Eric Moeller & Jasper Ribbers’s Short-Term Rental Profit Academy Review | $1k-$10k Per Month?

April 24, 2024

Short-Term Rental Profit Academy by Eric Moeller and Jasper Ribbers is a digital platform that teaches foundational knowledge, sustainable scaling, automation technology, as well as hospitality and hosting tips for Airbnb rentals. It also provides training materials on pricing, cleaning, mindset, virtual assistants, monitoring tools, and property insurance. With the program, students get the Tools and Resource Center, as well as one-on-one call strategy calls, 2x a week Q&As, weekly live training, and an exclusive Facebook community. This course is for short-term rental hosts of all experience levels. With the skills and knowledge learned from the program, it aims to boost revenue by $10k+ per month.

Based on reviews from Facebook and the Results page of the official website, the course has highly detailed content. The support from the mentors and community are also valuable for growth. Moreover, data from DoorLoop states that the short-term rental market is projected to grow by $8,907.1 million in 2026.

Short-term rentals typically earn 2x to 3x more per month compared to long-term rental properties, according to a Roofstock article. They are also easier to maintain and offer flexibility for hosts and travelers. However, notable drawbacks of the business model are the current laws and regulations in the US and worldwide. Rental income is also fluctuates and operating expenses are relatively high. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits and downsides of the program, costs, claims, course content, bonus mini-courses, resources, community, and student results of Short-Term Rental Profit Academy.

Short-Term Rental Profit Academy Review: Pros & Cons


Novice-friendly program: The course has content geared towards beginners, as well as an online community and mentors for support.

Comprehensive content: The training material is packed with information, resources, and tools for short-term rental hosts.

Transparent cost & money-back guarantee: The costs for the program is readily available in the website. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also given to students.


Expensive pricing: The price for the course is above $1k. However, there is another pricing option that enables 4x split payments.

No new/updated course materials: There are no new or updated content for the course materials in 2024.

Inactive links to programs: Although the website states that the STR Legends Mastermind and The Coronavirus Survival Kit are available programs, links don’t working once clicked.


Short-Term Rental Profit Academy costs $1,497 for a one-time payment or $499 for a 4x split pay. As for the STR Profit Academy Inner Circle, it costs $97 per month or $997 per year.

Refund Policy

Short-Term Rental Profit Academy refund policy is available and accessible 30 days after purchase date.


The Short-Term Rental Profit Academy was founded in 2019.


STR Profit Academy has a mostly positive reputation based on Facebook reviews and feedback on their Results page.

What Is Short-Term Rental Profit Academy?

Short-Term Rental Profit Academy is an online platform that provides training materials, support, resources, and community for Airbnb hosts. Its main programs include the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy course and the Inner Circle Facebook group. Purchase of any of the two includes access to the Automation Freedom courses, My First Profitable Listing video training, and the Accountability Success Systems. It also has the Tools & Resources Center, Moreover, the platform enables one-on-one conversations with industry experts, twice a week Q&As, as well as a members-only Facebook group.

What Do You Learn in Short-Term Rental Profit Academy?

Short-Term Rental Profit Academy teaches students how to structure deals, locate listings, nurture guest loyalty, ensure 5-star reviews, and scale an Airbnb business. The platform also covers market studies, direct bookings, communication, email marketing, guest screening, noise prevention, customer journey, booking calendars, business structure, automation technology, data and monitoring tools, and short-term rental insurance. Additionally, it provides guidance regarding hosting, pricing, mindset, cleaning, managing, occupancy, virtual assistants, and hospitality. 

How Does the STR Profit Academy Help You With Your Airbnb Business? 

  • Mindset tips: The STR Profit Academy course helps you with your Airbnb business by nurturing the right mindset to scale and seize profitable opportunities.

  • Time & location freedom: The program enables remote business operations and automation techniques.

