Kirtish Vyas’ Supreme Campus Review: How Is It Different From Other Digital Marketing Courses?

April 24, 2024

Supreme Campus by Kirtish Vyas teaches the Supreme Trilogy method, which involves blogging, YouTube, and affiliate marketing. It includes premium and free courses, bonuses, exclusive communities, and bi-weekly coaching. The platform is a good fit for beginners who want multiple sources of income. It monetizes through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing programs.

According to TrustPilot reviews, the lectures are well-structured, clearly explained, and worth the money. There are also some feedback about difficult with access and payment methods. Additionally, 2024 data from ZipRecruiter states that average income of a YouTube channel is $5,726/monthly. A 2023 post on Indeed also mentioned that bloggers earn 5,403 per month on average. As for affiliate marketers, they have a minimum estimated income of $4,833. Combining these three, the average monthly earning is $15,962.

However, it’s worth noting that, to succeed in one business model alone takes significant investment. It requires endless learning, time, and effort. These markets are also notoriously oversaturated in 2024.

Supreme Campus Review: Pros & Cons


Novice-friendly courses: Supreme Academy programs are great for beginners in the industry.

Multiple & passive income: It promotes a passive and multiple sources of income for the students.

Affordable pricing: The prices for the courses are cheap, ranging from $12 to $26.


Overwhelming: The Supreme Trilogy method can be overwhelming for beginners.

Oversaturation: Blogging, affiliate marketing, and YouTube are oversaturated industries in 2024.

No advanced training: There are no advanced-level courses available in the academy.


Supreme Academy price for courses range from ₹999-₹2,999 or $12-$36. YouTube Supreme Launchpad: ₹999 or $12

Blogging Supreme Launchpad: ₹1,499 or $24

Affiliate Supreme Launchpad: ₹1,499

Supreme Starter Kit - all 6 courses: ₹2,999 or $36

Refund Policy

Supreme Academy does not have a refund policy.


Supreme Academy was founded in 2020.


Supreme Academy has a generally positive reputation according to its 4.8 rating on Trustpilot.

How is Supreme Campus Different From Other Digital Marketing Courses?

Supreme Campus is different from other digital marketing courses in terms of the method it teaches, which is called Supreme Trilogy. The platform also has free training and resources for Indian viewers. Additionally, it has established and active online communities.

The Supreme Trilogy method promotes the simultaneous use of blogging, YouTube, and affiliate marketing. According to the founder, using these three leads work together to generate more revenue. They are also excellent sources of passive income.

Additionally, the platform has free courses and a YouTube channel for Indian viewers. The WordPress Mastery and 9 Days Blogging courses are both spoken Hindi.

The Supreme Campus groups include the Mighty Network, Facebook, and Telegram. Through these communities, members are able to ask for guidance.

What is Supreme Campus?

Supreme Campus is an eLearning platform that teaches students how to start a digital marketing business using the Supreme Trilogy - mastery of affiliate marketing, YouTube, and blogging. Its courses also provide comprehensive information regarding search engine optimization, Google and Facebook ads, freelancing, and traffic generation. 

What Do You Get With Supreme Campus?

You get premium courses, free courses, no-charge masterclass, bonuses, promo codes, communities, as well as features such as bi-weekly coaching, beginner-friendly programs, lifetime access, and multiple and passive sources of income with Supreme Campus.

Supreme Campus premium courses include:

Blogging Supreme Launchpad

The Blogging Supreme Launchpad is a beginner-friendly course that teaches how to build a lucrative blogging business. It also contains strategies on how to master blogging in 30 days. It has over 40 hours of video lessons on the following topics listed below.

  • Traffic
  • Monetization
  • Search engine optimization

Affiliate Supreme Launchpad

The Affiliate Supreme Launchpad is an online program with more than 30 hours of lectures on affiliate marketing for novices. It discusses funnels, ads, and traffic. It promises to teach top-tier marketing skills in 30 days.

