Springboard to Wealth Review (3 Key Skills To Succeed in Real Estate)

June 21, 2024

Springboard to Wealth is an online mentorship course created by Thach Nguyen, Stephanie Owens, and Marc Erickson. They are also the owners of Springboard Funding (a specialized way of funding for investors). Through this holistic coaching and training program, they share their 75 years of combined experience in real estate investing, communications, and operations. This course helps new and seasoned investors with estate planning, funding, property purchases, and tax reduction strategies.

Real estate investing and earning passive income can be confusing. This guide will provide you with the three key skills you need to succeed in real estate and build your own $100 million dollar rental portfolio.

Unlike traditional real estate, local lead generation is not a physical product. Therefore, you have less competition and more opportunities to scale your investments. With this kind of business model, you get to earn passive income. All you need to do is grab your target market’s attention by organically ranking your site on Google, and you can start earning passively with less effort.

Springboard to Wealth Review: Pros and Cons


The mentorship guarantees a shorter learning curve.

Equips students with the basics and strategies of real estate investing.

You get to learn the BRRRR Method.

Thach Nguyen’s secrets and cheat codes to succeed in real estate.

Detailed guides and videos.

Offers $2,000 credit for creating your LSS and business formation


Limited information about the program’s modules

No specific price and time frame for the mentorship


Springboard to Wealth costs $6,000, according to online sources. However, there is no set amount available on any of their websites.


Live coaching calls and step-by-step visuals and guides.


A public Facebook group and live meetups.


Springboard to Wealth began in 2017.


Springboard to Wealth has 4,523 followers on its Facebook group and 20,500 followers on Instagram.

June 19, 2024

I joined Springboard to Wealth, which they promised mentorship and meet-and-greet opportunities.. But after joining and paying $1500, I discovered these promises were not included in the program I bought. so I requested a refund but was denied because it was past 30 days. . a policy I was never informed of. Now, they refuse to return my money.


1.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

3 Key Skills To Succeed in Real Estate

1. Going Out and Finding Opportunities

Real estate investing requires going out to the streets and finding undervalued houses. The more run-down it is, the more value you can put into it and sell it at a higher price. You also need to do some research on what areas have a high appreciation and rental value.

2. Evaluating Opportunities and Their Possibilities

There are key factors that real estate investors need to consider when choosing a house to purchase. Location, house position, extra spaces, repair needs, and alleyways are strategic elements that make a house more valuable. Of course, there are also red flags to watch out for, such as bad house design and properties near schools and main streets.

3. Building a Great Team

Surrounding yourself with people who have the same goal and determination as you is essential when starting in the real estate industry. Besides acquiring critical knowledge from them, you can also grow your connections. Building a great team boosts your productivity and improves your decision-making thought process.

What is Springboard to Wealth?

Springboard to Wealth is a comprehensive real estate mentorship program founded by Thach Nguyen, Stephanie Owens, and Marc Erickson. This course teaches aspiring and seasoned real estate investors how to find and develop the right properties and nurture a competitive mindset. Springboard to Wealth comprises the Lifetime, Level Up, Wholesale, and Jumpstart programs. It helps you escape the rat race and attain financial freedom by creating your own rental portfolio in just 90 days using the BRRRR Method. With 5-10 new students a day, this course is definitely growing.

What Do You Get With Springboard to Wealth?

You will get step-by-step videos and guides, live coaching calls and meetups, access to their Facebook groups, and a $2,000 credit to acquire your LLC and set up your business. With Springboard to Wealth, you will learn effective strategies for identifying profitable properties, managing taxes and funding, developing houses, and creating your rental portfolio.

The mentorship program shows you how to:

  • Find “hidden gem” deals and properties (strategic locations and types of properties).
  • Evaluate potential houses (adding value, adding square footage, and zoning codes).
  • Maximize the BRRRR Strategy (Buy it, Rehab it, Rent it, Refinance, Repeat the process).

3 Common Questions About Springboard to Wealth

1. How much is the Springboard to Wealth program?

The Springboard to Wealth program costs $6,000, according to various online sources. However, there is no specific amount stated on any of their websites or social media accounts.

There are also other courses, like Blake Choisnet's 90 Day Rental Roadmap, which offers flexible pricing depending on your needs.

2. What is the BRRRR Method?

The BRRRR Method means “Buy it, Rehab it, Rent it, Refinance, Repeat the process.” According to Thach Nguyen, it is a strategic way of owning a property and making money after you do some repairs and improvements and start renting it. Springboard to Wealth teaches this strategy to gain earned income for buying more properties.