  • Solid support & community: The STR Profit Academy enables direct access to founders, experts, and peers. It also has 2x a week A&As, plus weekly training, for the members.

  • Sustainable scaling strategies: The Short-Term Rental Profit Academy allows hosts to grow and stay competitive, through its operations-focused lectures.

  • Extra $1,000 to $10,000/month income: The program aims to help students generate up to 10,000 per month with the lessons and strategies available in the course.

  • Beginner-friendly & detailed instructions: Lessons on real estate are explained in a step-by-step manner, making it suitable for beginners in the industry.

What is the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy course?

The Short-Term Rental Profit Academy course is a program with step-by-step videos on how to manage, grow, and start a 6-figure Airbnb business. It provides an introduction to short-term rentals, particularly business preparation, structure, hosting, and hospitality. It also includes worldwide market studies, direct booking guidance, and technology tutorials. Additionally, the course teaches how to hire staff, locate listings, structure deals, and ensure top-rated reviews and loyal guests.

What’s included in the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy course?

Included in the purchase of the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy course are the Automation Freedom courses, My First Profitable Listing video training, Accountability Success Systems, Tools & Resources Center. Students of the program also have one-on-one conversations with 20+ real estate and Airbnb experts. This includes Chip Conley - best selling author and strategic advisor to Airbnb, Nicole Curtis from HGTV’s Rehab Addict, Peter Lorimer from Netflix’s Stay Here, and Than Merrill from HGTV’s Flip This House. The course also enables access to the Inner Circle community.

What is the Automation Freedom Courses Bundle?

The Automation Free Courses Bundles is a collection of 6 mini courses that provides in-depth guidance on Airbnb full business automation, achieved through the use of technology. The courses are for business owners who seek more free time in their schedule. It includes Understanding The Data mini course by, Party & Noise Control mini course by Noiseaware, Automate Your Messages Mini-Course by Smartbnb, Cleaning Management & Automation Mini-Course by Properly, How To Price Your Calendar For Maximum Profit mini-course by Wheelhouse, and Everything Insurance For You & Your Listings mini course by Proper Insurance.

  • Understanding The Data mini course by This exclusive training enables hosts to make the best decisions for their existing and future listings utilizing the data in the market. It also leverages data tools to help WITH occupancy, pricing, and targeting top-tier properties.

  • Party & Noise Control mini course by Noiseaware: This mini-course covers the guidelines on how to prevent noisy guests and parties using monitoring tools.

  • Automate Your Messages Mini-Course by Smartbnb: This program aims to free up to 80% of hosts time by automating communication for your listings. It fully automates messaging vendors, as well as potential and current guests.

  • Cleaning Management & Automation Mini-Course by Properly: This exclusive course helps Airbnb hosts to completely automate the turnover and cleaning process. It teaches how to craft seamless checklists, as well as find, manage, hire, the best cleaners.

  • How To Price Your Calendar For Maximum Profit mini-course by Wheelhouse: This course boosts profits for Airbnb rentals by maximizing bookings and streamlining calendars. This also features a dynamic tool for pricing.

  • Everything Insurance For You & Your Listings mini course by Proper Insurance: This mini course protects listing owners by providing appropriate knowledge and tools regarding short-term rental insurance. It is taught by Darren Pettyjohn of Proper Insurance.

  • 'My First Profitable Listing’ video training: This program uses the in-depth understanding of customer journey in orders to get more listings and boost profitability of Airbnb rentals. 
  • Accountability Success Systems: The Accountability Success Systems is a weekly accountability and progress tracking tool for Airbnb rental hosts. It ensures that listing owners stay on track with their goals. It is a well-established system that provides a clear understanding of the next steps in hosting.
  • Tools & Resource Center: The Tool and Resource Center contains spreadsheets, systems, tools, and plug-and-play scripts. This enables hours of saved time which would have been dedicated to research and development. 

What is the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy Inner Circle?