YouTube Supreme Launchpad

The YouTube Supreme Launchpad is a course on having a high-profitable YouTube career in 30 days. It contains over 15 hours of lessons on sponsorships and monetization. It is for individuals who are complete beginners. 

Supreme Business Model

The Supreme Business Model is an online program for mindset and goal setting exercises.

Supreme Vault

The Supreme Vault is a collection of trainings, coaching, and classes within Supreme Campus. On a bi-weekly basis, new class recordings are added to this course.

Supreme Partner Program

The Supreme Partner Program is for affiliates of Supreme Campus. It provides training to promote the Supreme Business Model. It also enables 30% commissions.

Supreme Campus free courses include:

WordPress Mastery free course

The WordPress Mastery free course is a 6-hour training that provides step-by-step instructions on creating a WordPress site. It has over 3,500 enrolled students. The course also has lessons on the following listed below.

  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce
  • Search engine optimization

9 Days Blogging Mastery free course

The 9 Days Blogging Mastery free course is a beginner’s guide to creating a lucrative blog within a span of 9 days. 

Supreme Campus free masterclass

Supreme Campus’s free masterclass is a 90-minute video. It covers the topics listed below.

  • Trustpilot reviews
  • Founder’s background
  • Supreme Trilogy method
  • Benefits of digital marketing
  • Special discount for paid courses

Supreme Campus bonuses include:

  • For Blogging Supreme Launchpad, Affiliate Marketing Launchpad, and YouTube Supreme Launchpad: Supreme Business Model course, Supreme Vault course, Supreme Partner Program, premium theme, and Secret eBook guide
  • For Supreme Business Model: Website theme and the Secret eBook guide
  • For Supreme Partner Program: Resources, such as landing pages

Supreme Campus promo codes are:

  • MRVYAS slashes 27% off the price of courses 
  • MRVYASFAMILY provides a discount applicable to any course

Supreme Campus communities are:

  • Mighty Network group: With the members-only Mighty Network, students can ask questions and receive assistance.
  • Facebook group: It can be found @mrvyas and has a total of 12,700+ members.
  • Telegram channel & group: The channel is and the group is

Other Supreme Campus features include:

  • Lifetime access to courses: Students enjoy 24/7 and permanent access to courses.
  • Bi-weekly group coaching: As for the bi-weekly classes, it has blog reviews, Q&As, case studies, and tips.
  • Beginner-friendly programs: This platform is also catered towards beginners, providing step-by-step instruction, plus mindset lessons.
  • Passive income opportunities: It prioritizes passive and multiple sources of income as well.

Who Is Supreme Campus For?

Supreme Campus is for individuals who aim for multiple and passive courses of income. It’s also for aspiring YouTubers and bloggers who want highly profitable affiliate businesses. Its premium courses and no-charge masterclass are geared for international students. Meanwhile, the free courses are for people who speak Hindi.

Are Supreme Campus Students Getting Results?

Are Supreme Campus Students Getting Results image

Yes, Supreme Campus students are getting results according to reviews from Trustpilot. One review stated earning $200 per month after 2 and a half months into the program. According to feedback updated on February 25, 2022 and posted by Ritesh Ajmeri of India, they have been blogging since August 8, 2021 and have already gotten approval from Adsense. However, they weren’t generating any income until they enrolled in Supreme Academy on December 16, 2021. After 2 and a half months, they are profiting about $200/monthly, even around $191 not coming from AdSense.

Yusuf Reviews Supreme Campus 4 Months Into the Program

Yusuf's Background and Story

Yusuf is a Supreme Campus student who shares his journey in digital marketing. He started exploring online business opportunities during the 2019 pandemic lockdown. He discovered Supreme Campus through Vyas' YouTube channel, and despite some doubts because of the cost and lack of experience, he decided to enroll. 

