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Starke Ecommerce Review (2024): 4 Controversies Surrounding Automation Companies

June 15, 2023

Stark Ecommerce is an automation company that operates on different ecommerce platforms, such as Walmart or Amazon. They provide data research so you can choose the best course for your business in 2024

Using automation companies like Stark Ecommerce, having lines of credit is important. Bank credit serves as your capital. According to Starke Ecommerce, credit lines contribute to the cash flow for inventory replacement and other expenses required to operate your online business autonomously. Other business models, like digital marketing and local lead generation, don’t incorporate credit, as there are no physical products that you need to purchase.

What Is Starke Ecommerce?

Starke Ecommerce

Stark Ecommerce is an Automation Company founded by Brandon Rangel in 2021. Their team of experts has over 5 years of experience within the Ecommerce business. They will present you with a fully automated online store. 

Their team handles all aspects of business management for you. They find you a profitable product and also take care of order fulfillment. 


They provide a team of experts to manage your account and a success manager to guide you through the process.

Since they receive a percentage of the profits, they have more incentive to make sure your ecommerce brand is profitable.

They ensure that your online business has all the legal permits needed.

They handle customer service and order fulfillment.

They provide a fully automated store catered to your situation. 


They’re a new company and they don’t have many reviews aside from what they provide.

Aside from their CEO, their team of experts have little social media presence and notable accomplishments.

They require fees for the service itself and a share of your profit. 

They do not offer any refunds and their prices may be subject to change.


They don't provide any estimates. They have features that require fees and they get 30% of all profits. 

Refund Policy

No refund. 




They have zero reputation. Aside from the reviews that they provide on their site, I can't find anything from outside sources. 

4 Controversies Surrounding Ecommerce Automation

Account Suspensions

There are a lot of reasons your account can get suspended from the ecommerce platform you’re working with. One common reason when working with Amazon is drop shipping. As you work with an ecommerce automation company, you’re unable to control where they get your inventory from and you can easily get suspended if they breach the terms and conditions. 

This would be a big concern as a seller. They’re operating a store underneath your name. Most ecommerce platforms only allow for one store to operate for one person. If that account gets suspended, you’ll have to deal with recovering said account, which can take a lot of time. Another thing, automation companies aren’t reliable for whatever happens to your account. If it gets suspended, they can help you recover that account, but the profit lost for whatever time it takes will still be on you.

Added Fees 

Most automation companies require a down payment for you to get started with their service. What they don’t mention is the added fees when you work with them. You still have to purchase inventory from whatever supplier they gave you, and there are also the added costs of whatever ecommerce platform you’ll be using.

Lack of Incentive to Help Your Online Store Succeed 

Once you get started, ecommerce automation companies have already made their profit. You pay them a hefty down payment and they aren’t accountable if your store succeeds or not. A lot of these ecommerce automation companies don’t supply a refund policy. If they do, it’s next to impossible to actually receive one. You’re essentially paying someone for the possibility of making a profit, but there’s no guarantee that you will.

Long Breakeven Time 

The typical break-even time for an online store is around 6-18 months, according to forbesbutton. Most automation companies claim to get you results within the first few months, but it’s not actually set in stone. It can take much longer and since you’ve already put in your down payment, they can just take their sweet time as it would be no loss to them. 

Who Is Brandon Rangel?

Brandon Rangel; CEO of Starke Ecommerce

Brandon Rangel, also known as Habibi Brandon, is an ecommerce entrepreneur and Forex trader. Born to two immigrant parents, he started working in the freight industry when he was 16 years old. At 19, he moved to California to pursue his interests in entrepreneurship. 

In 2016, he made a name for himself in the trucking industry and began selling on Amazon by 2019. By 2021, he liquidated his trucking assets and used it to invest in his company, Starke Ecommerce, and expanded to the education industry, launching The BMO Academy. 

Brandon Rangel's Social Media Presence: Is It Faked? 