The Short-Term Rental Profit Academy Inner Circle is an exclusive membership program that provides one-on-one strategy calls, direct contact with the founders, live weekly trainings, twice a week Q&As, and recordings to past training. This Facebook group enables members to get updated with the industry and connect with other rental hosts. It also shortens the learning curve for Airbnb hosts due to the network of experienced and successful members.

  • One-on-one strategy call: Novices in the STR Academy Inner Cicle get a one-on-one strategy call with Jasper Ribbers to discuss business goal and proposed action plans. 

  • Direct contact with founders: Members of the Facebook group can get in touch with Jasper and Eric directly.

  • Live weekly trainings: During these meetings, the CEOs, founders, and industry experts are present to answer direct questions from members.

  • 2x Q&As with founders: An additional twice a week live training will be provided by the founders to help members. 

Access to all past training: 10+ hours of recordings for all past training are available for the students. This includes videos on email marketing, direct bookings, guest screening process, virtual assistants, scaling a short-term rental management business,

What’s included in the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy Inner Circle?

Included in the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy Inner Circle are the Automation Freedom Courses, Accountability Success System, and Tools & Resources Center. Members also gain access to the Short-Term Profit Academy course when they select the annual membership plan.

Who Is STR Profit Academy For? 

STR Profit Academy is for complete beginners, experienced landlords looking to increase profit, individuals who need community and mentors, and veterans hosts who want to scale. It fits Homeaway, Airbnb, and VRBO hosts an all levels of experience.

Who Is STR Profit Academy Not For? 

STR Profit Academy is not for experienced and novice Airbnb hosts looking to adapt to the new laws and regulations for short-term rentals. This is because, as of writing, there are no updates of the program that covers recent policies.

Are The STR Profit Academy Students Getting Results?

Yes, STR Profit Academy students are getting results, based on Airbnb business reviews posted in the Results pages of the official website. One reviewer named Josie Grundy of GuestPlease was able to scale her business, despite burnout. She stated that the mindset lessons, mentors, resources, and tools were instrumental to her growth. Another reviewer named Christina stated that she was able to sign her first co-hosting agreement for her first property after enrolling in the program. Meanwhile, feedback from Amy shared that she was able to speak to about 30 realtors in one room because of the course. The rest of the reviews praised the informative course content, simplified explanations, subjects covered, motivation lessons, as well as the supportive community and mentors.

What are STR Profit Academy reviews?

str profit academy review

STR Profit Academy reviews show a 5-star rating on the Facebook page, coming from 7 reviews. A 2020 comment stated that the course was great and that the program is worth joining. However, the majority of the feedback are from spam comments.

Is The Short-Term Rental Profit Academy Worth It?

Yes, the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy is worth it if you are a beginner and need extensive support. The program includes a one-on-one consultation call, direct access to the founders and experts, as well as an exclusive online community to help guide you. However, seasoned Airbnb hosts require more updated content, especially in terms of regulations in 2024.

Who Are Eric Moeller & Jasper Ribbers?

Eric Moeller and Jasper RIbbers are the founders of the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy. Back in 2019, when they started STR Legends Mastermind, they realized a need for education in the Airbnb rental industry. And so they began STR Profit Academy, with the aim to provide comprehensives resources and support.

eric moeller

Eric D. Moeller is a founder, host, seasoned real estate investor, and Airbnb Superhost. He founded Short-Term Rental Profit Academy and STR Legends Mastermind. He is also the host of the Airbnb Mastery Summit. Additionally, his earliest experience in real estate is at age 17, with him buying his first property at 19 years of age. He sold and renovated homes in New Jersey. After his move to San Diego in 2016, he started the company Homtel - a leasing, co-hosting, and investment business that features unique home all over the world. This earned him the Airbnb Superhost status. Currently, he is managing listings in Southern California.

jasper ribbers

Jasper Ribbers is a co-founder, host, and author. He co-founded the STR Profit Academy, STR Legends Mastermind, and Overnight Success. He is also the host and CEO of Get Paid For Your Pad - a top resource for Airbnb hosting with more than 20,000 active hosts. Additionally, he is the author of the book Get Paid For Your Pad: How to Maximize Profit From Your Airbnb Listing, available on Amazon.