What He Learned Inside the Program 

Yusuf gave an inside POV of Supreme Campus. He shared that the modules covered mindset, blogging, SEO, content writing, traffic mastery, and monetization. He also shows his current progress. Yusuf is 93% through the affiliate marketing module and discusses his experiences with various marketing strategies. After four months in the program, Yusuf notes a small gap in the curriculum regarding the Google Tag Manager module. Aside from that, he's satisfied with the program overall. 

Lessons Yusuf Learned on Challenges Faced

Realization of Practical Application: He emphasizes the importance of applying learning practically, citing his own experiences with various modules in the program.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Yusuf learned to assess the value of educational investments. He understood that quality content and structure are worth the cost, as opposed to cheaper, less effective courses.

Continuous Learning: Yusuf's journey shows that digital marketing is an evolving field that requires continuous learning and adaptation to new strategies and tools.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Blogging, YouTube, and affiliate marketing are not as easy as what the course promises. It can only work if you have substantial following that can drive traffic. However, if you're completely new to the business, you'll have to spend on paid ads to gain traction. 

Supreme Campus Reviews on Trustpilot

Supreme Campus reviews on Trustpilot are generally positive, with an overall rating of 4.8. This is from a total of 119 reviews, 97% being 5 stars, 2% composed of 4 stars and less than 1% as 1 star.

Supreme Campus positive reviews  on Trustpilot

supreme campus positive reviews

Supreme Campus positive reviews on Trustpilot are from ratings posted on 2023. They praised the informative lessons, course structure, simplified content, and helpful coaches. They also stated that the program provided value for money.

Supreme Campus negative reviews on Trustpilot

supreme campus negative reviews

Supreme Campus negative reviews on Trustpilot were given by two commenters unable to access the courses. The first review stated the they weren't able to get the 9-Days Blogging Mastery course. The comment was made on August 23, 2023. The second commenter had a payment issue with Stripe. Because of this, he wasn't able to enroll in the Blogging Launchpad program. He posted his review last July 4, 2023.

Is the Supreme Campus free masterclass worth watching?

Is the Supreme Campus free masterclass worth watching

Yes, it is worth watching if you want to get an overview of the founder and the courses he has to offer. A 2023 YouTube comment also shared that the webinar is for beginners who are starting from scratch, not for experienced ones.

Should You Join Supreme Campus?

Yes, you should join Supreme Campus if you’re naturally inclined for muti-tasking. It’s also for individuals who are looking for a full-time opportunity. This is because the platform teaches the Supreme Trilogy method, which uses affiliate marketing, blogging, and YouTube all at the same time. The founder, Kirtish Vyas, himself spends up to 8 hours per day on these ventures as his part-time gigs. And so, if you are able to manage time efficiently, the courses will fit you. Moreover, if you are considering making this a full-time opportunity, this is a good match because it requires dedicated time and effort.

Who Is Kirtish Vyas?

Who Is Kirtish Vyas

Kirtish Vyas is a full-time engineer and works as a part-time blogger, YouTuber, and affiliate marketer. He is also an author and an influencer. Currently, he is located in the United Kingdom. He was born in Dungarpur Rajasthan, India in July 17, 1993, according to a 2021 Medium article. Additionally, he studied B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering from Arya College of Engineering and IT Jaipur, from 2010 to 2014. His high school education was in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.

  • Kirtish Vyas’s full-time work is as a Safe Lead Agile 5.0 Certified Test Engineer. He is currently working for FedEx International, which is located in Atherstone, United Kingdom.
  • His part-time work is as a blogger, YouTuber, and affiliate marketer. He dedicates up to 8 hours daily to these ventures.
  • Kirtish Vyas’s blogging experience began in 2016. As of writing, Kirtish Vyas has three blogs for international audiences, which include,, and
  • He is the author of the book 11 Steps on How to Start Money Making Blog With Exact BluePrint. 
  • Vyas has 145k subscribers+ on his YouTube channel in Hindi. Regarding the one for international audiences, it has 10,900+ subscribers.

