What Is Social Media Marketing? Definition, Examples & Techniques

June 27, 2023

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a type of digital marketing that uses social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook to connect with an audience, build brand awareness, drive online traffic, and increase sales. Statista says there are an estimated 4.89 billion social media users in 2023. The key is to go where your people are and capture their attention. 

Other Social Media Marketing Definitions

What Is Social Media Marketing Definition By Authors? Authors define social media marketing (SMM) as the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to share information from a business to a consumer. The goal of SMM is to build brand awareness, boost sales and drive online traffic.

What Are Social Media Marketing Examples? Social media marketing examples include SEO, email marketing campaigns, Google Ads, and influencer marketing. A successful social media marketing campaign offers value to its target audience, is authentic, and is easy to track.

What Are Social Media Marketing Ideas? Social marketing ideas include UGC that shares tips and advice, online reviews, and testimonials or posts about a company's culture like a 'behind the scenes' or 'a day in the life.'

What Are Types Of Social Media Marketing? Types of social media marketing include content creation, copywriting, influencers, paid media, and social media engagement that builds a following and expands a business's online reach.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency? A social media marketing agency is a collective group or individual retained by a company to design and execute specific strategies like blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media content for clients. The goal of a social marketing agency is to increase brand awareness, capture more leads and drive online traffic to a product or service.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is just marketing using methods like email marketing and digital media. Demand Sage says digital advertising spending will reach $602.25 billion in 2023. Digital marketing is a chance to build brand awareness, broaden your reach and increase sales. 

It shares value with your customers using digital tools. Leverage digital marketing methods like websites, blogs, or a social media platform like Instagram and Twitter. Then be where the right people hang out to get attention and drive online traffic to your product or service. 

10 Social Media Platforms To Use In 2024

1. TikTok

TikTok is the sixth most frequently used social media app. The platform gets tens of millions of searches per day. TikTok is a content creation mecca for business owners. Users like raw and ASMR-satisfying videos, and they should be part of your social media management goals.

  • Number of users: This social media network has 834.3 million users as of May 2023.
  • Audience: TikTok reports that 60% of its users are between the ages of 16-24, 26% are between the ages of 25-44.80% are between the ages of 16-34.
  • The best type of content: The best content marketing strategy for your social media marketing campaign on TikTok is short-form videos, hashtags, and challenges. Keep your content fun, entertaining, and share subcultures. Current trends include green screens, skits, dance competitions, and a 'day in the life.'
  • Target audience: B2B and B2C, build community, brand awareness, and sales. Sprout Social says TikTok is the highest-grossing non-game app. This social network generated over $821 million in consumer spending in 2022. 

2. Facebook

Facebook is the world's third-most visited website. According to Statusbrew, 90 million small businesses use Facebook Pages, Groups, and Messenger. So in 2024, this social network needs to be part of your marketing goals mix.

  • Number of users: Facebook has over 2.963 billion users in 2023.
  • Audience: Facebook's primary audience is adults aged 18-35. But the platform boasts 65.7% of U.S. social commerce buyers.
  • The best type of content: Facebook users enjoy videos and story-telling content. But social media advertising (Facebook ads) is a way to grab a few quick wins with Facebook marketing.
  • Target audience: B2C, sales, brand awareness, reach a target market and potential customers who might find your business elsewhere.

3. Instagram

Instagram is second only to Facebook as the most-used network. But you need to create an actionable strategy to make money with this social platform. Then have a clear goal to attract customers on Instagram. EmbedSocial suggests that over 200,000 million business owners use the platform to build an audience and market their products or services. Many influencers today use Instagram platform to grow their network and brand presence. Check our review on Christina Galbato's Influencer Bootcamp

  • Number of users: Instagram has 1.35 users as of May 2023.
  • Audience: Most platform users are Millenials and Gen Zr's. To get eyeballs on your marketing campaign, focus on content that speaks to a demographic with a higher-than-average income and target specific locations.
  • The best type of content: An Instagram story, reels, and contests are the best type of content for the platform. Take advantage of hashtags, trending sounds, music, and Instagram lives. The key is to focus on visuals and imagery that grab the attention of your ideal customer. 
  • Target audience: B2C, brand awareness, and boosting sales. eMarketer suggests that 71% of US-based businesses now use Instagram.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is a multimedia app where users share 'snaps.' Snaps can include pictures, videos, and posts. But posts are only available for viewing for a short time before they disappear. In 2024, this platform has proof of concept. It's a unique way to connect with consumers at scale through augmented reality.

