comment argued that the take small minded as some of those courses called useless by Shane are lucrative with a doctorate. Viewers in other videos also pointed out that some inaccuracies in statistics that Shane gives in his videos.

shane hummus review

This comment on a Reddit post about one of Shane’s forestry degree video points out that Shane creates these videos having no experience in the actual fields of studies. Shane cites some sources he uses but ultimately gauges a course based on his own opinion. The common complaint in Shane Hummus reviews is that his content treats education solely as an investment and is mostly only applicable to Americans. This opens the question of a high-paying career vs. a career in what you are passionate about.

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