3. What is the application process at Springboard to Wealth like?

The application process at Springboard to Wealth is easy. You can go to their website and click the “Connect” button. This will lead you to their landing page, where you will need to provide your personal information and answers to their questions to finish the application process. The last part is scheduling a 30-minute Zoom call with Springboard to Wealth’s success managers.

It is important to note that they don’t accept just anyone in the program. They want individuals who take action and are serious about learning real estate investing.

Who are the Founders of Springboard to Wealth?

Thach Nguyen, Stephanie Owens, and Mark Erickson are the founders of Springboard to Wealth and Springboard Funding. They have 75 years of combined experience in real estate and building generational wealth. These reliable and knowledgeable mentors are experts in their own fields.

Who is Thach Nguyen?

Thach Nguyen is a real estate expert, investor, broker, and developer with over 30 years of experience. He is also the CEO of Thach Real Estate Group and is an Ambassador of the American Dream program. Thach moved to Tacoma, Washington as a Vietnamese refugee back in 1975. He got into real estate at 21 as an agent at Windermere Real Estate.

Now, he owns over $100 million in real estate and makes about $7M-$8M a year. He also has a massive following on his social media accounts.

  • TikTok - about 2 million
  • Instagram - about 948,000
  • Facebook - 299,078
  • YouTube - about 81,500
  • LinkedIn - 4,029 activity followers

Stephanie Owens

Stephanie Owens is a mindset coach from Tacoma, Washington. She started out as a therapist and later became an entrepreneur with three thriving businesses. Stephanie teaches holistic communication and mindset strategies to achieve success while promoting a resilient mentality.

Marc Erickson

Marc Erickson is a licensed general contractor and real estate broker and advisor from Seattle, Washington. He is also the founder of APEX - Allied Property Experts and the Principal of Resonance Realty LLC. Marc helps real estate investors develop unique tactics for assessing and acquiring residential and commercial properties and funding estate projects.

Springboard to Wealth Success Stories

  • Thong and Shanny La live in Tampa, Florida. They had no real estate experience when they joined Springboard to Wealth. Now, they have 7 properties and $900,000 in equity. One month into the program, they landed their first property with a $110,000 profit. They said that knowing how to spot and evaluate potential houses was key to their success.
  • Joshua Waldroup is from Tacoma, Washington. In just a few months after starting Springboard to Wealth, he already gained a lot of useful techniques for finding undervalued houses and what to do with them. Now, he has more than $250,000 in equity.

Is Springboard to Wealth Worth It?

Springboard to Wealth is worth it if you don’t mind paying a significant amount of money for learning the basics and unique strategies of real estate investing. In this mentorship program, Thach Nguyen helps real estate investors learn and earn twice as fast compared to other online courses. You can leave your nine-to-five job, build more equity, and gain financial freedom by using Springboard to Wealth’s methods. However, it’s also important to note that digital real estate passive income exists through various means, like websites and blogs, social media accounts, or mobile apps.

Here’s a list of top digital real estate platforms if you’re interested.

Springboard to Wealth Alternatives

Epic Real Estate by Matt Theriault is a training program that teaches you several skills and strategies to help you make money in the real estate industry. After joining, you are given access to all of the course material, which includes training videos, checklists, SOPs, investment manuals, guides, and more. There is also a private community for you to ask for guidance and support.

Price: Epic Real Estate costs $997.

More Info: Epic Real Estate Review

The Sanya Method by Adura Sanya is another real estate investing course that shows you how to make money with wholesaling. HIs goal is to help you close 5 to 10 wholesale deals each month by improving your marketing, systems and processes. Adura host like coaching calls each week and many of his students have grown their business after implementing Adura's methods. 

Price: The cost of the Sanya Method is given to you on the phone. 

More Info: The Sanya Method Review

Is Real Estate Investing for Everyone?

Real estate investing is for everyone who wants to escape the rat race and generate passive income. If you have the right tools, mentors, and resources, succeeding in this industry is effortless. Besides learning this traditional business model, you can also benefit from taking a digital real estate course. This modern way of selling digital properties is becoming more and more popular. Moreover, real estate investors engage with industry professionals and sales leaders to seek performance growth through sales workshops like Next Play.

What is Your Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2024?

My top recommendation for making money online in 2023 is local lead generation. It takes less time and effort to look for buying customers with this kind of business model. Your target market is ready to buy, so all you need is effective attraction marketing. And since it’s localized, there is not much competition compared to traditional real estate.

You don’t need to talk to hundreds of buyers and sellers. Local lead generation brings unlimited passive income that you can scale easily.

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