  • Number of users: Snapchat has over 319 million daily active users as of May 2023.
  • Audience: Snapchat is popular with younger people. But individuals aged 26-35 are the primary users of the platform.
  • The best type of content: The best content is funny, short, and sweet. For example, use free methods like humorous ads, unique filters, or fascinating stories. But businesses can also use paid advertising on Snapchat with Snap ads, Snap lenses, or sponsored Snap geofilters.
  • Target audience: B2C, brand awareness, promotion, build engagement.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the second biggest social media in the world. Statista suggests that 694,000 hours of video are streamed on YouTube every minute. YouTube is all about music videos. But channels that adopt a community culture and share comedy sketches, tutorials, and explainer videos grab a ton of attention from users.

  • Number of users: YouTube has over 2.6 billion users as of May 2023. 
  • Audience: 54% of platform users identify as male. But YouTube is popular with adults aged 19-35+.
  • The best type of content: The best content for videos on YouTube includes interviews, events, and live streams. According to DemandSage, the time spent on live videos is 8X more than spent watching on-demand videos.
  • Target audience: B2B and B2C, visual storytelling, brand awareness, product sales, and increased engagement. YouTube is a chance to connect with potential customers on a deeper and more personal level.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective channels for lead generation in 2023. Not only does a social media ad cost less than compared to Google AdWords. But data suggests that 90% of B2B sales from social media-related quality leads come from LinkedIn.

  • Number of users: LinkedIn has more than 900 million members in 200 countries and regions. 
  • Audience: LinkedIn attracts a user base of executives and CEOs. 45% of people on LinkedIn are in upper management and decision-making roles.
  • The best type of content:  LinkedIn is about making and cultivating connections with the right people. Content that gets a ton of engagement on the platform includes engaging one-liners, personal posts, blog-style articles, and listicles. Paid ads on LinkedIn can get a 33% increase in purchase intent for brands. They also see conversion rates of up to 2x higher.
  • Target audience: B2B and B2C, a way to cultivate relationships and network with professionals.

7. Twitter

Twitter is an often overlooked SMM platform. But it's the fifteenth most popular social media channel and has 237.8 million monetizable daily active users. Moreover, according to Twitter, its users spend 26% more time viewing ads than on any other social media platform in 2023.

  • Number of users: Twitter has over 353.90 million users as of May 2023. 
  • Audience: Twitter attracts people between the ages of 25-34+. But nearly 63% of its audience identifies as male.
  • The best type of content: Twitter is a social listening platform. The best content includes tweets, hashtags, and visuals like images and videos. For example, data suggests that 83% of Twitter users who sent a tweet to a company (and received a response) felt better about the company and were more likely to do business with them.
  • Target audience: B2C and B2B and brand interaction through concise tweets. Consider using a blended effort of organic and paid ads to share brand messaging and beliefs. Then respond to tweets and cultivate engagement with your ideal client base.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is a traffic-driving platform. In 2024, it's the go-to place for fashion, food, and inspiration, so don't be quick to dismiss this marketing option. It's free to use, and results are often faster than other platforms.

  • Number of users: There are over 450 million people on Pinterest as of May 2023. And more than 2 billion searches happen on Pinterest each month. 
  • Audience: Pinterest caters to adults aged 50-65+, with most users identifying as female. But there are over 21 million Gen Z users on Pinterest.
  • The best type of content: The best kind of content on Pinterest is original copy that tells a real story. Step-by-step guides that show people how to act on your idea work well. Then, add eye-catching visuals to drive a ton of online traffic to your pins.
  • Target audience: B2C, business growth, share creatives, and boost sales. Highspot says that 50% of U.S. users shop on Pinterest.