Brandon Rangel has an active social media presence. Various finance websites feature his advice on creating passive income and working within the ecommerce industry. However, a lot of these articles are duplicates and posted on different sites with altering titles. 

He says that big websites like Forbes and Yahoo!Finance featured him. However, a quick look into these websites reveals that they actually featured him on Forbes Global News and instead of the big companies he mentioned.

How Much Does Starke Ecommerce Cost?

They will give you the exact price after you hop on a call with their team. You need to pay a few fees to avail some of their services. However, the fundamental way Starke Ecommerce brings in money is through profit share. Once your store is running, they take 30% off all profits to manage your store. The rest of the 70% go to you, the owner. There are different profit splits available, depending on your situation and what you’ll discuss with their team. 

Any fees you’ll be paying are strictly non-refundable. Starke Ecommerce may change the prices for their services or any of the fees. Their service may also include features that require recurring payments, which you are free to cancel at anytime.

Starke Ecommerce Payment Terms

How Can You Get Started with Starke Ecommerce?

To get started with Starke Ecommerce, you will need to schedule a call with their team. Unlike other automation companies, they don’t require you to fill out a questionnaire. Just fill out your contact information and they will send you a calendar invite via email. They provide further details on payment structures once you set up a call with them. If Starke Ecommerce doesn't fit for you, Enopoly Automation is an option.

What Does Stark Ecommerce Offer?

How can Starke Ecommerce help you
  • A fully automated store - They will build you an ecommerce store that’s fully automated for passive income. 
  • A success manager - They will assign a 1-on-1 expert to guide you throughout the process. 
  • Connection with trusted suppliers - Aside from doing product research for you, they also have trusted suppliers that will supply you with the inventory needed. 
  • A team of ecommerce experts - You will have a team of experts to handle all aspects of business management for you. 
  • Customer Service - You won’t need to deal with customer complaints as they will provide a customer service team to fix any issues that may arise. 

What Steps Are There In Working With Starke Ecommerce?

Step 1: Establishing Your Store

Once you get started with Starke ecommerce, they assign a success manager to guide you through the process. They ensure all permits are in order to run your business legally before they establish your store on the ecommerce platform. 

Step 2: Managing Your Store 

After assigning a team to manage your account, they research profitable products and connect you with trusted suppliers. Their team will upload the products that can bring you the most profit in your store.

Step 3: Generating Sales

They bring in traffic to your store and orders that are made will be fulfilled by them. If there are any complaints or issues from the customers, they provide customer service as well and split the profits.

What Is the Scope of Your Involvement With Starke Ecommerce?

Working with Starke Ecommerce requires little to zero involvement. Their team of experts handles everything from product research to customer service. Your success manager will also give you updates on how your online business is running so you wouldn’t need to monitor the commerce generated. If Stake Ecommerce doesn't sound right for you, EarnFlo is another option.

Verdict: Is Starke Ecommerce a Scam?

Automation companies require a lot of trust in the company that you are using. You provide capital and allow them to operate your online business under your name. Providing your important financial information, like credit card information, is also necessary for them to operate your business

Starke ecommerce is a new company, founded in 2021 and has little to zero reputation. The few reviews they have are provided on their YouTube channel, Instagram page, and website, with no outside sources. 

Starke Ecommerce YouTube Videos

If you’re somebody looking to take an enormous risk for passive income, then Stark Ecommerce may be the company for you. They have more features in their business. They have a client success manager to walk you through the business and a customer service team that can allow for higher consumer reviews, which can be vital in the growth of your ecommerce store. However, as of now, they have nothing to back up their claims. They have zero reviews, according to Trustpilot. If you want to look elsewhere, read our list of top ecommerce automation companies.

starke ecommerce Reviews

Using automation companies can be profitable and allow for passive income, however it’s a big risk with an unsure chance of return. If you’re looking for a business model that relies on your own work, instead of putting your full trust into a third-party company, then you may be interested in local lead generation.

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