Kirtish Vyas’s Claims: Start a Lucrative Blog, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing Journey in 150 Days

Kirtish Vyas’ Claims

Kirtish Vyas claims that you can start a profitable YouTube channel, blog, and affiliate marketing businesses in just 150 days. 

Kirtish Vyas’ Claims DEBUNKED

Kirtish Vyas’ claims are difficult to achieve because of oversaturation and market competition. According to a 2024 articles from DemandSage, there are already 600+ million existing blogs, which has up to 7 daily posts. Additionally, 76% of content marketers utilize blogs for lead generation in 2024. Even 54% Fortune 500 businesses have their own blogs. As for YouTube, there will be more than 51 million channels in 2024. And in the affiliate marketing industry, blogs and review websites are already the most preferred methods for promotions.

Beginners are at a big disadvantage compared to established businesses. It’s also worth mentioning that basic knowledge is not enough to excel in all three industries. There are impactful changes that one needs to constantly keep up with. Since the program focuses on three, this is challenging, especially for those who aim to make this a part-time job.

Are Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and YouTube Good Ways To Make Money With Digital Marketing?

Yes, blogging, affiliate marketing, and YouTube are good ways to make money if you put in the time, effort, and resources to pursue all 3 markets. For blogging, prioritizing sponsored content and user experience boost profitability. Regarding affiliate marketing, focusing on a niche market and having long cookie duration are lucrative strategies. And as for YouTube, creating family- and advertiser-friendly content are advantageous methods. 

  • Sponsored blog posts: The average compensation for one sponsored blog post is $330 to $549, according to a 2021 survey by Statista. Respondents were from the United States, UK, and Canada.
  • User experience: Based on a 2023 article by Zippia, focusing on fast-loading times and mobile optimization greatly improves user experience. Accordingly, after only 3 seconds, conversion rate drops for slow-loading sites, plus there’s an additional 4.42% decrease for each second that follows. Users are also 5x more likely to leave a site when it is not formatted for mobile navigation.
  • Niche markets: A 2023 HubSpot article reports that niche markets have significantly less competition. However, it’s crucial to find one with sufficient audience to make it profitable.
  • Cookie duration: As stated by an article from Scaleo, an award-winning affiliate marketing software, cookie durations that are longer result in bigger earnings. This is because there’s more time to make money.
  • Family-friendly content: According to a 2023 article from Tubefilter, YouTube’s viewership among 2 to 11 year olds, has grown significantly. This data is originally from Nielsen, which stated that from September 2021 to 2023, YouTube’s viewership within the stated age range has risen up to 33%. 
  • Advertiser-friendly videos: Additionally, ensuring videos are advertiser-friendly prevents a monetization state of “limited or no ads.” Violent, controversial, hateful, and kid-inappropriate content, as well as tobacco-, firearms-, and drug-related videos, are less likely to be monetized. 

However, these three opportunities are hard for especially for beginners because of oversaturation. As pointed out by 2024 posts from DemandSage, the first results on Google are dominated by pages that are 3+ years old. Additionally, only 9% of affiliate marketers earn $50,000 yearly, with their income fluctuating constantly. Regarding YouTube, content creators are only paid 18 cents for each view on their videos.

Focus On a Single Business Model: Choose Local Lead Generation in 2024

Investing in blogging, YouTube, and affiliate marketing are good sources of passive income. Digital marketing is a good business to start in 2024. The industry also has a promising future, set to will grow to $689.9 billion by 2028. This is indicated by Globe News Wire.

However, focusing on a single business model, local lead generation in particular, is much more profitable and efficient. This is because the former struggles with stiff competition, market saturation, and unstable income.

With local lead generation, there’s significantly fewer competitors because it is geared towards a specific city or location. Therefore, market saturation will be less of an issue. As for income, renting out websites to clients is much more predictable than building traffic for monetization.

Through a lead gen course, you’ll be receviing as much as 95% profit margin, with only $300 to $500 initial investment. And since you’ll be earning passively, you’ll also have the time to scale and create as many websites as you want..

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