9. Twitch

Twitch is an untapped marketing option. But, according to Statista, the platform earned $33.67 million from in-app purchases worldwide in Q4 2022. Twitch is a chance to connect with a specific audience.

Put your brand in front of people curious about topics like ASMR, music, art, and conversation. U Screen says Twitch gets an average of over 1.1 million active streamers a day. But with 140 million unique visitors a month, Twitch is worth a second look.

  • Number of users: Twitch has over 2.41 million users as of May 2023. 
  • Audience: Twitch is most popular with game enthusiasts and is the go-to live stream service for gamers. The primary audience of the platform is adults, with 32% of people aged 25-34.
  • The best type of content: The best type of content on Twitch is using influencer marketing. The idea is to find niche influencers to promote your products and services in their live streams. So instead of creatives like videos, text, and photos, the focus is on the streams. As a result, it's interactive and a way to connect with an identified client base on a more personal level.
  • Target audience: B2C, influencer marketing, brand awareness, and product promotions.

10. Reddit

Reddit is the 9th most popular social media app in the US. In 2024, it's still one of the best social networks for connecting with a targeted niche audience. Reddit prioritizes feedback. As a result, it's a great place to share value and boost public relations.

  • Number of users: Reddit has over 1.660 billion monthly active users as of May 2023. 
  • Audience: Reddit is most popular with adults aged 18-29. A study from We Are Flint suggests that 42% of internet users 18-24 use it.
  • The best type of content:  The best type of content on Reddit shares value and includes a mix of text, images, and videos. But Reddit is a social sharing platform. So its social media analytics depend on the relevancy and how popular members receive the content you share.
  • Target audience: B2B and B2C, boost brand awareness and build connections with your niche market.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social media marketing works by turning passive followers into a paying fan base. It uses mission-driven marketing strategies like posting viral content, sharing value, and focusing on helping as many people as you can. Then you build trust with a target audience. Put yourself in the role of your ideal customer. This makes them feel heard, understood and acknowledged. People can tell when you're being authentic.

They know when you're genuine and when you want to help them. Focus on your customer. What are their pain points, wants, needs, and desires? Then reverse engineer the reality of the market. So the more you know about your target audience, the better intro hook you can craft. And that's what grabs their attention. In 2024, your customers' attention is on social media. But it's up to you to give people a reason to buy from you.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Essential In 2024?

Social media marketing is essential because that's where people are hanging out. We Are Social suggests that 53% of the world's population is now active on social media. SMM is a cost-effective way to get in front of a ton of people. Other reasons SMM is so important include the following:

  • Increase brand authority & brand awareness
  • Get in front of a hyper-targeted audience
  • Expand your reach
  • Stay relevant & be a top-of-mind business
  • Generate more sales & higher profits

Data suggests that the average user spends 2.5+ hours a day on SMM platforms. People use SMM to be entertained, check out trends, or look for recommendations. In fact, IDC reports that 91% of B2C buyers actively use social media. 

Develop a strategy that will grab the right attention and get clients through social media marketing. But if you can generate a buzz. Or can get people to take action. You'll increase your income for less dollars than with traditional marketing hacks.

What Is An Example Of Social Media Marketing?

An example of social media marketing is the Dollar Shave Club. The company uses a mix of educating, humorous and curious content to keep viewers guessing. For example, they use infographics, tutorials, videos, and text to share value with their audience. There are a few ways to develop a successful social media campaign:

  • Address a highly debated & current topic
  • Demonstrate social responsibility & a willingness to adapt
  • Address a significant problem
  • Use humor & personalized content

The goal is to get people to stop their mindless scrolling and take action on your social media post. So create engaging content that shocks, wows, or surprises an audience. Or if your agency lacks the skills or has more work than it can handle. Then hire a professional interested in making money as a freelance writer.