Eric Moeller & Jasper Ribbers Claims: Earn Over $10,000/mo With Short-Term Profit Rental Academy

Eric Moeller & Jasper Ribbers Claims

Eric Moeller and Jasper Ribbers claim that the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy course helps business owners generate more than 10,000 per month.

Eric Moeller & Jasper Ribbers Claims Debunked

Eric Moeller and Jasper Ribbers claims are difficult to achieve because zoning laws and local regulations currently implemented in the US. With these in place, the number of vacation rentals are drasticallty limited. A 2023 article shares that in Honolulu Hawaii, there are only 1,715 rentals allowed. There are also places where short-term rentals are completely banned. Whereas, there are areas like Los Angeles where only primary residences can be listed in a short-term rental property. Moreover, a 2023 Quibble post mentioned that in New York City, hosts are only able to rent out their houses for 30 days per year.

What Is Airbnb Arbitrage? 

Airbnb arbitrage is a business model that includes renting out other landlords’ properties and then subletting them on the Airbnb platform. This can be done on a short-term or mid-term basis. Airbnb arbitrage is mostly legal in the US. However for international properties, it’s best to research prior to starting this business strategy. For instance, in Australia and Canada, regulations are much more strict. People like short-term rentals because it provides higher revenue, stimulates the local economy, and gives access to desirable accommodations.

  • Hosts prefer short-term rentals since it gives them more revenue compared to long-term rentals, enables passive income for their investment property, and allows them to nurture their customer service, management, and hospitality skills.
  • Travelers choose short-term rentals because they get access to additional and unique accommodations, help them gain a deep understanding of the local culture, and enjoy flexibility in terms of stay.
  • For the local community, it boosts local business spending, improves overall neighborhood quality, preserves affordable housing, and reduces carbon footprint.

According to the National Association of Realtors good return on a short-term rental is above 15%. However, factors such as location, amenities, size, personal goals, and occupancy fluctuation play a role on ROI. So, short-term rentals are still profitable in 2024, specially if you host a property located in a city or country with lax laws on rental units. However, if you are situated in places like New York, Los Angeles, or Honolulu Hawaii, you will have difficulty making this a lucrative opportunity.

How Can I Improve My Short Term Rental?

  • Keyless Entry Systems: A keyless entry system is one way to improve your short-term rental. It provides more security and convenience compared to a traditional mechanical key. According to Persistense Market Research, this industry is even expected to grow 10.8% from 2023 to 2033.

  • Smart Home Technology: Having Smart Home technology is another way to upgrade your rental property. Installing gadgets such as smart thermostats, locks, alarms, and lightning benefits guests and hots alike. Data from Statista also shows that, in 2024, the revenue for this market will grow by US$154.4bn.

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Sustainability is an added strategy to improve a short-term rental property. It boosts reputation and increase occupancy. According to the digital publication Open Access Government, methods include using energy-efficient appliances, green insulation,  low-VOC paint, water conservation measures, and electric boilers.

Why Digital Real Estate Is the Best Opportunity of 2024

Short-term rentals are still lucrative ventures for select hosts. However, digital real estate is a much more profitable, low-risk, and affordable opportunity of 2024. This is because the former business model suffers from current regulations and zoning laws currently implemented in the United States and other countries.

With digital real estate, there are significantly fewer legal roadblocks. Income is also not seasonal since websites are rented out to clients.

Through a local lead gen training course, you’ll get up to 95% profit margin. Compared to traditional properties, your initial investment is incredibly low. You’ll only need about $300 to start. Plus, you income is passive, freeing your time for scaling or other ventures.

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