5 Tips For Creating A Successful Social Media Strategy

1. Become a content creation machine

According to DataReportal, 23% of people use social media to check out what their favorite brands are posting. So in 2024, it's still all about content. Make more video and use broader content. Dominate TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Instagram reels. Lean into creative contextual content.

Get serious about relatable, trendy, and humorous content. And become insane about Facebook fan output. Demand Metric says content marketing generates 3X as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less. The key is to understand the consumer on the other side of the screen. For example,

  • What's their mindset?
  • What problems do they have?
  • How can you provide the best solution? 

Then publish content that connects your business with your ideal target audience. The most valuable currency is attention. But get people's attention fast. Then develop a targeted (SMM) content strategy for your online business. One that follows the principles of social media optimization by:

  • Posting at the right times
  • Asking the right questions
  • Including a clear CTA

As a result, you'll drive a ton of traffic to your offers.

2. Influence sticky content

Sticky content is like word-of-mouth advertising. It's content people remember long after they leave your social media page. But this kind of copy or creatives gets people talking. The focus is on engaging and shareable content with a virality potential.

Copy or creatives that invokes impulse buys or drives more sales. The goal is to get a ton of likes, comments, and followers. Or reviews and testimonials to get people talking and create a buzz around your offer. Then your SMM agency has social proof and can show a potential client you're worth your salt.

3. Manipulate platform algorithms

The algorithms are the rules that rank content and get eyes on your posts. Every platform has its own set of algorithms and signals. Learn how each one acts. For example, What do the algorithms want? What are its feature aspects? To hack the algorithms, it's vital that you know how they work. Understand the culture. What are the demographics of the users? Do they have things in common?

Then create a format that connects with your ideal customer. But if you want to be successful, post relevant content. Deliver what you say you're going to deliver. Stay on top of trends and boost engagement. Test, test, and test again. See what works. For example, What kind of content gets the most likes, shares, and comments? What platforms see a ton of engagement?

4. Tap into consumer psychology

According to Sprout Social, the average person bounces between seven social networks per month. GlobalWebIndex says that 54% of internet users research products on social media. 

The secret is to understand why certain people use specific platforms. For example, What kind of content do they view? What does their buying behavior look like? Which platforms does your target market spend their time on? To grab attention:

  • Focus on how your product or service will make their life better.
  • Post relevant and hyper-targeted content that aligns with the mindset of your target audience.
  • Use copy that invokes an emotional response.
  • Be transparent and build trust.

The goal is to post content people want to digest. For example, if they like videos, share video content. If they prefer text, publish stories or feature posts. Bitable suggests that 64% of users purchase after watching a video on social media. When you know what your consumer wants, you'll get more conversions and make more sales.

5. Leverage the right tools to track & monitor data

Understand the data. Keep an eye on the competition and monitor each campaign. Know what works and where you need to make changes. Monitor your social media analytics with tools like Google Analytics or HubSpot to track your metrics like:

  • Engagement & CTRs
  • Impressions & followers
  • Comments & shares

SMM is fast, effective, and measurable; real-time data lets you see what's working right now.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Social Media Marketing?

The pros and cons of social media marketing include growth opportunities and connecting with a specific target market. But it also comes with the risk of negative publicity and high levels of competition. Data suggests 200 million social media users visit at least one business profile every day. So, to be seen and stay relevant, a business needs to develop a social media marketing strategy. But there are other pros and cons to consider like:

Pros of SMM

A pro of SMM is the chance to broaden your reach and connect with the right people.

Another pro of SMM is that it builds brand awareness and cultivates customer loyalty.

The biggest pro of social media marketing is that it's measurable and easy to track. Marketers who own or are just starting a digital marketing agency can get real-time data about a business from platform algorithms. Then they can see what's working and what needs tweaking.

Cons of SMM

A con of SMM is that while starting a campaign is easy, it can be challenging to master.

Another con of social media marketing is that it's time-consuming and takes consistent effort to achieve returns for your business.

The biggest con of SMM is that it's hard to get people's attention. 

How To Use Social Media Marketing For Business

A business can use social media marketing to create a social media presence and develop an omnichannel approach. Every social media account you own is like digital real estate. SMM is a personalized way to connect with potential customers and expand your reach.

The idea is to build a community and engage with people who might be interested in your product or service. SMM is an effective marketing tool, and it's where people spend their time. OptinMonster shared a study suggesting a 100% higher lead-to-close rate of social media marketing versus outbound marketing. But to be effective, develop a strategy. Consider things like:

  • What are the right platforms for your business?
  • What kind of social media content should you share?
  • How often will you post?
  • Will you sell products?
  • What customer service options can you offer?

Consider using a mix of organic and PPC advertising to drive website traffic and build awareness. GWI reports that 49% of internet users say they are likely to purchase from brands whose social media ads they see on a social channel. Another option is to invest in influencer marketing to broaden your reach and boost brand awareness. 

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency

Starting an SMM agency takes research and planning. But in 2024, the trend is social media. Search Logistics says 75% of marketers report seeing an increase in traffic due to social media marketing. According to PR Newswire, 70% of SMBs plan to invest mainly in social media as part of their digital advertising strategy. Start a profitable social media marketing agency following these steps:

1. Identify your ideal client & decide on the niche for your SMM agency

Learn as much as you can about your target market. For example,

  • What are their pain points?
  • What solutions are they looking for online?
  • How big is the market? Demand? Sales volume?
  • Is there a ton of competition?

Then tailor your niche to fit your skills and interests. Don't be a generalist, and try to serve everyone. Instead, focus on one niche and one client avatar.

2. Choose the services & price points you want to offer your SMM agency clientele

Understand the needs of your client and their customers. For example, what platforms are the money makers? Where do their people digest content? Do they prefer video or text? SMM agencies can offer a variety of services that include things like:

  • Social media channel-specific services for each platform
  • Content creation & influencer marketing
  • Research & analysis
  • Campaign & community management

Then pick your pricing and offer several options, for example, hourly, per project, or package deals.

3. Market your business & pitch clients for your SMM agency

To market your SMM agency go where customers are likely looking. For example, talk to your social network and people you know. Or check out freelancer sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Then develop a solid social presence that includes things like:

  • A website
  • Social media accounts on the right platforms
  • A YouTube channel

Create a unique selling offer like a referral program or tiered pricing options. Focus on personalization. Then provide the best solution to a business owner's problems and overdeliver.

4. Develop an onboarding system for your SMM agency

Onboarding is pivotal when signing a new client for your SMM agency. It builds trust and can improve client satisfaction. According to Wyzowl, 88% of people say they'll be more loyal to a business that prioritizes onboarding and educational content.

Onboarding is where you set expectations and sign the contract. Then both parties are clear on what online marketing tasks your agency is responsible for. Onboarding also includes:

  • A client questionnaire
  • A kick-off meeting
  • Access to all social media accounts
  • An internal meeting
  • Staff assignments
  • Planned follow-ups

5. Hire a team of industry experts and scale your social media marketing agency

You don't need to be an expert social media marketer in every area of SMM. Instead, focus on your skills and hire people who complement where you're lacking. The idea is to offer as many services for your clients as you can so they don't need to go elsewhere. Then, as you retain more clients, scale your business. But in 2024, starting a social media marketing agency is a good business idea and a chance to earn a steady income.

How To Use Local Lead Generation As A Marketing Strategy

The local lead generation business model is an online marketing approach. It uses local SEO to drive organic traffic and capture high-quality leads. The idea is to build generic websites in a specific location and offer one service. Then rank your website and get to the top of the Google search engines. At the top, your site is like a lead magnet. It's in front of people who are actively searching for the service you offer. With local lead generation, you grab the attention of organic traffic.

Data reports that organic traffic is responsible for 53% of total website traffic in 2023. Once your site produces leads, sell them to local business owners for profits as high as 85%-90%. Lead generation is a skill set. But that means the barrier to entry is higher. As a result, there's not as much competition as other online business models. Learn the process, and you can scale super fast. Plus, you can build and rank more than one site at a time. Then you have a steady flow of cash every month. And can own a passive income.

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